Spruce Up Your Home Through Attractive Decor: 10 Elegant Home Decor Items on Amazon You Can Order Right Away! (2020)

Spruce Up Your Home Through Attractive Decor: 10 Elegant Home Decor Items on Amazon You Can Order Right Away! (2020)

Are you planning on giving a makeover to your home décor? Aim to be your imaginative best! Your imagination must be entwined with the decoration plan to achieve the look you want, without the budget going haywire. Keeping this in mind, we've curated below the best home decor items available on Amazon that you can order right away!

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Tips to Consider while Decorating Your Home

Plan the Layout

Before setting out to change the setup of your house, you must plan the revised layout. You must have an idea about the measurements of your home along with the list of all items you have currently. In case few items can be discarded, have a list of them too. Most of us forget to include the height of the room in our calculations, and that could be a significant mistake. Once you have the measurements in your place, it will prevent you from buying oversized items.

Once the outline of the rooms is in place, you may try out different sketches about placing the items currently available with you. Once this is done, then only you may proceed to buy new items. But you must not change the positioning of the objects after purchasing new items as all your plans could go haywire.

Be Innovative

A bit of innovation can turn your ordinary room into one with a better stature. It can start with your front door. An elegant dash of a glossy hue in radiant colours can improve the entrance. Using red, orange, yellow, etc. can look nice. The colour on the walls must be in line with the overall theme of the house. A neutral colour will make the rooms look bigger, and there could be some patterns as well to make it look a bit different.

You must reduce the clutter and organise the room in your house precisely. Sometimes you may need to hire someone to get it done, but it is worth the effort and money. Your home can always look a lot better!

Make Subtle Changes

You need to make subtle changes that will not involve a huge budget. While matching dining chairs can look good, it can be boring over time. You may change the matching dining chairs with something new. Even an old seat can be changed into a small table and rearranged adequately. The repositioning of sofas, replacing a rug, or dividing the room with a divider or a shelf can change the entire outlook of the room.

Placing a jar of flowers or restyling the bookshelf are other ways of restyling the room. Rearranging the books and placing some curios in between can also be a welcome change. Placing some watered plants in the middle of the room can also have a soothing effect.

Consider the Lighting Too

You can use mirrors cleverly to make the light bounce across the room. They should be placed at right angles to the windows. It will not allow reflecting out of the room. The lights you use must cater to the ambience and the accent of the room. The atmosphere of the room can be improved by the ceiling lights that illuminate the whole room. Decorative lights can enhance the articulation of the house. You may also use lights where necessary, like at the basins or in the kitchen.

A good ambience helps to provide a warm atmosphere to the room. Once you have chosen the positioning of the lighting, you need to research the types of fittings that are available online. Based on the illumination provided, you may select the ones suitable for your house.

Best Home Decor Items You Can Buy on Amazon


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Patterns can also spruce up your rooms and give a subtle appearance. Vases are quite familiar with interior decorators and look good along with some exotic flowers. Vases can be left alone at strategic places, and also be placed inside a glass cabinet, and their looks remain the same. Tall vases can also be used to fill up empty corners. Some vases are exquisite pieces of art and are ideal for storing different items.

This beautiful Madhubani hand-painted vase is made from authentic terracotta with a polished finish. The jet black vase can be used to decorate your house. It has dimensions of 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 13.2 cm and is priced at Rs. 699 on Amazon.


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We see in movies how using lights cleverly can change the background. Similarly, lights can be used to change the outlook of your house and make a difference to the interiors. The room can look brighter and improve the overall look and feel of the place. Decorative lights come in different shapes, sizes and utilities. It could be a chandelier or even a floor lamp too. There are lighting curtains too that are exquisite. Table lamps and night lamps can look good too.

This wooden wall light is ideal for your bedroom and provides adequate lighting for your bedroom and addresses the exemplary brightness aspect as well. The holder has a dimension of 14 cm X 20 cm and is available in two colours, brown and white. It is available for Rs. 599 on Amazon.

Designer Furniture

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You can add designer furniture in your house, and it need not be restricted to your bedroom only. Even your living room or your dining room needs to be augmented with designer furniture. It can also only be a tulip table or a velvet sofa. You may also go for a mid-century tone dresser or any designer armchair. However, you must first decide whether to place the furniture and according to this placement, you can select the furniture. Also consider the floor size as it will allow you to cut down on the options available, making it an easier choice for you.

You can choose a lounge chair with a luxury bean bag cover. The dimensions of this chair are 30 inches × 30 inches × 29 inches and the associated pouffe measures 12 inches × 17.5 inches × 17.5 inches. It is priced at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 1,779 on Amazon.

Indoor Plants

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Nature lovers can have a small garden inside the walls of the house too. But most people do not agree with this idea. To them, a small plant is enough to revitalise the looks of the home. You can choose from the ferns or hanging vines, but they too need a lot of maintenance. A bonsai will be ideal for you, and it will not take too much space either.

The indoor Aglaonema is an ornamental plant that has a bright red border on the leaves. It does not need much maintenance and grows well in low sunlight and is known to be a natural air purifier too. It is available for Rs. 249 on Amazon.


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A strategically placed tapestry can improve the get up of your room. It can double up as a headboard in your bedroom or can be used as a wall hanging in the living room. Most of the items are bold in colour, and the pricing is usually dependent on the embroidery, design and the fabric of the material.

The decorative wall hangings are all beautifully designed, but this one has a lotus flower embroidery all in white on a black background. The background makes the design more prominent and draws attention. Apart from a wall hanging, it can also be used as a bed cover or a yoga mat. As a table cover, it can also beautify your dining room. This cotton, handmade tapestry is priced at Rs. 299 on Amazon.

Decorative Clocks

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Clocks can also help to improve the ambience of your living room. According to your tastes, you may opt for an antique design or go for a contemporary one. There are options to have a photo frame combo or a personalised clock with a romantic moment for a couple.

This one is complete with the ideal retro outlook and finished with a pendulum too. The clock is brown and shaped like a ship's anchor. The clock measures 17 inches X 12 inches and is priced at Rs. 615 on Amazon.

Room Curtains

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The curtains in your room can be used by you to play games with the sunlight entering your room. They can occupy space as required by you on the wall and can allow a variety of designs on the wall. The curtains can also blend in with the theme of the room. The fabric of the curtains also helps in providing a distinguishing factor to the room. Premium curtains can enhance your stature too.

The polyester door string curtain from the world of Exporthub can come in an assortment of colours. They come in three sizes as per the height of the door – 7 feet or 9 feet, or a window of 5 feet. The window curtain is available for Rs. 249 on Amazon.

Prints & Canvas Art

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Carefully selected canvas art pieces can improve the stature of even an otherwise ordinary room. You can place an intricate piece of art and use highlighting to improve the outlook. This is also a great way to showcase your interests and artistic sensibilities. The canvas art can formulate the theme of the room and can be your starting point while the other decorating items can be selected based on this theme. Based on the artwork chosen, you may select its placement.

This unframed beautiful canvas painting of the Buddha provides a mesmerising experience due to its high-quality digital print. The painting is mounted on a pure cotton canvas, is durable and easy to clean too. The canvas measures 91 cm X 61 cm and is shipped in rigid hardboard shipping tubes. It is priced at Rs. 1,399 on Amazon.

Wall Hangings

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Decorating the walls is an essential part of beautifying the room as a whole. Various items can adorn the walls, like a mural, a metal wall art, oversized art, or even a large mirror. While these can be ideal for the more giant walls, you will be in a fix what to do about the walls that will not provide so much space to you. A simple wall hanging can come to your help.

There can be a variety of wall hangings that are sleek and eye-catching too. This one is nicknamed the Dream Catcher, and it does catch the eye. This colourful wall hanging is woven manually with natural materials. Apart from the walls of your room, it can also be hung in your garden. It comes rather cheap and is priced at Rs. 199 only on Amazon.


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An artistic or a well-crafted bookshelf allows you to rediscover your room. It can add style and personality to the room you place it. You can show off your collection of books and have your guests in awe about the design of the bookshelf. The shelves can be of any design, ranging from a tree to the normal cubed ones. You may have a rustic charm too.

This wall-mounted bookshelf has an innovative design that renders it invisible when there are books on the shelf. The shelves are made of strong MS metal and can support up to five kilos of books. You can showcase your CDs and DVDs too. Moreover, the shelf is easy to install and saves space as the books can be placed vertically. The dimension of each shelf is 15.6 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm. The package contains three wall-mounted bookshelves, six plastic anchors and six screws. It is priced at Rs. 599 on Amazon.

Ending Note: Get Some Expert Advice May Be!

Keep a fresh attitude while deciding home decor for your living room. This attitude also helps in removing clutter from your house. A fresh approach will ensure you have enough space to decoration items you want to have in your home right now.

You may also take ideas from your friends and family – whose interiors you have always loved. It is always good to get inspired about a theme with which you are familiar. You may need to make full-blown changes, like adding a coat of new paint, adding some moulding or putting up some smart art on the walls. But just going for the heck of it will not do justice to your budget. It is always best to rope in the services of an expert.

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Don't Hesitate in Experimenting!

When you are redesigning your house, a little bit of experimenting can help. You must bear in mind that being minimalistic can also look good. The idea is "less is more", but you need to carry out the image in an orderly manner. While experimenting with a mix of vibrant colours can help, you may also add a few plants as part of the décor. You may even set up an indoor garden too, albeit small in size. Stylish rugs on the floor and classy art on the walls are other ways to revitalise your home. And, there are countless ideas like these that you can experiment with!