Looking for Ideas for Return Gifts? Get Inspired By These 12 Unique Party Favours for Kids and Ethnic Return Gifts for Adults (2019)

Looking for Ideas for Return Gifts? Get Inspired By These 12 Unique Party Favours for Kids and Ethnic Return Gifts for Adults (2019)

Learn to throw a party like a pro! And that means making sure everything down to the return gifts is just right. Here are a whole bunch of party favours, from cute and inexpensive return gifts for kids, tasteful and slightly more expensive return gifts for wedding, housewarming and other return gift ideas for adults. Pick one for your party or use these as inspiration to hunt down party gifts to suit your event.

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Return Gifts: An Essential Part of Your Celebrations

As you start preparations for the event you are planning, you are likely to be faced with the challenge of finding the perfect return gift. Integral to celebratory events today, return gifts are a way to express your appreciation to the guests for taking the time to participate in your celebrations.

However more often than not, such gifts are so generic that it gets set aside the next day. If you find yourself at your wits’ end coming up with exciting and interesting ideas for return gifts – we can help! Our gifting guide that has a list of unique choices that are sure to get your guests excited - whether you are hosting a birthday party or a festive occasion!

Exciting Ideas of Return Gifts for Every Occasion

6 Unique Ideas for Return Gifts that Kids Will Love

Typical ideas for return gifts for kids’ parties are: games, stationery items, cups and sippers, novelty items like coin wallets, chocolates. The ages of the kids, your budget and the latest trends are often the deciding factors while choosing a return gift. Our list of return gift ideas for your kid's birthday party contains some attractive and unusual options that will be appreciated by the little guests.

Peek A Bookmarks - Pet Pack

Cute Bookmarks make reading more fun for kids. This pet pack set has 4 bookmarks shaped as animals, which have been designed such that a portion of the bookmark pops out of the book. A bright and cheerful companion for their reading sessions, this gift can be used by kids to easily keep track of their reading! Available for Rs.142 at friendlytoyz.com.

Minion Uno Playing Cards for Kids

Kids are always excited by the idea of games and puzzles. They give hours of fun with friends, and parents are also glad as it keeps them engaged while improving their cognitive skills.

As a popular game, Uno packs set are great gifts for older kids of age 9-10. They are available in a range of themes so you can easily find one will appeal the age group of kids you are hosting. This particular set is themed around the much-loved Minions characters. Available at funcart.in for Rs.125.

DIY Block Printing Kit

Here is a unique return gift that will get the little ones interested in learning a new craft. This innovative DIY kit will give kids exposure to the gorgeous Indian art of block printing in a safe and fun way.

The kit contains a wooden camel block, 5 paint pots of different colours, 8 cards that can be used by the kids to show off their block printing skills. An instruction booklet is included to help the kids get started. Although slightly expensive at Rs. 249 it is an wonderful option for kids above the age 3. The kit can be ordered at cocomocokids.com.

Felt Craft Pouch

This gift is a great choice for young girls. The Imagimake DIY Felt Craft Pouch kit gives the kids an opportunity to explore an easy yet beautiful craft form based on chenille stems, and use their imagination to create cute decorations.

The kit contains one pre-stitched felt pouch with velcro fastening (which is to be decorated), 10 pipe cleaners or chenille stems, one tube of glue and 3 design options. An instruction manual is included to provide guidance to learn the craft. Order it at friendlytoyz.com for Rs.119.

Lighter House Cute Cartoon Pencil Sharpener

Source www.amazon.in

For really young ones, small stationary items are a good idea. Budget-friendly and cute this cartoon pencil sharpener will be a hit with the little ones. Priced at Rs.275 on Amazon for a pack of 12 units. If you feel this is too small a gift, you can add it to another small stationary item like a novelty eraser and make it a combo gift.

Another similar adorable and useful stationary item is this 3D Designer 3-in-1 Multipurpose Holders made of wood. The holder can be used to organise stationery items, showcase a small photograph and also store small notes or post-its. Definitely a fantastic addition to any kid’s study desk. Available at returngiftwala.com for Rs.70.

Play Passport Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Engaging and educational, the Play Passport kit encourages young kids to learn about countries in an imaginative manner. In this, countries provided in a passport are to be matched with corresponding stickers of visa, flag, monuments etc. visa stickers. There are 12 visa and flag stickers, Hello stickers in 12 languages as well as 12 monument stickers of different countries.

This absorbing process which can be done solo or in groups, improves geographical knowledge with hands-on play. It is available for Rs.144 at friendlytoyz.com.

Six Ethnic Ideas for Return Gifts for the Grown-Ups

Our rich culture features several festive occasions during which we invite our near and dear ones to join in the celebrations. In keeping with tradition, we make sure to offer a small return gift to express our thankfulness to our guests.

Generally the return gifts given out for pujas held at home, or celebrations like housewarming ceremonies and baby naming ceremonies are usually ethnic in nature. Most commonplace ideas for return gifts for such events includes: bags, small décor items, religious artifacts, utility items like boxes and simple knickknacks.

Return gifts for weddings on the other hand are typically a little more elaborate – gourmet goodie bags, silver items, brass novelties – the range is wide and much depends on the budget available. Our list of ethnic return gifts offers several interesting options at various price points for you get a good start.

Ganesha Shadow Diya

The Ganesha Shadow Diya is a simple and elegant return gift option for pujas or housewarming ceremonies. Made of MDF, the diya casts a beautiful shadow of Lord Ganesha when the lamp is lit up with a candle. Pair it with a set of aromatherapy tea-light candles and you have a fantastic gift. The diya can be purchased at wedtree.in for Rs.64.

Kalamkari Rectangle Jewel Box

This beautiful jewellery box is a gorgeous option to gift the ladies attending your event. Made of raw silk and featuring a bright kalamkari design, the box can be used for storing jewellery or keepsakes. Measuring 7.5 inch in length, 4 inch in breadth and with a height of 1.5 inch, the inside is partitioned into sections, grooves and loops for bangles, earrings, pendants, rings etc. Buy it for Rs.198 at wedtree.in.

Nourish Magnetic Fridge Photo Frame

Source www.amazon.in

The Nourish Magnetic photo frame is an excellent return gift for housewarming parties, naming ceremonies and birthday parties. The frame comes with a magnetic backing, so we can pop in any photo into it and put it up on fridges or on steel almirahs. Made of rubber, the photo frame measures 0.5 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm and will hold a photo of dimension 4 x 3 inches. Available on Amazon for Rs.199.

Handcrafted Meditating Baby Monk Buddha Smoke Backflow Incense Holder

Source www.amazon.in

Home decor items are ideal options for housewarming return gifts. This adorable Baby Monk incense holder features smoke backflow feature that gives a beautiful illusion of a smoke waterfall when an incense cone is lit and placed on the designated spot.

Creating the backflow requires special incense cones which are provided in the pack. Its elegant and compact design makes it apt as not only as a wonderful incense holder but also as a decorative accent. This handcrafted gift is available for Rs.179 at Amazon.

Wooden Hand Painted Dry Fruit Box

If you are looking for a return gift that a little more exclusive, then check out this hand painted wooden dry fruit box. An option best suited as a wedding return gift, the box’s outer lid features a classic Rajasthani design that has been hand painted with bright colours by traditional artisans, while its body retains a natural wood finish.

The hexagonal box has four inner compartments which you can fill with dry fruits to make a useful and impressive return gift. Order it for Rs.735 per piece at wedtree.in.

Makarana Marble Mobile Stand

Another high end gift suitable for weddings is the Makrana Marble Mobile Stand. This richly detailed mobile holder is made of top quality Makrana white marble and is decorated with a traditional Indian floral design. Featuring bright red, green and golden colours and embellished with glossy stones, this stand doubles up as an impressive decorative piece that will look good on any desk. Buy it for Rs.423 at handicraftsinindia.in.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing Return Gifts

Consider the Profile of Your Guests

Finding a return gift that not only appeals to your guests but also falls within your budget is tricky for even a veteran host. The first step to identifying great gifts is considering the profile of people joining in for your event. After all the gifts you will give out for a pooja celebration held for family and friends, will differ from what you will give out for an housewarming party that will include colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Some aspects to take into account - the general age-group of the guests, the gender mix, the relationship you share with them. This preliminary check will make it easy for you to shortlist options from the vast range of return gift ideas available today in the market.

Useful, High Quality Gifts Make the Right Impression

Over time, the trend of giving expensive or exotic return gifts has become prevalent, with hosts using them as yet another way to stand out. This however unfortunately leads to unnecessary pressure on hosts and creates unrealistic expectations.

A thoughtful and good quality return gift that is actually useful will be appreciated even if it is small and inexpensive. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your return gift has to be something high-priced and exclusive.

Research is Key to Finding the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect return gift for your needs requires an organised approach.

  • Budget: begin the process by having a tentative budget in mind. Work out the lowest and the highest price per piece that you are comfortable spending. This range depends a lot on the occasion, the number of guests you are expecting as well as your financial flexibility.

  • Start online: today, the convenience offered by online stores has made shopping much easier. Explore the return gift options available across various sites. This exercise not only gives you an idea of the type of products accessible for your budget but also the costs involved including for delivery and packaging. Use this information to check out local stores in your city and figure out the best deal.

  • Smart buying: once you have chosen the gift, it’s time to make the smart choice keeping in mind the price and convenience factor. As much as possible, consolidate your purchases and buy from a single retailer (online or offline) as this gives you more negotiating power.

Bonus Tips: Your Hospitality Makes More Impact than the Gift!

As we plan out every phase of our event, we often get caught up in making every detail perfect - from the decorations to the return gift. While we definitely need to pay attention to these details to ensure a memorable experience for our guests, we must not forget that our attitude and the hospitality we display during the event make the biggest impression.

Be Organised

Being organised is the secret to having a successful event - whether it is a puja at home or a grand wedding. Making detailed checklists to ensure nothing is missed, taking timely decisions and frequent follow-ups with vendors are some of the ways to help you remain on top of things. Most importantly, don’t leave things to the last minute as it can be a recipe for disaster. When everything goes smoothly, guests will naturally enjoy their time.

Keep a Cheerful and Welcoming Attitude

Cheerful and warm hosts add charm to any event. When as a host you offer personal attention, even if for few moments, you make your guests feel welcome and comfortable leaving them with happy memories.

An important aspect of being a good host is keeping your cool when something goes wrong despite your best efforts to have everything organised to perfection. Everyone understands problems can occur unexpectedly, so keep your positive attitude going even as you try to fix the issue.

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One size doesn't fit all

These ideas and gifts can serve as reference points and inspiration at best. The needs of your party or event and the funds you can allocate to return gifts are going to be unique, so go with an idea as long as it works. Stretching your budget beyond the point of comfort isn't going to win you extra brownie points, or friends. Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly and it's easier to make rash decisions than wise ones, so take a moment to pause and think over every purchase; it may seem like you don't have time to do that, but it's vital you do it anyway.