Looking for the Perfect Friendship Day Gifts? Have a Look at These 10 Ideas for Your Guy and Girl Best Friends (2019)

Looking for the Perfect Friendship Day Gifts? Have a Look at These 10 Ideas for Your Guy and Girl Best Friends (2019)

Friendship day is approaching again. Coming up in August in most countries, it's a special day for friends to celebrate the bond they share. As true friends are hard to find, it is necessary to celebrate the ones we have in our lives. Giving him/her an awesome gift is a way to do that. So, come along, as we unveil some lovely and cool gift ideas that you can choose from.

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How to Choose the Right Kind of Friendship Day Gift?

When in Doubt, Go for Gender Neutral Gifts

Who said that friendship day gifts are supposed to address a specific gender? Many a time, you won’t be able to find the appropriate gift for a guy or a girl and in this case, you can then choose gender-neutral gifts. For example, chocolates, or a gift card or maybe dinner, these gifts have nothing to do with the gender of your friend. And it will be a fail-safe plan for you.

You Can Ditch the Practical Gifts for This Day

Generally, people try to look for unique and personalised friendship day gifts ideas. This is because friends are special and you want to gift something out of the box to them. One of the best ways is to make something for them. If you can do that, then practical and materialistic gifts need not be considered. For example, preferring a picture collage over a wristwatch can be a better option as you will be giving a lot of memories to them.

Meaningful Gifts > Boring Ideas

When it comes to Friendship Day gifts, try making it particularly meaningful to the recipient. Getting a branded watch is really boring but adding a hamper comprising of various small gifts that have special meaning like keychain, chocolates, flowers, teddy bear etc. can be a great idea. You just need to be creative enough for this.

Friendship Day Gifts for Girls

Special Friendship Day Chocolates

What else can be a better option than chocolates when you are looking for friendship gifts for best friends? These chocolates have specially customized Friendship Day theme and it is clearly visible from its packaging which has Happy Friendship Day printed on it. It comprises 12 pieces of truffles, carefully assorted into a nice box. These are basically 4 different flavours and each flavour has 3 pieces packed in the box. Despite being a simple gift, it is going to leave a lasting impression on your friend. Most people love chocolates, especially girls, and hence this gift will be perfectly suitable for your girl bestie. You can buy these premium quality Friendship Day themed chocolates from Flipkart for Rs. 999.

Heart Beat Pulse Necklace

Source www.amazon.in

Even little gestures can turn out to be massive when you put all your efforts into them. For example, this cute little necklace might seem very ordinary but it has this really special meaning behind it. This one is a heartbeat pulse necklace depicting the heart beats of a person. It is a pretty gold plated necklace that any girl would love to wear. The beautiful symbolism of giving your bestie all your heart is something very touching and this necklace depicts it really well.

So, no matter how simple this gift is, it is going to be really special for your friend. You can also find a little heart in the necklace and these designs come together to create something really pretty. You can order this heart beat pulse necklace online from Amazon for Rs. 370.

Passport Cover

If you want something unique for your girl bestie, then a passport cover might turn out to be a great choice. And most important of all, this one is a personalized passport cover, so you get to personalize the name of your friend on it. Apart from that, the colour of this passport cover is quite girly, which is salmon pink. The synthetic leather used for this passport cover makes it durable enough to last quite long. The best part of this entire product is that it comes gift wrapped so it is going to be quite simple for you to give to your friend directly. Apart from the name, you can also customize a charm and its position around the name on your own. You can personalise and order this passport cover from Themessycorner for Rs. 599.

Personalised Bracelet

Looking for a special friendship day gift for her? Why don't you take a look at this super personalized and totally customisable bracelet for her? This one is a metal bracelet which is more a sort of showpiece rather than a piece of jewellry. You can customise it with 9 images of you two together. Make sure that they are of high quality, else the outcome won’t be that great.

The high-quality stainless steel used for the bracelet makes it good and strong enough to last long. Your friend would be really surprised to receive such a unique and really personalised gift from you on the occasion of friendship day. Get your personalised bracelet from regalocasila.com for Rs. 499.

Bestie White Coffee Mug

The bond between two girl besties is totally different and hence this friendship deserves a unique gift too. We picked this super cute white coffee mug for your girl bestie which is all about celebrating female friendship in a great way.

The mug is really simple with two girls pictured on it. You can find the editing on the entire mug with the cute tag of Besties written on it. We understand the fact that coffee mugs have become quite a clichéd gift, but these mugs, with the special message printed on them, are still a huge hit. And thankfully, they are a big relief from the usual picture mugs. So, grab one for your best friend. Order it online from Shopclues for Rs. 299 only.

Friendship Day Gifts for Guys

Men's Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Generally, it is quite a struggle to find something appropriate for a guy, especially when it is for occasions like friendship day. But all thanks to these gift packs that it is no longer a trouble.

Here we picked a nice combo which consists of men’s wallet, card holder, keychain and a nice belt. All these combine together to form a nice formal gift set for your guy bestie. And although it is not personalised and all mushy, it still makes a nice gift for Friendship Day. All the items are made from high-quality leather and of course they all are really classy and all elegant. All of them are available in black colour except for the keychain. This gift pack is perfect for someone looking for brand new wardrobe essentials. You can buy this on Amazon for Rs. 1,169.

White Contrast Side Letter Print Hoodie

Source www.shein.in

There are plenty of friendship day gifts for him, but a hoodie is definitely the coolest of them all. Not only is it super useful, but it is quite stylish too. And of course, all guys love to wear hoodies, so you can never go wrong with such kind of gifts.

We picked a white colour hoodie here with black stripes on the sleeves and contrast print on it. It is a mix of polyester and cotton fabric, so would suit the season of autumn or light cold.

Clothing is definitely a perfect idea when you can't think of any other gift, especially when it comes to guys. You can also buy the same piece to rock it together with your bestie. You can grab this cool hoodie from Shein Rs. 1,008.

Black & Orange Gym Bag

Another cool thing apart from a hoodie can be a gym bag. However, it is apt only when he is an avid gym-goer. This duffel bag can be used for other purposes too, so it is a good option to buy it for your friend for Friendship Day. It is a grey and orange unisex duffel bag so if you are thinking about giving it to your female bestie then it won't be a bad idea too. It has one main zip compartment and one zip pocket on the front side, along with a zip pocket on the side. It is a compact size and a nice colour block pattern that your bestie would love to get. You can buy this duffel bag from Myntra.com for Rs. 824.

Personalized Picture Cushion

Source www.fnp.com

The next one amongst the friendship day gifts for guys is a personalised picture cushion. Now, unlike other gifts mentioned here, this is quite contradictory as it is very personal and all about cherishing memories for them. So, quite like a typical picture cushion, this gift has a 10 X 11inch cushion and it is filled with the fillers. You can personalize it with the desired picture of your friend on it.

The cushion is very comfy and makes a nice gift for the occasion of Friendship Day. If you are not so keen for the picture, then you can get Happy Friendship Day printed on it as well. You can buy this cushion from fnp.com for Rs. 349.

The Formal Gift Set for Men

We got another formal, yet interesting gift set for a guy. When it comes to friendship day, it will be quite difficult to find a suitable gift for a guy as teddy bears and chocolates would be really inappropriate. So, we can rather turn to some practical gifts for them. This formal gift set here is a combination of a bow tie, pocket square and a nice and elegant pin set for men. Talking about the bow tie and the pocket square, they both are deep purple in colour and looks really sophisticated. Moreover, the pin is the real showstopper here as it can be used as a tie pin or for any other purpose too. All these items are put together in a nice gift box and hence you won’t have to make additional efforts for the packaging. Buy this formal gift set from Snapdeal for Rs. 959.

Unique Ideas to Try for Friendship Day

Source susabella.com

We tried our best to bring some amazing friendship day gifts for your male and female besties here. However, there are certain gifts which cannot be bought with money but only time. Here are some unique ideas to try out for Friendship Day to make it an unforgettable day for your friends.

Join an Activity Class for a Day Together

Source bmoca.org

Experiences are something which stays with you forever and it is time to reach out for such experiences on the occasion of Friendship Day. You can find various activity classes running around your city and you can join them for a day with your bestie. Gladly, almost all the classes are provided with trial days which are absolutely free. You can explore 3 - 4 such classes for the entire day and get to enjoy something incredibly different with your bestie.

A Road Trip

Source parade.com

A road trip is definitely something which should be on top of your bucket list while planning a Friendship Day gift for your friend. Thankfully, now you have certain apps which provide the facility to book a car of your own to drive wherever it is you want to go. So, do not think twice and just decide on a location near to your city. Get all your friends on board and it will be one amazing road trip for all of you.

Enjoy a Karaoke Night

Ever been to a Karaoke night before? If not, then Friendship Day is just the perfect occasion to explore this thing. In fact, it can turn out to be one of the most entertaining friendship day gifts for your bestie too. You two can crash into a bar or club and enjoy the karaoke night and it is going to be so much fun.

Cook Together

What else can be better than spending some fun quality time with your bestie, especially when the two of you have been busy with the everyday struggles?

Make a list of the simple recipes you two can cook easily and then get into the kitchen. The point is to be able to spend a nice fun time with your friend and luckily you two will end up having something to eat too. So, it is a complete winning situation here.

Organize a House Party for All Your Friends

And finally, if you think you need to have some real fun in life, then organize a house party at your place. Invite all your close pals, put on some good music, turn on some fairy lights and you are good to go. A pro tip here is to go for potluck dinner as you won't have to order anything on your own.

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From Special Friendship Day Chocolates to The Formal Gift Set for Men, these are cool and awesome gifts, sure to impress your friends and speaks volumes about how much you care about them. Now, you have various options to choose from, whether your friend is female or male, so go on to choose the best from the lot.

Do not forget that gestures could also pass as a gift and a better one at that. Planning a road trip for the two of you is a beautiful one that he/she would definitely cherish for a very long time.