Bored of the Tried and Tested? Make Someone LOL or Gasp with Surprise with These 11 Novelty Gifts That Will Make Any Occasion a Special One (2019)

Bored of the Tried and Tested? Make Someone LOL or Gasp with Surprise with These 11 Novelty Gifts That Will Make Any Occasion a Special One (2019)

Tired of the same old gifts and looking for something new? BP Guide India has put together a whole list of novelties, funny gifts, unique gifts, and random gifts that are ideal to give to friends, family or your partner. From robotic hands to chess boards that double as a bar set, to quirky mugs and foldable sunglasses, we have something fun for everyone you know. This year gift novelties and see how well they are received.

The Perfectly Unusual Gift Ideas

We all love unique and personalised gifts, don’t we?

Customised gifts are setting a trend in the market, creating buzz with funky and cool ideas and easing out our bewilderment about the right gift for the right occasion. Gifts that exemplify a fusion of tradition and customs with a modern outlook are the most popular ones regardless of the age group or occasion. The hunt for the perfect gift may seem like a never-ending task for all those who love to pick the most uncommon gifts. But, we have got you covered with a bunch of ideas that make a perfectly unusual gift!

11 Novel Gift Ideas for All

Wooden Chess Board with Wine Gift Set

Bored of the same old cards and board games?

Try the wooden chess board game which is carved by our very own Indian artisans. Play chess but with a different feel. Batra Novelties provides this antique wooden chess board. You can purchase it from their online store for Rs.340. This set comes with a wine holder, a drip collar, a bottle stopper, and a wine thermometer. So, this is the perfect gift for those who love wine and chess!

Robotic Hand


Looking for something to enhance your toddler’s robotic skills? Hamley's presents a hands-on experience through a novel product called Hamley's Comdaq Robotic Hand. This robot hand has moving fingers to catch and pick up things. It is simple to use, just pull the trigger and see the robotic hand do its work magically. It develops the motor and grasping ability of a child. It’s a total fun-n-frolic toy which uses the pull-push technique.

It is available at your nearest Hamley's outlet or you may order it online. It is multicolored and its dimensions are (L x B x H) 26 x 13 x 35 cm. The product comes with a 62 days’ warranty. It is recommended for toddlers older than 36 months. It is a non powered product. Available for Rs.270 at

Dumbbell Water Bottle


Going out? The most essential item to carry is a small water bottle, that it is of a quirky design is just an added bonus since you can flaunt it as an accessory. Grab this cute dumbbell-shaped water bottle which gives a good grip to hold and slips in easily into small handbags. It can be used for gym sessions and is apt for a fitness enthusiast. It has a 550 ml water holding capacity and is available in 5 different colors. It measures 23 x 9 x 9 cm.

The product is designed such that cleaning is not a hassle. All one needs to do is add a few drops of dish soap and warm water in the water bottle, put the lid on, and shake! How is that for a good washing and working out regime? This product is available at for Rs.471.

Wooden Labyrinth Game

Another fun way to kill boredom while staying indoors is this wooden labyrinth game. Try this new puzzle carved specially by the artisans in India. You have to complete the maze with steel marbles to finish the puzzle. This one is sure to take back to the good old school days. This game promises a unique and refreshing experience. It is available at for just Rs.1,249.

Hamley's London Bus Mug


This gift is perfect for a crazy merchandise fan. This red-colored mug featuring a design of London’s famous double decker red bus is made of porcelain and measures (L x B x H) 13 x 9 x 10 cm. Go to your nearest Hamley store or visit Ajio for an online purchase. It is an official franchise collection and comes with a 15-day warranty. This product is recommended for kids of 3 years and up. But, if you have a London-returned friend or relative, this will perhaps make a pretty cool gift for them as well! It is available at for Rs.272.

Wooden Eyeglass Holder


The right place to keep your spectacles sound is not on your head but on this nose-shaped spectacle stand! This funky wooden stand protects your glasses from being “accidentally” lost! Moreover, the wooden figurine also makes for a great bedroom showpiece. The stand is 6 inches high, and available in a dark brown colour. Buy this from Amazon for Rs.125 only. Very affordable, very useful, and very unique, too!

Donut Coffee Mug


Know a crazy chai or coffee lover? One just cannot miss this cute looking donut-shaped mug. Add this to your own collection of coffee mugs or gift it to anyone for a special occasion. This mesmerizing bitten-off donut mug will give some serious goals for beverage lovers, and challenge those who are on a diet!

Imagine sipping some green tea is this delicious-looking mug! The chocolate dripping down the brim, and all those colourful sprinklers make it look finger licking and adorable. The mug is 18 x 18 x 10 cm and is made of ceramic. It is specially designed for comfortably holding hot beverages. The mug is available at for Rs.1,061.

Golf Ceramic Mug

This one's an apt gift for the gentleman who loves all things classy! This is a golf-themed coffee mug. Black in color, it comes with a miniature golf club and ball. It has a small arced bottom so one can take mini-breaks to play a game of golf. A must-buy mug to add to the case and a truly novel gift for a special man. This is a ceramic mug and is priced at Rs.650. This can be purchased from The Shop Circuit’s website.

Cool Tea Infuser


Make the wait for your cup of tea a little more interesting with this cool tea infuser shaped like a lounging man. Perch him on the edge of your cup and while the tea leaves do their work, he will lounge on the side and wait with you!

For constant energy during the long working day and to beat the thirst this cute white and purple colored tea infuser is a must-have. Just stuff the loose leaf tea inside the infuser and then just hang it in the cup. It can also be dipped in hot water and prepare a cup of refreshing tea. The tea infuser is made of siliconeand doesn’t have any strong odour to deviate the blissful taste of your tea. Needless to worry about cleaning, just empty it and clean, very easy and useful. It is 9 x 3 x 3 cm. It is available at for Rs.335.

3D Frog Eye Mask

For the ones who sleep late at night and are not morning birds, this plush frog eye mask will help to block light for a good sleep. Made with soft plush for comfort. It is free size and fits all. It will be delivered in 4-5 days. It is available at ShopCircuit's website for Rs.369. This is a perfect gift you can give to newbie parents who are always awake or for the zombies in your circle! On a serious note, it is a thoughtful and rejuvenating gift for someone having sleep disorders.

Foldable Sunglasses

Hassle-free sunglasses are a dream come true. Most often people complain about their sunglasses occupying too much space in their handbags. Their worries can be put to rest with these foldable Slapsee Sunglasses. You could just slap the sunglasses onto your hands, or on a handle, and they'll fold as they have a plastic frame and silicone bands. It has an ultra-durable design and is a free-size product.

This is a cool way to protect yourselves from the harmful UV rays in broad sunlight. Moreover, its patented design is polarised with UV400 protection and they are extremely stylish to boot. Now isn’t that a super creative gift for outdoorsy people? It is a original product and is available at just Rs.999.

The Long and Short of Gifting Unique and Novelty Items

Why Select Unique Gifts?

We take efforts to find a special gift only for special people in our lives. Unique or novel gifts are those that may seem unusual but are actually noteworthy. Such gifts not only make the moment or occasion special but they also gift an unforgettable experience to the recipient.

Now, wouldn’t you remember a perfume you were gifted with your name engraved on the glass bottle? Even if the fragrance was just about average, you may have cherished the gift because it was personalised. Novel gifts add an element of fun or surprise to everyday objects and can easily lift one’s spirits!

What are Some of the Best Unique Gifts?

The perfect novel gifts are a sign of remembrance of important people and special memories. It is always better if the gift has some practical value, and perhaps even better if it is something one can show off to everyone. Now, doesn’t everyone secretly like an eye candy?

Another great option, as discussed earlier, is to personalise the gift. The markets are flooded with various gifting solutions. Name a product and you will find a store or website that will personalise it for you - be it coffee mugs, cushion covers, phone covers, t-shirts, wall clocks, or stationery. If customisation is not possible, then choose a print or design that is most relevant to the personality of the individual you’re buying a gift for.

Where Can I Buy Unique Gifts in India?

If you are looking for a unique gift, it is best to stay away from mainstream malls. You can check the local marketplaces that have gifts and novelties stores. But if you are an avid online shopper like us, there are tons of e-commerce websites and stores operating on social media that are full of trending ideas. If you are creative and have some time on your hands, consider watching DIY videos on YouTube and make a custom gift of your own. If not, read on for a list of handpicked cool, fun, and novel gifts for all ages.

Make Them Laugh!

Unsatisfied with just one gift? Why not complement your gift with a funny greeting card or those that come with funny pop-ups and witty messages? These are easy to find at any gift shop or you can make one yourself following a DIY tutorial for beginners.

Giving gifts is an art and a gesture. It is an expression of one’s emotions. So to make gift giving a memorable experience for yourself as well as the recipient, think differently. Make every penny and effort worth! Think eco-friendly and funnily. Hope we have helped you and you are now loaded with ideas and many options for gifts and novelties and know from where to buy what! Lastly, do wrap your gift creatively and make it a happy and memorable celebration!

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Everything doesn't always have to be proper and serious all the time. Quirky, funny and even silly gifts provide a much needed break for everyone and such gifts can often be more memorable than more expensive presents. If you're not sure about giving a novelty gift to someone, go ahead and test the waters but also buy a backup present in case it isn't received well.