10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Take to a Housewarming Party. Because New Home Owners Will Enjoy Something Besides That Bottle of Wine (2019)

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Take to a Housewarming Party. Because New Home Owners Will Enjoy Something Besides That Bottle of Wine (2019)

You Know you cannot go to a housewarming empty handed, but should you grab something other than a bottle of wine and basket of fruit? Your hosts will be happy with whatever you bring, but why go for the usual when there are such lovely housewarming gifts begging to be given? Find here all the usual suspects: from wall clocks to incense burners and lamps, but in cool, contemporary designs that anyone will fall in love with.

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Going to a Housewarming Party?

Are you going to a housewarming party sometime soon? And let me guess, you don't know what gift to give. Well, you are in luck then for we are here to cover for you! We got your back. A housewarming party marks the beginning of something new. It brings in a sense of accomplishment if the person or the family is getting their own house, and a sense of security and pride if they are getting themselves a second house.

Thus, your gift should be something that celebrates their achievement. It should reflect positivity and good vibes. Your gift should be the symbol of peace and harmony that must prevail in the new house of your friend or relative. We have put forth a list of ten items that you can choose from!

What Should a Housewarming Gift Be?

Now, for this part. We understand you don't know what to give your friend or the family hosting the housewarming party. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Giving a gift that is suitable for the house in question is a tough job and we feel you if it is weighing you down. We have put forward ten great gifts in our list that you can choose from. Select the one you think they will like the most and there! You are ready to go!

#1 Useful

Here is another very important thing to keep in mind. No matter how good looking something is, if it is not useful at the end of the day, it will be fed to the trash can. So, whatever you buy, it should be useful. There is no replacement for something that the family or your friend hosting the housewarming party will inevitably require. Hence, it is important for you to choose the gift carefully.

#2 According to Their Taste and Preference

This is probably the most important point of them all. The gift that you give your friend or the family hosting the party should be suited to their taste and preferences. You don't want to give them something that they will dislike and thus, discard in a few months. You want your gift to be their favourite. You want them to love your gift and to be thankful that they received it. So, choose accordingly.

#3 Trendy

Although the points given above are way more important than this one, you would not want to miss it out. There must be a wow factor in your gift. It should be something trendy. Something eye-catching. It should not be something that went out of fashion last December. Give them something that is in trend and looks great. They will love how awesome and cool you made their house look! Will you not like that?!

Top 10 Housewarming Gift Ideas for 2019

So, here we are! We are done with our research and we have compiled ten gifts that will make great housewarming presents. We have finally brought this list to you and we hope that it will make things easier for you! Select one from this list and give it to the hosts. We guarantee you will see them genuinely liking and using your gift. Happy shopping to you!

Back-Flow Buddha Incense Burner with 80 Cones

Incense is one of those things that usher in positivity and good vibes. These are not just used in places of worship, they are also used at home. Their smell fills the house with grace and keeps the atmosphere calm. Thus, incense burners make for a great gift. Especially if the burner brings in just as positivity as the incense itself. This incense burner is the idol of Buddha shown to be praying. This itself is a depiction if calm and peace. This is the kind of gift a new house requires. Get it at Big Small for Rs.1,499 only. This piece is available in multiple colours.

Reindeer Lamp

If we were hosting a housewarming party, we would have liked someone to give us this. It is so pretty and absolutely perfect for the drawing room centre table. We would have placed this on our dining table as table decoration. It is a reindeer shaped wooden frame. It can hold a transparent glass bottle that contains fairy lights. And this bottle comes in multiple colours. It is so beautiful and it will make the new house look so beautiful! Get this lamp from Big Small at Rs.2,999.

Amazon India Housewarming Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

This is an Amazon gift card, especially suitable for your finicky friend who seldom likes any gift given to him or her. The range of the gift starts from Rs.500 and goes on till the depths of your pockets and generosity! The sky is the limit for this one! If you are not sure if your host will like the gift you are planning to give, you should definitely go for this. They send the gift card to the email ID of the person you wish to give it to, after you have paid the desired amount. Order the gift card here.

Name and Nostalgia

This is a very special gift you can give your loved one on the occasion of his or her housewarming party. This is a handmade pinewood frame customised to contain whatever you want written on it, in terracotta alphabets. Give Oye Happy the name you want written on it and five photographs you wish to be attached to it. They will ensure it is beautifully done. You can get this for Rs.1,190 on oyehappy.com.

Galaxy Wall Clock

This piece is beautiful! And why just beautiful?! It is useful and trendy and affordable! This is a galaxy themed wall clock. The hour's hand, the minute's hand and the second's hand are all little planets revolving around the Sun. This clock is innovative and amazing. Once you take a look at it, you will not want to budge. Get it at bigsmall.in for Rs.3,499.

His & Her Bed Set

This is the most appropriate gift for all couples hosting a housewarming party. This is a his and her bed sheet set. The bed sheet and the pillow covers show a clear distinction between his side of the bed and her side of the bed. While she gets three- fourth of the bed, he hardly gets one-fourth! It is pretty and accurate! It will be fun for you to watch them laugh at it! Buy this set from bigsmall.in at Rs.2,999.

Sehaz Artworks Analog Wall Clock (Brown, without Glass)

This wall clock is trendy and affordable. It looks like a tree that can tell us what time of the day it is. It is a creative and innovative gift to give someone on their housewarming party. It has a wooden finish and has no glass. It is perfect for the drawing room wall as it will increase the style quotient of the decor of the new house. You can buy it from Flipkart at Rs.499 only!

Personalised Home Sweet Home Frame

This is yet another innovative gift that you can give someone hosting a housewarming party. This is a personalised photo frame where you will be required to give four photographs. They will design these photographs to spell H. O. M. E. It is a delight to have something hung at home. It brings in so much warmth and affection. It shows the great times that the family had together! It is a perfect gift indeed! Get it from Gift Cart at Rs.749 only!

Painting Mantra Generic Photo Frame (Black, 11 Photos)

This set of photo frames is a house decor idea in itself! These are designed to be asymmetrically placed beside each other to form a pattern on the wall. This is a set of eleven frames that can contain eleven sweet memories of the family. It is beautiful to look at once it has been put up! It will make the house look like one straight out of a postcard! These frames add sophistication to the decor of the house and make the wall look amazing. Since the frames are black, they will look great on any wall, irrespective of the colour of the wall or the wallpaper! You can get hold of this set on Flipkart for Rs.1,299.

Home Centre Digital Voucher

Source www.amazon.in

This is a gift voucher from Home Centre. All you need to do is to select the kind of gift card to want to give the host of the housewarming party. Once you have done that, you will be required to enter the price of the gift card. This will be sent directly to the recipient's email ID along with a message that you will like to leave behind. They can buy whatever they want to using this gift card. They can use your gift card to decorate their new house as they wish to! And I believe that this is a great gift in itself! This gift card is available on Amazon and prices start from Rs. 500 only! Set your budget and give your friends or relatives the gift they truly need!

What Else Can You Take with a Gift?

A housewarming party is the celebration of getting a new house. No matter how great your gift is, it is often not enough. You just have to team your perfect gift with something. It could be anything of your choice. It could be a nice, thick bouquet of flowers, a big box of chocolates or something special.

What is essential is to make the host feel good. They must love your gift. More than that, they must realise that you put in a lot of efforts( *wink!) into choosing something for them. That will naturally make them like the gifts that you give them. We have listed three such options below. Choose anyone or take all the three as side gifts for the hosts! Check them out and plan accordingly!


Flowers are the best to take as a side gift. Flowers bring in good vibes with their beautiful colours and unique perfume. They make the new house feel better. Flowers send a good message and fills everyone with positivity. It corresponds to the wishes you want to give your host, be that your friend or your relative. Flowers make the atmosphere of the party lighter and better. This is the first thing we recommend you to take. There is nothing better than a house adorned with colourful flowers.


Chocolates are our favourite. There is hardly anybody who does not like chocolates. Thus, they are a safe option to avail. If the host or hosts of the housewarming party have a sweet tooth, consider taking a box of chocolates for them. They will love the side gift and remember you whenever they munch on it. While taking chocolates, make sure you give them in a box with a pretty wrap. It will only enhance the experience you want them to have when they take a bite.

Something Special

Take something special for them. You know them well. You know their tastes and their preferences well. So why not get them something that will remind them of you? It can be anything, starting from sweets to some pretty wind chimes to a vase. Let your imagination run lose. Get what you can for them and make their day extra special with your touch of love. You can also get something customised for them. Give them something that they will remember forever.

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Help Them or Impress Them

Your housewarming gift could be something to help around the new home. Buying, building or even remodeling a house is an expensive affair and if you're close enough to them you will probably know what they need or are saving up for. As a good friend or relative, offer to pitch in if it's an expensive item, or buy it for them if it isn't. Then there are the gifts that are simply there to wow them and anyone else who comes to their home. Think of flamboyant home decor, pricey cutlery or anything that can steal the show and leave guests asking where they got it from.