13 Party Favours for Every Occasion, in Every Shape and Hue! From Kiddy Birthday Parties to Weddings and Pujas (2019)

13 Party Favours for Every Occasion, in Every Shape and Hue! From Kiddy Birthday Parties to Weddings and Pujas (2019)

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When guest come with a happy face and after enjoying a perfect party what if they get something in return also? Don't you think they will be very happy and will remember your party for a long time? This time make your guest feel special and extra with our perfect party favour ideas.

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Finding the Right Party Favours for Every Party

As fun as a party or celebration may be, there is something else that becomes the root of excitement; and that is party favours. These are the goodie bags given to guests coming for a party and it could be anything ranging from some sweets to big hampers. Party favours are becoming a trend that is here to stay. It is a great token of remembrance of the fun times you and your loved ones have celebrated.

Do We Really Need Party Favours?

Well when it comes to that question, it’s just on the basis of preference. If you feel like you need them, a big YES all the way! They are a great way to pamper your guests and to thank them for their presence. Also, a great token of appreciation and memory of good times spent together. And if you feel like you don’t need them. You really do not. There is no compulsion to have party favours ready for every party, or any party at all. It does not matter in any way. If you have them, it’s great, if you do not then also it is perfectly fine.

Party Favors with a Desi Twist

Now when it comes to being in India, the parties, and family functions being held is a lot different from the traditional western functions. Hence it is very necessary that this western tradition of gifting party favours get an Indian twist to make it more people-friendly. Most of our functions are super traditional, hence some desi ghee and masala is always necessary. So, make sure, all your gifts are suitable for our people’s liking, and not blindly follow other western suggestions.

Top Party Favor Ideas

We are here to solve all your gifting woes. As per the Indian taste, and culture, we have picked the top most occasions that would require a party favour or any kind of return gift. For each occasion we have chosen, truly meaningful gifts, that are sure to tug at your guests' heart strings. Along with these wonderful suggestions, we wish you a very happy celebration, part hard and have loads of fun.

Kid's Birthday Party

Let’s start with the little kids and the light of our lives. These little bombshells in our family deserves all kind of happiness. It is their innocent giggle that brightens up and wipes away every gloom and doom. The thing with kids is that they start planning for their birthdays long before us, and keep counting the dates for their special day. And it is our duty to make things beyond special for them. It is not just the party that would make things special, their friends being gifted on their birthday would give them so much happiness, that we probably could never imagine. They would suddenly become heroes, and we all want our kids to feel like little superheroes.

So, for this year’s birthday party, make sure you gift your little angels’ little friends a goodie bag of surprise. This would make your little baby’s birthday party all the more special. The Jiada Stationery Set for Kids Birthday Party from Amazon is the perfect kids' party favour gift. It comes in multiple colours and in a set of 12. Each zipper bag contains 2 Pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 flexible ruler and 1 notebook. The size of the zipper bag is 10.5 inches x 8.5 inches. The bags are made of transparent polythene with cartoon characters imprinted on them. This bag would make the perfect little kids’ gift as they are sure to love this bag and its contents. Get your hands on this set for just Rs. 619 from Amazon, which is a great deal.

A Corporate Party

For a corporate party, it is always good to keep things professional and slightly formal. During a corporate party, do not look into giving personalised gifts, as there are people of different ages, different experiences, different sex and different positions. You must take care that the gift is indeed something that can be equally given to everyone without any discrimination. And for such a thing, we have an answer, unisex cufflinks.

The Park Avenue Metal Cufflink is a professional gift that can be used by one and all alike. It can be used as a collar button, or as pairs on the cuffs, irrespective of the gender. It has both gold and silver touch to it, that makes it a perfect accessory to be paired with any outfit with buttonholes. Each pair comes in a stylish Park Avenue signature box and is indeed ready to gift piece. The cufflinks are priced at Rs. 349 only and is available on Flipkart..

The Bachelorette Party

The celebration of the final days of spinster life and the celebrations of stepping into happiness for a lifetime come together in the form of the Bachelorette party. The days of carefree celebration with your girlfriends must be made special with goodies that are mainly for giving you and your friends utmost relaxation and pampering. In such cases, nothing beats skincare in the form of a gift.

The Kama Ayurveda Head to Toe Set from Nykaa will be your best bachelorette party favour gift. The box contains a 200 ml - Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser; that rejuvenates the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, and leaves the skin cleansed and deeply moisturised, a 200 ml - Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, made cold-pressed, to retain nutrients that act as an ideal moisturizer for both skin and hair and 200 ml - Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser that tones the scalp to prevent weakening and thickening of hair, and to promote hair growth, shine and texture. Each product of Kama Ayurveda is carefully curated to give essential nutrients to the skin and is perfect for indulgence. The entire set comes in an elegant gift box and is priced at just Rs. 715 and available on Nykaa.

The Wedding

Our weddings are indeed big and very fat. If there is one function, where Indians refuse to not splurge is the Wedding. It calls for coming together of families, and numerous relatives. Friends, neighbours and other acquaintances come over the said numerous guests, and we have always seen the bride and groom being gifted during the wedding, but presently the western trend of party favours has grown Indian. Nowadays, Indian wedding guests also continue to get party favours or gifts. It wouldn’t be possible to gift every guest, but for the close-knit, we have chosen the perfect gift.

The Rectangular dry fruit Box with oxidised finish – W4091 is a fantastic wedding party favour gift from wedtree.in. The oxidised finish gives the box an antique look, and the intricate classic designs give it an alluring finish. The lid of this box is non-detachable, and it has two compartments; one for dry fruits and one for nuts. Fill these two compartments with your favourite dry fruits and nuts, and gift this lovely box of health for your loved ones this wedding season. The box is priced at just Rs. 175.

The Pujas

Parties in the Indian context literally means family gatherings in the name of pujas and festivities. Gifting has forever been a culture of Indians. It is a way to bring together people and cherish on special occasions. Gifting during pujas is as important as the puja itself. Thus, you need to find the right favour gift for those who come for the puja. It must be strictly traditional, and culture oriented.

The Brass Haldi Kumkum Set with Lids from theoneshop.in is a great puja favour gift. It comes with a leaf design tray, with two bowls with lids. It is compact enough to be used both in a thali and individually. Made of pure brass, the Haldi Kumkum thali is 17.5 centimetres in length, and 10 centimetres wide. It weighs approximately 65 grams. This Haldi Kumkum set is perfect to be placed in a mandir for daily usage. This thali is priced at just Rs.199.

The Housewarming

House warming marks the beginning of a new life in a new home. Life would never be the same. A house warming party is held with lots of prayers and hope in heart. Thus, this auspicious function requires a gift that is auspicious, thoughtful and useful at the same time. Every home shall have a mandir or a prayer space, and the special utensils to serve the food for their favourite deity would be a great housewarming favour gift. One shall always remember your special day with blessings in their heart, every time they see this gift.

The Chrome Plated Gift Set from the oneshop.in is a stunning gift set. Made with brass, this lovely set of two bowls, two spoons and a tray are coated with silver for a mesmerizing finish. The tray is kept fairly simple, but the bowls are intricately designed making it all the more attractive and appealing to the eyes. The exotic gift set is 22 centimetres in length, and 12 centimetres wide. The set also comes in an attractive red velvet box, making it the perfect gifting choice. Each set is priced at Rs. 385 only.

The Baby Shower

Baby showers were a completely traditional affair earlier. A function, where there were simply pujas and lots of sweets. But, with more of modernisation creeping in baby showers have taken a new trend twist. They have turned into proper parties being thrown in the celebration of welcoming a new life. But for the love of Indian, the baby showers are mostly Indo Western. And thus, it is our suggestion that the gifts must also be the same and especially woman-oriented.

The Clutch Purse with embroidery – W4172, from wedtree.in is the perfect baby shower gift. Available in a variety of colours, this beautiful clutch is completely handcrafted and has gorgeous golden embroidery all over with sequin work. This clutch is cleek and stylish; and can be paired with both Indian and western outfits. The greatest attraction is that the material used is pure silk. This ravishing piece is available at a very affordable rate of just Rs. 95/-.

Anniversary Party

An anniversary could be of anything, wedding, engagement, success or even the launching of a business. But what anniversary party holds, is the remembrance of one of the greatest days of your life, and a celebration of many more years to come. Thus, anniversary parties always have a sense of deep love and dedication. For such a lovely occasion, the party favour gift to your loved ones, for being a part of your happiness shall be truly special.

The 3 Lucky Bamboo Stalks Gift plant from nurserylive.com is an immensely thoughtful return gift. The three stalked bamboo plant symbolises Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth) and soh (long life), and gifting this plant symbolises wishing your dear ones the same. A bamboo plant is a combination of the five essential elements of Feng Shui. It enhances good energy and is believed to bring luck and prosperity. Also, this gift is eco-friendly. The gift pack contains three lucky bamboo stalks, a glass vase and 250 grams of pebbles. This lovely gift is priced at just Rs. 278.

Slumber Party

Like all the parties happening in the western world, slumber parties have also paved its way to India. And the more parties and fun, the happier we get. Why avoid a reason to celebrate and have a little fun? Slumber parties are probably the most chilled out versions of all the parties. You sit around in your pyjamas, talk about life and dumb things, have good food and simply lounge. But there should be some perks for coming over to the party right. That is where party favours come into play.

The Pure Source India Micro 100 Tools Hanging Ceramic Set with 10ml Lavender Aroma Oil and 4 Tea Lights in blue colour from Amazon is the perfect slumber party gift. It is of great quality; a great air freshener and the aroma burner is completely natural. The aroma stand is rustproof with antique finish and black powder coating. It is the perfect slumber party gift. It is priced at Rs. 319 only.

The Happiness Party

As we have said earlier, celebrations and parties never need a reason. For the parties held for just the sake of simple relaxation and relief from the monotonous routine, are much needed. The lovely people who come to join us during these times too deserve a gift. A sweet gift for their sweet gestures of love.

The 12 Assorted Chocolates from fnp.com is a great party favour gift. It comes in an elegant box with a leather finish, ready to be gifted. The chocolates are hand made for a maximum rich feel and creamy texture. The chocolate comes in flavours like Hazelnut, Orange and Mocha Praline, French Biscuit, Roasted Almond and finally Fruit and Nut. The pack contains a total of 160 grams of chocolate. This is a gift that is simple, elegant and yummy. Each box is priced at Rs. 549.

Premium Gifts to Give as Return Gifts

Well, when it comes to gifting, even when they are party favours, you would be ready to splurge for your loved ones. On such occasions, the price tag per gift, can get a little higher. Here we are giving you three options, of premium gifts, if you need to splurge for your loved ones, these gifts are perfect.

Ornamental Kumkum Haldi Holder

Ornamental Haldi Kumkum box JD017 from pilgrimaide.com is a great premium gift option. It is intricately designed, and studded with red and green Kundan stones, resembling rubies and sapphires. It is a perfect gift for traditional parties, or functions. The Haldi Kumkum holder with thali is priced at Rs. 2,949.

Gold Coin

Gold coins are a great gift, to be given when it doubts. They are investment pieces for both sides and are considered immensely auspicious. The 916 Purity 1 Gram Rose Gold Coin MGRS916P1G from malabargoldanddiamonds.com is a perfect choice. It has a gorgeous rose imprint, a BIS hallmark, and is priced at Rs. 4,009.

Stylish Unisex Cuff

Unisex cuffs are a stylish and foolproof gift for informal occasions or with youngsters. They are extremely stylish, and when it comes from a leading brand, it has all the more attractiveness to it. The Classic Bracelet from danielwellington.com is a perfect gift cuff. It is priced at Rs. 3,899.

How to Choose the Perfect Party Favour

Here we give you the tips to make this somewhat alien tradition our own. Our suggestions and tips are for sure to help you make the best of your time and money. This will make your party favour shopping much easier and fun. Stay tuned!


First and foremost, you need to fix a budget. The party or function itself is going to take up a lot from your pocket, and you should definitely keep in mind that the party favours come as an added expenditure. Just as we have discussed earlier, only go for party favours if they are comfortable on your pocket. And stick to the budget. As an added advice, only go in for the purchase of party favours, once all the preparations for your party is done, and a little amount is kept aside for emergencies like a last minute order for more food and drinks or anything along these lines.

Selection and Numbers

Next, come the selection and numbers for gifting party favours. This would seem a bit nasty, a selection for getting gifts? But let’s be real, Indian celebrations are HUGE! And gifting each and every one of them is not quite practical unless you are a multi-millionaire ready to splurge. Thus, in case of big functions, if you feel it's needed to make a list of close ones whom you would like to gift., or else if it is a close-knit affair already, you can get similar gifts for all. But having a number and selection can bring lots of ease to your pocket and make things fuss-free.


Even if you do not give a party return favour it is completely okay, but it is not okay if your gift is of low quality. A low-quality gift can dampen the feel of the entire celebration and make giving party favours redundant. Hence it is necessary to not compromise on the quality of the products, even though it is going to be a bulk purchase. Make sure each product is individually checked before packaging. And if you are purchasing different products for every person, make sure each gift is of high or similar quality, and of nearly equal pricing.

Shop from Trusted Websites

When it comes to purchasing party favours, online shopping shall become your saviour. You are sure to find much more variety for very reasonable prices online, that you may not see when shopping from stores. But it is also necessary to shop from trusted websites, that have been running for a long time or have very good user reviews. This would ensure that you get quality products and immediate customer service in case of damaged products.

Moreover, such sites are sure to have ongoing offers most of the time and seasonal updates of great products. These are some big reasons why online shopping websites are the best choice when it comes to bulk purchases.

Occassion and Personalisation

Before you jump in to buy some random things as gifts for your guests, let us tell you something. It is very important that your gift as per the occasion, and not just any random thing. Gifting for the occasion, not only makes the gift more meaningful but will also serve as a reminder of the beautiful celebration and moments you enjoyed together. Also, it is equally important to personalise your gift. A small handwritten note, or a small card saying ‘with love, you name’ would make so much of difference, than just giving a random thing, gift wrapped.

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Keep a room for surprises

We know they know about the party. Don't make it too obvious. Organise games, make them find their gifts. Let the best part for the end and keep the guest entertained. Don't make your surprises too cliche as the turned off lights trick. Go crazy do your own thing. It's your responsibility to make your party memorable according to context.