This Diwali, Prepare to Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with a Mix of Traditional and Contemporary Décor: Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home to Make It Look Spectacular Like Never Before! (2020)

This Diwali, Prepare to Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with a Mix of Traditional and Contemporary Décor: Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home to Make It Look Spectacular Like Never Before! (2020)

If you are wondering how to decorate your home this Diwali so that it looks unique yet spectacular, traditional yet contemporary, then this BP Guide is here to help you. We have curated a list of unique decoration ideas to decorate your home this Diwali, from simple DIY decorations to online offerings we have covered everything so that your home looks truly splendid this Diwali.

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Diwali Decorations – Trendy Ideas to Make Your Home Diwali Ready

Diwali, popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’, is the festival of joy, peace and harmony. The story behind this glorious festival goes back to ancient times. It was celebrated for the first time to commemorate the day Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvaas (exile) with Sita and Lakshman. People lit lamps and diyas to welcome them back home.

Diwali has always been the perfect occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Kids, especially, have a lot of fun during this festival. Yummy food, beautiful decorations, lovely diyas - all these are a quintessential part of Diwali. We bring you great new ideas to decorate your home every time to keep up the spirit and excitement on this special day.

Mandir/Pooja Room Decoration Tips for Diwali

  • Use Beautiful and Creative Accessories:

    Use creative and unique accessories every year like pretty diyas, scented candles, lamps to decorate the pooja mandir and the house. There are beautiful brass and silver coated lamps and pooja thalis available in the market these days. Use them to give a renovated look to your pooja room instead of the ones you already have.

  • Make a Pookalam:

    Make a beautiful pookalam, or flower rangoli. Arrange flowers of different types and colours to form a gorgeous rangoli in front of the house and the pooja room. It gives a unique twist to the traditional rangoli made with rock powder. If there’s no prior experience in this area, then check out some videos and images on the same. They are very easy to do and give a good look to your home.

  • Use LED Lights:

    Pooja rooms always have the light on throughout the day especially on the day of the festival. So, make sure to use LED lights, they are energy-efficient, power saving, low maintenance and long lasting. Along with all these benefits they are easy on your pocket and LED lights also come in a wide variety to choose from, which brings in a new look and vibe to the house.

  • Floating Flower Arrangement:

    A floating flower arrangement is worthy of making it mandatory as it is a magnificent way of decorating your pooja room, especially on Diwali. Simply arrange flowers in a design bowl with water. Arrangement with both same type of flowers and different types of flowers look great.

  • Use Oil Lamps:

    Oil lamps bring in more divine vibes into your house. So, use oil lamps in the pooja room and wherever else possible for decoration. With all these home décor looks trendy with a traditional touch.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

1. Centre Table:

If you want to give a festive look to your living room then one of the key things you need to focus on is the centre table. The centre table decoration will set the mood and will give your living room the much needed style and festive spirit!

Tips for Decorating the Centre Table:

  • The first step is to clean and organise clearing out all the clutter, which will make the decoration you are planning on to shine through.

  • If you want to purchase a new centre table then go for one with gold trimmings that will bring a bling to the festive spirit. One with wrought iron legs will also give a streamlined and visually light appearance.

  • Its best to go traditional, when it comes to decorating your centre table. Pick super fragrant flowers like rajnigandha and jasmine instead of decorative flowers like lilies. These flowers will also act as a natural air freshener.

  • Place a lot of candles and diyas on the table. Make the setting interesting by adding different materials and heights like combining a glass candle stand and a contemporary diya or a mix of hurricanes and votives that will complement the décor.

  • A centre table décor that has a mix of textures like embossed, glossy, engraved and matt will give an interesting dimension to the décor.

2. Decorate Windows with Glossy and Sheer Dupattas:


If you have beautiful dupattas that you are no longer using, then the best way to use them is to brighten up your living room. Dupattas are of 80-90 inches length and are much shorter than saris. A single dupatta is of the right length to be used as a curtain. The advantage of using dupattas as curtains is that they are available in all colours from chartreuse yellow to powder blue, which may be hard to find in the curtain sections. Just choose the colour scheme that you are planning for this Diwali and let the glossy dupattas transform the living room for the special day.

A light source behind will further enhance the texture and pattern of the dupatta. You can choose sheer, glossy or silk dupatta to add a dash of festive vibes to your interiors. Hang string lights behind the dupatta and watch your living room transform into a mesmerising fairy land.

3. String Lights Around Windows and Doors:

Brighten up your living room with some sparkle and shimmer using string lights. String lights are a fresh new way to decorate your windows and doors this Diwali. They add a decorative element to the doors and windows and cast a soft glow both inside and outside. It accentuates the interiors and are a great way to emphasize your doorway. Border the windows and doors with string lights to bring some twinkle inside your home.

4. Add Diwali Themed Décor Accessories:


You can spread Diwali vibes all around by adding décor items that enhance the festive spirt. For example rangoli is an ancient art-form that is created especially on festivals like Diwali using petals, flowers and coloured powder in the courtyards and on floors. It is considered auspicious and symbolises good luck. Why not decorate your living room with this auspicious symbol not just on the floor, but also using rangoli patterned cushion covers to bring peace and prosperity into your home?

The gorgeous patterns symbolise a brand new beginning and is a great way to enhance your décor during the festival of lights. The Rangoli Pattern Designer Cushion Covers are available on Amazon. The 16 x 16 size set of 3 cushions cost ₹ 1,439.00.

Handmade Diwali Decoration Ideas

1. Box Lights:

Making box lights is super easy even for beginner DIYers.

Things You Need:

  • Few colour papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String lights
  • Thread to hang the boxes


  • First make origami boxes using the coloured papers.
  • Make small cuts on the boxes to insert individual lights in each box.
  • The string of boxes is ready to hang in any corner and you are sure to get appreciation for this décor idea.
  • This eye-catching décor will brighten up your home this Diwali.

2. Henna Decorated Candles:

Candles will instantly brighten up your home and every nook and corner where they are placed is bathed in warmth and style. Bathed in the soft glow of candles, the soothing décor will make Diwali, brighter and better. Instead of decorating with plain candles, why not go for henna decorated candles? The henna decoration will give a magical effect to this opulent table top décor item.

Henna is being used since ancient times as a form of body adornment. It expresses happiness and luck and is part of the traditional Indian wedding. Several handmade projects are inspired by this creative art and one among them is on candles. The intricate patterns on the light coloured background of candles further raises its glam factor. In fact, it is one of the inexpensive ways to add a touch of Indian culture to the sparkling candles.

You will need a henna cone and decoupage or mod podge to seal the design. An ivory pillar candle is perfect for this project. You can choose any pattern that you are comfortable to draw on the candle, which could be a simple Moroccan pattern, peacock motifs, floral patterns, geometric prints, or paisley designs. Allow the henna to dry overnight and use a sealant to seal the henna design. You can add gems and kundans to the pattern to make it more elegant and add a sparkle to your festive celebrations.

3. Hand Painted Diyas:

Diwali is just round the corner. It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Lighting lamps on this occasion signifies good luck, purity and power. It is believed to ward-off evil forces and darkness. So, diyas are lit and placed both inside and outside the house. Although various kinds of lamps are available in the market, it is fun to paint them, especially if you have kids at home, they would love to help you in this task.

Things You Need:

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Stones or fake pearls
  • Gold paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Blank diyas
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue


  • Soak the earthenware lamps in water overnight.
  • The next day you can use them to paint.
  • Paint the entire diya with different colours like silver, gold, red, orange, etc.
  • Apply 2 coats of paint.
  • Once the paint dries up, apply glue to the rim and paste the pearls/stones on it.
  • The eye-catching diyas are ready to be lit up!

Traditional Diwali Decorations

1. Diwali Torans:

Toran is one of the traditional hangings that are usually hanged at the entrance of a home. This is specially used during festive occasions such as Diwali to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the house. There are different types of torans that you can either buy from the stores or make them yourself:

  • Flower Torans: You can use artificial or fresh aromatic flowers for this. The advantage of using artificial flowers is that you can store and use them every year. However, fresh flowers have their own charm, but don’t last long.

  • Thread Toran: This vibrant toran is made of colourful threads and adorns the entrance door well bringing in the festive feel.

  • Bead Toran: Visually delightful, these beautiful beaded torans are available in a wide-range of combinations in traditional colours of red, yellow and orange.

  • Torans with Auspicious Motifs: Torans that come with motifs like om, swastika and betel leaves are considered auspicious.

The floral toran available on Talash is a handcrafted item and its price is ₹ 599.00.

2. Rangoli:


Rangoli is a traditional Indian art mostly created by women. Almost all homes flaunt beautiful rangoli designs, especially during the festival of lights. The rangoli is done using various materials like flowers, coloured sand, petals, turmeric and vermillion. Using diyas on the rangoli will further exude its charm. For those of you who are busy with other things and do not have time to draw a rangoli, you can use beautiful kundan rangoli designs that are easily available online.

The acrylic rangoli designs available on Amazon are studded with sequins and stones that are perfect to add a dazzling look to both indoors and outdoors on Diwali. This is in fact a beautiful substitute to the traditional rangoli. The price of this multicolour decorative rangoli is ₹ 309.00.

3. Lanterns:


It is believed that the use of a lantern or akashdeep or akash kandil originated during the ‘treta yuga’. The lantern has a wooden framework and is covered with glossy or matte paper. It is hung outside the house during Diwali. Diwali celebration is incomplete without the decorative lantern.

Various types of lanterns are available these days from metal, ceramic, fabric, to glass that will jazz up your place with their colourful look. Gear up for the festivities with this delightful Om Designed T-Light Holder available on IGP. The fancy metallic lantern emits light through the "om" symbol. The price of this metallic lamp is ₹ 505.00.

Traditional Sweets Prepared During Diwali

  • Moti Pak:

    Moti Pak is one of the favourite sweets of kids prepared during Diwali and known for its deliciousness. It is made with chickpea flour, sugar and khoya. The taste is closer to Motichoor Ladoo and this is a delicacy from Rajasthan and Gujarat.

  • Anarsa:

    This is a traditional Maharashtra sweet made of rice flour, jaggery and poppy seeds. There is a tradition on Diwali where families rise and bathe before sunrise and eat Anarsa during breakfast.

  • Karanji:

    Karanji has a crispy golden exterior with fluted edge and contains a sweet and tasty stuffing inside. This is a delicacy in many states and a must-have on Diwali.

  • Shankarpali:

    These are rhombus shaped cookies with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. It is a great sweet to snack on and made with maida and sugar as the main ingredients.
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Decorating your home for Diwali need not be done by one person alone; involve the entire family and everyone will love to spend the time together and also discover their own creativity. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you appreciate that there are numerous simple ways in which you can decorate your home on Diwali. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.