10 Gift Key Chains to Give in 2020: The Coolest and Trending Keychain Gifts to Give Family or Friends and Leave a Mark

10 Gift Key Chains to Give in 2020: The Coolest and Trending Keychain Gifts to Give Family or Friends and Leave a Mark

Keychains are durable and will definately make for a memorable gift. To the receiver, it will be a show of how much you care about them. This is a utility gift that will come in handy and can fit all gender and sizes. It is almost an inexpensive gift that makes for a lasting frinedship or relationship as the receiver will always remember whoever gave them the gift, that is the Keychain. Herein are some of the coolest keychain gift ideas to give to any gender as well as considering their age.

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Should You Gift Someone a Key Chain?

It is difficult to choose a gift; not only do you need to make an educated guess as to what the person might like and at the same time the person gains some utility from it. For example, Carrying a set of keys is standard, they can be for a car, home or office. Everyone owns at least one set of keys. This is why buying a keychain as a gift is a great idea—they are here to stay and are very useful, too! It's a gift your loved one will cherish and remember the good times you've spent together every time they use their keys. Keychains are small and sweet gestures of affection for another person. They make fantastic gifts to commemorate just about any occasion.

Keychains are a Versatile Gift

If the person loves a sport, why not give them a keychain signifying their favorite game or a customized keychain with a picture of their favorite sportsperson. If this is for your spouse or your best friend, you can gift them half-keychains. The most popular (undoubtedly cliched, too) is the broken heart keychain set, which comes in two halves--a part of the heart keychain stays with them, and the better half remains with you!
The sentiment behind a keychain can vary from person to person. It can be a personalized keychain or a cool keychain of a TV show you and your friends are love to binge watch. When it comes to choosing a right keychain as a gift, there is a wide range of keychains you can choose from, and they are relatively inexpensive in general.
Keychains are available in a wide range of themes, colours, and styles. They are so versatile that they can be a suitable gift for every age group.

Keychains are Affordable Gifts

Buying a keychain is a no-brainer. You have several websites online you can purchase keychains from. Themed keychains, romantic keychains, and BFFs keychains, all are available online for cheaper rates; this can be your smart gifting choice. Honestly, keychains make for excellent last-minute shopping!

Personalised and customized keychains are a trend today. You can have your name carved on a keychain or a picture inserted of you and the person whom you are gifting it to. It can be a token of love for the bond you share with the other person or a souvenir for the person you respect the most.

Keychains Make Memorable Gifts

Think of a keychain as an opportunity to make someone know that you actually notice their fascinations and interests in life. If you want your keychain to be cherished for years, you need to make sure you buy a keychain that has something unique and special attached to it. Personalised keychains are one way you can do it. Customize your keychain in a way which will be a token of a relationship you share with that person.

Handmade keychains are a thoughtful way to make your loved ones feel special. They symbolize the special bond you share with that person. Everyone prefers a handmade keychain to show their love and affection, and they want the person to know how much thought they have put in a gift to make them feel special.

5 Key Chain Gifts for Him

We know it can be exhausting to find an excellent keychain for a guy. Although they claim to like things that are simple and no fuss, they are generally very fussy. We have picked a handful of cool and trending keychains that are popular among guys, so we hope you find just the perfect one for him.

Hulk Fist Keychain

If he is a marvel fan and often, jabbered about how Hulk smashes Loki in the Avengers movie. This is a classic keychain for him. The keychain is a symbol of the greatness that the Incredible Hulk is! Its key features are that the keychain is lightweight and funky. The design is of Hulk’s Fist, and it is made of metal. You can buy it for Rs. 399 from Bigsmall.in.

Personalised Key Chains

If you are puzzled as to which themed keychain you should gift him, you should seek personalized keychains, consider them as an alternative. Everybody enjoys customized items, seeing their names on the thing makes them feel unique, and it can be an extraordinary gift for him. All you need to do is write his name or the initials you would prefer. The character limit is of 10 letters for each product, and no symbols can be printed. All personalized items have to be prepaid. It is available on propshop24.com for Rs. 295 only.

Calendar Keychain

Source www.amazon.in

Who forgets birthdays? Get him a calendar keychain! An unusual and antique kind of a keychain. If the person is an old soul from the core, he would presumably like this vintage calendar keychain. It is made of silver metal and now available on Amazon.com for 170 Rs.

Game Of Thrones Keychain

Winter is coming! All seven kingdoms are fighting for the Iron Throne. Who do you think is worthy enough to sit on the throne? Is it Mother of Dragons or Cersei? So here is a metallic keychain for your protection from the conspiracy, incest, and betrayals.

The House Stark Sigil Bottle Opener Metal Keychain made of metal zinc Alloy and the shape of Stark Wolf Sigil. The metal color is Silver Plated and Antique Bronze Plated This Product is available on dotaero.in as well as on Bigsmall.in for Rs.399 and Rs.299 respectively.

Royal Bullet Bike Keyring & Keychain

Source www.amazon.in

If he is a biker boy, this miniature bike is the right keychain gift for you to consider. It is a perfect add-on for a bike. Moreover, the wheels actually roll, and the handles are movable! It is made of silver metal and has a thick, sturdy loop. you can buy it for Rs.195 from Amazon.com.

5 Key Chain Gifts for Her

There are zillions of keychain options for girls out there, ranging across all possible categories. We have handpicked some of the most unique keychains that might bring a smile to her face!

Owl Shape Keychain Bag Pendant

Source www.amazon.in

This is an elegant keychain for the stylish young lady! This owl-shaped keychain is studded with colourful rhinestones and will be surely loved by a girl who doesn’t mind a bit of bling! The keychain has a spring lobster clasp and a key ring. So not only does this organize your keys, it can also be clipped to your handbag. It is a unique accessory and can lift your outfit in a jiffy! This keychain is available on Amazon.com for Rs.329 only.

Pom Pom Key Chain with Mirror

Source www.shein.in

Cheer your girl with pom pom keychain with a mirror! If she needs to check her hair or makeup, she doesn’t have to go to the washroom. She has her own mirror!
It is made of faux fur and grey in color. Now available on Shein.com for Rs.219.

Wonder Woman Keychain

A woman who has the will power to change the world--the mighteous Wonder Woman. If the person you are gifting the keychain to is a true WonderWoman fan, she might have often mentioned making a trip to the island of Themyscira!

Delight the wonder woman in your life with this miniature replica of the superheroine. The keychain is strong and firm, just like her, and she stands tall at 1.5”. It is made of PVC vinyl and is quite lightweight.
Available on Bigsmall.in for Rs.499 only.

Travel Keychain

A kickass keychain containing a map, a backpack, a hot air balloon and much more. An aspirant to travel around the world can have this keychain as a token of inspiration or a souvenir.
This keychain has an enamel print and is durable. It is made of alloy metal, and it is water resistant.
You can buy this item on chumbak.com for Rs.595.

Tassel Design Keychain

Source www.shein.in

This is a funky tassel keychain for a fashionable girl. The frills are amusing and attractive. You can buy this beautiful keychain on Shein.com for Rs.219 only.

Keychain Gifts for Kids

Below is a list of unusual choices of keychains for your cute and adorable kids. We hope you find what you are looking for.

Food Souvenir Keychains

Kids love ice-cream sundaes, and bright colours may get their attention on this keychain. They can add this to their backpacks. This keychain can give their bag an outstanding look, and other kids would appreciate the keychain. We would personally like to recommend you Archie’s fancy design softy keychain. It is bright yellow in colour and lightweight. Available on Archies.com for Rs.112.

Pom Pom Unicorn Keychain

Every kid has been told a story of a unicorn and How beautiful and pure they are. Give your kid a furry- adorable unicorn pom pom keychain. They can add this magical touch to their bike keys or their bags. This keychain is different and fluffy. They would love to play with it. This can be an ideal gift for them. You can find this item on shein.com for Rs. 146 only.

Source www.shein.in

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Keychain

A glimpse of a magical wizardry world of Harry Potter. In a Quidditch match, being a Gryffindor’s seeker, he fought his way to get the Golden Snitch, and he won the game. Even Harry Potter needed a pocket watch, to get to the school on time. This is a fantastic keychain to gift to your kid. It is a replica of the snitch from Harry Potter movies with detailed engravings. An ideal gift for all the Potterheads.
Available on propshop24.com for Rs.850.

Batman vs. Superman Keychain

Source www.amazon.in

Batman Keychain

Superman Keychain

Batman and Superman are undoubtedly the most iconic superheroes of all times. In the recent DC movie ‘Batman vs. Superman,’ the superheroes had an epic battle. Who do you think is the strongest? Batman or Superman? Here is your chance to relive the battle and create your own support teams with these keychains which are available in two variants - Batman and Superman. They are made of PVC and are extremely durable, and the superheroes will fight till their last breath - to guard your keys. A great gift for all DC fans and superhero freaks. Now available on Bigsmall.in for Rs.199.

Minion Keychain

Minions are fictional characters from the popular animated movie Despicable Me. They are vivacious, grumpy, childlike but extremely lovable! the recent movie, the minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob seek to find a new master and travel around the world to work with a female super villain. Minions are super popular on social media and their gibberish songs are undeniably funny. You can buy minion keychains from dotaero.in for Rs 199 per piece

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Cool and Trending Keychain Gifts For All Gender

The most amusing part about delivering the keychain gift, is that you can present a gift that goes hand in hand with the receiver's fantasies. Want to make her feel like the Wonder Woman? Or make him fill muscular and intimidating? There is a gift for each and everyone. The kids are not left out too. There is something for them in this guide. For the most part, keychain gifts make for an unforgettable gift.