15 Return Gifts for Pooja: Religious & Stylish Return Gifts to Give Guests After a Puja (2021)

15 Return Gifts for Pooja: Religious & Stylish Return Gifts to Give Guests After a Puja (2021)

Wondering what to give as pooja return gifts and religious return gifts this year? Find here an eclectic selection of creative, unique, traditional as well modern return gift items you will be proud to give out. We also have plenty of pooja thali designs and pooja room decor ideas to make your pooja function a success.

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Handpicked 15 Return Gifts for Pooja: A Mix of Religious and Contemporary

Okay, so now you know how to decorate pooja room before the pooja. Now, you need to get knowledge of the return gifts for pooja as giving stylish pooja gifts to your guests is a very important part of the whole process. So, you can either pick religious pooja gifts or you can select bit stylish pooja gifts for your guests. However, if you want your return gifts for pooja to stand out the most, then you can go for following gift ideas:

Combo of Mini Potli and Marble Ganesh

Source theoneshop.in

For your religious pooja gifts, you can opt for this beautiful combo of a marble Ganesh and a mini velvet potli with an enchanted zari design over it. You can give the blessings of Lord Ganesh to your guests in the form of this mini statue and gorgeous potli. The potlis comes in the assorted combo of colours and zari design.It is available online on theoneshop.in and you can have it delivered to your home for only ₹130.

Akhand Diya

Diyas are the perfect give to give your guests! When you choose a classy diya it can be used either in the mandir or just as a simple decor accent. We have shortlisted a slightly expensive option but one that is eye-catching. This embellished diya comes with an akhand diya and features glass and beads, arranged in a beautiful layered pattern on a base of brass. It is priced at Rs. 499 on the site MyPoojaBox. This diya weighs around 125 gms and measures 12 x 4 cms. You can find several stylish options online for lower prices in sites like Amazon.

Apple Shaped Dry Fruit Tray

Source theoneshop.in

For the guests, you can order this apple shaped dry fruit tray as the return gift for pooja also. Your guests can use this stunning meenakari embedded dry fruit tray to store their expensive cashews and nuts. Moreover, if you have the little extra budget for the stylish pooja gifts, then you can put dry fruits in the box. Otherwise, this wood meenakari apple shaped dry fruit tray is very royal looking and a perfect budgeted return gift for pooja. This assorted apple shaped dry fruit tray can be ordered from theoneshop.in for ₹165.

Mayur Karbhuja Box

This cute little Mayur Karbhuja Box can be your stylish pooja return gift. The exotic mayur decorative box has a peacock on it's handle and can be used by your guests to store their jewelry or pooja essentials like kumkum, haldi etc. The beautiful peacock decorative box is available on nandigifts.com for around ₹150. However, if you order the peacock decorative box in bulk, then you can save an additional 17 to 27 per cent on the cost of the box.

Incense Gift Box

A box of incense sticks is a wonderful addition to any house. Why not gift your guests the a box of unique aromas that will leave an uplifting mood? You will find incense gift boxes in several online stores and offline too. To make your gift stand out look for unusual fragrances like patchouli or vetiver. Here we have selected a very affordably priced gift box from Fab India that comes with 5 different type of fragrances. Each pack contains 10 pieces. Available on their site for Rs. 290. If you have a higher budget you can choose packs with more fragrances or with dhoops also available on the site.

Penstand Hex Mina New

A useful pooja return gift for your guests would be this meenakari studded and colorful pen stand. The pen stands are very common gift item, but the extraordinary meenakari work and artistic look of this product have made it special. It is one of those products which can be categorized as religious pooja gifts as well as stylish pooja gifts. So, you can order this Mena Hex Pen Stand from nandigifts.com in bulk for a mere ₹99 each.

Auspicious Ganesha on Peepal Leaf Wall Decor

You can gift you are loved ones this auspicious Ganesh on Peepal Leaf Wall Décor to bring good luck and prosperity in their life’s. The beautiful wall decor featuring Lord Ganesh on the green peepal leaf can be very religious pooja gifts and can bring prosperity in the life of the receiver. It is believed that Ganesh is a god who removes obstacles, so putting this on the wall eliminates all the obstacles from your life. This gorgeous green and golden idols are selling on flipkart.com for ₹177. So, bring prosperity and good luck with this auspicious idol in your guest's life.

Journal with Handmade Paper & Pen Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

Handmade products sure have an unbeatable charm as they are special and unique in their own way. They promote the creative talent of the artisans in the community while celebrating their culture and tradition. So, for your pooja return gifts, you can consider things like home decor items or knick-knacks made using handicrafts.

We have chosen set of notebook and pen - a simple yet useful gift. Priced reasonably on Amazon, this is a gift suitable for guests of all ages. Buy it for ₹199 from the site and give a stylish pooja return gift to your guests.

Gourmet Food Gift Box

Why stick to the same old gift ideas? Try something new by choosing an edible treat for your gift. While chocolates, tea/coffee blends and the like are popular you can also try something different like jams and snacks. We have chosen here a unique gift option - a gift box of dried masala berries and fruits. Healthy and nutritious these snacks are handmade and will be something your giftees might have never tasted before. We have selected this gift box that comes with 2 kinds - masala cranberry and masala mango. Each bottle comprises 150 gms that come in a cute gift box. Available on their site for Rs. 475. Be sure to look around the site for more options.

Kalamkari Bangle Box

If you have hosted special ladies pooja like Karwa Chauth or Vatsavitri pooja, then the return gifts for the ladies should be something that women will appreciate. Like, this stunning bangle box which has been enahnced with the beautiful kalmakari work. This traditional bangle box is available in an assortment of different colors like blue, purple, yellow, red etc. You can order different colors of bangle boxes to present your all lady guests. You can order these special kalamkari bangle boxes for around ₹96 from the wedtree.in.

Minakari Stainless Steel Tumbler

Meenakari is a beautiful Indian traditional art form that is used on the surface of ornaments of metal to color them in different designs. This stainless steel glass engraved with the decorative designs of meenakari makes it very quirky and unique return gift for pooja. This daily usable glass looks more exquisite with the engraving of a peacock on it. The decorative tumbler in an intricate design can be your stylish pooja gift. It is available on wedtree.in for only ₹69. You can give one meenakari glass to your guests and they won’t ever forget you.

Ganesha Metal Diya

Diyas remain the best return gifts for poojas and other religious functions. This handcrafted product has been delightfully created by the creative artists and features Lord Ganesha. A large diya in shape of hands has been created beneath the statute. So, for your return gift for pooja, you can order two of these oxidized diyas for each of your guests from nandigifts.com for ₹199.

High Quality Household Items

Source www.amazon.in

Kitchen and household items are always welcomed because who doesn't like to add a good quality product to their collection? So for your guests, look for well made utensils or containers that will be useful in their daily lives . We have chosen a cute copper container that comes with a pretty lotus embellishment. This product is available on Amazon for Rs. 352.

Twin Peacock Pooja Thali

You can order this stunning twin peacock pooja thali in bulk from nandigifts.com and present each to your guests. The royal golden finishing of the pooja thali with the twin peacock assortment on the top makes it very unique pooja thali. Your guests can use this thali as a serving tray or decoration item as well. This multi purpose pooja thali is available for ₹320 only on Nandi Gifts.

Metal Haldi Kumkum Holder

Source www.amazon.in

Measuring 3.5 inches, this gold-coloured metal plate with haldi-kumkum holder is a elegant return gift idea for pujas. The plate has an ethnic touch with flowers and stones. Buy this charming gifting option on Amazon for Rs. 239.

Four Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

Well, the next important thing in the pooja preparation would be designing an attractive and stunning pooja thali. So, if you are looking for the super creative inspiration for your pooja thali designs folks, then we have enlisted few utterly simple and gorgeous pooja thali designs ideas for you all.

Thali Decoration with Oil

Thali Decoration With Oil

What you need for this pooja thali:
  • Regular Oil
  • Plain Thali
  • Earbuds
  • Powdered Sindor or Roli or Haldi

How to make it:
  • Take a plain thali
  • Use an earbud dipped in oil to make auspicious design on your pooja thali. Drop powdered sindoor or roli or haldi or any rangoli colour on the design made and shake sideways to distribute the colour evenly.
  • Turn the thali upside down and remove the excess colour and use cloth to make the design more interesting.

Thali Decoration with Lace

Thali Decoration with Lace

What you need for Pooja Thali Design:
  • Plain Thali
  • Colored Papers
  • Mirrors
  • Golden Lace

How to make it:
  • Cover Plain Thali with colored papers.
  • Cover the edges with golden lace and use mirrors along the edge of plate to give stunning look to your pooja thali design.

Thali Decoration with Mirror Work

Thali Decoration with Mirrors

What you need for Pooja Thali Design:
  • Plain Thali
  • Markers
  • Mirrors
  • Golden Lace
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Glue

How to make it:
  • Use a marker to make concentric designs of diya, swastikas, flowers etc on Thali.
  • Take small mirrors of different shapes and paste the mirrors on your design made keeping 1 mm distance.
  • Leave the plate to dry for 5 to 6 hours. Make a paste of plaster of paris and fill the gaps. Your mirror mosiac pooja thali is ready.

Thali Decoration with Flowers

Thali Decoration with Flowers

What you need:
  • Plain thali
  • Petals of roses or marigolds

How to make it:
  • Spread colored rose petals and marigolds petals on the plain thali.
  • Cover the thali with petals and put other ingredients on your thali.

Do Not Lose Sight of Your Budget

When ordering return gifts for pooja online or from the market, keep two things clear: your budget needs to be fixed, and always order gift items in bulk. As you have to give return gifts to all the guests, then set a budget of the pooja return gifts according to the number of guests. Like, if you have invited 10-15 guests, then you can set your budget around 200-400 rupees. But, if you have invited like 50-100 people, then never set your return gift budget beyond ₹100. Otherwise, you won’t be able to throw another pooja party soon.

Bonus: 5 Key Points to Designing a Pooja Room

Having a prayer room or small pooja room in your home is both spiritually and ethically a very good thing. By having pooja room in your home, you can dedicate few hours of the day towards the devotion and meditation. Moreover, if you frequently host poojas in your home, then having a special place for it a good idea as shifting furniture regularly is ain't feasible solution. So, if you want to redecorate or build the new pooja room in your home, then we have a few good pooja room décor ideas that you can try. You can revamp your pooja room décor in the following manner.

A Wall Mounted Pooja Shelf

If space is an issue for you, then you can easily pick out this wall mounted pooja room décor idea. It’s actually not a pooja room, it’s more like pooja corner where you can pray daily. For wall mounted pooja room, you just need a 2 feet wide wall space and you are good to go. Just make sure to check the light connection around the pooja corner to prevent it from any hazardous accident.

A Spacious Pooja Room Design

Well, if space isn’t your enemy, then you can pick a large and spacious pooja cabinet where you can easily keep your all pooja essentials. You can easily place the idols of different god and goddesses in an open style cabinet. Moreover, this pooja room décor idea has enormous space to practice different décor ideas. If you invite guests for pooja ceremonies regularly, then having a spacious pooja room is an important thing.

Artistic Entrance

Source www.houzz.in

The main highlight of the temples is always their threshold, so taking inspiration from the temples, you can design your pooja room décor by furnishing the entrance. You can use traditional banana leaves or artificial flowers to decorate the threshold of your home temple. Try to be bit artistic and design your pooja room on different themes like you can use everything white to decorate the entrance of your pooja room or you can be bit rustic and use handicrafts to decorate. Options are endless, so you can play with your imagination here.

Light Fixtures

Light is the perfect way to create a majestic and serene pooja room décor. You can use the different types of light fixtures to make the enchanting environment in your pooja room. Try to use different shades of lightning with the multicolored light bulbs to give the paradise-like look to your pooja room. Playing with the light fixture requires the assistance of the professional electrician plus all these lighting fixtures are bit expensive. So, for this pooja room décor idea, you might have to spend a handsome amount.

Marble Flooring

Source www.homify.in

Marble is synonymous with purity and honor, so try to include it in your pooja room décor. You can use marble to decorate the floors of the pooja room. As in pooja room, people have to go bare feet, then the feather-light and smooth texture of the marble flooring will feel very soothing a calm under the bare feet. Moreover, the marble light up the whole ambiance of the pooja room. Just like light fixtures, this pooja room décor idea will also cost you a fortune. If you do not have a large budget, try incorporating marble in smaller ways, such as the shelves or a marble mandir.

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Useful return gifts are the best

There are lots of small pooja items that make wonderful return gifts and it is far better to give guests something functional than a gift they will not have much use for. Think of the items that no one would mind having a few extra of, items that the devoted can use in their daily prayers or add to their own mandir or pooja room. Even devotional items for the car, keychain and home decor items will be good return gifts.