Make Her Feel Like a Queen with These 10 Gifts for Wife on Her Birthday to Gladden Her Heart and Fill Her with the Warmth of Love (2019)

Make Her Feel Like a Queen with These 10 Gifts for Wife on Her Birthday to Gladden Her Heart and Fill Her with the Warmth of Love (2019)

Is your better half turning on a new page in life? This is your wife and in the essence of age. If she is, you ought to present her with a special gift that will lively her up and at the same time make her warm with love. You wife is someone special to you. You are to show her that she means a lot and not only that, when giving her a gift, you are supposed to show her that you adore her and are grateful for her companionship.

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Celebrate Your Wife's Birthday with a Bang!

We are sure that till now you would have given hundreds of bouquets, chocolates and gifts to your wife on various occasions. However, a birthday is a celebration that requires something special to make your wife feel the most loved spouse. If you are also planning to achieve this but, are confused as what gift is best-suited in this regard, then, don't worry we are here to help you. This complete guide not only includes gift ideas but it also suggests romantic additions to your gifts which will surely win you the best husband's title.

Romantic Additions That Will Spice Up the Gift!

Wives are the most important relation of our lives and just one gift is not enough to celebrate their birthday. Below we have provided 3 romantic additions that will spice up your gift:

Accompany the Gift with a Three Layered Chocolate-y Wish

Think about Dairy Milk and Eclairs for a second? Mouth-watering, right? Is your wife a chocolate lover like you? If yes, then, don't forget to accompany her birthday gift with a Dairy Milk Chocolate & Eclairs Arrangement. This bonus will not just fulfil her chocolate dreams, but she will find it sweetly romantic as well. These chocolates are elegantly arranged by and available on Ferns n Petals. This store started in Delhi and, specializes in gifts mostly centred around chocolates, cakes and flowers.

The Dairy Milk Chocolate and Eclairs Arrangement includes 42 Dairy Milk bars and 45 Cadbury Eclairs Gold. These chocolates are arranged around three round shaped thermocol sheets to form a three-layered cake like arrangement. This yummy treat will only cost you Rs.1,699 so, order this three-layered chocolaty wish now and amaze your lovely wife on her birthday!

Accompany the Gift with a “How Do I Love Thee From A-Z” Love Letter

Love letters are no doubt, the oldest and the most romantic medium of expressing one's devotion. If you have arranged everything for your wife's big day, but are searching for something to top up the hike up the romance, then, we have the perfect item for you. The "How Do I Love Thee From A-Z" love letter! This adorable book of love is made in San Antonio, Texas, USA and available on, an online shopping platform that specialises in unique gifts for varying occasions.

In this book, you can highlight the ways from each alphabet starting from A and ending in Z, in which you love your beautiful wife. It includes 26 prompts written in creative typewriter font in which you can add anything that you want, from inside jokes to major memories to minor celebrations. This book has been crafted with love from certified FSC paper and has dimensions of 4.5" x 7". It contains 56 pages and will only cost you Rs.1,395. So, spice up your love's birthday celebration with this adorable book filled with love!

Accompany the Gift with Graceful Pink Roses in a Gorgeous Box


Imagine your wife's surprised look when she receives not just one, or two, or ten, but 40 pink roses, elegantly placed in a box, first thing on her birthday morning. Amazing, right?
If you want to see this mesmerising look on her face, then, order the Graceful Pink Roses in a Gorgeous Black Box prepared by Ferns n Petals, an Indian based gift store.

This product consists of 40 pink roses gracefully arranged in the FNP signature black box. This cardboard box has a length of 9.5", a height of 5" and a width of 6.5". A pair of paper flamingos placed on the top roses increases the beauty of the box. This graceful box will cost you Rs. 1,949 which is quite a low price to spread a loving and adorable smile on your wife's pretty face.

Gift Ideas to Surprise your Wife with on Her Special Day!

Below we have provided a list of ten unique and adorable gift ideas that will make your wife's birthday one of the best days of her life!

Personalized Layered Necklace

What is the perfect combination of things that crosses your mind when you think about an amazing birthday gift for your wife? A personalised gift and a piece of gold jewellery? Well, we found both of these qualities in the Personalised Layered Necklace available on Etsy. This beautiful jewellery is made by BlushesAndGold, a New York-based shop which is a customers' favourite.

It has three layers and each layer contains a distinct item. The first layer has a birthstone, the second layer has the personalised bar and the last layer has a circular pendant. These layers come as different necklaces so your wife has the choice to either wear them separately or together. The birthstone necklace has a length of 16", bar necklace has a length of 18" and the circular pendant necklace has a length of 21". The horizontal bar has dimensions of 40x4mm and the circular disc has a diameter of 13 mm.

You can buy this layered set as14kt gold-filled, rose gold filled or in sterling silver. You can put the engraving's information on the comment box present. The price of this beautiful jewellery ranges from Rs.7,088 to Rs.8,005. We assure you that this gift is a definite heart winner!

Custom Made Needle Felted Wool Portrait Sculpture


There is a special charm in personalised art but, nowadays, this domain has become limited to sketches. If you want to gift your wife personalised art apart from a sketch, then, take a look at the Needle felted Wool Portrait Sculptures made by CraftsBoom and available on Etsy.

These adorable sculptures are crafted from wool and wire and have a height of approximately 5.5". You can change the height of the sculpture by contacting the artist. This artistic masterpiece takes approximately two weeks to be crafted and shipped from Singapore. You have to provide a face, front view and side view photograph with the order for a high-quality product. This mini woolen version of your wife will only cost you Rs.5,757 and the great news is, the shipping is FREE! We assure you this unique personalised gift will bring a big smile on her pretty face!

Custom Star Map


Does your wife believe in shooting stars? Does she like to sit on the rooftop and stare at the countless twinkling stars in the sky? Is her birthday just around the corner and you are searching for a romantic gift? If yes, then, the Custom Star Map is what you need. It is created by TheStarsAboveCo and available on Etsy.

This map contains all the stars and their arrangement on the night that you want. It could be her birthday or the night when the stars aligned and you both were tied in the eternal bond of love. This map depicts stars & planets, the moon and the Milky Way in a stunning and realistic manner. It is different from the other commonly available black and white posters that lack the detailing.

The Custom Star Map is a handmade item. To get it customised, you have to provide a quote/text, the exact date and time and the exact location so that the developers can plot the night sky by using software. It is printed on a 10 mil thick Epson ultra premium lustre photo paper and is fingerprint resistant. You can have it in blue, black and white colours. Furthermore, you can have it in two different sizes, i.e. either 12x16” or 18x24”. This will cost you a total of Rs.4,510. So, hurry up and get your hands on this amazing poster before her birthday and we ensure you that she will absolutely like it.

Intersection of Love - Photo Print

Is your wife an art lover? Does she like personalised gifts? Is her birthday nearing and you are concerned about the gift? If yes, then, consider your problem solved. Check the Intersection of Love - Photo print by Patricia Carlin on This intersection artistic print will feature the important dates and your names in an artistic manner on a crossroads sign. Its creator Patricia Carlin is a Philadelphia based artist who specialises in black and white personalised art.

The Intersection of Love is prepared using archival pigment ink, Epson enhanced matte paper, acid-free mat board, plexiglass and Bonanza wood. You can either buy it as an unframed print or as a framed art. The framed art has a height of 22" and width of 18", whereas, the unframed print has a height of 14" and a width of 11". Similarly, their costs are also different, the framed art will cost you Rs.8,722, whereas, the unframed art will cost you Rs.5,233. If you plan to gift this beauty to your lovely wife, then, we suggest that you hurry up, because it requires some time for creation before shipping.

Customized Leather Jewelry Case

Is your wife a jewellery lover? Does it get difficult for her to store it or take it with her? If yes, then, we are sure that she is always on the lookout for a classy jewellery box. You can solve this problem for her by gifting the Cuyana Leather Jewellery Case on her birthday. It is not only elegant but, you can also get it personalised with a monogram. You can buy either a pebbled leather case or a smooth leather case. You can choose from 5 different colours in the leather pebbled case; these are blush, burgundy, Ecru, Navy and Pearl Grey. The smooth leather case only comes in one shade i.e. Caramel.

The Cuyana Jewellery Case is designed in San Francisco and made in Argentina. It is available on It is a semi-structured leather case with gold-tone hardware. It has a double way zipper with a leather tassel zipper pull. It has interior leather belts for rings and earrings. The lining is wipeable and it also has an interior patch pocket. It has a height of 3.5", a width of 7" and a depth of 6". The pebbled leather case will cost you Rs.8,028, whereas, the smooth leather one will cost you Rs.8,377. You can even add a small piece of jewellery inside it to maximize the surprise.

Mini Metallic Lip Set

Makeup is almost every woman's weakness, and most of them never leave the house without beautifying their lips with a lip color. Does your wife also love lip kits? If yes, and you are concerned about her next birthday present, then, check out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Metallic Lip Set available on Nordstrom. It is a limited-edition, deluxe set that includes three gorgeous shades which are limited-edition as well. These liquid lipsticks provide a full-coverage of metallic and weightless finish. The set includes Blizzard Weather, Mai Tai and Phantom shades.

The doe-foot applicator makes it easier to line the lips and allows even application. These liquid lipsticks are free of paraben, sulphate, phthalate, gluten and talc and each weight 0.08 oz. This limited-edition will cost you Rs.1,875 so hurry up and get your hands on this gorgeous lip colours before they are sold out!

Michael Kors Whitney Leather Shoulder Bag

Is your wife's birthday drawing closer? Does she like elegant accessories? If yes, then, a Michael Kors bag as a gift will spread a big smile on her face. You can buy this Large Whitney Leather Shoulder bag from Nordstorm. It has a shimmering-pyramid stud detailing which adds to its elegance. This versatile shoulder bag is made from smooth leather and is available in black color.

The pull-through shoulder handle is made from a combination of chain and smooth leather. The bag has an interior zip divider and is equipped with interior wall pockets. This sophisticated accessory has a logo-jacquard lining, and the top flap has a push lock closure. An exterior snap pocket is provided which makes organising essential easy. The bag has a height of 6.5", a width of 9", a depth of 3.5" and a weight 1.6 pounds. You can gift this classy piece to your sophisticated wife for a price of Rs.22,510. So hurry up before the collection ends!

Minimal White Watch


It is said that a simple yet elegant gift is always a heart winner. If you want such a gift for your wife's birthday, then, check out the minimal white watch available on Ferns n Petals. Ferns n Petals is a brand that started its services from Delhi and is now well-known for its gift collection. This watch has a silver dial and a white PU strap. The dial size is 40mm, and the strap is made of leather. The seller is currently offering a discount of 7% so this minimalist and classy wristwatch will only cost you Rs.1,199. So hurry up and get your hands on this white beauty before the discount ends!

Digital Vlogging Camera

It is a fact that as the wife's birthday draws closer, the tension increases. The main cause of this stress is usually the lack of a gift.Are you facing the same issue? Is your wife a vlogger? If yes, then, take a look at the Camcorder 24MP Full HD Vlogging camera sold by Sunlea on

As the name suggests, this camera produces a 24 Mega Pixel resolution image in a JPEG format. However, its services are not just limited to taking images, in fact, it also has a 1,080 resolution video filming capability in MOV format. Your wife will be able to flip the 3-inch full frame viewscreen to film her vlog. This screen's flexibility is not just limited to flipping, in fact, it can rotate at 180 degrees. The camera has a 16x digital zoom which allows zooming in and out to take the perfect photo or film the perfect video shot.

The camera has a built-in wi-fi which will allow your wife to transfer her photos and videos freely to her tablet, laptop or phone. The seller provides a 1-year warranty and a 1-month free return. The camera has dimensions of 5.9x3.9x3.4 inches and a weight of 1.22 pounds. It requires 1 lithium-ion battery to function which is included with the product. This amazing memory capturer will only cost you Rs.10,948 including shipping. We assure you that your wife will instantly fall in love with this camera!

Birth Month Mini Dish

Do you know how to present your wife's birthstone on a creative mini dish? No? Ellen Bartfeld knows the trick behind it. You can make your gorgeous wife's birthday a day to remember by gifting her Birth Month Mini Dish made by this California-based artist available on!

These mini dishes are handmade and stained in a creative manner with a colour based on the traditional birthstone of each month. These dishes are decorated with semi-precious stones and glass beads on a copper wire which is attached to the dish with lead-free solder. This dish has a diameter of 3.5" and a depth of 75". You can spice up the gift by placing a ring sporting her traditional stone. This creative masterpiece will cost you Rs.3,102, so, hurry up and order by choosing your wife's month from the drop-down list available on the website.

Bonus Gift Idea: Birthstone Wishing Balls

Your wife's birthday is like your family's private new year celebration. Just like new year resolutions, many people set wishes and goals that they plan to accomplish during the next year of their life. Is your wife one of those people? If yes, then, Birthstone Wishing Ball is what she needs to capture those goals, targets and accomplishments in a creative piece of art. This masterpiece is made by Jill Henrietta Davis and is available on Jill is a US-based artist who loves to craft glass into art.

You can get her wishing balls according to your wife's birthday month. Each ball contains 52 tiny slips of paper for each week of the next year. These balls are made from handblown glass and painted in the colours of each birth month. They have a height of 4" and a diameter of 3.5". The paper slips have a length of 1" and a width of 3". You can gift this artwork for Rs.2,256. Order it now so Jill can prepare it before your gorgeous wife's big day comes!

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Perfect Birthday Gift For Your Wife

A birthday is a day of fun, times when one should also reminisce about their life and what course they wish to steer upon reaching the new age. Gifts inclined to such sorts of perception such as giving the Birthstone Wishing Balls gift, that are a symbol of good wishes, are an excellent choice. Also, lighting up the day with some romance could make it an awesome birthday. These and more romantic gifting ideas have been presented to help make your wife's birthday a perfect one.