Top 11 Ideas for Return Gift for Ladies and Lots of Tips on Buying, Packing and Presenting Party Favours(Updated 2020)

Top 11 Ideas for Return Gift for Ladies and Lots of Tips on Buying, Packing and Presenting Party Favours(Updated 2020)

Finding return gifts that are a hit with the ladies whether its a party, function or even a social gathering can be tough. BP Guide brings you a range of classy and memorable return gifts specially for women to give at various events. From accessories, jewellery, bags to home decor and gift cards, there are lots of things that the ladies are going to love.

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Return Gifts are a Great Way to Build and Maintain Connections

Party favours and return gifts have become somewhat of a norm and are often expected, but they are also a great way to thank guests for making time for us and being a part of the social gathering. You should make use of this tool effectively to forge connections and bonds with people.

Whether you are hosting a celebration just for the ladies, or you are planning on return gifts just separately for women, return gifts that are appealing to the ladies can be hard to guess. We have here a wonderful selection that makes the job easier.

Innovative and Appealing Ways to Pack the Gifts

You will put in a lot of effort and money to purchase a perfect return gift. Make it even more special with creative packaging. Some prefer simply wrapping it in a gift wrap with prints relevant to the occasion. In this section, let’s look at some innovative ways to make your return gift even more special.

  • Mason jars are the trend today. You can fill it with cookies, candies, etc. and embellish with paint or decorative or festival relevant ribbons. You may also choose to add glitter to highlight the feel of occasion and holiday.
  • Recycle your strong and attractive shopping bags. Decorate it with paint, bows and ribbons to add your special touch. You may choose to hang bows or tassels that depict your event.
  • Use theme relevant **magazine pages** to wrap around your return gift to give it a unique look and feel.
  • Besides ribbons, embellishments really help your gift stand out. A typical gift should have 1-3 embellishments. You may wish to purchase them from online or retail shop. Or, you can simply natural things such as cinnamon sticks, wood slices or a colorful candy.

Guidelines for Buying Return Gifts that the Ladies Will Appreciate

Before brainstorming or an ideal return gift, it is important to understand that return gifts have a lot of significance. Hence should be properly planned and accordingly purchased. Some factors you must keep in mind

Hand Pick Good Looking and Attractive Items:
Women love pretty looking things and beautiful scents so make sure you give something that appeals to their senses. Pretty home decor, wonderfully scented candles, eye catching clutches and purses, even dainty boxes of chocolate or candy. Of course, not everyone will have the same aesthetic sense so pick colours and designs which will appeal to a larger audience. Pretty colours, floral themes and intricate patterns can be your friends.

The Gift Must Be Useful:
If the ladies aren’t able to use the gift, it is useless for them. So, make sure you give something that will be of significance and relevance to them. This will of course be impacted by many factors such as age and preferences. More you know your ladies, the better gift you can purchase for them. You may also wish to go for gifts that are standard “one size fit all” kind of deal. This means regardless of their specific attribute they should like it. Some example may include make up, jewellery and kitchenware.

Budget Must Be Adhered to:
Your gift should be neither too cheap nor very expensive. The objective should be to purchase a great gift which is also economical for you. Buying in bulk does lower costs but you must have an outer limit which shouldn't be crossed.

Top 11 Return Gift Ideas for Women

It can be quite challenging to purchase the best return gifts for ladies at your event. That’s why we have amassed unique return gift items for ladies that are sure to make them exultant.

Spa Hamper

The Spa Your Way Biotique gift hamper is one of the top ideas for ladies return gift. Today you will find more and more people passing these out to the attendees at their events. These products come in a 7 x 7 x 2 inch wooden box and costs around Rs.1,199 on

This remarkable hamper of Biotique Spa range includes the following items:

  • 150 grams Bio Basil soap
  • 120 ml Bio Honey face cleanser
  • 16 grams Bio Berry plumping lip balm
  • 1 green leaf shaped candle placed skillfully

If you are looking for a more affordable gift set, then consider fragrance sets like Lemon Fragrance Vaporizer at Available for just Rs, 350, this set contains one ceramic vaporizer, a 5 ml bottle of rose oil and 2 tea lights. A gift that spreads blissful fragrance in the house of your guests


A gift that has the essence of Indian handicrafts. The Oxidised Stone Embedded Purse With Chain Strap is a perfect return gift for ladies who are looking for an accessory that will complement their traditional outfits, and even western ones. Studded with colourful beads this silver coloured handbag is something that'll make a statement when whether at a festive get-together or even a casual outing. It costs Rs.890and can be purchased on

For a more budget product take a look at this simple ethnic embroidered sling bag from Measuring 7 inches * 8.5 inches, this sling bag is a great gift for ladies - it can be used for shopping or office, or even just a casual outing. Order it for Rs. 128 on the site; the minimum order quantity is 5 pieces.

Bamboo Plant

Priyathams Green plant indoor (Lucky bamboo) Plant Seed (30 per packet) is a green plant that can be kept both indoor and outdoor and brings good luck to the owner. There are 30 sticks or plants that come in one packet and this is available for only Rs.482 on Flipkart. If you don’t wish to pay online then you have the option to pay cash on delivery. Bear in mind, once order has been placed, return is not permitted. Green bamboo is considered auspicious and believed to bring good luck to the home and guests will be delighted to receive this.

Handcrafted Wooden Photo Frame

Although printing out photos today is not all that common, we would still love to see our favourite photos displayed in our living room or study. Ladies will love to add this elegant touch to their homes showing off their beloved family members. Check out this wooden photo frame in Bontoon for Rs. 650 that measures 7x7 Inches approx.

Yet another option is the Antique Finish White Metal Photo Frame for Rs. 560 on the same site. With a traditional design featuring studded beads, this silver coloured photo frame is an impressive gift for the ladies attending your gathering.

Here's a photo gift idea if you want something that is affordable yet highly useful and offbeat. A coffee cup that changes colour! Ladies will love having a cool mug that take a new look once something hot is poured into it. They look black at the outset, but once you pour something hot, it becomes a magic mug and a photo appears. Customise this photo in line with your function or occasion. Or you can even add an inspirational quote like "Be Positive" so it gives them a boost every morning. Prices start at for Rs. 400

Elegant Jewellery Box

This ethnic jewellery box set from Kuber Industries is a cute return gift idea. Made of good quality metal, the boxes have moti and bead work done on the outside while inside they are lined with velvet. Order it on for Rs. 299.

Ganesha Idol


MSA Jewels Oxidized Silver Finish Musical Ganesha with Velvet Box is one of the most auspicious products anyone would like to give out as a return gift. This authentic oxidized silver finish work of lord Ganesha will be liked by any guest. It is available on Amazon for just Rs.1,199. This stunning aluminum idol has a metallic color on it and can be used for home decor and religious décor. This product’s dimensions are 30 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm. Its design technique is known as the casting work. This fabulous idol will be delivered in 3-5 working days and cash on delivery is available for those who wish to pay with cash.

There are innumerable choices in Ganesha idols at various price points - check out this elegant Metal Wall Hanging Of Lord Ganesha With Om on Boontoon for Rs. 540

Tortoise Silver Keychain

This very elegant gift will be much appreciated by the ladies. The Mor Pannkh Silver Keychain features a colourful peacock feather that has been embellished with green and blue hued enamel on top. Peacock feathers symbolise beauty and luck. Therefore this is a fantastic gift for ladies who grace your celebrations. Slightly on the pricier side , this gift is perfect for weddings, sangeets, and diwali/puja celebrations. Check it out on Beliram Jain Silverware. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

Delicate Silver Plated Flower Candle Stand


A graceful accessory to any living room, this rose-coloured silver plated candle stand is a classy gift option for ladies. They are sure to love the elegance of the flower-shaped holder that can store one tea light within it. This stand has the dimensions - 8 x 8 x 14 cms, and can be purchased for Rs. 235 on

Handmade Copper Bottle

We are more and more re-discovering the advantages of ancient Indian practices. It has been said that drinking water stored in copper containers provides medicinal benefits - its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and helps improve digestion. This handmade plain copper bottle with leak-proof cap is a wonderful gift of health for ladies Spill-free, compact and easy to carry around, this bottle is durable and features anti-corrosive properties. The bottle size is 750 ml and it costs Rs. 499 on

Buddha Showpiece

You can place this Meditative Thai Buddha Statue In Fiber showpiece on your side table or in the showroom and add a divine touch to your decor. This gold colored Buddha statue features a thinking and meditating Buddha that is sure to create a soothing ambiance in any home or room that it is placed in.

Sporting a strong and sturdy make owing to the polyresin fibre it is made from, it will last for years to come. The showpiece measures 13 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm in dimensions. Costing only Rs.650 on, you can customise it with stickers or special boxes. Buy it from Bontoon.

Dry Fruit Gift Pack


With so many people becoming conscious about their health and appearance, a box of nuts makes for a great return gift. Sweets, chocolate and dry fruit have always been given as gifts and return gifts, but this one isn't your typical Indian dry fruit pack. This Borges Gift Pack, 430 gm contains two snacking sized boxes of California almonds and walnuts which are great to keep in a bag or purse for in-between hunger pangs. The health conscious and working ladies are going to love this. It can be purchased for only Rs.600 from Amazon.

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Evaluate your guest list before shopping for return gifts

Knowing who you are shopping for makes it easier to select gifts. Most functions will have a mix of people but try to segregate them by age or personal style and then get gifts which will appeal to most. Taking into account all of your guests will give you a clear picture about the audience and help you make better decisions on how to appease them best. You may have a few guests in your mind but when you take all of them into consideration you may realise your plan needs tweaking.