Cute Coffee Mugs Make Wonderful Gifts so This Friendship Day Gift Mugs to Your Best Buds: 10 Adorable Mugs They Will Love to Use Every Day!

Cute Coffee Mugs Make Wonderful Gifts so This Friendship Day Gift Mugs to Your Best Buds: 10 Adorable Mugs They Will Love to Use Every Day!

Friendship day is a day set aside for us to appreciate our friends. Certainly, friends who have been with us through thick and thin deserves to be celebrated. This article highlights the most awesome friendship day mugs that your friend would surely appreciate.

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Mark Such An Incredible Day With The Best Friendship Day Gifts Mugs

It is good to give. While the recipient of the gift feel appreciated, giving has numerous benefits to the giver. For one, giving enhances the health and happiness of both parties and the community at large. One doesn’t have to shop so that they reap the benefits of giving. According to research that was conducted, the same benefits of giving can as well come from volunteering your time or even donating to charities. But as the friendship day is fast approaching, you may have been spoilt for choice on the best friendship gifts for best friends.

But do you know that something as small as the best friendship day mugs can serve the intended purpose? Yes, they are low cost, but they can spark that emotional feeling to a friend. Personalized friendship gifts such as friendship quotes on coffee mugs could speak your mind to a cherished friend and help celebrate love even more. That said, the choices available in the market may make it a daunting task. Guesswork wouldn’t be a choice either since the quality varies from one brand to another and from one mug to another. That’s where we come in. Below are examples of best friendship day mugs worth buying in 2019. Consider tips that can also help you break the tie easily. They are now at your disposal hence take advantage of the information.

Things To Consider When Buying Friendship Day Gift Mugs

The Material of The Cup


When it comes to gifting friendship day mugs, one should ensure that he or she gets one made of high-quality material. Whether you choose ceramic mugs or plastic-based, pay attention to the quality of the material chosen. It should be suitable for regular use and have a neat finish.

Does He Prefer One With A Lid or Without

For the case of the lid, preferences also differ. Some people love their coffee hot all the way which would make them prefer a mug that has a lid. It is also a good approach for sanitary purposes. On the other hand, there are others who love a lidless one. They want to smell that coffee aroma. That’s understandable since it also contributes to the overall taste of one’s coffee. Based on the two categories, you can choose the one that suits your friend better.

Handle vs No Handle

This mainly depends on the lifestyle of your friend. Assuming the friend would probably use it in the office or at home, one with a handle would be perfect. Under different circumstances, including people who love having coffee while walking, a handle-less one will be ideal.

Size of The Mug

Is your friend a coffee enthusiast? If the answer is a resounding yes, it would make more sense if you bought him a relatively large mug. However, that may make it impossible to enjoy hot coffee throughout the drinking experience. If that is not something that you would like, then a small one will do. Going for an average sized friendship day mug could ensure that the friend gets ample coffee and have it hot as well.

Top 10 Best Friendship Day Gifts Mugs to Buy in 2019

Friendship Day Mugs


These friendship day mugs are ideal for a wide array of events and not only on the friendship day only. They are a symbol of friendship. These, in particular, are perfect for coffee, tea and a host of other beverages. They are cheap and functional and make a perfect gift. They make an admirable gift to those you love. Also, they are the best printing quality product and are available with a quality gloss finish. Currently, they are available in India and sell at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs. 229 at If this amount breaks your bank account, then it will break it for all the right reasons.

Friendship Day Gifts - AllUPrints Gift for Friend Combo (Design 6) White Ceramic Coffee Mug (2 Mugs)


When you want to gift a friend this friendship day, then buy something that will benefit them rather than cost them. For example, you can opt for these ceramic coffee mugs from AllUPrints. One thing about them is that they are microwave safe and your friend can comfortably warm their drinks with this mug in the microwave.

They make a perfect friendship mug for not only this occasion but also a host of other events such as weddings, Christmas day gift, birthday parties, anniversaries and the list is endless. They have a beautiful print material which can be customized to make more meaning. They are cost effective and are readily available for just Rs. 599 for two mugs. Be sure to purchase them from

Best Friends Mug - Etsy


For just Rs. 925, you can get your friend these one-of-a-kind friendship day mugs. They are handmade and made to order. You can send your request of what picture or message you want to be printed on them and that is just exactly what will be done. You can also choose the capacity of the mugs. Visit and grab one.

Best Friends Mug - Printland

The best friends mug is the perfect mug to gift your friend on that special occasion. It is special and is printable. Most people love this mug because it can be used for drinking your favourite beverage, used for coffee, tea, and other drinks. The mug’s specifications are a height of 95mm, a capacity of 11oz, a width of 20 mm and the colour white.

It is also good to note that they are dishwasher, microwave, and fridge safe. Therefore, feel free to put it in the dishwasher and also use it in the freezer. It is cute and quite affordable. You have to buy this cute friendship mug in 2019 and show your love for those you love at heart. offers that at a price of Rs. 199 only.

Bestie Floral Mug

With only Rs. 395, you can ensure your friend gets this friendship mug during this fast approaching friendship day. The mug is cute and will create an impression in your friend’s life.

The Bestie Floral Mug is easy to use and is microwave safe. It can be used in the freezer, fridge and can be cleaned using the dishwasher. It can also be customized to fit your friend's needs and taste. Go to for these amazing friendship day mugs and much more.

Best Friends Ceramic Mug


We all understand that friends are not born, they are made, and therefore are the biggest source of our happiness. With friends, there are really no dull days. Accordingly, with the friendship day fast approaching, what gift are you planning to gift your best friend? Worry not as there is something for you, and this would be the Best Friends Ceramic Mug.

Its height is 4 inches while the diameter measures about 8 inches. That’s enough capacity to hold a drink that can quench your thirst. This mug is ceramic and can be washed in the dishwasher and is microwave safe. It can handle hot drinks. It is cost effective as it sells for Rs. 259 at Ferns n Petals.

AllUPrints Friendship Day Gifts - Crazy Friends Forever Ceramic Mug (325 ml)

This mug is undoubtedly going to leave a mark on your friend’s heart for all the good reasons. It is cute and irresistible as a gift for friendship day. The ceramic material makes it durable hence worth buying. Other features of this ceramic mug are that it is white for beauty. That’s added by a mirror finish, the red color and its sweet words regarding friendship. Equally important, it is dishwasher safe. It can hold either hot or cold drinks depending on what the user loves taking. It has a capacity of 325 ml. On the other hand, its weight is 325 grams only. It is available on Flipkart for only Rs. 299. Therefore, it is highly affordable.

Long Distance Mug


This hand-made Long Distance Mug is what you need to speak out what you feel to your best friend. It is a coffee mug, and you can use it for all your drinks such as coffee, tea, and many other beverages. It is easy to use as you can use it in your freezer, fridge, your microwave and it is also dishwashing machine safe. It is made of ceramic and is made on order. Its capacity can either be 11oz or 15oz. Regardless of how often you clean it, its customization will never fade. The other good thing about this friendship day mug is that you can have it customized according to your friend’s taste upon order. The sweet words also play a huge role in strengthening the bonds of any two friends. Currently, it is selling for just Rs. 780 only at

Tied Ribbons Friendship day Gift For Friend, BoyFriend, GirlFriend Black Coffee Design Ceramic Mug (325 ml)

Is your mind blank on what to gift a friend this friendship day? You don’t have to anymore with this TCeramic Mug. Thanks to the ceramic material, this mug will last for a long time. The coffee mug is black in colour which makes it visually attractive. The capacity is 325ml which is ample for any beverage. It is easy to use as you can use with both hot and cold drinks. It can be washed using a dishwasher, and it is also microwave safe. It also comes with sweet quotes on them, which would not only make your friend feel loved but also inspire him or her. The ceramic coffee mug is now available at Flipkart for just Rs. 349. You do not have to think twice before buying this cup as it knows its way into your friend’s heart.

Personalised Mug

This friendship day mug can create a mark in your friend’s heart that is unforgettable. Most people love this mug for the fact that they can have it personalized to fit the situation or the individual being gifted. All you have to do is send the desired photos that you need to be printed on it. Also if you want, you can send a message that you want to appear on the mug. It is an awesome gift that every friend is sure to be grateful for. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The mug can be used in a microwave or freezer. Its capacity is 330 ml and comes in white, which is great to feature your chosen picture, template or captions. As if that is not enough, you can also put two pictures which would take personalization to a whole new level. You won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it or throw it away after a while because of stains. That’s because its material is washable as well as stain resistant. In addition to that, it is microwave safe to ensure that you always have your drink hot if that is how you like it. Its price is Rs. 155 only at

Bonus: With Personalized Mugs, It Is Possible To Combine Photographs and Sweet Messages

In a world where people love gifts and like giving out a gift, it is easy to find one. However, you need to ensure that the gift epitomizes how you feel about the recipient. For this reason, personalized gifts such as personalized mugs for friendship day are the best. They provide value as well as joy and show just how much you care for the recipient. Personalized mugs work for everyone. They build a stronger personal connection and are the perfect gift for the occasion at hand. This is why the personalized mugs and other gifts are becoming trendier these days. If you are looking for a nice idea on your personalized mugs for friendship day, it is better you consider having them customized using photographs and sweet messages at the same time.

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I bet you never knew so much could come out from a mere mug. You've just seen how you can get an ordinary mug and make it into an extraordinary gift. So, go on, choose which best suits your friend, add your photos, add your messages, and give him/her this awesome friendship day gift to commemorate your friendship.