Over 20 Ideas for Gifts That Can Be Personalised with Photos for When Regular Gifts are Unable to Convey Your Deepest Emotions (2019)

Over 20 Ideas for Gifts That Can Be Personalised with Photos for When Regular Gifts are Unable to Convey Your Deepest Emotions (2019)

Photos are cherished because they capture some of our most precious moments. With photo gifts you can bring these memories alive and make them a part of your life. From bags to candles to mugs, there is virtually endless options to personalise your gift with a favourite memory. BP-Guide India's list has a fantastic collection of ideas for you to dip into - you are sure to find something that's just right for your needs.

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One Of A Kind - Photo Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Photo gifts are the perfect way to show that you care. They add that personal touch to the gift which can win any heart. From photo frames to little things like Mugs and sipper everything holds its own unique value when it comes to gifting. Photo gifts also a very good option for keepsake. One can easily customize the products that a person will like to keep with him/ her forever because photos are meant and are captured to create memories.

Unique Personalised Gift Ideas

When we think of gifts we would always want something that is different. In this article we will try to bring you photo gifts that are trending but yet very unique and different. You can be rest assured that anyone will cherish these gifts.

Rotating Photo Cube

This rotating cube floats on a hanger with the help of a magnet looks ultra stylish. It comes in various colors and has eye-catching design. The cube's design allows 6 different pictures to be be printed. The pictures can be uploaded to the site or can be emailed. This awesome photo gift for your loved is available at www.regalocasila.com and is very affordably priced at Rs.455.

Stunning Photo Slate

Source www.amazon.in

Nothing can be as fascinating when it comes to photo gifts as this idea. Simple and charming, these photo slates have your chosen pictures printed on stone, yes stone. They come in many shapes like heart, rectangle, oval or square. Any of your favorite pictures or messages can be printed on the slate and it can as big in size as you want. It’s a modern alternative to the traditional photo frames. The best part about this product that the seller allows you to inspect the product and design first before finalizing it. It is available at amazon.in and is priced at Rs.759.

Funny Acrylic Stand

Source www.igp.com

These funny caricatures are a great fun gift idea. These comes in different forms like for doctor, rock star, chef etc. and you can even get it designed to suit the recipient. The size of the caricature is 7.7 inches. They can be gifted to someone to wish luck for exams or for bidding farewell, or even to give encouragement. This will definitely make an awesome addition to their desk The website recommends the picture to be digital and clear with a resolution of 300 dpi. This is available at igp.com for Rs.550.

Elegant Photo Shelf Blocks

Source www.etsy.com

When we can have a picture on stone, why can't we have a picture on wood? This photo block is the picture printed on a block of wood, it comes in various shapes and textures, from raw and rugged to plain and smooth. A picture needs to be uploaded to the website with any message that you may want for your loved one. It can be also made without the outer border, though we loved the one with the border as that adds the little rustic look to the wooden photo block. Placed in front of the book shelf or kept on the top of the desk, it is sure to turn heads. It is available at www.etsy.com is priced around Rs.1800.

Cool Photo Lamps

Lamp is a multipurpose gift item. It is not an ordinary show piece; it is also very useful and looks very stylish and adds to your home décor. It is also one of the gifts that can be presented to anyone on any occasion. A personalized lamp with a photo and a message can be the best keepsake gift for anyone. We will list below some beautiful photo lamps for you that you can safely choose to gift anyone on any occasion

Photo Cube Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

This photo cube lamp looks awesome and can be added to any table décor easily. It’s a LED lamp and is not very elaborate so is capable of being adjusted on any table or shelf. These kind of lamps are available in different shapes like cone, pyramid or cylinder and all look very nice. This cube LED lamp with photo is available at www.amazon.in and is priced at Rs.1000.

Neon Bottle Lamp

This neon bottle lamp is also very trendy and comes as a nice gifting option. It’s the kind of décor that you would want to add to your home. Any of your favorite photos with nice resolution can be added to it. It comes with a wooden base that has the bulb holder. It comes in various neon shades and is best suited as a night lamp. It can also be added to your bar décor and can take it to next level.It is available at www.giftcart.com and costs around Rs.700.

Personalised Glowing Tower Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

People who love to showcase important moments of their life can opt for this tower lamp. This tower can feature over 6 photos and is great for a collection of photos related of one of your life events. It also works as a side table lamp as it is comparatively bigger than our other options. This LED tower lamp is available at www.amazon.in and is priced at Rs.1500.

Here is another option if your are looking for tower lamp. This night light shaped like a tower, comes in red, black and brown color with hearts engraved on it. Around 8 pictures can be added to this lamp. it is available at www.photopages.in for Rs.1250.

3D Crystal with LED Base

The 3D crystal LED lamp comes in different shapes. This elegant lamp is heart-shaped and can be presented to your spouse, or your beloved or even a couple on their wedding or wedding anniversary.

Practical Photo Gift Ideas

Custom Plush Blanket and Cushions

Blankets are an everyday item that are very personal. Personalise a blanket with a favourite photo for a charming gift. The blankets come in different materials like satin, fleece or quilt, and also different sizes . Options on the site range from kids blanket to wedding couple blankets or even a picnic blanket. These blankets are available on www.bagoflove.in and the price really vary basis the design you order starting from Rs.1380.

Source www.fnp.com

A personalised cushion is a great addition to plush blankets. You an get little creative by adding a series of pictures and messages on them to create your life story. These cushions are available at ferns and petals and cost Rs.350.

Photo Coffee & Beer Mugs

Source www.fnp.com

This magic cup from fern and petals is a big coffee mug that changes from black color to the picture or image that you select as you pour the hot liquid in it. Sipping your favorite hot drink from personalized magical mug in a nice cozy blanket adds to the overall happiness of the moment. This magical mug is available at ferns and petals www.fnp.com and costs Rs.350.

When it comes to gifts like mugs, Beer mugs are also another great option as a gift to your friends, father, lover or husband. These beer mugs from Indiamart are a great option and are very affordably priced at Rs.85/piece.

Photo Candle Jars

Personalised candles are great gifts on festivals like Diwali, Gurpurab, Christmas etc. They are more like a jar with a diya candle inside it so the photo itself never burns.It is available at www.excitinglives.com for Rs.900.

Personalised Bags

This one is best for school going kids and for office goers as well. You can get school bags in different sizes with the photo of the kid printed on it or you can go for a laptop sleeve with a personalized message and your favorite photo. The bags look really cool and make a perfect and safest gifting option.The laptop bag can be bought from www.printvenue.com and is priced at Rs.600.

Go for a school bag for your toddler and give them a cool and adorable surprise. The school bag depending on the size of the bag will vary from Rs.499 to Rs.699

Stunning Photo Canvas Sets

We think that you will also like to see some nice photo canvas ideas for your family members and we wanted to include that information in here for you.

Photo Canvas For Family

Source www.amazon.in

The most important thing and the priority in life for most of us is our family. Nothing better than a family photo frame when you are looking for a general gift to give a relative's family or family friends. This family photo frame is available on amazon.in and is priced at Rs.789.

Source www.igp.com

Here is another really awesome photo canvas on igp.com that we loved. This photo canvas is very colorful and attractive, making it a perfect for dads. It comes on the right size and can be customized with four of your favorite photos in just Rs.770.

Another charming photo canvas for moms available on at printland.in can be customized with one picture and a message of your choice. This 18 *12 inches photo canvas in purple is available for Rs.600.

Cute Baby Milestone Banner

For a gift to celebrate baby milestones, we really liked is this photo banner which is easy on your pocket too. The banner has space to add 12 photos making it a monthly banner . It is a perfect gift for baby shower so the expecting mother can add the pictures of her baby as the baby gets older and also a perfect decoration for 1st birthday party. This dual decoration banner is available at www.amazon.com and cost around Rs.700.

Photo Canvas For Your Love

The world is full of love and that is why we have brought you two options here which really stood out from the rest.This photo frame from archiesonline.com is very beautiful and bright. This is small in size and can be kept on any table of shelf. The pink heart shaped photo frame will cost you around Rs.600

This other option is a wall hanging canvas from canvaschamp.in. It can be customized with around 40 pictures. This heart shaped photo collage will cost you around Rs.3000.

A Cute Photo Engraving For Friend

There is nothing more special and prized than a true friend. We can just be ourselves with our friends. That is why we have brought you a very special gift for your friend from www.woodgeekstore.com. It is a round wooden frame that can be customized and it reads Friends on the top. It will cost you Rs.500.

Personalised Practical Gift Ideas

Personalised Office Essentials As Gifts

Canvaschamp offers different kinds of calendars at very reasonable price. You can choose from an option of desk calendar, wall calendar or poster calendar. We have chosen the wall calendar over other calendars as it has bigger pictures and larger font. It is available at cnavaschamp.in for Rs.200.

Source www.amazon.in

Keychain with a photo on it looks really attractive and it's always a good idea to remind oneself to drive safely. This photo keychain is available at amazon.in for Rs.150 and looks amazing.

Mugs and Sipper Bottles

Check out this cute white sipper metal that can be customized with your photo and message and is available at indiamart.com and costs only Rs.165.

There are many options available in the market for photo mugs and sippers. For office, or to giver personalised corporate gifts you can order insulated thermal travel mugs that you can easily move around with without worrying about the spill. This is available at printbucket.com and costs Rs.699.

Few Tips To Get A Great Photo Gift

Whatever may be your choice but there is definitely few things to keep in mind before you go for a personalized photo gift. Most of the website list all the do’s and don’ts and expect a digital image for clearer results in printing.

Tips For Ensuring Good Photo Gifts

  • You must choose an image that does not have too many people or things in it. It just makes the image look really cluttered and do not focus on the recipient.
  • The image should also have a great background in darker shade so that the overall print looks attractive.
  • Pictures with a resolution of less than 300 DPI are not deemed to be worth printing.
  • Do not zoom and crop the picture as it often pixelated the photo and reduces the clarity drastically.
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Match The Gift To The Recipient's Taste

With the plethora of choice in photo gifts, it is natural to get confused on what would be a good gift. Keep in mind the occasion and the personality of the gifting occasion while choosing the item on which you want th photo printed. For example for Valentine's Day a photo canvas with some of your best couple photos will be a great idea but for your friend, a mug might be a better idea.