Bid Farewell to Your Best Friend with Something to Remember You By: 10 Memorable Gifts to Give a Friend on Wishing Them Farewell (2019)

Bid Farewell to Your Best Friend with Something to Remember You By: 10 Memorable Gifts to Give a Friend on Wishing Them Farewell (2019)

You've always been around each other, always looked out for each other at close range, but now it's time for you to part. Giving a gift is one act that can significantly help to bridge the distance between you two. Thus, it is important to give the most appropriate parting gift. We invite you to read on and find out which one best suits your friend.

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Gifts That Would Make it Hard for Your Friend to Forget you!

Friendship is no doubt one of the best and important bonds in our lives and friends are essential for sane survival. However, life is a roller coaster and sometimes we are forced to bid farewell to the closest things and people including our best friends. These farewells are actually not goodbyes, rather they are a conversion of our close bonds to long distance friendships due to various circumstances including, but not limited to, education or professional trips stretching over a few years. Curtail tears at such “see you soon” situations by a sweet gift that would not let your friend miss or forget you when s/he is away from you. So, delve in on this complete gift guide that will surely assist you in choosing an amazing gift for your bestie!

Things That Will Make Your Last Days Together Memorable!

It is said that experiences are more memorable than material things. If your friend is going far away from you, then we'll suggest that you stack up your memories bucket, a gift that both of you will cherish forever. Below we have provided a few ideas that will make your last days together memorable.

Arrange A Barbeque For All Your Friends at His/Her Favourite Location!

Life is incomplete without fun and adventures with the friends' gang. It is quite difficult to bid farewell to any one of them. However, you can rack up the memories department by arranging get-togethers. One such amazing idea is a barbeque party at your friend's favourite restaurant or hangout place. If you are unsure where to arrange it then, the seaside is an amazing option. You can even make a bonfire! Spicy food and laughter at silly things with all your friends will surely make it difficult for your best friend to say goodbye to his/her haven. Pro tip: make it a surprise barbeque party and spice up the occasion.

Go for a Road Trip

Friendship is all about adventures and new experiences. We are sure that if you are a travelling lover, then you must have gone on a number of road trips with your best friend. Is he/she going abroad for educational, professional or any other reason? If yes, then, we suggest that you guys let your adventurous side take control and explore the beauty of India on a road trip. You can either go alone with him/her or you can take your whole gang with you. We'd say that you take your friends along because more people on a road trip means more fun. So fasten your seat belts and let the adventure begin!

Explore New Local Places that you Never Got to Visit Together

If you live in any of the numerous big cities in India, then we are sure that there are many local places that you might have missed during your adventures through the city. What better time would there be to explore them then the last days with your friend before he/she moves away? In our opinion, none! We'd suggest that you buy a tourist guide for your city and find out the locations that you have missed. Another adventurous idea is to go out in the city without any decided location and explore its corners. You will find multiple locations of amazing street food and discounted shopping areas. We promise you that you will create memories that your friend will cherish forever. Don't forget to capture these amazing moments with a camera!

Top 10 Gifts That Will Keep Your Friendship Alive!

Below we have provided ten unique gift ideas that will surely win your bestie's heart and won't let him/her forget you in the foreign land!

Engravable Linear Friendship Chain Bracelet

Staying away from your best friend is difficult. If you want him/her to remember you while she/he is away, then, gift a Monica Vinader Engravable Linear Friendship Chain Bracelet. This friendship memento is available on Nordstrom in three different metals; these are 18k rose gold, silver and 18k yellow gold. This glistening elegant jewel has a curved bar and gently twisted chain. The side closure is adjustable and has a setting width of 11/2". This imported beauty will cost you Rs. 18,964 to Rs. 22,378 based on the type of material that you choose. The amazing thing about this gift is that it won't cost you anything more than the product itself because the shipping is free! So, hurry up and order this elegant bracelet in your friend's favourite metal.

American Coin Treasures Silvertone Stainless Steel Year to Remember Half-Dollar Money Clip

Friends are a treasure and staying away from them is difficult. If your male best friend is going somewhere and you are searching for a unique gift for him, then, look no further. The American Coin Treasures Silvertone Stainless Steel Year to Remember Half-dollar Money Clip available on is what you need!

You can choose the half-dollar coin present on the clip from whichever year you want from the drop-down list available. You can choose his birthday year or the year which you guys met. The seller validates the coin by providing a certificate of authenticity. The money clip is made of silver stainless steel. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. It has dimensions of 2.0625" x 1.25" x 0.125" and is made in the United States. This unique gift will cost you Rs. 5,249 but, it will remain etched on your bestie's memory. Furthermore, the website is currently sporting a sale, so hurry up and avail the available discount.

Bonds of Friendship Bracelet

A bracelet is an amazing choice of a gift to a friend on farewell as it will make him/her remember you whenever he/she wears it. However, a traditional bracelet is pretty common and lacks the charm that a farewell gift requires, but don't worry, the Bonds of Friendship Bracelet created by a New England based artist, Henry Wischusen and available on will solve your problem.

This beautiful bracelet is made from raw maple and walnut which adds a unique charm to it. You can buy it in two styles i.e. either raw maple and walnut with natural-toned twine and raw maple and walnut with a clear finish and jewel-toned twine. This bracelet is made by intertwining slices of wood to form an infinity symbol to showcase the infinite bond of friendship. This friendship bracelet has a height of 1" and a diameter of 2.5". You can buy this beauty for just Rs. 1,429 because the seller is sporting a discount. So hurry up and order this for your friend before the sale ends.

Wall Art Signed by Friends


Farewells are saddening, but you can make your friend remember you by gifting something heartwarming such as Wall Art Signed by Friends because, let's face it, saying goodbye is not just difficult for you, it is heartbreaking for the whole gang. This unique art is made by CreateANameArt and available on Etsy. If you are running late in the gifts department, then this is an amazing choice because you can get this amazing artwork on the same day as it is in the digital form. You can get it printed and framed in your favourite style.

The letter art saying "Good Luck" is in the centre and you can get it in three different styles which include colour black and white and sepia. This art can be acquired in three different dimensions each having a room for a different number of signatures. 11" x 14" size has a room for 50 signatures, 10" x 20" has a room for 100 signatures and 16" x 20" has a room for 150 signatures. This unique gift is one that will portray your whole gang's love and will cost you a total of Rs. 991, so hurry up and get your hands on this unique art form.

How Lucky I Am - Winnie the Pooh Journal

Is your best friend leaving for studies or for some other reason? Are you searching for an amazing goodbye gift? Does he/she have a habit of writing notes or keeping a diary? If your answers to these questions are yes, then we have found a unique gift that he/she will love. The How Lucky I Am - Winnie the Pooh Journal! This unique journal is sold and prepared by Cultural Bindings and available on Amazon. This journal comprises a soft black cover sporting a quote from Winnie the Pooh "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." and 180 lined pages. This goodbye journal has dimensions of 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches and a shipping weight of 10.2 ounces. You can get this unique journal for just Rs. 747. We assure you that your friend will keep this gift close to his/her heart.

Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Keepsake Box, Friendship

When our friends are travelling somewhere away from us, all we want to give them, apart from our gifts, is love and affection. Today we are going to introduce you to an item that is a perfect container for our endless love and friendship for our besties. Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box! This thoughtful gift is sold by Sincerely Hers and available on Amazon. They are created by the American artist Susan Lordi from her studio in Kansas City. These keepsake boxes are adorable places to store treasures. Their lids are artistic masterpieces as they are bas-relief and are hand-painted. The box contains hidden love and friendship messages which will depict your love for your bestie. The hand-carved figures on the lid indicate a memory via body gestures. This art piece is accompanied by a gift card which adds further charm. This love and friendship filled box has dimensions of 3 x 3 x 2 inches and a weight of 5.3 ounces. This unique gift will cost you a total of Rs. 2,511 and we assure you that your bestie will keep it close to his/her heart.

Elton John Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour Fake Concert Tickets


Any Elton John fans out there? Yes? Amazing! If you and your bestie are die-heart fans of Elton John, then what else could be a better gift than Keepsake Elton John Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour FAKE Concert Tickets?!. This personalised version of digital tickets is developed by DesignsbytheOrchard and available on Etsy. You can also order additional version of tickets. These tickets can be bought either alone or with a digital matching ticket holder file. These custom tickets will be developed 4 per page but, the artist will change this arrangement if you wish it to be arranged in another manner. You can personalize your purchased tickets by adding date, time, venue name, city and state of the venue, section, row and seat, guest name(s) if any and custom wording in the notes section. You can order up to 4 custom tickets and these will cost you from Rs. 712 to Rs. 2,134. So hurry up and order this unique gift which your bestie will cherish forever.

Custom Keychain Double Sided Map Keyring


Is your bestie an exchange student and he/she is returning back to his/her country? Are you searching for a suitable gift to make your friendship memorable? If yes, then take a look at the Custom Keychain Double-Sided Map Keyring! This unique gift depicting both his/her country's map and yours is prepared by EvaGiftedHands and available on Etsy. This keychain won't feature just any other random map but the artist will make sure to add excerpts from the original vintage maps and atlases. You can personalize it by choosing a colour for the glass cabochons from copper, antique bronze and silver tone. You can add further personalization information such as the name of your desired locations in the "note to the seller" section. You can choose any place including mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, cities and towns. The pendant has a depth of 25 mm and a diameter of 1 inch. The keychain has a length of 2 inches and it is made in the United Kingdom. This unique gift will only cost you Rs. 2,099 because the shipping is free! So hurry up and get this gift for your bestie before she/he goes back.

Engraved Pocket Watch

Nowadays, gifting watches is considered old-fashioned and there is a bright chance that you might scroll down if we provide you with a similar suggestion. However, there are ways to convert this common gifting idea to a unique one. You can achieve this by gifting an Engraved Pocket Watch as a keepsake to your friend who is about to go abroad. This unique keepsake is available on You can add a personalized touch by adding a message up to 60 characters which will be etched on the watch. The watch pendant has a diameter of 4.5 cm whereas the chain has a length of 31cm. This silver watch will cost you only Rs. 2,756, so get your thinking caps on and write a love-filled message to accompany this unique keepsake.

Long Distance Friendship Bestie Mug

Is your friend moving abroad for educational, professional or for any other reason? Are you searching for a gift for your soon-to-be long-distance friend? Check out the Long Distance Bestie Mug made by snarkiepanda and available on Etsy. You can personalize this coffee cup by adding the states of both your friend's and yours. You also have an option to add your bestie's best photograph and yours on it, including your names. You can buy this cup in two different sizes, these are 11oz and 15oz.

It is made from high-quality ceramic material and has a gorgeous glossy finish. Manufacturer guarantees that the print won't crack or peel. It is dishwasher and microwave friendly, so your friend can easily wash it after having a steamy cup of coffee. This gorgeous personalized cup is packaged and shipped from the USA in a styrofoam package.

You can add the name and the personalised message in the notes section of the purchase with a "picture to follow" phrase in case you plan to add a photograph. You can send the image through the Etsy conversation system. The 11 oz cup will cost you a total of Rs. 1,683, whereas, the 15 oz cup will cost you Rs. 1,839. Order away and relax while your custom made coffee cup arrives because we assure you that your friend will absolutely love it!

Bonus Idea: A Slideshow Compilation of All The Memories

There is no better gift in this world than a compilation of all memories you shared! In today's digital world, we have a photo of almost every one of our most cherished moments. However, these memories are usually scattered in numerous storage devices and accounts. You can turn them into a memorable gift by compiling the best photos and videos into a single slideshow. You can accomplish this by utilising multiple apps and software available on the internet. Many of them have an option to customise the images and videos according to the occasion. You can add stickers and memes in between to give a humorous touch. So pop your creative caps on and develop a slideshow masterpiece!

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