Wondering What to Gift on a Religious of Formal Function? Here's a List of Silver Pooja Gift Items That You Can Give for an Auspicious Event (2019)

Wondering What to Gift on a Religious of Formal Function? Here's a List of Silver Pooja Gift Items That You Can Give for an Auspicious Event (2019)

Silverware has been used for centuries in various forms. From using silver coins as currency to using silverware for various religious purposes, today, using silver ornaments has become a prestige for Indian families. Silverware and ornaments can prove to be one esteemed gift item. Here are 10 wonderful silver gifts which can be used for pooja purposes to be presented to your lovely near and dear ones.

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What Is the Significance of Silver Metal in Indian Culture?

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Silver and gold are precious metals that have always held great importance and significance in our Indian culture. There is no such word as ‘enough’ when it comes to stocking up on silver and gold jewellery and items. Indians are the largest consumers of silver than any other country. Clearly, silver is very important in our culture. Let’s find out why.

Gold's Little Brother

Silver often takes a backseat when compared to gold. Silver is addressed as a "poor man’s gold" or "common man’s metal". While kings could afford and buy gold in the olden days, gentlemen hoarded silver. But in today’s era, the importance of silver is slowly rising and Indians have started craving for silver ornaments and items.


Despite more modern avenues of investment, people in India still largely believe in continuing to buy traditional investments like gold, silver and property. Investing in silver is affordable, hence those who cannot buy too much gold, they'll buy silver ornaments instead. Because of the corrupt government practices in India, people prefer investing in this precious metal rather than on stocks, mutual funds or bonds. There is a high import duty of 10% on gold because it is rarer hence much more precious metal. To combat this deficit and scarcity, people are now investing in silver items because they are easier to source.

Many people prefer investing in silver bars and coins as an investment because you need to take into account making charges in silver jewellery and hence bars and coins prove to be better.

Indian Weddings

Silver has always held high significance in Indian weddings. Mothers collect silver vessels and ornaments since their daughter is born so that they can gift them to their daughters on their marriage. It is considered as a ‘Stri Dhan’ and also a woman’s asset. Many marriages commence on the basis of how much silver and gold a bride is getting from her parents. Although this tradition is slowly banishing in the Indian culture as dowry is illegal and is thankfully being seen as an unwanted practice, parents still gift silver and gold to their daughter out of pure love.

Many women invest in silverware, tableware and dinnerware in pure silver as a valuable asset and also as a status symbol. They dine in pure silver vessels during auspicious functions and festivals.

Valuable Asset

Silver appeals to the masses because they find investing in silver affordable. It becomes an asset forever, which can be sold in times of need to get some cash in return. Not everyone in India has a bank account, in-fact only 1/3rd of the Indian population have active bank accounts because they believe investing in silver and gold items would not require any government documents. These are the valuable assets of middle-class and lower-middle class population.

Silver Jewellery & Silver Currency

The trend of silver jewellery is increasing these days, as women feel they are safer to wear. Gold jewellery often poses a threat to a person’s life because of robbers and thieves lurking everywhere. No one would put their own life in danger to rob a silver item as it is not that costly to buy. Women, therefore, have started investing in beautiful silver jewellery. The demand has increased in the recent times with many jewellers coming up with beautiful and trendy silver ornaments. Many people use silver coins in place of currency too. Silver coins are often gifted to family members during special functions and ceremonies.


Silver finds a mention in our ancient scriptures along with gold. Many Gods and Goddesses idols are purchased in pure silver metal because of its sanctity and purity.

10 Silver Pooja Gift Items

Wondering what to gift to someone who is quite religious? Most Indian people have a temple in their homes and love to keep pooja items like ghanti, kalash, thali, etc. in pure silver. Investing in costly items for religious purposes gives them satisfaction as God is always held supreme in our culture. Here below, we have jotted down some beautiful silver gift items for pooja purposes.

1. Pooja Thali

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This pretty silver plated thali is 8 inches in diameter. It comes with a kalash, ghanti, diya, panchapatra, spoon, agarbatti stand and roli-chawal container. The item weight is 608 gm. This 8 piece set is available at amazon.in for Rs. 799. Made from stainless steel and plated with pure silver, this pooja thali can make a wonderful housewarming gift for a religious relative or friend. This set has a unique and traditional feel. This pooja thali has all the vessels and items that you need to commemorate your daily pooja ritual. Gifting this to someone close will definitely impress them with your thoughtful gesture.

2. Silver Thakurji Chhatra

If you know someone who keeps an idol of ‘thakurji’ in their home temple, then gifting this traditional ‘Chhatra’ will really make them happy. Buy this product online from PaliwalJewelers for Rs. 1,411. Crafted from silver of purity 995, this 6 gm Chhatra is generally placed above the idol as a protection against heat and rain. This item is crafted from pure silver and is a very durable item. Gifting this to someone on special occasions will convey your respect and regards to them.

3. Silver Kankavati

This stunning silver Kankavati gift item costs roughly around Rs. 2,623. Featuring a purity of 85 Touch and a weight of 30 gm, this one is an ideal gift for all occasions. Grab this pretty Kankavati from goldgiftideas.com. A kankavati is presented to a married woman in Indian culture. This one has a beautiful yellow and pink designed silver platform as the base and the pure silver kankavati in the centre features intricate detailing. Gift this alluring piece to someone you want to convey your blessings.

4. Silver Kalash

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A kalash forms a quintessential part of most Indian households. It is mostly used for pooja purposes and holy ceremonies. This silverware has a pretty line design on the bottom and is quite spacious inside. Women generally use it to water the holy basil or for placing a coconut on top of it as per their traditional customs. This silver kalash has a purity of 999 and weighs approximately 102.7 gm. It features dimensions of 3.4 x 2.5 x 3 inches. Grab this one for Rs. 5,837 from pngadgil.com online. The company is certified by GIA and BSI.

5. Silver Dhoop Stand

Any holy ceremony is incomplete without igniting fragrant dhoop. This dhoop stand in pure silver is an ideal gift for your near and dear ones. This Samrani Dhoop Stand is available at svtmjewels.com for Rs. 6,292. The gross weight of the item is 119 gm and the base metal is pure silver. The stand features a pretty intricate detailing and a wooden handle to enable you to pick it up easily without feeling the heat. An ideal gift for your grandmothers and mothers who love to decorate their temples at home, this one is surely a good choice.

6. Silver Large Lamp

This lovely silver lamp will make an exciting addition to anyone’s pooja accessories. Featuring a pure silver make, this classic extra large lamp is available for Rs. 5,193 at malabargoldanddiamonds.com. The site provides free shipping in India with Cash On Delivery option. It features dimensions of 4.76 x 2.67 inches. With a silver purity of 925 and a gross weight of 57.49 gm, this one is a very useful item for any holy ceremony or wedding function.

7. Silver Mandir

If you are looking for an ideal house warming gift, then look no further than this lovely and breathtaking silver mandir available at vummidisilverware.com. Priced at Rs. 1,75,490, this one has a gross weight of 3346 gm. This one will not only enhance your temple decor but will always increase in value, proving to be a valuable asset. The temple features pretty intricate detailing and minute craftsmanship. It is adorned with pretty red and green stones. The beautiful peacocks perched at the top of the dome are eye-captivating. All in all a brilliant masterpiece, which is definitely worth an investment.

8. Silver Bell

No pooja or holy ceremony is complete without chanting of holy mantras and rhymes and a quintessential accompaniment to any rhyme is the melodious sound of a pooja bell. Grab this lovely silver bell from gifts2indiaonline.com for Rs. 1,995. A wonderful way to convey your blessings and love to your near and dear ones, this silver bell is the perfect gift item. It will always be cherished and appreciated for its pretty and intricate carving. The item has a gross weight of 20 gm and it features a silver purity of 90%.

9. Kumkum Plate

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This pretty Mayur silver kumkum plate is the perfect buy if you are seeking a pooja gift item. Available at nandigifts.com for Rs. 149, this one does not burn a hole in your pocket and is yet a pretty gift that will definitely be appreciated. If you are looking for similar pooja gifts in large numbers, then the site offers discounts if you buy this item in bulk quantities.

10. Silver Panchapathra

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A panchapathra is an important part of holy functions and ceremonies. This vessel is used for storing the panchamrit, i.e. a mix of raw milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. The combination of these five ingredients is considered holy in pooja ceremonies and it is often given as holy prasad after the pooja commences. Buy this pretty silver panchapathra with a spoon from shinedove.com for Rs. 1950. Featuring a silver weight of 40 gm, this silver vessel has pretty intricate carving. The spoon has a cute little hollow in the front and a broad handle with a lovely design.

Important Facts on Silver

  • Silver is a soft, malleable and shiny metal. It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity. It is quite stable in water but gets corroded when exposed to sulfur compounds.

  • According to science, silver reacts well with the earth’s energy while gold reacts well with the body’s energy and aura. That is the reason why gold ornaments are worn on the upper body while silver ornaments like anklets and toe rings are worn on the lower body.

  • One of the main reasons why people prefer buying silver items for pooja is the durability factor apart from the preciousness. Silver takes less amount of time to melt than gold and as most of the pooja rituals are performed in front of fire, silver is used more.

Tips While Buying Silver Pooja Items

While buying silver pooja items, keep in mind the reputation of your dealer. Know the actual price per gram of silver before investing in silver items. Ask your deal about his making charges and calculate accordingly. Also find out whether your dealer offers money back guarantee or exchange. You might change your mind later on and want to pick up a different silver item. Ask your dealer if that is possible before actually buying the product as this will help you make a better decision. Also take a purity guarantee certificate from your buyer or a receipt that proves the purity of your silver article.

Tips on Cleaning Silverware

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Any silver item, when exposed to air tarnishes because it contains some other metals to make it sturdy. Tarnish generally disfigures a silver object and every time you clean the silver object to remove the tarnish, some amount of silver is lost. To prevent this, it is better to conceal your precious silverware in transparent plastic resealable wraps. If your silver items have turned black, you can clean them with baking soda or give them to a professional to restore the sheen and sparkle. As it is not possible to seal pooja accessories, it is best to clean them periodically with baking soda or silver cleaning products available in the market.

Keep these tips in mind before investing in silver items for pooja. Choose your pick from the list given above and impress someone who is fond of collecting silver items.

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