Friendship Day 2019 Approaching Fast? Check These 10 Cool Gifts That Will Bring a Smile on Your Friend's Face!

Friendship Day 2019 Approaching Fast? Check These 10 Cool Gifts That Will Bring a Smile on Your Friend's Face!

Often has it been said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. If you find yourself nodding as you read this, then we have a number of gift ideas that your chosen family deserves! We also know it's not always easy to tell the people we love how much we care for them, so read on to know how to tell your best friends you care without getting overly sentimental.

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All About Friendship Day

It's Origin

With so many special days celebrated in a year, Friendship Day deems to be most common and widely celebrated. A lovely ritual amongst college and school friends, this day’s exact origin is not known, but on 27th April 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 30th July officially as International Friendship Day.

This day was first celebrated by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards in the year 1930 on the 2nd of August. But more commonly, many countries including India, celebrate it on the first Sunday of August month and so the date differs every year. Ohio celebrates Friendship Day on the 8th April every year.

The Significance

Although we do consider our friends an important part of our lives, we tend to forget their significance on a daily routine basis. It is only natural to take for granted their company, as you meet them often. But friendship’s day gives you an opportunity to think and appreciate their presence in your lives. It is a day when friends gift each other something sweet and special and convey their gratitude to each other. Occasions like these help to make bonds stronger as they make you take out time from your busy schedule, buy gifts, write down cards and spend time together with your dearest friends.

Change in Trend over the Years

The most common trend prevalent in the world for Friendship Day celebration is by gifting cards to each other. It is a day when friends celebrate the role of their friends in their lives. They pen down deep and meaningful words on cards and gift each other. This day has now become an international event and big companies and corporate houses also celebrate Friendship Day with their clients and associates. People also exchange gifts with their friends on this day. Friendship bands are highly popular amongst students too.

10 Great Friendship Day Gift Ideas

If you really want to gift something nice and sweet to your friend, then here is a list of 10 perfect gifts for Friendship’s Day. All these gifts are easily available online and some of the sites offer to gift wrap the items too. Plan and buy in advance as the delivery may take 3 to 4 days.

#Idea 1 - Coffee Mug

When it comes to Friendship Day gifts, Archies has been a long time favourite. Earlier there were Archies outlets in many cities and now the store has its own online portal. This cute little coffee mug is the perfect gift for your friend if you want to give something memorable. Priced at Rs.399, this cute mug has the words, ‘the best things in life are not things, they are friends like you’. This trendy Boofle Mug can be a treasured keepsake and your friend will love your gift for sure.

#Idea 2 - Friendship Day Band

Want to show your friend how strong your bond is? Gift this ‘band of steel’ to your friend on Friendship’s Day. Buy it for Rs. 199 from The band conveys that nothing can ever get in the way of your bond and that your friendship is as strong as steel. This band will really make your friend feel special and pampered. It also looks stylish and trendy and can be worn daily with any outfit. It is a good quality steel band with the word ‘Friend’ engraved on it.

#Idea 3 - Chocolates

Chocolates make the sweetest friendship day gift and really knows how to arrange delicious chocolates in giftable hampers. Get this KitKat and yellow carnations arrangement hamper for Rs. 949. KitKat is a bar of universal favourite biscuit chocolate and yellow is the colour of love. This perfect floral arrangement with chocolates will convey your feelings for your friend in the aptest way. There are 8 Nestle KitKats of 13.2 gm each and 6 yellow carnations in this gift hamper. The flowers are chocolates are arranged in a glass cylindrical vase.

#Idea 4 - Personalized Beer Mug

If you and your friend have often gotten drunk over beer, then this personalized beer mug will make the perfect gift for your friend on Friendship’s Day. This mug can stay with your friend forever and always remind him or her of the bittersweet times you have had together. Available at for Rs. 599, this mug has the wordings, ‘I Love getting drunk with you ___’ and the name of your friend, which you can upload on the website and they print it on the mug and deliver. You can even get the beer mug gift wrapped and delivered. It is made from good quality ceramic and has a nice and sturdy handle.

#Idea 5 - Cake

To cut, smash and binge on a delicious cake with your bestie could not only be the perfect way to celebrate your friendship’s day but also create memorable moments with each other. Order this half kg black forest cake from for Rs. 595. This classic sugary delight is topped with cherries and fresh cream. You can get it delivered to your friend’s place to celebrate the day together.

#Idea 6 - Personalized Wooden Frame

This personalized wooden frame can be ordered at It is a wooden frame engraved with the picture of you with your friend, which you can upload on the site. Priced at Rs. 599, this one is a priceless keepsake as it will always remind you of your bond with your BFF and the fun times you have had with each other. The frame has the words, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time”. Aptly worded, this frame will be a lovely gift and can be displayed on bedside tables as a décor piece.

#Idea 7 - Cushion Cover

If you prefer gifting items which can be preserved or displayed in your homes forever, then this cushion cover is also a very good option for friendship’s day. Sitting on your friend’s bed or sofa, this cushion cover will always remind your friend of your strong bond and the lovely times you have had with each other. Order this cushion cover from for Rs. 349. This cover comes with a filler and features a dark blue shade with a cute rabbit image. With the words ‘Best friends make good times better and hard times easier’, this one will be surely loved and appreciated by your friend. It features dimensions of 12 x 12 inches. It is made from soft poly satin fabric and the cover has a black coloured cotton overlap envelope backing closure.

#Idea 8 - Personalized 3D Soft Doll

If you want to gift something silly and yet sweet to your friend then this personalized 3D soft doll is a perfect pick. Grab this cute little doll from for Rs. 399. Tease your friend by uploading a cute little picture on the website. You can also select different colours from the choices available. The website makes a miniature doll with your uploaded photo moulded on it in 3D. With the 3D form, parts of the nose and chin will be poking out, making the miniature very cute and funny. You can expect a funny looking face with the nose protruding out.

#Idea 9 - Desires in a Glass Jar

If you want to tell your friend in 52 sentences, why she is your best friend, then this glass jar with 52 messages can answer all of them aptly. Packed beautifully in a bulb-shaped jar, this one makes an ideal gift for Friendship’s day. It is priced at 499 and available on Amazon. Each desire message is written and folded neatly in a paper and tied with a ribbon. All the 52 scrolls inside contain a sweet and meaningful message and reason for your friend answering why she is your best friend. It is a handcrafted product.

#Idea 10 - BFF Pendant

Another long-lasting gift can be a BFF pendant engraved with a beautiful Friendship Day message for your bestie. This bold and elegant silver-plated pendant from Amazon is priced at Rs. 275. It is a combo of three pendants, all of which join together to make a single heart. If you have two best friends, each one of you can wear one. This one is crafted from premium quality metal and will retain its shine for long. The three words, Best, Friends, Forever are engraved in each pendant. This one symbolizes the heart to heart friendship between your friends and you.

Your friend has always been there for you in times of happiness, sadness and even boredom. This day, you have got to appreciate her/him for their time, kind words, scoldings and blessings. Friendship Day is a day to rejoice with your BFF. Try to do things you both enjoyed doing together. It could be watching reruns of ‘Friends’ or even playing a game of ‘Scrabble’. Just make sure that you do take out time from your busy schedule and do spend a few hours with a friend who has made your life so meaningful and worthwhile.

Points to Keep in Mind while Buying Friendship Day Gifts

  • Do Not Buy Very Expensive Gifts
    You might want to buy expensive gifts for your friend to show him/her how much they mean to you, but this also puts your friend in an awkward position, especially if he/she is not able to spend that much on a gift for you. This day is not only gifting costly things but conveying your love in a sweet way. Friendship bands, coffee mugs, stuff toys, chocolates and such other things often make the perfect gift.

  • Do Not Expect a Gift in Return
    If you are gifting something to your friend, it is not necessary that he would do that too. He might have forgotten completely or might be busy at work. When you gift something to your friend, remember, it is only to convey your feelings to him and not to get something in return. Although, most friends do exchange gifts on this day, expecting one in return can disappoint you.

  • Buy Something They've Been Wanting Since Long
    If you really want to make your friend happy on Friendship Day, you can gift them something they have been wanting for quite some time. This does not have to be a costly gift. It could be a book or a CD full of your friend’s favourite songs. Gestures like these make your bond stronger and your friend will definitely appreciate the fact that you give so much importance to their wishes.

Cool Ideas Other than Materialistic Gifts

If your relationship is beyond materialistic gifts, then there are other cool ways of celebrating friendship’s day with your friend.

  • Plan a Picnic
    How about surprising your friend with a cool picnic hamper right early in the morning? You can pack some exotic and gourmet dishes, cold drinks, picnic spread, chips, chocolates, music and just gate crash at your friend’s house only to steal him/her away for a full day picnic to some cozy little place. Spend an entire day reliving old memories, laughing over the same jokes and gossiping about other common friends. This would be a wonderful friendship day with your bestie.

  • Weekend Getaway
    If you want to do something more special, then book a resort near your city and take your friend along to enjoy during the weekend. Spend quality time with each other and make your friendship day memorable.

  • Movie and Lunch or Dinner
    How about just going out for a movie along with a lavish lunch or dinner to your friend’s favourite place? This way, you both get to do watch a movie you love and spend quality time with each other too.

  • Bike Ride
    A bike ride across the city with your bestie can be the best way to celebrate your friendship day. Revisit all those hangouts you both used to spend hours chatting.
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Surprise Reunion

Do you remember the time after school or on the last day of graduation when you all made promises to meet regularly? We all make such promises but the meetings don’t happen regularly as everyone gets busy with their own life and time becomes a constraint. So why don’t you plan a reunion on friendship day? Wouldn’t it be a great occasion to catch up with your friends and rehash the bond? Well, you might also meet your old crush at the reunion!

A reunion would be a good way to start a new chapter with old friends so start planning now!