Buy Return Gift for Boys	Online Plus Ideas for Presentation and Gift Bags for Kids (2018)

Buy Return Gift for Boys Online Plus Ideas for Presentation and Gift Bags for Kids (2018)

Finding good quality return gift for a kids party that are also unique and fun to play with but don't leave a dent in the wallet seems like a tall ask. But BP Guide India did all the footwork for you and found loads of toys, games and curious that fit the bill. Read on to find ideas for return gifts for boys, how to shop for them and present them, along with lots of little nuggets of advice.

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History, Significance and Reasons Behind Giving Return Gifts

When you are celebrating a happy moment like a birthday, return gifts are a great way to show you appreciate the presence of your guests and happy about sharing your big occasion with them. When the guests get the return gift from you they get the happy feeling just like what you feel when you get a gift yourself.

The tradition of giving memorable return gift has been handed down a long way over the years, it is a gesture that can be traced back centuries, and it’s not just rage of today’s generation. In ancient Hindu tradition, the amounts or lucky numbers 1116, or 558 as 16 is symbolic as the 16 Sanskaras. These signify blessings and mark the beginning of maintaining a sound relationship. In early European time, the practice of giving return gifts was mainly done by the aristocratic, wealthy or royal families. The gifts like gem, gold, porcelain or crystal were among the precious stones of those ages.

They were meaningful gifts with much cultural significance. They used to make both the guests and the host feel joy and appreciation in sharing the core values and good luck wishes on the special occasion. Birthdays are an excellent turning point to celebrate the fantastic period of life. Return gift serves as a memento of your birthday party making the selection of the appropriate return gift an essential task, especially if you are giving them to boys.

Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing Return Gifts for Boys

Return gifts for kids should be unique and memorable. It is a gesture that shows your love and appreciation for the kids who came and spent a wonderful time with you on your special day. While choosing a return gift for boys you must consider the following points:

The Gift Must Be Attractive and Age Specific

Return gifts can be various types – you can buy in bulk, or you can make a customised a customised choice. The theory is nothing can beat like making separate tailored decisions for the boys. A little toddler will enjoy playing with stacking toys, a young teen will like the superheroes and Lego or something like science experiment books. Giving a gift which is age specific shows your concern and maturity towards the person. The gift automatically becomes attractive if you choose them according to the age of the boys.

The Gift Must Be of Good Quality and Long Lasting

Consider the fact that young boys will not always like to play gently and they will throw it or make a mess. So it is a wise decision to get something durable which is made of a suitable quality material, and that will last for a longer time.

The Gift Must Add Some Value to the Boy's Daily Life

If you have a tight budget, make sure the gift has some meaningfulness and add value for the boy. Choose gives which will add value to their life or have some usefulness. We buy gifts or toys for the boys so that they can enjoy and learn. The things like stationery items, books that are age appropriate and informative, crafts that can create something new, or blocks that give them a way to get creative and build things.

The Gift Must Be Safe to Use

Most plastic toys are made from petroleum, hence they contain BPA. If you want to stay under budget, you may need to search a lot about that but spending a little more can give you various options for organic or BPA free plastic materials or natural wood or rubber. A small but easy to use return gift is the best choice, try not to add clutter but gift something meaningful instead. Things like lunch boxes and water sippers are very popular as return gifts, but give these only after checking they are safe for daily use by a child.

10 Unique Return Gifts for Boys

For kids, gifts can be the most exciting part of attending a party and boys love getting something special during the occasion, as going back home with a surprise gift is always thrilling. To help you with the task, we have jotted down a few great ideas of return gifts for boys which might help you during your hunt.

Marvel Avengers Keychains


Our first pick is the Smart Buy Kid's DC Comics Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars Superheroes Keychain Set. This set of 6 superhero keychains attractive Marvel superhero models measuring 10 mm high. The pack includes Iron Man, Superman, Batman, etc. These collectible keychains are the best return gift for boys, even small ones who can hang them on their backpacks if they aren't old enough to have keys. The price on Amazon is Rs.1,699 for 6 keychains and you can give one to each child at your party.

Classic Lego Set


This pack of Lego is an excellent idea for any age of boys (not for the infants), and it contains 78 pieces in vibrant shades of fun, bright blue colours, which most boys love. It features a mixture of classic Lego bricks and unique elements. It is also a great starter kit for the budding Lego builders. This original box makes the creativity and imagination of the child stronger and adds great value in their motor skill development. It includes three levels of building complexity. The price of Lego Classic Blue Creativity Building Blocks for Kids (78 pcs) is Rs.399 on

Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers


Twinkling stars appeal to all children, and a starry ceiling lit by glow in the dark stickers will get any little boy excited. This set of green fluorescent night glow in the dark wall stickers has 134 stars, big and small, one moon, one rocket, one spaceship, one shuttle, all of which glow in the dark. This is a dream gift for any boy in his room, and he will be happy to stare at the galaxy as he drifts off to sleep at night. Wall1Ders Green Color Fluorescent Night Glow in the Dark Star Wall Sticker is priced at Rs.349 on Amazon.

Toy Racing Car Set


Allmart Enterprise Die-Cast Metal Racing Car Toy for Kids is a set of cars are made out of good quality metal, and they are ideal for the boys above 3 years of age. They are high quality toys and look very much like real race cars which will fire any little boy's imagination and give him hours of fun play time. These come as a pack of 4 cars in a set with attractive designs, so you can either give one pack to each boy, or split it up and divide them for more kids. The product is priced at Rs.299 on Amazon.

Spiderman Projector Watch


This Spider Man Projector Watch by Jiada is a digital watch which tells your kid about not only the time but also has a nifty little projector inside. It projects clear and crisp pictures of Spiderman on a flat surface. This watch comes in attractive red and blue colour and teaches your kid the value of time. It is suitable for small kids above three years of age. It is a sturdy watch made of durable plastic, ideal for use by little boys. The price is Rs.120 plus shipping on Amazon.

Laser Spinning Top with LED


The laser effect of this toy will amuse the boys and make them happy, hence it is best played in darkened rooms. The Laser Spinning Top with LED Light and Laser has a cool laser effect with accompanying music and is gyro activated, which means that the lights start just when the top begins spinning. It comes with ten pre-installed batteries, and they can be easily replaced if one dies out. It is one of the best return gifts and comes in different colours. The price is Rs.210 on Amazon and it has free delivery.

Travel Ludo


This Funskool Travel Ludo is a great travel game and a good return gift item which comes in a complete handy travel case. This is a plastic board with pegs that fit into the holes on each square as the player moves around the board so the pieces stay secure while travelling. This is a classic game appropriate for the age of five and above. The price for this game is Rs.149 and with free shipping. Buy it from

Educational Game Cards for Kids


The Shifu Ride Vehicle and Automobile AR Educational Game Cards is an interactive game for children from the minimum age of two, and it is an impressive game for boys as they love vehicles and cars. It ensures fun and learning at the same time, and it also works with android and iOS devices. It uniquely combines physical play and mobile devices. It brings a real-life experience of vehicles such as means of transport, the purpose of each vehicle, how they move and sounds. It helps to progress in imagination, self-learning and creativity. It enhances the motor skill development, vocabulary through learning correct pronunciation and spelling through this fun game. The price for this game is INR 299 with free shipping. Buy it from Amazon.

Water Ring Games


We have all played with these water games as kids, and they are very fascinating for small children - looping small rings in a game swirling with water. This Infinxt Water Ring Kids Game is an engaging fun toy for boys which improves hand-eye coordination while enjoying the game. The package includes six games in random colours. Moreover, it is an excellent travel friendly product that will keep kids engaged for hours. The price is Rs.399 with free shipping from Amazon.

Plant as a Gift


This is one of the most amazing thing you can keep in mind while buying return gifts. The bright yellow and happy mug with a money plant in it will as a gift will encourage boys to maintain their own plant by themselves. This plant needs very minimal maintenance and it is a sign of prosperity and good luck. Money plant is also an air purifying indoor plant which produce lot of oxygen around the home. The price for this plant with the durable high quality mug is Rs.299 on Amazon.

Unique Ideas to Wrap and Present Return Gifts to Kids

Small Potli Bags


These gorgeous and glamorous Brown leaf Small Potli Bags are ideal for any party return gift. It looks elegant and can comfortably hold small gifts. This bags comes in multi-colour, and the price is Rs.250 for 30 bags. Buy it from Amazon.

LED Balloon Bags


Nothing says party better than balloons and giving return gifts to boys with an LED balloon attached to it will create an unforgettable memory for him. Kids just love balloons and they will love it more if you tie an LED balloon with their bags of return gift. It looks different and spreads happiness. Buy this pack of Jajorias LED Balloons, a set of 25 balloons in assorted colours. They are affordable too, priced at only Rs.350 with free delivery from Amazon.

DIY Newspaper Return Gift Bag

This simple DIY bag will add a great value to your return gift. Try to find a super colourful paper or cloth which will fit with the boys' taste and make your own goodie bag for the party. Buy a 118 ml bottle of Modge Podge for Rs.425 from Amazon.

What you need:
  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Jute thread
  • Cello tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Coloured paper

How to make:
  • Fold one full piece of newspapers into 1/2 inch strips
  • Keep few strips of papers side by side and take one by one, and weave them with alternate strips of paper
  • After weaving the middle portion, fold one strip of paper like a box and put glue to attach four side. Keep aside three of them.
  • Weave the stripes of papers with them to make a box.
  • Take coloured papers and cut in four pieces.
  • Attach with glue or mod podge in the side of the paper box.
  • Take two jute ropes and attach with cellotape inside the box on two sides.
  • Put a coloured paper at the bottom of the box with glue.
  • Your DIY return gift bag is ready.

Return Gifts Help Create a Wonderful Relationship

Return gifts create a bonding of love and affection, and it is impossible to arrange a party without a return gift to send kids home with. While choosing return gift for boys make sure to keep the colour coordination, gift item and the theme aligned to the boys' taste and age. Enjoy your party with some happy faces for the gesture of your return gifts.

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A little competition is fine as long as it doesn't hurt you in the long run

Let's admit it. A lot of the time parents are out looking for unique toys and games to give as return gifts not just with the kids in mind, but to do better than the previous parties they attended. Wanting a one-up is human nature and a little healthy competition is fine, but only so long as it doesn't hurt your finances, give you sleepless nights, or at least some extra stress. You know you've taken a wrong turn when you're no longer thinking about whether the kids will enjoy it and are more concerned about what the parents will think of it.