Check Out 10 Budget Friendly and Trendy Return Gifts for Adults (2019): 
Small And Big Return Gifts They'll Love To Get

Check Out 10 Budget Friendly and Trendy Return Gifts for Adults (2019): Small And Big Return Gifts They'll Love To Get

Return gifts in India are an essential feature of any function - they're one of the easiest and the best ways to thank your guests for their presence and as a token of your appreciation and love for them. However, it is very important that these return gifts are carefully selected so that they communicate your feelings to your guests in the best possible manner.

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Parties Can Be Made Memorable with Exciting Return Gifts


A return gift is a wonderful thing to give. We normally give return gifts as kids on birthdays but decrease it as we keep on growing. But, it is actually a token of appreciation for your guests who took time out for your occasion.

You can make your parties memorable by gifting a token. If you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary then you can gift your guests a coffee mug with something printed on it of that sort. Also, you might become the talk of the town between your friends for gifting some unique return gift.

How to Choose Return Gift for Adults?

Choosing a nice return gift for adults might be quite a task. You do not want to give items that can be of no use like showpieces or frames. Thus, gift something that is practical yet is in your budget. Opting for gifts like coffee beater or juicer is a good idea.

Choose gifts that remind them of you whenever they are using it. Alternatively, you can also choose to gift a plant sapling to all your guest. This will be a unique and eco-friendly gift idea. The best part is that it will continue growing over the years and capture a special place in your guest's house and heart.

  • Opt for Practical Gifts:
    Gifting practical gifts are useful and worthy too. Do not gift something that has the potential to be regifted. Choose something that will be of use to your recipient on a daily basis. Also, try and find things that suit your budget. Do not go overboard with the return gift. Remember that it is just a token.
  • Go for Subtle Colour And Designs:
    When you are gifting something to such a general and huge group, it is difficult to choose the colour and pattern as not all have the same taste. Thus, stick to basic designs and subtle colours. Do not go overboard as some might not like it. Go for common colours like black or white rather than too bright colours like purple or orange.
  • Gifts As Per the Age Group And Interest of the Guests
    Choose gifts that are age appropriate. If you are going to have a mix of age groups at your party or function, then divide the guests into categories and then decide for a gift. If you have a lot of kids visiting, then gift them toys or educational books. For middle-aged people, opt for some simple gadgets or practical items. If you have a close friend group coming in, then you can gift them fashion accessories or clothes as well. Apart from that, opt for a pooja thali or an idols are evergreen traditional ideas. Another ever green options are chocolate boxes. This is one thing that is liked by all.

Stunning Return Gift Ideas for Adults

Leather Card Holder


Leather Card Holder is a wonderful return gift idea. Almost everyone is working these days and it is useful to keep their business cards in it and carry them along. Apart from that, it can be used to carry credit and debit cards too.

This elegant Blue Credit Card Case from is a great option. The card holder is made up of leather and is bright blue in colour. It is slim edsign with several compartments to store cards. It is priced at Rs. 149.

Wine Glass Set

Instead of gifting the usual crockery, opt for a wine glass set. They do come a little expensive but if your budget permits, then it is a wonderful gift. You can also choose to give just 2 glasses each. Ocean Madison Red Wine Glass from is a great option.

One set comes with 6 pieces of glass and has a capacity of 230 ml. They are made up of high-quality glasses and are safe to be used in the freezer, microwave, and dishwashers too. The dimensions are 3 x 4 x 9 and they are priced at Rs.1,399.

Customised Apparel

A customised gift is appreciated and remembered by all. Thus, gifting customised printed t-shirts to your friends is a good idea. You can mention the occasion on them or simply mention the guest's name or your squad's name. The list is endless.

Create your own t-shirt from is a perfect gift option. They have t-shirts in a lot of different colours and are made from the dry fit. The t-shirt has a round neck and half sleeves which can be used while playing sports or for casual outings.

All you have to do is write the quote and decide the font size and style while ordering it. The t-shirt is priced at Rs .279 and the best part is that they have good discounts on bulk orders. Digital sticker printing is done and the area is 8.27 by 11.69 inches.

Compact Makeup Pouch


To all the ladies that are visiting your function, giving a compact makeup pouch would be a great idea. Ladies love such kind of gifts and they are practical too. A person can carry other utility items too if not makeup.

Nykaa Bling It On! Mini Travel-Size Makeup Bag from is a good item. It is secured with a mini zipper and is perfect to fit all your travel essentials. The dimensions of the pouch are 6 inches by 2.5 inches by 4 inches. The pouch is priced at Rs.149.

Personalised Beach Towel


Gift something unique and funky to your guests. A personalised beach towel is a great idea. They will definitely carry it to their beach visits and remember you. Apart from that, it can be carried while going to the swimming pool too.

Spaces Swift Dry Towel from is a great gift item. It can be completely customised and is available in blue colour. The dimensions of the towel are 76 cm by 150 cm. The fabric is cotton and it is priced at Rs .795. If you want to add a personal message, then it costs Rs. 199 extra.

Soup Bowl Set

Gifting your guests a soup bowl set is also a great idea. La Opala Diva Fluted Green Opal Ware from is a great idea. The capacity of a soup bowl is 130ml each and it is a set of 6 bowls.

The product is microwave safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe. The material is opal ware and contains 6 spoons as well. It has a vivid bamboo steak print and leaves on the bowl making it look really pretty. The set is priced at Rs. 595.

A Pocket Diary

After the digital age, people have almost forgot to carry pocket diaries. So, gifting your guests one would be a great idea. It will bring back moments of nostalgia and they might fall back in the habit of using it. khirki A5 Planner/Organizer from is a great item to gift.

The best part is that it has a positive quote written on it. It is a 70 page and A5 sized rulled book. It is spiral bound and has a hard covered. The book is priced at Rs.295.

Funky Cushion Covers

The other best option to choose is home decor. People always appreciate items in this category as they are practical and useful both. Colours of India by is a great option. The colour is white and gold toned.

The cover is made up of polyester and needs to be dry cleaned. It is a single piece that comes and has a zip closure. The cover has ethnic motifs on it and is priced at Rs.995. You might want to club two pieces and give to your guests or you can stick to one piece as well.

Embellished Purse Mirror


The other nice option to gift is a purse. It is something that ladies can never get enough of! They have that mantra which says the more the better. Antique Pearls Round Vintage Compact Purse Mirror from is a unique and pretty product.

It has 2 pieces of mirror inside and thus can be used as a makeup mirror too. You can keep cash or coins in it as well. It has a hollow design on the exterior with elegant pearls. It is lightweight and ideal for traveling. This product is priced at Rs. 249.

Chocolate Hamper

If you are confused with the return gift idea or there are a lot of guests with varying age groups coming to your function, then stick to giving chocolate hampers. Assorted Flavoured Chocolate Pack from is a wonderful product. It is a 200 gm box with different flavours.

The flavours contained are 1.Strawberry, 2. Pineapple, 3. Mix-fruit, 4. Orange, 5. Almond, 6. Crunchy, 7. Raisin 8. Rose, 9. Coconut, 10. Vanilla, 11. Paan, 12. Coffee, 13. Tutty-fruity, 14. Gulkand, 15. Mint, 16. Chilly, 17. Dark, 18. Milk, 19. White, 20. Mango. It comes in a beautiful packaging and the best part is that shipping is free with this box. They are priced at Rs. 399.

Perfect Occasions to Distribute Return Gifts


Marriages are considered one of the most important and special occasions in India. It is celebrated as a festival only. All the relatives, neighbours, friends and acquaintances visit this occasion to bless the married couple. Thus, it is quite necessary that you distribute gifts to the guests.

It is equally necessary to stick to a budget for the return gifts as there will be a lot of other expenses during a marriage. You can choose to gift sweets and dry fruits as it is something that is liked by all. For the relatives and friends who are really close, it is a good idea to gift a silver coin. These are some of the traditional and common wedding gifts.

Corporate Parties

Corporate parties are normally hosted during festivals like Diwali or Christmas. They are also hosted when the company has made a huge profit. Thus, it is a good idea to give the guests some token.

Most of the guests visiting the party will be employees of the company. A good gift of appreciation can really boost their performance. Apart from that, there might be a few clients visiting and thus, it is necessary to gift them as well, This will help improve business relations with them.


Guests actually make the party interesting. If the decorations, food, and music are on point in a party but there are not enough number of guests in it, then it quite becomes boring. So, it is necessary to treat them well and gift them a token of appreciation.

Birthday parties of kids Occasions involve return gifts as it is mandatory at their age. But the same trend should be followed by adults because everyone loves receiving gifts. Make sure to gift something useful and nice.

Promotional Events

Promotional events are normally done by brands or companies to launch their new products or promote existing ones. These events normally include games or contests of some kind. It is a wonderful way to market something and that is exactly why there should be some form of a return gift.

Do not gift something just to the people who are participating in the contest or games but to everyone who attended it. Try gifting customised gifts to the guests which will remind them of your brand. If you are launching a new product, then give out free samples of the same. People do appreciate such gestures and remember the company for their goodwill.

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Say Thanks to Your Guest With Return Gifts

Return gifts are token of love given to the guests who come to shower their blessings. It symbolises the love, affection and a way of appreciation to friends and family. Personalised return gifts are in trends nowadays. Other unique return gifts include chocolates, almonds, small candles, small showpieces etc.

Starting from Rs 40 to Rs 40,000…. there are a lot of options you can have for return gifts. From traditional rice and vermillion to statues of God, dry fruit bags like lucky almonds, small jewelry bags, photo frames, wall clocks, earthen lamps the markets are catering to each and every class of people. The first and foremost thing which you need to do is prepare your guest list and budget as well so that you can easily decide the perfect return gift for all without compromising. Recently, the tradition of gifting sweets is into practice and has been modernised in the name of return gifts.