Usher In New Beginnings With A Bang: 10 Gifts For Boyfriend On New Year That He'll Actually Love To Get

Usher In New Beginnings With A Bang: 10 Gifts For Boyfriend On New Year That He'll Actually Love To Get

A new year is coming and brings with it new hopes new expectations, new goals. Make the day a little bit more special by gifting your bae something thoughtful and sweet. BP Guide India has not only curated cool gifting ideas but also 3 special ways you can spend New Years without going out to loud parties or boring events, that'll instead bring you closer as a couple.

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve With A Difference!

If you have been dating for a long time then planning a New Year’s Eve is not a new thing for you. You might have already tried the popular ideas yourself over these years and are looking for new ways to make it special. If this sounds like you then read along as we have got some awesome ideas that you can use to make this New Year’s Eve special for you and your boyfriend. These simple yet effective ideas will make him feel loved and appreciated all at once.

Stay At Home

Celebrating the New Year with your spouse is indeed special and you would want to make the most of it. Planning a New Year’s Eve can be fun and there are a lot of things that you can do. However, deep down, all that you want is to be together with each other irrespective of how you spend the day. Instead of throwing surprising gestures and spending extravagantly, you can keep it simple and enjoy the day by staying at home. Kicking off the new year together brings you both closer and you can do so by planning a fun day at home.

Cook Something For Him

Make New Year special by cooking something amazing for your guy. Apart from all the awesome dishes you get in the restaurant, a home cooked meal stays unique. The fact that you have taken out time to cook him his favorite dish will melt his heart. You could find out about what he likes the most and then cook the same with the help of recipes off the internet. Even better? Add some fun to your special dinner by bringing in champagne bottles for the two of you. Plan this for him and you will be amazed to see his wonderful reaction.

Surprise Him With A Gift

Want to make this New Year’s Eve special? Plan a surprise for your boyfriend. It could be anything from a day out to an adventure together. If he has been wanting to check out someplace for a long time then help him take it off his list. You may also go for a getaway with your guy if time allows. What is that one thing your boyfriend has been obsessing about? You could gift him just that on the occasion of New Year! His reaction would be priceless after you surprise him with something that he has been meaning to buy for the longest time.

10 Brilliant New Year Gift Ideas For Him

Kindle Reader


Gift your boyfriend with this Kindle Reader on the New Year’s Eve. It has a thin and light design which is available in black or white color. The touchscreen display reads like a real paper and is also very easy on the eyes. It does not have any glare and even the single battery lasts for weeks at stretch. He could choose from a variety of books available in various languages. The sleek and modern design of this device is very attractive and it feels wonderful to browse books endlessly. You can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs. 5999.

Yearly Planner

This elegant diary can be used to gift your guy on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. It comes with a pen which he can use while writing or jotting down his thoughts and ideas. It is also perfect to be carried in any sort of official meeting or during seminars and lectures. This multicolor diary can be stored well in handbags, satchels, pockets, and briefcases. It has a total of 330 pages and the organizer makes for an amazing gift that you can give to your guy. It will help him set the goal for the upcoming year. You can shop for this from for Rs. 1499.

Charcoal Grey Storm Coldgear Reactor Beanie

This grey beanie by Under Armor will help your guy in keeping up with his fitness regime even in the chilling climate. The beanie is designed to repel rain and snow while keeping it breathable. The outer layer of this beanie dries away very quickly and retains its quality even after being exposed to wear and tear. It is made with an anti-odor technology which keeps bad odor at bay. It looks the best when paired with a graphic tee as well as a pair of distresses jeans. Give this to bae to help him keep up with the winter this New Year’s Eve. You can shop for this from for Rs. 1299.

Men Brown & Cream-Coloured Chronograph Analogue Watch

If you are looking for a New Year's gift for your guy then this is a great choice! Give this analogue watch to your boyfriend that has a textured round stainless steel dial. It has a regular tan brown strap made from genuine leather along with a tang closure. The watch features glow in the dark inlays, date aperture, and chronograph. The watch comes packed in a Timberland box and runs on battery. It looks impeccable when paired with casual wear. You can shop for this watch from for Rs. 3132.

Blue Polarized Pilot Sunglasses

Gift these amazing pair of sunglasses to your bea. It has glass lenses and comes with highly flexible frames. The eyeglasses are comfortable as well as lightweight to wear and make for a great companion while traveling and going on adventures. It is made with quality material and is very durable. The shatter-resistant lenses come in handy even when the glasses fall. It protects the wearer from the harmful UV rays. The free sunglasses case comes with a cleaning cloth. The blue colored lenses help one in making a fashion statement. You can shop for the same from for Rs. 2118.

Sand Timer

Gift him with a unique sand timer which he can use and keep like an antique at his place. This timer has a two-sided compass, hourglass and white sand in it. The fully functional timer has compasses on both its side which are in great working condition. The timer would last for 30 minutes post which it can be inverted to start it over. It is an amazing desk accessory and makes a great addition to a nautical collection. The gold color adds an ancient touch to this timer. You can shop for this from for Rs. 2309.

A Handy Trimmer Set


Philips dura power beard trimmer lasts 6 times longer and supports a cordless use of up to 60 minutes. It has to be charged for 10 hours and comes with 20 lock-in length settings. The lift and trim system helps in 30% faster cutting. The trimmer indicates when the battery is being charged, is empty or is full. The skin-friendly blades with rounded tip prevent any sort of irritated while being used. It is indeed a great grooming companion for any man. Its self-sharpening blades provide a smooth shave for any kind of look. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs. 1554.

Funky Headphones


Your search for an amazing New Year’s gift ends here! These blue colored headphones look stunning and also deliver excellent quality. It comes with an active noise cancellation feature which can help the user to simply snooze away from the surroundings. It has an in-line microphone which also has pure bass sound. He can put this on and enjoy wireless streaming as well as hands-free calls. The headphones are useful, especially while working on important tasks when distractions are simply not required. Gift these awesome headphones to your boyfriend and see his precious reaction. You can shop for this from for Rs. 5999.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker With Alexa (Black)


Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker that connects with Alexa to play music, answer questions, check the weather, control other home devices and perform various other functions. One can stream music from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and the like to play their favorite tunes. Echo Dot can hear the user even when there is music playing in the background from across the room. It also helps in controlling compatible smart plugs, lights, remotes, and the like by simply using the user's voice. It also connects to speakers through audio cable or Bluetooth for a bigger sound. Echo Dot keeps on adding new features every day. You can gift this to your boyfriend by shopping it from Amazon for Rs. 4499.

Anger Management Coffee Mug


This unique coffee mug has a peculiar design and a catchy quote on it which reads “I Flunked Anger Management”. Give it to your boyfriend so that he can enjoy his favorite coffee or beverage in it. It can also be used as a display mug which holds stationery items, modeling tools as well as art supplies. The hand-painted enhances the intricate details of this mug. It is indeed a beautiful keepsake that should be treasured. Hand washing the mug is recommended and it is safe to be used in a microwave. Gift this to your boyfriend on New Year’s eve as a token of your love. You can shop for this Anger Management Coffee Mug from Amazon for Rs. 599.

Make It Even More Special

By the year almost coming to an end, you are sure to think about ideas for a perfect New Year’s Eve celebration. If you are in love, then chances are that you wish to celebrate this day with no one else but your bae. With so many ideas and options that you can choose from, you might get a little perplexed about how to celebrate the occasion. It is just a day before the page is turned and a new year with new possibilities await. Do you want to make the most of these precious moments before a new year begins? Then here are some tips for you to help you make your time memorable.

Add A Love Note To Your Gift

If you wish to make your gift even better then consider adding a love note to it. How many times do you actually pen all your feelings down and show your guy that you love him? Feelings expressed through written words have a different impact on the giftee altogether. In the age of technology, writing handwritten love notes shows how much you value the person and the reflects the time that you have taken out to appreciate them. He would definitely feel like on cloud nine with your amazing gift and love note. You can pack both the gift along with the note together and present it on New Year’s Eve.

Take New Year Resolutions Together

They say that you are more likely to stick to your resolutions when you share them with someone special. As a couple in a loving relationship, you are bound to share your lives together. Might as well plan out the goals for the coming year and try to tick them off the list together. When you make New Year’s resolution as a couple, you would notice that you both will constantly remind each other to stay on track. It is a great way of achieving anything that you wish to and you can make a resolution journal wherein you can enlist all the things which you wish to achieve in the coming year. Then plan all the things that would be required of you and stick to it. Sounds like a task? well, with the company of your boyfriend, you can do it!

Turn Your Place Into A Couple Spa

Any day with bae can be amazing and when it is New Year’s Eve, it has to be special! why not turn your place into a spa and make the most of it? All that you have to do is to get your favorite essential oils and learn how to give a soothing massage. With a few videos off the net, you are good to go. However, make sure that none of you are allergic to any of the products that are used during the spa at home. Shop for scented candles to set the right ambiance for the spa. Your boyfriend would not only love this amazing surprise but it will also be a very memorable one.

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A Time For Introspection

The beginning of a new year naturally urges us to look back on the past months and see how we have done. Use the time to also introspect on how your relationship has been progressing. Take it as an opportunity to review whether both of you are getting what you want out of the relationship and if there are areas that you or your boyfriend want to see changes. Such an exercise may feel unnatural or uncomfortable, but will help in improving communication and make the relationship stronger.