Send Her Into a Romantic Frenzy with the Best Treats this V Day: 10 Fantastic Valentine's Gifts for Her in 2020

Send Her Into a Romantic Frenzy with the Best Treats this V Day: 10 Fantastic Valentine's Gifts for Her in 2020

It's that time of the year again...the season of love. That special day set apart for love and for lovers. Do you want to make her relish and cherish that special day, then take a cue from our gifts and treats ideas for her this season. From the usual suspects, chocolate and jewellery, to e-readers, magazines and other cute accessories she'd love to have in her wardrobe, we have loads of ideas with which you can spoil her silly.

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Celebrate Love Your Way...

Go on a Romantic Getaway

Every couple has their own love story and the only way to observe that one day of love that the world celebrates is by doing it your way. The 14th of February or Valentine’s Day is a day that every couple should celebrate, but you can as well put your own spin on it. Skip the Valentine’s day dinner date at a crowded overpriced restaurant with a set menu and go off on a romantic getaway to a seaside destination or maybe a cottage in the woods. If you both are feeling adventurous, then we would suggest considering a romantic camping trip. Sleeping outside, snuggling by the campfire and looking at the starlit skies is one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Taking a time off from the daily routine is a great way to fire up your romantic life and forget the tensions of everyday life.

Surprise Her with Breakfast in Bed

Some clichés exist because they are tried and tested and found to work. Serving your girlfriend breakfast in bed is one such thing. It’s a sweet gesture which never fails to please. But if you are doing it, then do it right. Put together a special valentine’s day breakfast tray with heart-shaped breakfast foods like heart shaped pancakes, fried eggs, toast and maybe some strawberry and raspberry jam. You could add some fresh fruits to the plate, like passion fruit, strawberries, raspberries and cherry. Add a bunch of flowers and a handwritten love note to the tray. You can include your gift in there as well. Join her for breakfast as sharing a meal is one of those things that help a couple bond.

Do Something Fun Like Bowling or Laser Tag!

If you two are not much for conventions, then we would suggest that you still find a way to have fun on Valentine’s Day by doing something fun. If candlelight dinners are not your thing, then do something crazy like laser tag, paintball or bowling. You could also spend the day at the amusement park; riding roller coasters, going down water slides and binging on junk food. Don’t be influenced by the society’s idea of the proper way to spend valentine’s day, because there is no proper way! It’s your life and if you two are a bit weird and goofy, then there’s no harm in staying true to yourself.

10 Luxurious Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Luxury Bath and Beauty Products

Most women love to take long relaxing baths and since its Valentine’s day, you could hop into the shower to join her. What makes a warm bath or shower even better is some great bath products. Get your girlfriend The Forest Essentials Bath Ritual Gift Box. The Forest Essential’s brand is famous for making products that are infused with herbs and other natural components. They are great for the skin and hair and prevent dryness and damage. The Forest-Essentials Classic Bath Indulgence Ritual Gift Box contains miniature packs of some of the brand’s finest beauty products. It contains the Ultra Rich Body Lotion Nargis (100ml), Body Mist Nargis (100ml) and Luxury Sugar Soap Nargis (125gm). These are not just good for your skin but also smell great! Your girlfriend may spend more time in the shower with products this good but she will love you for gifting them to her. The products come packed in a beautiful floral printed box and costs around ₹3850.

Plush Robe


Your girlfriend may be a strong independent woman, but even the toughest of people need to be pampered and taken care of. As much as you may want to, you can’t always stay with her. But you can definitely get her something that will help her feel cosy and comfortable. Get her a plush robe that she can unwind in. This Plush Fleece Dressing Gown from H&M is the perfect gift for your love. This knee-length dressing gown made with the softest fleece comes with a hood, side pockets and detachable tie belt at the waist. Made of 100% polyester, this dressing gown comes in three different colours and patterns - a pink one with white star print, a blue and white stripe one and a grey and white one. The robes are priced at ₹2299. You can order for one here.

Subscription To Her Favourite Magazine

A gift, however precious, soon lies forgotten in a drawer or in a corner of the room. But if you get her something that keeps on generating something new every month, then it’s a gift which actually comes of use. A subscription to her favourite magazine is a smart and thoughtful gift to give your girlfriend. That way she will never run out of interesting material to read and will also stay informed about various current issues. Go to to browse the large selection of magazines that they have. Whatever your girlfriend’s area of interest may be, they have a magazine for it. You will find top selling magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. There are also magazines like India Today, Open and Time. Apart from English, they have magazines in 10 other Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati etc.



If your girlfriend is a bookworm whose favourite activity at the end of a long hard day is reading in bed, then we would suggest that you gift her an e-reader. The Amazon kindle is the most popular e-reader in the market. Available in various sizes, these are perfect for reading both in dimly lit environments and in sunlight. The one of 6" costs around ₹5999. It has a glare-free touch screen display which makes it easy on the eyes. It reads like real paper with no screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets or mobiles. A single battery charge lasts for weeks, as opposed to hours. It’s super slim and lightweight, making it easy to hold one-handedly. It connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you download e-books and journals over the internet. It has a number of appealing and useful features which makes it one of the best reading devices that you can find in the market. You can order for one at Amazon.

Luxury Chocolates

Chocolates and Valentine’s Day go together like macaroni and cheese. We are sure that your lovely girlfriend doesn’t underestimate the magical powers of what was once known as ‘the food of the Gods’. Therefore, a sure-shot way of winning her heart is by getting her a box of chocolates and perhaps feeding it to her while she unwinds to some romantic music. If you like the picture that we have painted for you, then you can turn it into reality. Get her this delectable 4 variety box of truffles from Chocolatevenue. This box contains 12 PCs of chocolate truffles. 3 PCs Milk chocolate oreo Truffles, 3 PCs of Coconut date dark chocolate truffle, 3 PCs of Strawberry chocolate oats truffles, 3 PCs of Walnut dark healthy caramel chocolate truffles and 2 free chocolates with every order. You can order the box from Snapdeal, it will cost you around ₹411.

A Gold Ring or a Pendant

Women love jewellery and getting your girlfriend something that she can cherish would definitely give a boost to your relationship. Get the love of your life The Love For You Pendant from Bluestone. This heart-shaped 18-carat gold pendant set with diamonds is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for someone as special as your girlfriend. You can customise it according to your desire. It’s available in yellow and white gold. You can also pick the type of diamond that you want. If you think that a jewellery this pretty would be expensive, then you are in for a pleasant surprise as this beautiful pendant is priced at ₹4480.

If your budget is a bit higher, then you could also consider the beautiful solitaire diamond ring. The Lucky Delight Ring is made of 18-carat white gold with a 0.15-carat diamond. Buy it for ₹15883 here.

DIY Perfume

Making a perfume at home is not as difficult as you think. If you want to make a customized scent for your love, then you can do that right at home. But first, you need to inform yourself about the kind of aromas that your girlfriend likes and the best way to do that would be to ask her. You could also make her smell samples of various essential oils and ask her to note down her favourite. Perfumes are simply a mix of fragrant oils in an alcohol base. They have base notes. mid notes and top notes. We have a DIY perfume recipes for you right here. You will need essential oils of your choice and some alcohol. You could use natural vanilla, extract, old spice powder, cinnamon, etc. Mix everything together. You can increase or decrease each ingredient till you settle on a smell that is pleasing. Keep the mixture tightly closed in a glass container for a few days, then slowly add the alcohol and leave to develop in a cool dark place. Once the perfume is ready, pour into a pretty bottle and gift it to your love.

Sexy Lingerie


Gifting your girlfriend a lingerie is almost like the norm now. Lingerie has gained so much popularity as the go to Valentine’s Day gift that most online lingerie stores now have special offers on Valentine’s Day. The one we have picked out for you is from H&M. This flirty and sexy Super push-up negligee is the stuff that erotic dreams are made of. This one is a Lace negligee with an integral super push-up bra with under wired, thickly padded cups to maximise the bust and create the look of a fuller cleavage. It has narrow, adjustable shoulder straps and a hook-and-eye fastening at the back. You get it in both black and red colours. It’s priced at ₹1999.


If you want something a bit more subtle, then go for this Lace Trim Nightslip made of a woven fabric with a V-neck and narrow, adjustable shoulder straps. This one will cost you around ₹1299.

Make-Up Pouch

If your girlfriend has an impressive make-up collection, then she will surely appreciate this gift. A make-up bag is one such gift which is super useful for a beauty buff. Get your girlfriend this circular pink makeup bag featuring an iridescent finish, a flat top handle, and a zip closure from Forever21. This make-up bag is made of PVC, with an inner lining made of 100% polyester. It measures 4 x 5 x 4 inch. Buy it for ₹539 here.

Thigh High Boots

When it comes to sexy accessories, thigh high boots fares very high on the list. Get your girlfriend a pair of long boots this Valentine’s Day. Long boots are not only a great winter accessory, but can also be used to spice up your love life. These can be used during foreplay and also for role play. Gift her these Black Block Heel Stud Detail Platform Thigh High Boots from Trufflecollection. These blingy boots will add that oomph factor to any party look and looks great when paired with a mini dress or skirt. These boots have a snug fit and makes the legs look longer and shapelier. They are made of synthetic suede leather and go for about ₹6999. Watching your girlfriend parade around in these shoes will definitely make you fall in love with her once again.

Go for a Romantic Long Drive


Going for a long drive with the love of your life is an underrated Valentine’s Day activity. Riding down the highway with the wind in your hair and maybe some romantic music is one of the best feelings that one can experience. You could stop on the way for a picnic or eat at an open air roadside café. You could drive down to a resort or a fancy hotel, but you have to remember that it’s all about the ride. Pick a place which is well outside the confines of the city. You could try Airbnb. They have a lot of cute guest houses and homestays that you can rent for a night.

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The best valentine gifts and treats.

If you are like us who always ponder on what to buy or do every time Valentine's day is near, then you can take advantage of these best gifts and treats for your beloved and you can create a lasting impression on your girl that she would certainly cherish for a very long time.