10 Silver Gift Items for a Housewarming, from Auspicious Idols and Puja Thalis, to Silverware and Decorative Items (2020)

10 Silver Gift Items for a Housewarming, from Auspicious Idols and Puja Thalis, to Silverware and Decorative Items (2020)

Find the perfect gift for an occasion as auspicious as a housewarming party Silver gift items convey your wishes the best, and that's why here, we've compiled a list of Silver gift options for you to choose, both pure silver and silver-plated, at all price levels.

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Silver Items can be Some of the Best Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to silver, you should know that Silver has long been valued to the point that they were the preferred currency. Silver was often the main currency of many kingdoms, which is until it became too valuable and was replaced by paper currency. Today, Silver is a popular commodity in trading, and still retains a premier position as a household item, though its practical use is mostly decorative these days. Another reason for Silver's popularity, specially around the house, are it's medicinal and purification properties. It's believed that Silver utensils have a positive effect on the food kept in them, and ultimately on health.

Before you head to the nearest shop to purchase Silver, there are a few things that you need to know, such as, the quality of Silver. You also need to run some checks on the shop that you intend to purchase the Silver from. But one thing is for sure, Silver do makeS the perfect gift for the family, friends, and loved ones.

Silver Plated Gifts You can Give to Family or Friends for Housewarming

If you happen to have been invited for a housewarming ceremony and are not sure as to what to purchase for the event, then we suggest you to read on. Silver happens to be a precious metal, and as such, it comes with a lot of religious value. In fact, you may want to opt for a gift in silver, as it is considered to be auspicious by many.

There are numerous Silver plated gifts you can go for, from Silver decorative items to Silver-coated plates, mugs, utensils, and the list goes on. Just check out some of the top-rated silver gifts, and you should get a better idea.

GoldGiftIdeas 7PS Plus Silver Plated

There are various Silver-plated items that you can purchase online today . However, if you are planning to gift something in silver to your loved ones during the occasion of a religious or main event, then you need to check out the details below. It makes for an exciting gift, and it happens to be one that your loved ones would love.

This 7 inch pooja plate comes with a price tag of Rs.525. Along with the thali is a Chandan Vati, kankavati, two small Diya lamps, spoon, agarbati stand and more. All the items coatings are in silver, and the delivery can happen in 9-10 days. Incidentally, the gift also comes with a German Silver coin.

Sandook Jewel Case

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Housewarming is a special day for the women of the family. They have dreamed of this special day, their entire lives. Surprise the lady of the family with a Sandook jewel case which is arguably the best gift option. You need to take a closer look at the gift idea listed below.
A woman loves jewelry box and purchasing this perfect gift for your other half or as a gift for a woman you know. This ethnic Rajasthani silver casket comes with a price tag of Rs.499, only. It comes beautifully engraved and one that is wide enough to hold most valuables. It also comes with a charming wooden jewelry box and you can get the whole item gift wrapped by requesting the same.

Matt Silver Platter Set (Set of 3)

While there is no scientific basis to prove that eating from Silver improves your health, the fact is that it should certainly look and feel great – as you eat from Silver plates with Silver cutleries. That is why you need to check out the matt silver metal platter. The current cutlery set is priced at Rs.3140, only. It is essential to point out that the cutlery is not pure silver but rather stainless steel, coated with silver. It comes with a subtle finish. And when you are planning to clean it, a little warm water and a mild detergent should go a long way.

Tea Light Candle Holders

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The chances are that you light your candles in the evening, especially, if the power goes out. Don’t you find it irritating to have the candle drip hot wax on your fingers as you carry it around? And that is why you use candle holders, and that is why everyone would appreciate this particular gift. These pure Silver tea light candle holders come priced at Rs.18,715, only. It is undoubtedly elegant, and moreover, it is pure silver, and not just silver plated. It also happens to come with a 30-day return policy as well. If you don't like it, you can return it.

Silver Bowl Gift box

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Silver is considered auspicious in Indian customs and traditions. It is always a good idea to gift some utensils in pure Silver or plated silver to families on important occasions. Both would be appreciated by the recipients and be useful in several customary rituals of housewarming, too.
The Silver bowl gift box comes at a price tag of Rs.2550. The gift box consists of a velvet gift box which contains four Silver bowls, with four spoons and the whole thing can be gift wrapped on request. This will be an ideal gift for your family and relatives on housewarming occasions.

Silver Thali

A new home means celebration in the family. In the ancient days, it was a ritual to share firewood when somebody was building a new home. The traditions has prevailed even in the modern times, but replaced with gifts. As Silver is the most significant material, we prefer it as the best choice of gifts.
The Silver thali is ideal gift for your next housewarming party. This puja thali is a handcrafted product. It has some unique properties like anti tarnish which makes it a perfect use for rituals. The thali can be used for almost all customary occasions. You can avail this Silver plated thali at a price of Rs.4159.

Silver Photo frames

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Decorating items are a chief item of gifting when it comes to occasions like housewarming parties. Why not gift something pretty which can be used on the side table of the bed. This elegant and stylish photo frame is uniquely handcrafted with beautiful designs. This handcrafted sleek Silver photo frame is available for Rs.999. The dimensions of the frame are 26 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm, Silver which will deem fit for cuddly photographs. The packaging is of equivalent finish too.

Orignal Silver Gifts You can Give to Family or Friends for Housewarming

When it comes to housewarming ceremonies, there are more than a few unique and exciting gifts that you can give to your friends and loved ones. Silver is a top choice for many, who are planning to provide the same as gifts. And by choosing the right gift, you should be able to make yours stand out in the crowd.

When you are planning to purchase silver items or silver-plated pieces, either online or in a brick and motor shop, you need to do the required research and make sure that the platform is legitimate.

100 Gms Trimurti Shree Silver Coin

One of the best gifts, that you can get for a housewarming ceremony, happens to be a Silver coin with the images of god either on one side or both sides. You can use it for puja purposes or make it into a dollar to wear around your neck. As it is, it sure makes for an exciting gift for your family and loved ones. It is a 100 gm pure Silver coin with Trimurti images, and it is available at a budgeted priced of Rs.4581. This particular gift can be gift wrapped on request, and it will be delivered within 9-10 days.

Joyalukkas 92.5 Sterling Silver Divine Idol

When it comes to purchasing a gift for others, you may first want to put some thought into it. You may first want to find out as to what their shared interests, hobbies happen to be. And if you happen to know that they are religious as well, then you may well have the perfect gift for them. Check out this amazing product. This Silver divine idol is 92.5% Sterling Silver, and it certainly looks elegant and exquisite, and it comes with a price tag of Rs.9606. The figurine is carved beautifully, and it may well just be what you need, for that perfect gift. Your recipients are sure to love the same, so you may want to search for the same

Silver Candle Holders

Candle holders are nearly ubiquitous, and we have been using one version or the other when it comes to candle holders for the last 2000 years. Perhaps, it is time that you opted for something unique, elegant, stylish and functional. It would make for a great gift where candle holders are concerned.

This elegant Silver crystal candle holder is available at Rs.2505. It is undoubtedly beautiful, stylish, and trendy, and the honeycomb structure makes it stand out for the right reasons. The candle holder happens to come with Octagonal k9 crystals. Check it out, and incidentally, it comes with a return policy of 30 days.

Silver Tea Set

If you happen to be a tea aficionado, then you know the importance of a good tea set. That is why, you may want to consider purchasing a tea set in silver for your friends. This particular tea set certainly comes with the oomph factor and is undoubtedly stylish and looks quite good. It is time that you took a closer look at it.

This elegant Silver tea set is available at Rs.2800. It is delivered in one to two days, and you can even go in for express delivery. Please note that the item in question comes in different sizes and you can pick out the one you want, accordingly.

Silver Lakshmi Ganesh Idol

If you are a religious person, then you may want to get a few of the sacred items in Silver. And what’s better than, the goddess Lakshmi who is the god of prosperity and Ganesha, the god of good fortune. That is the reason, it is essential that you may want to consider gifting, your family, friends, and loved ones, the same, and they are bound to appreciate the thought as well. These small Lakshmi and Ganesha idols are beautifully carved and happens to come with a price tag of Rs.2599 on Flipkart, only. Please note that the objects in question are of pure silver.

Cosmic Panchmukhi Silver Diya Lamp

Diya is one of the best gifts that you can get for your loved ones, and a Silver Diya happens to be more auspicious and traditional. The Diya is beautifully carved and happens to be quite elegant to look. This pure Silver Diya lamp happens available at Rs.1887. This Diya is elegant, and it is artistic to its core as well. What is more, it is a Pancha murti Diya which is all the more promising. The recipients of this gift would appreciate the same.

Give Exclusive Mandir as Housewarming Gifts for Close Families

When it comes to purchasing gifts for someone who happens to be quite religious, you may want to go ahead and get them a Silver puja mandir. This Silver mandir is available at a budgeted price of Rs.60,899.78. It is beautifully carved and looks quite elegant. When gifting to your closest families this is the apt choice for a gift.

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