10 Fun and Super Cool Sunglasses to Give Guests as Party Favours in 2019. No Matter What Your Party's Theme, Find Unique Party Favour Sunglasses to Match it!

10 Fun and Super Cool Sunglasses to Give Guests as Party Favours in 2019. No Matter What Your Party's Theme, Find Unique Party Favour Sunglasses to Match it!

Are you planning to throw the best party ever? Give your party the final touch with these party favours sunglasses. With hundreds of options available in the market, deciding on the perfect party elements may become quite a confusing task. Worry not as we're here to make your work much more comfortable as we present to you the guide to select the right party sunglasses with our top picks which you can go for right away! Read on to find out more.

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Party Favors Are What Make Your Party Complete!

Party Favors, commonly known as return gifts, are an essential part of any party. It's something your guests, especially kids look up to and are eagerly waiting for as they add a fun element to your party and of course, are a thoughtful gesture to showcase gratitude towards your guests.

This is actually how the concept of party favours came into being - away for the hosts to thank their guests for their presence at their celebration - for choosing to celebrate with them, no matter what the occasion is.

There are so many kinds of party favours available out there that it almost becomes a hassle as to what to choose and what to discard! If you look for the right type of party favour, they also can be a fun element for your guests, something that can allow the guests to interact with each other and have a great time together!

One such party favour that can be added to any party no matter what the theme or occasion, are sunglasses. They are quirky, a great prop for clicking pictures, and a great starter to get the fun started.

Which is why this article is all about the different kinds of sunglasses which can be great party favours. We’ve got a lot in our bucket for you, including ten fun sunglasses ideas for various parties and a simple idea to take your party favour element to a whole new level.

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Your Guide for Finding the Right Sunglasses as Party Favors

When it comes to items like party favours, you might want to keep certain things in mind, which would help you with the overall planning, execution, and savings. This is because party favours are something that you need to buy for all your guests and depend on certain things.

Here are some tips to consider before buying sunglasses for your party.

Keep the Theme of Your Party in Mind

Every party has an occasion, and nowadays parties also revolve around a theme. Sometimes, the theme is entirely dependent on the event, like in cases of Halloween or Christmas, where some aspects like decor or food already have a direction.

In other cases, you might choose a specific theme for a party, like a colour themed birthday party, or a cartoon character themed party. It is also possible to throw a party that has a free-flowing nature than having a specific theme around which it revolves.

So, when looking for party favours sunglasses, make sure you look for something that is in sync with the theme of your party as well as with the occasion for which the party is being hosted.

If your party favours are not complementing the overall feel of the party, then not only would it feel out of place, but also showcase a lack of planning on your part as the party host.

Shop in Bulk

There are so many elements in a party that organising one can be an expensive affair. One part where you can think smart and cut down the costs for your party is with party favours.

When you’re looking for sunglasses online, you will find the price quoted for a single piece. However, many sellers and distributors offer a different price quotation when you buy in bulk since it helps them cover their margin as well.

So, when buying party favours sunglasses, get quotations from different sellers, compare the quality and pricing, and then go for the one who offers you the best deal.

Quick Tip: Before you place a bulk order, make sure you count the number of guests, and always buy some extras in case there are any last-minute confirmations.

Have a Detailed Budget

This is an essential part of your party planning - setting out the party budget. You do not want to spend erroneously and realise later that you went over, giving you financial stress and troubles.

So, always set up your budgets, especially the upper limits, and decide on a limit for the different elements for your party. When allocating the budget, keep some for last-minute or unpredicted expenses, so that even in that situation, you would know you kept some account.

Even though it seems like a trivial task, but it saves you from a great deal of stress and last-minute troubles, so make sure you find some time and set the right budget for your party.

10 Awesome Party Favours Sunglasses

Source amazon.com

Now that you know all about the significance of party favours and how to start with the planning for your party, we’ve listed down 10 unique and quirky party favours sunglasses which you can add to your party.

Some of them are suited for a specific occasion; others are very neutral, which can be added to any party. We’ve also picked out some cute ones for the kids.

Disco Balls Sunglasses

Are you planning to host a retro-themed party? Go for these quirky blue sunglasses as party favours to add that fun element to your party. Your guests, both adults and kids, would love these and enjoy the hanging disco balls while they dance to the music or otherwise.

It is most suited for a night party or a get-together, adding that simple yet quirky element of fun and bling. You can get these from madcapspartyshop.com for Rs. 199 apiece.

'Cool' Goggles

These cool goggles would make any party fun, and you would automatically have your guests enjoying while they complement each other on the fun sunglasses while clicking all the fun pictures.

They can go with any kind of party, irrespective of the theme or occasion. You can give these sunglasses to your guests, whether it is a themed birthday party, a Christmas party or a weekend party.

They would go with any costume, adding that element of party jazz and you can get it for Rs. 300 from prettyyourparty.com.

Black Xxysm Kaleidoscope Glasses

Source amazon.in

Planning on hosting an uber-cool rave party for all your hippie friends? Well, take that party to another level with these kaleidoscope glasses, which would be an out of the box option which everyone would love!

If the theme of your party is neon, these glasses will elevate the overall feel even more. These glasses are quirky, would suit all attires and costumes and you will see your guests rocking these glasses while they take their fantastic party pictures!

These are available to buy on amazon.in for Rs. 789.

Hawaiian Shades

Source wannaparty.in

These Hawaiian shades by wannaparty.in are perfect for a pool or a beach party. Whether you’re hosting a pool party to beat the scorching heat, or celebrating your friend’s bachelor party in Goa, these shades would be a perfect addition to your party.

We picked two such shades with similar designs - a white one with a martini on one side and lemon tree on the other, which would suit a party hosting adults and the black ones with coconut trees with glitter on either side, suiting a party for both adults and kids.

Source wannaparty.in

Your guests would love these shades, and you should add them to your party. The white shades can be bought for Rs. 188 and the black shades for Rs. 250.

Fireball Glasses

Source snapdeal.com

These Fireball Glasses are a great pick as party favours sunglasses since they are neutral and would be suitable for any party - birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

The kids would enjoy such quirky designing, and the adults could also indulge in a fun photo session with these glasses.

They are originally priced at Rs. 1,506 for a pack of three but are presently available for Rs. 1,033 on snapdeal.com.

Neon LED Glasses

Source amazon.in

This is one of our favourites - a unique design with a super fun element - LED glasses glowing in the dark, giving your party that edgy vibe. It is perfect for a late-night party where you could hand out these glasses to each of your guests.

It comes in blue and pink colour, with neon lights creating a whole new level of visual effect. Moreover, these glasses can be a great takeaway gift which can even be used by your guests later for other parties - be it in a nightclub, or for a concert. They are priced at Rs. 1,199 apiece on amazon.in.

5. Cheers Party Goggles

Source itsybitsy.in

Parties are all about celebrations, and one way to celebrate in an adult party is through drinks and the very popular and common act of ‘cheers’. And that's why we picked these Cheers Glasses which would suit any party and any occasion as long as there is a celebration!

It would also add a fun and laughter element to your party with its unique design where both side eyeglass is made in the shape of a beer bottle!

Buy these for your party, click some pictures and get your party started. They are also very affordable and are priced at Rs. 49 only. You can get these from itsybitsy.in.

6. Pumpkin Orange Glasses

Source snapdeal.com

These pumpkin orange glasses are perfect for a Halloween party, completing that spooky look of your party. No matter if your guests come in the right costumes or not, these glasses would give your party the right vibe as they would complement any outfit or attire!

It is ideal for anyone of the age of 10 years or above, and you can these from snapdeal.com for Rs. 442.

Black Big Party Eye Glasses

The trend of hashtags needs no explanation in today’s social media world! So why not add this trend to your party and make your party into a hashtag.

These "#Party" glasses are an excellent way for your guests to indulge in some picture taking sessions and post it with the relevant hashtags, creating a space for your guests to enjoy themselves!

Available in black with glitters sprinkled all over, these glasses have a unique look, and you can get yours for Rs. 249 from mypartyshoponline.com.

Red Mickey Shutter Eye Glasses

Every child has heard of and speaks of the Mickey Mouse with love, which is why these Red Mickey Shutter Eyeglasses would be a perfect party favour for a children's party.

It has a red outline in the shape of Mickey Mouse with black reflective glasses on the inside. They come in a single size and also have a fun and quirky look.

The children would love to get this and would happily take this home as a return gift - a gift they would enjoy and flaunt! You can get these for Rs. 199 from mypartyshoponline.com.

Bonus Idea: Get Your Party Sunglasses Personalised!

Source etsy.com

Even though there are a lot of quirky sunglasses options, but if you’re a party freak and want to try new things out, making sure your party is like no other, go for personalised sunglasses!

You can get them personalised depending upon the theme of your party and the occasion. These birthday sunglasses from Etsy is one quirky idea where you can get them customised as per the person's age, and add your quotes too.

Etsy also offers other personalised sunglasses with different designs, and you can go for the one which suits your occasion the best. You can choose among different shades, designs, printing and also decide whether you want the custom text on one side or both sides.

It is a perfect way to elevate your party, and it is a great element, especially for a rare occasion, like let’s say someone’s 50th birthday party or a bachelor/bachelorette party.

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Synchronise Party Favors with the Party Theme As Much As You Can!

If you're someone who likes to keep everything on track and perfect, keep in mind to syncronise your party favors with the theme of the party! Avoid using pumpkin sunglasses for a birthday party or your mickey mouse glasses for a party for adults. Keeping everything in line only adds more fun to your party, making you the best host ever!