A Party without the Right Decor is Hardly a Party: 5 Home Decor Ideas for Birthdays and 10 Party Props to Buy Online (2020)

A Party without the Right Decor is Hardly a Party: 5 Home Decor Ideas for Birthdays and 10 Party Props to Buy Online (2020)

A party without decoration is no party and if its a kids party then better prepare some events and games too because kids are so much energetic then adults and they generally get bored if they do not get the right kind of mental and visual stimulation! For making your party out of the box, here we are presenting some of the home decor items which will definitely make your birthday party interesting and attractive. You can even plan many more things to make your party entertaining and engaging. Afterall Party has no limits. Here BP-Guide guide will help you select the best home decor for your party as well as some party themes too.

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Getting a Year Younger !!

There are some people who do not like to celebrate their birthdays. The reason being that it signifies them getting older and one year nearer to death. Your body too starts showing wear and tear, and you realise that you are no longer young. Though that is the reality yet there is nothing to be morose about it. We are so afraid of growing old because of the common perception that youth is the best time of life and everything after that goes downhill. Growing old and ultimate demise is a part of life. It is beyond your control but what is within your control is not allowing it to affect your living.

Each year brings new possibilities and experiences which makes your life eventful and interesting. Much like your younger years. Also, life tends to become smoother as you grow up. You are wiser and matured so you think before you leap. The recklessness that is characteristic of youth has been overcome. Moreover, we must all remember that life is an adventure and each year is like discovering something new. So celebrate each birthday with pomp.

5 Best Birthday Party Themes

Birthday parties are more than just cutting a cake while your friends surround you singing “Happy birthday”. If you want, you can make your birthday party nothing short of a carnival. The best way to make your birthday a memorable affair is by giving a theme based birthday party. Theme based parties are exciting and a lot more fun than regular ones. The décor and the activities are chosen according to the theme making the party a unique affair. Here are 5 of the best themes you can base your birthday party on:

Favourite Movie or Series Theme

This birthday party theme is the best considering the rising popularity of TV Series, Web Series and movies, in current times. While movies have always been popular, the recent space of content on television and online viewing platforms have revolutionised what is traditionally called “movie mania”.Nowadays, everybody has a favourite television series or a web series that they swear by. In such a circumstance, having a party themed on popular television and web series will definitely make that party the most happening one.

Karaoke Theme

Almost every one of us loves to listen to music and sing along to the tune of our favourite songs. And so, a karaoke themed birthday party will be enjoyed by all the attendees. Settle yourself to an evening of fun and socialising as you and your friends sing along to popular songs. You can also hold singing competitions to spice up the party. Surrounded by friends and in an atmosphere made heavy by some of the best music, there is no question of it being a boring and generic birthday party.

Treasure Hunt Theme

Treasure hunts are always exciting. When we read a book on treasure hunts and pirates or watch a movie of the likes, many times we wish to be part of such an adventure. There is a thrill in exploring the unknown, in overcoming puzzles and booby traps and subduing some of the most dangerous enemies in order to get to the coveted treasure. Since it is highly unlikely for you to find yourself in an actual treasure hunt, you can give a birthday bash based on the treasure hunt theme. You can create a treasure hunt for your friends by scattering puzzles and obstacles all across your house and let them compete to find the treasure.

Superhero Theme

Superheroes have become hugely popular in recent times thanks to a series of blockbuster movies on them. Superhero fans nowadays can be found in every circle and age group and not just among children and comic book nerds. Thus, a birthday party on the superhero theme will not only be popular but trendy as well. Besides some amazing superhero décor, you can make it a birthday cum fancy dress party where the attendees are dressed according to their favourite superheroes.

Food Festival Theme

The food festival birthday party theme brings the two best things in life under one occasion: socialising with your friends and food. You can celebrate your birthday by arranging a food festival like a party where the guests savour refreshments from stalls instead of sitting together at a table. The refreshments can be from various cuisines as is usually seen in food festivals. The party will then have the gaiety that is typical of fairgrounds and similar gatherings. Such a birthday party will have the best atmosphere and you along with your friends are bound to enjoy it.

10 Best Home Decor Items for Birthday Parties

Now that you have decided on the theme, it is time to decorate your room according to it. Birthday party décor comes in many interesting appearances. There are the traditional streamers and balloons of different colours and shapes. Cutouts, piñata, LED banners, flag buntings are more unique and appropriate for theme-based birthday parties. Birthday party décor items are myriad so that you can embellish the party room exactly the way you want it. Depending on your theme, you should be able to find these items that will fit into the vibe you are trying to create. Follow this BP Guide to get some of the best birthday party décor items:

Batman Airwalker Balloon

Planning a birthday party for your child? Give the party a superhero theme and the birthday bash will be a memorable affair for the children. The successes of superhero movies in recent times have made the heroes and sheroes of DC Comics and Marvel a popular trend. This batman airwalker balloon will be a perfect item of décor in this instance. The 36-inch sized balloon showcases the popular Dark Knight in an acrobatic pose and is guaranteed to make the party décor an instant hit. Place it at the entrance of your house and it would give the guests a trailer to what delights are to follow. This airwalker balloon comes at a price of Rs. 2,499 and available at mybirthdaysupplies.in.

Crepe Streamers

Crepe streamers are a versatile party decoration. They are colourful, bright and can be used in a variety of ways. You can twist each streamer and hang them from a preferred place or tie two pieces of streamers into a braid and hang them like banners at the top of doors. You can also tie beautiful and elaborate knots with them and stick them as wall décor. Twisting them around pillars is also an option. This is a pack that consists of 6 crepe streamer rolls. Each roll consists of 20 feet of streamer that are 1 inch in width. 3 of the rolls have white coloured streamer while the rest 3 have baby pink coloured streamers. The colours are solid and there are no patterns or prints on them. This pack of 6 rolls of streamers available on Flipkart at a price of Rs. 250.


One of the most neglected places of a party room is the refreshment tables. Few think of decorating them in a party. But it looks odd and out of place when the whole room is decorated sans the tables. Hence to make those tables fit for the party room, decorate them with these centrepieces. This centrepiece features a lively and colourful ladybug on a card. The attractive picture of the black and red ladybug is bound to heighten the mood of the guests while partaking refreshments. Each of these centrepieces comes at a price of Rs. 479 and available at mybirthdaysupplies.in.

Foil Curtain

Foil curtains are a very attractive birthday party décor.Its shimmery appearance gives off a vibe of bling and sets you in the party mood. This foil curtain in baby pink in colour and is of the size 3 feet x 9 feet. The best way to utilise such foil curtains is by hanging them in front of the windows of the room. Have a disco ball in the same room and watch the magic unfold as the multi-coloured lights bounce off the shimmery foil curtains. Each foil curtain costs Rs. 125 and available on funcart.in.

Smiley Latex Balloons

Emojis are universally recognised. Those tiny yellow circles with various comic expressions on them have expressed more emotions than words ever since multimedia texts have taken over as the major means of communication. Thus, these emoji printed latex balloons would be widely appreciated as a birthday party décor. These balloons are the staple yellow colour found on emojis and have various quirky expressions on them. The latex is natural, thick and the balloons are easily inflatable ones. Each balloon is of 12 inches in length. A pack of 25 such balloons costs Rs. 899 and available on Amazon

Flag Bunting

Flag buntings are traditional motifs of celebration and events. Since olden times, whenever there is some event happening, the decoration involves strings of flag buntings hanging overhead like a canopy. You too can use this décor for your birthday party. Each of these flag buntings consists of 8 paper flags attached to a string the f length 2 metres. Each of these flags has a fun animal face print on it. Each flag is of the size 23 cm x 28 cm. A dozen of these flag buntings would make great décor for your birthday party. You can hang them in the walls and above doors as banners or like a canopy overhead. Each string costs Rs. 125 and available on funcart.in.

LED Light Banner

LED light banners increase the appeal of the party immensely. Its soothing light instantly sets you in the party mood. This set consists of 26 LED lights shaped like each letter of the alphabet. This product is perfect when you want to set up a banner with names and words on it. The body of these lights are made with plastics and the light itself is powered by a dry battery. The wattage is in the range 0-5. The entire set comes at a price of Rs. 1,720 and available on onshopdeal.com

Rocket Pinata

A pinata is a fun attraction in a party, especially a party of kids. It’s quite an engaging game where you try to hit the pinata blindfolded. If it’s a question of a birthday party of your child then it would be a smart decision to have a pinata as part of the décor. This pinata is shaped like a space shuttle( an attractive shape for kids) and it’s body is of the length 3 feet and has a diameter of 6 inches. The wings of the space shuttle extend to 1 foot on each side. After the partaking of refreshments, the kids will have a lot of fun trying to burst the pinata for candies while being blindfolded. It costs Rs. 4,175 and available at mybirthdaysupplies.in.

Paper Fans Decor

Paper fans are popular décor all across the globe. They are artistic, aesthetic and beautiful, three characteristics of a good décor item. What more, they are eco- friendly. These set of paper fans is perfect to render a splash of colour and vibrancy to your party. This is both stylish and stunning and will give your room a sophisticated appeal. Each paper fan is attached with a cardboard strip and a string so that you can hang it from any spot you wish. The paper fans are 16 inches in width and each comes at a price of Rs. 177 and available on funcart.in.

Minion Cutouts

Cutouts are the best décor items for walls. They can turn any bland and boring wall attractive and fit for a party. These minion cutouts are best to decorate the room for the birthday party of your little one. Since minions are popular with kids, this décor will instantly engage children into the party mood. Each is of the dimensions 26 cm x 17 cm. Each of these cutouts comes at a price of Rs. 199 and available on funcart.in.

Of course, your theme is what you should match your cutouts!

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Make List of Everything

If it's a party it is always advisable to make a list of everything beforehand. From the name list of the guest to food items and events during function, you should have a note of everything. Like this only you can organise a party without missing anything. Because it's habitual that people will forget 100 good things but they will remember one missing part sop why to give them chance when you can organise everything very well just but putting a little effort in the starting by making a workflow list.

If it is a kids party, prepare a list of events separately. You have to make sure kids should be something for the kids all the time otherwise they will get bored. Organising a party is not an easy job but with a little preparation, you can make it a successful and joyful party. Happy Parting.