This Friendship Day Give Personalized Gifts to Your Best Friends. If You're Short on Ideas, Here are 10 Creative Gifts to Get Your Imagination Fired!

This Friendship Day Give Personalized Gifts to Your Best Friends. If You're Short on Ideas, Here are 10 Creative Gifts to Get Your Imagination Fired!

Have a friend you cannot do without? Show them how much they mean to you and just how much you care! Nothing does that better than a personalised gift. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything. The best relationships are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.

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Mark This Friendship Day in Your Friendship Diaries Forever!

Friendship day is that time of the year, when you actually realize how important your friend is for you. The entire year goes by spending time in each other’s company, sharing your joys and sorrows with each other and engaging in some crazy shenanigans. You do tend to take each other’s company for granted without realizing that your world can be an empty and boring place without your friend. This friendship’s day, do something special for your BFF and convey your feelings to her in the most beautiful way. Personalized gifts speak volumes of your emotions and also resonate with the effort and thought you put behind selecting a gift. This guide will help all the crazy girls out there to select a perfect friendship day personalized gift for their equally crazy girlfriends.

Some Lovely Add-Ons to Your Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts can be a lot of beautiful presents with your friend’s name or picture imprinted. We have selected some amazing personalized gifting options for friendship day available online. But to make your gift special, we have also jotted down some endearing ideas. These gestures when clubbed with a lovely personalized gift, will make a complete friendship day gift.

Make a BFF Movie

In this digital era, making small videos and songs on iphones and android phones have become very easy. You might be having an entire galaxy of cute pictures snapped with your BFF and stored in your phone. There are many apps available on iOS and Android which help you make movies and videos from these photos. They add some meaningful songs as the background score and arrange the pictures quite well in the order of which they were clicked. You can upload your friend’s name and your name to have a completely personalized BFF movie experience. Make a movie today and email it to your friend along with your friendship day gift.

Plan a Getaway With Your Friend

How about sneaking away with your best friend to a lovely holiday destination? If you both are travel freaks and do not miss any opportunity to travel together, then friendship day is the perfect occasion to add to your travel diaries. But this time, the planning, the booking, the itinerary and the location, all have to be a surprise from your side. If an exotic travel is not on the cards currently, then you can take your friend to a surprise day long getaway to some nearby destinations outside the city limits. While at the resort, get a pampering twin spa done, swim for some time and binge eat all your favorite items without worrying about the extra kilos. Make this day as memorable as possible and also, do not forget to pack your friendship day gift along in your suitcase!

Binge Watch Your Favorite Girly Movies or Friends Series

There definitely might be a song or a movie which reminds you of some crazy moments you spent with your friend. Whether it’s the ‘friends’ series or some sweet little romcom which you both have cried watching together, relive those moments on this wonderful day! Binge watch your favorite girly movies or series and have tones of popcorn and drinks ready.

Personalized Gifts as a Token of Your Love for Your Best Friend

So here it is, a carefully and thoughtfully selected selection of personalized gifts that you can select for your friend.

#Idea 1 - Forever Love Personalized Mug

This forever love personalize mug is a forever collectible that will always remind you of your friendship. Grab this one at Rs. 249 from Gifting this personalized mug will make your BFF feel special. This is indeed the perfect way to express your love for her and it will bring a smile on her face. To personalize this mug, you need to drop an email at with relevant details like any personal text you have, a high res image of your choice between 2 MB and 10 MB. Ensure that the picture you are sending has a sharp resolution so as to get the perfect image on the mug - you can pick any photo that has special memories for both of you.

#Idea 2 - Forever Friends Frame with Keychain and Chocolate


If you have some endearing memories of binge eating a box of Lindt chillies chocolates with your friend, then now is the time to relive those memories. This lovely frame with a box of chocolates and a cute little keychain makes for the perfect gift. Select a photo of your friend from your phone gallery and get it printed. Put it in this stylish photo frame to make it a personalized gift. Get this hamper for Rs. 980 from The frame has ‘Friends Forever’ engraved on it. The Lindt Chilli Chocolates come in a 100 gm pack. The wooden frame features dimensions of 8 x 11 inches and can hold a photograph of 4 x 6 inches size. The couple teddy keychain comes with two cute little teddy bears. You can write your names on the teddy’s or just your initials to personalize the keychain as well.

#Idea 3 - Forever Yummilicious Chocolate Bar

This personalized chocolate bar lets you print a friendship message on the wrapper. Get this at Rs. 349 from to impress your BFF on friendship’s day. You can always easily buy a normal chocolate bar from the market and gift it to her, but to send a personalized chocolate bar makes your gesture noteworthy. The website lets you upload your name or your friend’s name along with a personalized friendship day message for your BFF. They print your message on the wrapper and send your chocolate to you by courier. The bar is a sweet handmade premium quality chocolate bar of 200 or 80 gm. You can choose between the size you want. It comes wrapped in a glossy card stock.

#Idea 4 - Forever Ticking Away Personalized Clock

Get this personalized photo clock for your friend that she can hang on her wall and remember you always. This is a kind of gift that can make your friendship stamped forever in your hearts. The clock is available at for Rs. 549. The website lets you upload a picture with your friend. It has some wonderful friendship day quotes all over. Crafted from MDF wood, this one features dimensions of 8 x 8 inches. It is the perfect gift for friendship day.

#Idea 5 - Forever Tipsy Personalized Wine Glasses

If you have some crazy memories of getting all drunk and sloshed with your BFF, then etch those memories forever in your heart or at least in your glass showcase with these cute personalized set of wine glasses – 2. Each customized wine glass has a capacity of 200 ml. The glass diameter is of 2.2 inches and height of 6.3 inches. The glasses are dishwasher safe and priced at Rs. 1399 and you can buy them from The website allows you to enter the text which is imprinted on the glasses using laser technique. You can upload a text like ‘Friends Forever’ and a second message with your and your friend’s initials just the way, it is shown in the picture.

#Idea 6 - Forever Comfortable Cushion Covers

Cushion covers are an ideal gift option for friendship day. Get them personalized with your friend’s picture or a picture of both of you together. You can also personalize cushion covers with a friendship day quote or message for your best friend. Get this Best Buddy Cushion Cover from for Rs. 329. You can choose between two sizes – 12 x 12 inches or 16 x 16 inches. The cushion cover is fabricated from polyester material of GSM 110. The printing is done on the front and back with a digital heat transfer method. The cover is cute and is available in a variety of vibrant shades. The cushion cover looks awesome when kept in the living rooms or bedrooms. It will always remind your friend of your love for her.

#Idea 7 - Forever Delicious Personalized Chocolates

These forever delicious personalized chocolates from will definitely garner accolades of praises from your friend. Priced at Rs. 699, you can buy this personalized chocolate box containing 4 chocolates inside. The website allows you to upload a photo and some text to be printed on the box. You can also write any special message that will added inside the box. You can also choose to gift wrap the box at an extra cost of Rs. 25. Imagine the happiness on your friend’s face when she opens a box of chocolates with her picture and finds 4 delicious chocolates inside the box also containing a personalized friendship day message from you. This one will be a special gift that she will remember forever. Even after the chocolates are eaten, the sturdy wooden box will always be preserved. The chocolates are pure vegetarian and each piece is approximately 15 gm in weight. The chocolates are printed with edible ink which is safe for consumption. Each piece is made from a white chocolate layer on the top and dark chocolate layer on the bottom.

#Idea 8 - Forever Bright Personalized Rotating Lamp


A personalized lamp is a great idea for a gift for friendship’s day. Your friend can display it on her bedside table. The rotating lamp is priced at Rs. 2699. You can personalize this rotating lamp with cute personal pictures of your friend and you together and also some texts can be printed on the lid of the lamp. This lamp serves as a perfect décor lamp for night or day. Get this one from The LED photo night lamp features dimensions of 14 x 6 inches. It is made from canvas fabric with a wooden cap and a bulb inside. This one comes with a direct power supply.

#Idea 9 - Forever Fun Personalized Ludo Game

This personalized ludo game will take your gifting game a notch higher. If you and your friend have loads of memories of playing ludo together, then this personalized ludo game will revive your memories in the most endearing way. Priced at Rs. 1499 on, this ludo can have four pictures on all four sides. You can upload pictures of yourself, your BFF and 2 other common friends. You need to upload high resolution photos and 4 names on the website. It is fun to play this personalized ludo with friends and it makes for a perfect friendship day gift.

#Idea 10 - Forever Together Personalized Bedsheet

Buy this personalize velvet bed sheet with pillow cover set for your BFF on friendship day. You need to upload your pictures with your friend on the website. Upload a maximum of 7 to bring in some variety and also ensure to upload high resolutions pictures. You can also upload some friendship quote or other text. It is priced at Rs. 4500 and is a lovely item of home décor as well. The pictures will make this a lovely personalized gift which will look awesome with its vibrant colors and print. The bedsheet features dimension of 95 x 95 inches and the pillow covers measure 10 x 15 inches.You can buy this from

Why Personalized Gifts?

If you are wondering why to invest in personalized gifts and instead give other gift items that your friend can use, then let us remind you that friendship day is all about gifting items that will remind your friend of your friendship forever. You can always give other useful items later on for birthdays and anniversaries. But for friendship’s day, stick to sweet little personalized gifts. Your friend can always boast of these gifts to her other friends and family members. Even if you send her personalized chocolates, she will definitely treasure the photo wrappers forever. Personalized gifts are always cherished and treasured. They always find a place in the person’s heart and home. Personalized gifts stand out from the crowd. They are perfect gift items for those who are quite picky and selective and also help to cast a long lasting impression.

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Friendships make life worthwhile

One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention. Who doesn’t want a good friend in life? Especially if it’s a friend you can fall back on. We are sure you too would want to enjoy the company of such a friend. Friendship is like a perennial river which flows forever. It may change its path but will never ever dry up. Friendship is the most treasured relationship.