Tired of Goodie Bags Filled with the Same Cheap Plastic Toys and Candy? 10 Party Favour Mugs That are the Perfect Finishing Touch to an Amazing Event!

Tired of Goodie Bags Filled with the Same Cheap Plastic Toys and Candy? 10 Party Favour Mugs That are the Perfect Finishing Touch to an Amazing Event!

If you're looking for fun and unique party favours, you're in the right place! Mugs make excellent return gifts, whether for fun parties or more serious events. Wrap them up in a creative way or pop an additional treat inside, they can be presented in so many ways! Here we've brought together some of the cutest and most wonderful looking party favours mugs that can be adapted to numerous themes.

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How to Pick Party Favor Mugs

You Can Match Them with the Theme

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There is simply no limit over the kind of party favour mugs available out there in the market and on online shopping websites. In making it easier for you to pick out the best gifts for your guests, you can try and pick the mugs according to the theme of the party. Most often seen in kids’ birthday party there is a huge variety of themes available if you want a party favour mugs for them. Some of the most common themes are princess, unicorn, cartoons etc.

Pick Different Options for Adults and Kids

Be extra careful while picking mugs for kids - look for good quality products and designs. You should also preferably stay away from ceramic mugs and buy BPA free high quality plastic mugs. In regards to adult mugs, you can literally choose any sort of mug and you are good to go. Look for interesting designs and messages as well as patterns while picking for adults.

Always Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk always help as you have the option to save some money and gives you the opportunity to negotiate extras like gift-wrapping or delivery. So make a good estimate of how many mugs you will need to give away plus a few as a buffer and use this number while finalizing your option.

Party Favour Mugs for Every Occasion

Soccer Pilsner Mug

A soccer Pilsner Mug is like the coolest thing ever as one of the party favours for adults. We can bet that there would be absolutely no one who would not like this uber cool beer mug. In fact, not beer but you can use it for anything you want.

You can use it while watching football and you would be supporting your team. It is made out of thick and high-quality glass which is not going to break easily.

The single mug has the capacity of 460ml and this makes perfect return gift or even gift for someone who is an avid fan of beer as well as football. Talking about the design then it is a simple mug with football shape etched on its edge which looks cool. If you will buy more pieces then you would have to pay a lesser amount too. You can order it online on bigsmall.in for Rs. 299 for 1 piece.

Cricket Themed Coffee Mug

The next one in this list is a cricket-themed coffee mug which is definitely would be loved by all your friends. We are not generalizing but cricket is no less than a religion in India and this is why we thought of picking a mug of this theme as a party favour.

Even if your friends are more interested in football or other sports, the mug is still a wonderful option for a sports enthusiast person.

This is a white ceramic coffee mug with a capacity of 350ml and standard sizing. The mug has got doodles done all over it which belongs to the theme of cricket. This super cool mug is available for purchase on chumbak.com for Rs. 295.

Unique Mason Jar Glass Mugs

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If you are looking for unique party favour mugs then you are going to love this pack of mason jar glass mugs set. If you are quite into aesthetics and unique additions to the kitchen then these mugs are the things you should go for. Not only that they are perfect as party favour but great for your use too.

The best thing about these mugs is that they are microwave and fridge safe too. You can use them to serve any sort of beverages like juice, shakes, tea or any other hot or cold beverage.

They look fancy and trendy and despite being small in size, they are great in looks. Here in this pack, you get a set of 2 of such mason jar mugs which comes with colourful lids and straws too. Buy this pack on amazon.in for Rs. 399.

Peppa Pig Coffee Mug for Kids

If you have kids of your own then you would totally know the fact that how much they love the character of Peppa the Pig. Just like any other cartoon character, this is so much adorable and hence a mug with Peppa the Pig theme is perfect to give out as a party favour option.

You can pick it undoubtedly for your kid’s birthday party. It is made out of 100% food-grade melamine which is sturdy and long-lasting and also totally safe for your kids too.

It comes with this unique handle and has a capacity of 320ml. This coffee mug is perfect for all sort of hot and cold beverage and the kids are going to love the blue colour and Peppa pictures all over it. You can buy this Peppa themed mug on firstcry.com for Rs. 101 only.

Magic Mug with Logo Printing

If you are looking for personalized mugs then we would recommend you to not opt for simple personalized mugs but for magic mugs. These mugs are just like the usual ones and also made out of ceramic too.

However, instead of being available in the usual white colour, they are available in black colours instead.
They look quite usual at first look but the magic is actually in the beverage poured inside the mug. When you pour a certain hot beverage into the mug, the photo starts appearing on the mug.

Now, when it comes to personalization, you can get any type of picture or text personalized on it according to your desire. You can buy this mug in bulk too with lower price. Moreover, these magic mugs are available for purchase on printland.in for Rs. 299 per piece.

3D Embossed Boys Themed Mugs for Kids

Here is another option of the mugs which we exclusively picked for kids only. To be more particular, these are for the young boys and the theme of the mugs is something which will be very much loved by them for sure.

These are 3D Embossed boys themed mugs which are made with BPA free plastic. This plastic is of food-grade quality and hence consuming anything in the mugs is safe for the kids.

Despite being made out of plastic, these mugs are unbreakable because of the superior quality. There are four designs available and you are going to receive the mug randomly. Each mug has the capacity of 220ml and has a very appealing design and vibrant colours. These sturdy mugs are simply perfect to give out as a party favour in kid’s birthday party. You can buy it on returngiftwala.com for Rs. 109.

Avenger Coffee Mugs

Talking about the adults' parties again, then avengers are one theme which unites them all. These characters are something which is loved by everyone including kids too. So, giving out avengers themed mugs as a party favour would be great for not only adults but kids’ birthday parties too.

Well, this one is not just another Avenger themed mug as you get the option to get it personalized too which is pretty cool. What you can do is check with the people who are coming to the party and then get their names printed on each one of the mugs. Not only they are going to love the theme of the mug but will also love the personalization done too. The mug has a capacity of 325 ml and made out of food-grade material. You can buy this on funcart.in for Rs. 299.

LED Flashing Colour Changing Mug

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Talking about more interesting party favour mugs then you can pick this LED flashing colour changing mug. It is up to your choice whether you want it for a kid’s party or an adult’s party. What we think is that it would be appropriate for both the occasions because of being so fun and unique.

To be true, this mug is so cool and the colourful lights make it even more amazing. The mug changes 7 colours rapidly which looks intriguing especially in dim lighting.

The battery used for this mug is quite long-lasting and even when it gets drained, you can change it on your own easily. This mug is made out of the sturdy glass with pretty engraving done on it. You can buy one piece of this mug on giftoo.in for Rs. 119.

Be Happy Smiley Plastic Mug

One of the cutest addition to this list of return gift mugs is this smiley plastic mug. You can pick it for both kids as well as adults parties. This one is a bright yellow coloured mug with a capacity of 330ml and it is completely microwave and refrigerator safe too.

This is called Be Happy Mug because of the same quote written on it along with a super cute smiley. The mug is completely yellow inside out including handle too.

The plastic of the mug is sturdy and completely food safe too. The mug has a glossy finish and every one especially kids is going to love it for sure. The mug can withstand both hot as well as a cold beverage but not too much because the chances of plastic getting deteriorated are high. You can buy this Be Happy mug on flipkart.com for Rs. 115.

Doodle Ceramic Mug

We truly believe that the best things must be saved for the last and this is why we are picking out one of the best party favour mugs as this last option. This is an otherwise simple white ceramic mug but what catches people’s attention towards it is the really cute doodle made on it.

This coffee mug looks uber-cute because of the coffee doodles on it which are the Mantra of Life of every single coffee lover out there.

The green inside of this mug further increases its aesthetics. This cup can contain 350ml of beverage which is good enough. Buy this cute doodle mug on snapdeal.com for Rs. 198.

Other Interesting Ideas for Party Favours

Apart from the interesting and unique party favour mugs ideas mentioned above, there are some interesting things you can consider as a party favour too. We have looked out and found out some options where some are relevant to mugs while some are completely different. Anyway, all of them are suitable as the party favour for adult birthday parties and they are super useful.

Martini Glasses

Martini Glasses or Cocktail glasses are something which can be considered as a return gift for an adult birthday party. We think that a set of 2 or 3 glasses will be good enough for this purpose and would fit into your budget too. Apart from the beer mugs, these glasses also make perfect return gift for adults and thankfully you get a lot of options too.

Travel Mug

A travel-friendly mug is way better than buying a conventional mug. Not only that it can be used at home as well as while travelling but they are super amazing too. Travel-friendly mugs are excellent at keeping the temperature of the beverage right enough for a long time. And the best part is that they are leakage proof and great in looks too.

Personalized Playing Cards

Did you even know that you can get the playing cards personalized? If you think that none of your friends are going to like party favour mugs then you can consider playing cards instead. Almost all of the adults love playing with these cards in their leisure time and would love to get one as a return gift. Personalizing them would imprint the occasion of your birthday on them and hence it will become quite a memorable affair for you as well as your friends.

Ear Phones

Another really important thing for an adult’s survival these days would be earphones. You can easily get one in a super affordable price and it won’t even ruin your budget too. Earphones are an essential part of every adult’s life who love music or love watching movies. Giving one such thing as a party favour can turn out to be such a thoughtful idea.

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