10 Stunning Friendship Day Gifts Ideas for the Friends Who are Always There for You (2019)

10 Stunning Friendship Day Gifts Ideas for the Friends Who are Always There for You (2019)

Friends are the family you choose for yourself, and just like your other family, they are there for you in different ways whenever you need them. The friend who gives you a pep talk when you need it most, the one who encourages you to be silly, the one who updates you on all the latest happenings and the one who keeps you on your toes. Then there are the 2 am friends you call to tell your heart rendering breakup story to. This Friendship Day let each of them know you cherish them in your life.

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How to Find the Perfect Friendship Day Gift for Your Friend?

Pick Something That Relates to Their Personality

When you are listing down the best friendship day gifts idea for your friend then you should keep their personality in mind. Whatever gifts you have shortlisted, try to relate them with their choices and the person they are. For example, for a sporty friend, you can consider some sports gear. For a nerdy friend, you can consider good books and so on. Whatever gift has the most relatable vibe, you can finalize it as the ultimate present for your bestie.

Stalk Their Social Media for Ideas

Social media accounts have started to become a spitting reflection of one’s personality and you can use this as a great source of information about your friend. All you have to do is to check out their social media handles and observe what they talk about or share. They might have shared something they really wanted to have but couldn’t because of some reasons. Also, the kind of post they share and the kind of pictures they upload can help you out in choosing a perfect gift for them.

You Can Choose Experience Over Materialistic Gifts

Sometimes unique experiences turn out to be the best gift ever. It is something which is completely irreplaceable by materialistic gifts and always remain fresh in one’s memories. So, if you are not able to decide a gift for your friend then it would be better to gift them a one in a lifetime experience. Some of the experiences you can choose are horseback riding, skydiving, bungee jumping and many more. Usually, these activities are quite pricey so do not forget to save well for them.

10 Awesome Friendship Day Gift Ideas for 2019

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A Memory Book

Looking for creative friendship day gifts for boyfriend? You might want to take a look at this memory book. This one is a very beautiful memories album comprised of 30 pages in it which are great enough to put together all the amazing pictures of you and your friends in it. Unlike the other albums, this one is for sticking the pictures on each of the pages inside.

One page can allow the space for 4 pictures to stick on it. They all are thick black sheets sturdy enough to keep your pictures safe on them. The outermost cover is made up of wood and available in brown color. The album is put together by ring type binding and hence great enough to carry around. You can use this gift to print out your favourite photos and add them along with notes on the occasion of friendship day. This beautiful memory book is available on Flipkart for Rs.462.

Soft Toys

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A soft toy is something that your girl bestie would love to receive on the occasion of Friendship Day. What makes it even special is that it has “Best Friend” written on it so it definitely makes it super suitable to the occasion. Moreover, the teddy bear is beige in color and 70cm in height which is neither too big nor too short. It is made of skin friendly material so using it even to the bedtime won’t be an issue.

Some guys might not like this gift but we are pretty sure that girls would totally love it. This is something simple yet cute and a bit clichéd too. But such soft toys depict your care and affection towards your bestie and hence giving it on the occasion of Friendship Day would be totally appropriate. You can buy this adorable soft toy from amazon.in for Rs.402.

A Potted Plant

It is always to go for such friendship day gifts idea which are unique and quite unexpected too. Thinking about the same, we picked this lily plant for your bestie. This one is just for suggestion purpose and you can pick any plant of your choice along with the pot too. Not only they are great for house décor but also symbolizes the depth and freshness of your friendship with your friend or best friend.

Giving out such plants represent that you wish the friendship between you two blossoms as the plant blossoms with the time. Such a thoughtful and nice gesture towards your bestie on the occasion of Friendship Day. This peace lily also signifies calmness and peace in one’s life and the white flowers that it produces look really beautiful. This plant is accompanied by a 5 inch round plastic pot in black color. You can but this peace lily plant from nurserylive.com for Rs.279.

A Fanny Pack

As the time is changing, fashion trends are changing too. And you should know that fanny packs are back in the trend again just like the other things from the 90s era. The thing about fanny packs is that they are super light and comfortable to carry and most importantly they can be used by both men and women. So, keeping this unisex aspect in mind, we picked a nice black colored quilted detail fanny pack for your friend no matter male or female.

It has this really casual approach and it is made out of nice PU leather to ensure durability. The size is small but it is spacious enough to carry a mobile phone, charger, earphones and many more things in it. It is surely something your friend would love to flaunt every single day. This stunning and cool fanny pack is available for purchase on shein.in for Rs.819.

Ceramic Jars

You guys must have been thinking that why did we suggest buying ceramic jars for your friend. But the key here is to make good use of these ceramic jars to make Friendship Day special for your bestie. You can simply give out these jars as they are as they can be used for so many things like kitchen, home décor, storing important items etc.

But if you want to get creative then we have perfect recommendations for you. You can fill them with the candies or with some small letters for your friend. You can also use these jars to put a surprise gift in them for your friend. Not only they look beautiful but they are such a unique and unexpected gift item too and most importantly perfect to surprise your bestie. You can buy this gorgeous hand painted ceramic jar from sweetcouch.com for Rs.1,390.

Box of Chocolate

How can we forget chocolates when it comes to planning friendship day gifts for girlfriend? Chocolates are by far the perfect fail-safe gift every guy would love to present to his girlfriend. Apart from being clichéd, it is something you can go for the last minute gift too.

We picked the assorted chocolate gift box for your girl which is comprised of the 12 pieces of pure Belgium chocolate truffles in it. Not only the chocolates are amazing but the gift box adds bonus marks to the entire gift. These chocolates include various varieties in them like coffee, hazelnut, cranberry, fruit and nut, white chocolate and many more. With the composition of pure dark chocolates, their taste is just incredible.

You can combine this chocolate box with another gift to make a hamper out of it. Buy this amazingly tasty chocolate gift box from bigbasket.com for Rs.299 only.

A Bottle of Perfume

Looking for a friendship day gift for your male friend or boyfriend? You should take a look at this stunning perfume called Davidoff Cool Water Men’s eau de toilette. What made us mention this perfume out of all is its simplicity and the fact that it complements the masculinity of a man really well. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find a fragrance with a "manly" smell but this perfume may turn out to be a great choice for this.

It has this sharp cooling and refreshing sensation which lasts all day long. Cool Water by Davidoff is their signature perfume and it is going to become an essential in your friend’s wardrobe in no time. It uses the high notes of mint, lavender and rosemary and more which is why it is so refreshing in its effect. You can buy this perfume on snapdeal.com for Rs.459.

A Personalised Tea or Coffee Mug

The magic of personalized mugs is not fading anytime sooner. But of course, this time we managed to grab something special as you plan some unique friendship day gifts idea. This personalized mug is also known as magic mug and it is because of the unique property of this mug. This mug might seem like a normal black ceramic mug when not being used. But when you will pour some hot beverage into it, the color of the mug will change from black into the picture you want on the mug.

In this way, it won’t remain the same boring mug and your friend would want to use it again and again to experience the fun all over again. So, while they will be sipping coffee out of it, they will be able to cherish the moments that will appear with the picture on it. You can personalize and order the mug from myflowertree.com for Rs.445.

A Nice Book

What about a book for the occasion of friendship day? Sounds unique, isn’t it? We chose a book titled You are the Best Friend for your bestie. It is written by Ajay K. Pandey and it tells a story about a guy who loses everything and then rediscovers everything with the help of a friend.

However, the story switches between the reference of friend and love but the moral indicates that how a friend can change another friend’s life with love and support. This is such a great way to cherish the friendship that you share with your bestie and to honor him/her for their support throughout. You can buy this book from amazon.in for Rs.110.

A Trip to an Amusement Park

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A trip to amusement park might sound like a thing of kids but it is a gift which will help you two to spend some quality and much needed bestie time together. In this hectic lifestyle these days, it is just impossible to find enough time to spend with your bestie and do some activities together. This simple yet amazing gift will help you two to reminisce the good times together and enjoy the perks of being kids once again.

In fact, it will be quite like a trip down to the memory lane. If there is no amusement park in your city, then you can opt for some other activities like trampoline room, playing in park and many more. You just need to focus on having a good time no matter what activity it is. And do not forget to hog on a lot of food throughout the day.

Cute Ways to Celebrate Your Friendship

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If you are planning friendship gifts for best friend then they must be different from the usual gifts for your other friends. A best friend is someone who have always been there even when everyone else left. So, make sure that you treat him/her right. We have got some unique ideas to plan the cute gifts for your bestie for this friendship day.

A Bouquet of Handpicked Yellow Flowers

You should have known to the fact that color of the flowers give out special message. While the white ones are used for peace and red ones are for love, yellow flowers are dedicated to the bond of friendship. So, why not to give them a bunch or bouquet of beautiful blooming yellow flowers? If you are someone who is not in favor of flowers being cut down then you can instead give them a yellow flower plant too. It is going to be one of the most unique friendship day gift ever.

Handmade Friendship Bands

Pulling off Friendship Day DIY gifts are kind of difficult but if you are one dedicated friend then handmade friendship bands are the way to go. There was a time when this was the go to gift for best friends and some of you may even remember making them.

If you've never tried making one, they are super easy to make and you can use various ideas and crafts to make unique bands every single time. Refer to some YouTube videos and Pinterest pins for inspiration. And if you made them as kids, bring back the charming memories of childhood by making them again.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

If nothing is working well for you and you are a noob in art and craft too then you should better take a trip down memory lane. Plan an entire day dedicated to your friendship with your best friend. It can include, visiting the places you used to go ones or where you two met first, checking out a show, long walks etc.

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Friendship is about the small gestures

If your friend has had their eye on something big, fanciful or expensive and you get it for them, sure they'll love you for it. But that's once in a while and they love you for who you are and how they feel in your company. It is the little things really that speak volumes and for gifts to be cherished, they must be meaningful in a way that only the two of you understand. Dig deep into that treasure trove of information, shared secrets and silly laughter that you've exchanged and collected over the years. That's where the best gift will come from.