10 Amazing Return Gifts on Amazon for Adults and Kids Plus Tips and Tricks to Make Your Return Gifts Extra Special (2019)

10 Amazing Return Gifts on Amazon for Adults and Kids Plus Tips and Tricks to Make Your Return Gifts Extra Special (2019)

Any good party is incomplete without the touch of an amazing return gift. But amazing doesn't have to mean super-expensive! It can range from as simple as a beautiful photo frame for your photography-loving friends to an electronic health band for your fitness-freak friends. With these return gift ideas, quadruple your guests' happiness whether they are adults or kids. Here are the best items available on Amazon to be presented as return gifts.

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Return Gifts: A Gesture to Show Gratitude

Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary or a festive occasion, return gifts are very popular for they showcase the gesture of thanking your loved ones. It is a way of thanking someone for making time and joining you for your special day.

This is why the same should be reciprocated and reflected in the gift you choose - giving the same message through your return gift.

Even though return gifts are a usual affair, you can always quirk it up and make it special by being thoughtful about the gifts and other elements associated with it.

In this article, we have shared our picks of gifting options both for adults and kids. Moreover, we have shared some thoughtful and straightforward ways to make your gifts extra special and other things you should keep in mind while planning those gifts without any hassles.

Keep reading to know more.

How to Quirk Up Your Return Gifts?

Every Party nowadays features return gifts, but that doesn't mean you can’t do it differently. We suggest that you go beyond a usual route and quirk up your return gifts. Below are two simple ideas which would automatically elevate your return gifts and make your guests feel extra special.

Pack with an Aesthetic Appeal

Packing the gift is as important as selecting a suitable gift which usually gets much less attention than it should. The first factor someone takes into account when they receive a gift is its packing and how aesthetic it looks.

A beautifully packed gift adds a feel-good factor, and it also makes the recipient excited about the present.

While packing your gifts, you can go with the theme of the party and look for similar gift wraps and name tags to add that aesthetic appeal.

Get Your Gifts Personalised

Personalised gifts showcase that you went an extra mile and made an extra effort for your guests.

The gift can be personalised catering according to the occasion and then for each guest. Let’s say if you’re giving a gift box for a wedding, it can be customised one - with the name of the bride and the groom, and secondly, each box can be personalised with a thank you note - exclusively addressing each guest.

If not the packing, then you can add one personalised element along with the main return gift. For instance, along with a gift box, you could have an additional element of customised key chains or chocolate boxes which say thank you.

Even though personalised gifts add that extra work, but that is what makes it extra special. So if you want to go an extra mile while curating return gifts, then you must consider adding a personalised element as it really would make your guests feel loved and valued!

How to Find the Right Return Gift: Things to Keep in Mind

Sometimes it can be very confusing to find the right return gift primarily because of the diversity of guests that might be involved or because of the crazy catalogue of options available out there, or those competitive prices everywhere, all of which makes it very difficult to choose - we get it, the struggle is real!

Moreover, we know that there are so many other elements involved for any party beyond the gifts and return gifts also tend to take some time and there could be some things which could slip out of your mind while looking for these gifts.

This is why, we have listed down some things you need to keep in mind while looking for return gifts which would give you a sense of direction and help you narrow down your ideas - making it much easier for you to pick the right one without any last minute issues!

Shop According to the Occasion

It is essential to pick return gifts which suit the occasion since it sets the tone for the celebration and becomes the right thank you gift. For instance, if you are looking for return gifts for a Diwali Party, then something like festive food hampers like sweets or candles could be some excellent return gift options.

For Birthday Parties, you can look for quirky and casual gifts like mugs, or something that goes with the theme of your birthday party, if any.

Go for Utility Items

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Unlike popular belief, you should strongly consider utility items as return gifts because they are a safe option as they can be put to use, and do not go to waste.

Moreover, your guests would be pleased if they received something which they have been looking to buy, or is a great addition to their everyday lives. It would show how thoughtful and considerate you were while picking those gifts.

So make sure you also consider the utility of the gifts in mind while looking for the right gift option.

Keep the Age & Preferences of the Person in Mind

It is always a great idea to be aware of the diversity of guests you will be having at your party and prepare for the return gifts accordingly. For instance, if you are going to have a mix of age groups at your party or function, then divide the guests into categories and then decide for a gift for each of the categories.

For kids, you can look for toys and creative notebooks and for adults, on the other hand, utility items would make more sense.

Return Gift Ideas for Adults

Getting return gifts for adults is an entirely different struggle than getting return gifts for kids. When considering return gifts for adults you need to look for another dimension in itself and be aware of things like - utility matters more, something which they can use daily. Here is a list of some ideas of different return gifts for adults:

Indoor Plants

Source amazon.in

An indoor plant is a great gifting option. It showcases an effort and acts as a gesture and is a thoughtful gift along with a symbol of purity and positivity.

However, while giving a plant as a return gift, you might want to consider the person’s daily routine considering if they would be able to give the attention to the plant which it would require because otherwise, it might be a hassle for them.

Which is why we picked this Jade Plant as a return gift which comes in a Yellow Raisin Pot, adding that quirky element. It is from Ferns and Petals and you can buy it from amazon.in for Rs. 384.

Photo Frame

Source amazon.in

Photo Frame is an easy yet good return gift idea that you can opt for. You can either gift it with a picture, which could be a reminder of a moment you spent with the recipient or you could also give it without any picture since it anyway is a useful utility item.

We picked this offbeat Clear Transparent Photo Frame which is different than the usual photo elements.

It is available on amazon.in for a price of Rs. 999. There are several lower priced options on Amazon as well so take a look around on the site.

Food Hampers

Source amazon.in

A Food Hamper is a very common gift option, mainly because it is easily consumed and everyone loves to have some munchies. Even though they are common, you can always find ways to make it unique. Like, you could go beyond the usual food hamper and look for new food options in the market which then can be gifted as food hamper.

We have picked two such options for you:

One, is this Combo Gift Pack of 3 Gourmet Popcorns by 4700BC, all in different flavours. It contains - sour cream and wasabi cheese 50 g tin, Himalayan salt caramel 110 g tin and nutty tuxedo chocolate popcorn 125 g tin. Moreover, it is a delicious gluten-free snack having 0 grams of trans fat per serving which makes the munchies guilt free too!

This one is priced at Rs.549 on Amazon. If you’re looking for a more extravagant option, then you can buy other options from 4700BC too.

Source www.amazon.in

Second is this pack of jam jars by The Gourmet Jar which quite literally a box of Happiness. It comes with 5 flavours of Jams in these tiny jars, of 45 g each. It is a unique and loved food gifting option and is only priced at Rs.400 also on Amazon.

Smart Band

Source amazon.in

This has to be one of our top picks as a return gift option for adults even though it could be on the expensive side because not only it is a great utility option but it also is a must-have option for adults these days considering the hectic work life and lack of a healthy lifestyle.

We picked this Mi Band - HRX edition which uses an OLED display so you can see more in a single glance. You simply need to lift your wrist to view time and tap the button for steps, distance covered and calories burnt. It also gives idle alerts which is a gentle buzz when you have been sitting still for too long. These reminders tell you when it's time for a short walk or a water break. It is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more and comes with a glossy black display which is UV coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

While buying this just make sure that you check the phones it is compatible with. This one is available on amazon.in for a price of Rs. 1,299.

Return Gift Ideas for Children

Unlike adults, there are so many different return gifts options available for children which makes it challenging to choose one - also because all are available at competitive prices. To make it easy for you, we have picked some gift ideas for children which are unique and are going to be loved by children.

Activity Book

Source amazon.in

This Fun Activity Book for kids provides an outlet for creativity and is a great return gift option. It is very suitable for children and allows them to develop their painting interests and skills. It comes with various activities and can be used for multiple purposes - doodle, jot notes, create cards, sketch, draw, trace and more!

It is available on amazon.in for Rs. 249.

DIY Kits

Source amazon.in

Another creative option is this DIY Tops - Build, Color & Play activity kit. It is an Innovative DIY Educational toy which provides a platform for children to get hands-on experience in building creative toys and learning basic working principles behind it.

This kit contains environment-friendly wooden parts, detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual.

You can grab this from amazon.in for a price of Rs. 2,299 for a pack of 12 DIY Kits.

Piggy Bank

Source amazon.in

Piggy Bank is a great gifting option for children as it teaches them a lot about usage and savings of money. A Piggy Bank need not be a traditional looking one, and you can instead opt for this quirky one which children would be excited to use and yet serve its purpose. You can buy it for Rs. 199 from amazon.in.

Quirky Notebooks

Source amazon.in

Every child needs a notebook whether for studies or doodling, school work or leisure writing/drawing, which is why we picked these The Tales of India Notebook by Chumbak which comes in a set of 2 and are made from art paper & maplitho paper. The notebooks are of the A6 size and have 80 unruled pages each.

You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs. 295 for a pack of two.

Lunch Box

Source amazon.in

This is another great utility option for children, which can be put into use every day, also something that children get excited about. This one is a 1000 ml lunch box which comes with 3 grids, 1 spoon and is leak proof.

It is priced at Rs. 499 at amazon.in.

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Personalising return gifts is one thoughtful gesture

The gifts which you are selecting for your guests matter a lot but what could add more charm to any gift is a personalised note or a lovely photo of the recipient and you which you have saved from a long time. Think out of the box to come up with some creative idea to personalise the gift as nothing more would make your guests happy than making them feel special with your thoughtful gesture!