Having a Party to Celebrate Moving into Your New Home? 10 Return Gifts for Housewarming Party Guests

Having a Party to Celebrate Moving into Your New Home? 10 Return Gifts for Housewarming Party Guests

Best Present Guide simplifies your search for the best housewarming return gift by bringing you the top pick of what's available online. Our gift ideas range from traditional to modern so there is something for every kind of guest. It is easy to shop for housewarming return gifts when they're all listed in one place, which means you can quickly get back to finalising last minute details to make your transition to your new home a smooth one.

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The Role of Return Gifts at a Housewarming Party

Owning a house is a dream for most of us - a dream that we start dreaming of when we are quite young. A home is a home when you call it your own and there is nothing as special as the housewarming function in one’s life. The housewarming is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. While gifts play an important role in any celebration, return gifts for a housewarming are equally vital. They remind your guests of the occasion and hospitality and are sure to create wonderful memories in the days ahead. Hence they act as a souvenir for those who were a part of this memorable day.

Housewarming return gifts are available in numerous options. It is best to go for one that suits your budget and to shop exclusively for each person and cater to individual tastes as a housewarming generally calls for only close friends and relatives. You may also wish to give a common gift with your names or something similar carved or embedded.

Return gifts are also a way to thank your guests for making the time to come over and celebrate your move into a new house. It is fairly common for guests to come bearing thoughtful and kind gifts for you and your new home, so thanking them with a small token gift in return is a polite gesture.

Why Must We Give Housewarming Return Gifts?

The main purpose of giving housewarming return gifts are they create a profound personal impact on your guests. They are bound to impress and make them remember and relive your special occasion for years to come. Choose gifts that suit your budget and also ones that have a sense of utility. Flashy and exorbitant gifts have no value and are sure to be ignored in the future. Make sure your gift creates happy memories for your guests.

Giving return gifts is also the most traditional way that you care for them. It is a gentle reminder to show the person that you cherish their presence even though you could not spend quality time on your special day with each and every one. A guest made happy is sure to bless you and your family. It is an occasion to tie up hostilities and the beginning of a new friendship.

Human relations need to be constantly reminded to create beautiful memories and the idea of giving return gifts makes it all the more easy. The happy occasions are always celebrated no matter in which part of the globe you are in and online shopping makes it all the more suitable to shop for from the comforts of your home and also makes personalised gifts all the more easily accessible at prices that you can dream of.

Four reasons why you must give housewarming return gifts

  • Establish a long-lasting relationship: a return gift housewarming generally creates a long-lasting relationship with your close ones. The person feels special, privileged and loved to be part of your special day and becomes your well wisher.

  • Create memories: beautiful memories are created as your gifts remain for years afterwards. They tend to rekindle fond memories of the occasion and the special moments you shared on that special day.

  • Tradition: housewarming return gifts are part of our rich tradition and help in building an emotional connection with your loved ones.

  • Appreciation of their presence: last but not the least, the return gifts speak volumes of your appreciation of your loved ones in participating and sharing your pleasant and memorable occasion.

Things to Consider When Buying a Housewarming Return Gift

There are innumerable varieties of return gifts to choose from. The following things should be taken into account when you shop for housewarming return gifts.

A gift is good only if it is useful. Hence it is advisable to go for personalised gifts rather than cater to the crowd as a whole. A useful gift goes a long way in your guests appreciating and remembering you for your thoughtfulness.

10 Ideas for Housewarming Return Gifts

Now that we understand the significance of giving return gifts during housewarming party, let us look at some of the great gift ideas which can add value to your entire party and leave a good impression on our visitors as well.

Fancy Handbags

A lot of fancy handbags with ethnic designs are in vogue today. Keeping in line with the market trend, bags in the latest fashion, colours and style are available. Bags with durability and versatility make a good housewarming return gift. From the heavily beaded potli bags starting from Rs.35 and going up depending on the size, to the latest jute embroidered handbags costing Rs.85-140, nandigifts.com have a wide variety to choose from.

This particular Potli Bag Round Mini is available for just Rs. 45. If you purchase this bag in bulk order then you get further discounts. When you buy 100 potli bags, the price of each bag drops to Rs.36. This is a flat 20 per cent discount. For a purchase of 200 bags, you get a twenty-five per cent discount, which makes each potli for Rs.34. The bags are packed in polythene cover to protect it from getting damaged It is usually dispatched in 3 to 12 days. Order them here.

Ornate Tea Coasters

Tea coasters are a great return gift idea well-known for their utility. These Meenakari Tea Coaster Set in wood and metal comes with a unique ethnic appeal and is priced at around Rs.500. Portray your refined tastes and love for ethnicity with these lovely coasters. The Boontoon website offers the best price and is a great choice for online shopping. This traditional Meenakari Tea Coaster Set in Wood and Metal is made using metal and wood. It has been given 4.6 star rating by its customers.

You can further personalise this by either getting your name engraved onto the coasters or attaching a thank you note to your bulk order. If it is a gift then you may want to get it gift wrapped to make the other person feel special. It is usually delivered in 5 to 7 days across India. International delivery is only possible on bulk orders and can take up to 20 days. Order them here.

Gift Boxes with Brass Covering and Meenakari Work

Gift boxes with brass covering and meena work are a good return gift ides. This Apple Shaped Gift Box with Wooden Base Brass Covering and Meena Work is made of a wooden base and brass cover with meenakari work is a unique idea with finesse detailing. Priced at Rs.680, this piece of handicraft can be used for keeping dry fruits and other delicacies in its four slots. You can find this amazing meenakari gift box with exquisiteness and finesse at boontoon.com. It has been given 4.4 stars rating by its customers. Get it personalises by getting your name engraved on the box or attaching a thank you note. You may also choose to wrap it in a gift wrapper to make it appealing and the gift even more desirable.

Silver Oxidised Metal Swan Bowl Set

Source www.amazon.in

A beautiful swan-shaped bowl with spoon and tray well fitted in your budget is a lovely return gift for a housewarming function. It is available on amazon.in at a price of Rs.998. This Jaipur Ace Decorative With Utility Swan Shaped Metal Bowl With Tray and Spoon set is not only useful but also adds to the aesthetic appeal. These are unisex gifts which are ideal to be gifted to both your male and female guests. The tray is 24.765 cms in length. It has been given a five star rating by its customers for the grandeur look. There is no shipping cost associated with this gift item. A gift wrap option is also available.

Brass Fruit Bowls

Source theoneshop.in

A very useful gift to your guests would be a brass fruit bowl which comes in two sizes of 5 and 7 inches. The price ranges from Rs.170 to Rs.275 depending upon the size you select and can be bought from theoneshop.in. This particular Brass Fruit Bowl (5 pieces) is available for only Rs.235. It is 12 x 12 x 4.5 cm in dimensions. It will be shipped in 5 to 10 working days. There are a few designs available for this product, the shipment however is done in assortment and the buter cannot choose. You must purchase at least 15 pieces in order to confirm your order.

Haldi-Kumkum Set

Source theoneshop.in

If you are a traditional person and budget is not an issue, you can go for this gorgeously crafted haldi-kumkum set made of German silver. At a price Rs.1,295, this Elephant Legs Haldi Kumkum set with Peacock Handle is crafted so beautifully and elegantly, that anyone you give it to will be impressed. Shop online from theoneshop.in for the most stunning return gift for your housewarming. This gorgeous German silver set has a dimension of 12 x 12 x 11 and weighs around 240 gms. It takes anywhere between 5 and 21 working days to ship the product. This product is made with different handle sizes. However the buyer doesn’t have the choice to pick their desired handle size. It comes packed in a polythene cover to protect the piece from getting oxidized or damaged. The larger quantity you order, lesser the cost per unit is. For over 51 pieces you only pay Rs.895 per piece.

Designer Bangles

Source theoneshop.in

Who does not love pretty ethnic bangles? The wide choice of material and hues in which they come make it an ideal gift for the beautiful women of your house. These stunningly handcrafted designer Ghungroo Bangles come at a very budget-friendly price of Rs.99 per pair. This dazzling bangle is made of wood and ghungaroo. It is available in 2-4, 2-6 and 2-8 sizes. These stunning bangles come in assorted colors, however not all colors are displayed on the website. Plus the shipping is done randomly and color preference is not allowed. It is shipped in 2 to 10 working days; order it from here.

Chrome Plated Silver Gift Set

Source theoneshop.in

A pretty housewarming return gift would be the chrome plated gift set which has two small bowls and spoon in a closed box with locking mechanism. Priced at Rs.450 at theoneshop.in, the set is ideal for all your guests irrespective of their gender. The box comes in a vibrant red colour and has a smooth finish that there is no need for a separate gift wrap. This fabulous Chrome Plated Gift Set – Silver Leaf measures 22 x 12 x 6 cm in dimensions. This dazzling set of brass gift set comes in a velvet box and is shipped in 2 to 10 working days. You must place minimum 15 piece order in order to purchase.

Metal Floral Leaf Kumkum Plate

These metal plates with ethnic designs are such a treat to the eyes. Aesthetically designed, the plates serve well as a thali for puja and would make an ideal housewarming return gift. Priced at Rs.190, this gorgeous Metal Floral Leaf Kumkum Plate is also budget friendly and can be bought online from Nandi Gifts. It comes in 14 x 10 x 2 cm in size and is usually dispatched in 7 to 15 days.

Shell Shaped Marble Clock

Source theoneshop.in

Would you want to be remembered for a unique yet useful gift, then go for this beautifully crafted Shell Shaped Marble Clock. Shaped like a shell, this handicraft product comes in vibrant hues of red and green and holds a small clock at the center. At a price of Rs.495, the clock is worth every penny. It comes in 13 x 10 x 6 size and is made of marble. It is packed in a foam box to give it the required shield. Order it from theoneshop.in.

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Keep your guests' tastes in mind

Match your return gifts to your guests; keep their age, gender and preferences in mind when selecting gifts so that they are pleased with what they get. If you have a mix of people ranging from family elders to close friends, then perhaps different gifts for each group may be a good idea, but only if you can manage it. If your guest list is on the higher side and managing different gifts will be a nuisance, pick one thing that will appeal to all or have a mix of small gifts in a return gift bag.