The Sweetest and Most Romantic Birthday Message for Girlfriend & 10 Gift Ideas to Rock her Birthday (2018)

The Sweetest and Most Romantic Birthday Message for Girlfriend & 10 Gift Ideas to Rock her Birthday (2018)

You found the perfect gift, awesome. Now what about the birthday message? Candid love messages on a birthday are a cool way to make your gift even more special for your girlfriend. You can dial it up a notch and make the message poetic and romantic so your gift takes on new meaning. This will make her day truly memorable. And if you haven't found the perfect gift yet, we have plenty of ideas for what you can give her.

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A Personalised Message Will Make a Bigger Impact

Sending a beautiful birthday message to your girlfriend is always a daunting task. But fear not, for here is some helpful advice to try and get you on the right path. Now, you may be thinking how you can give a gift with a message that shows how much she means to you. Simple, make the gift personalised. That way you can include dates, events, inside jokes and pet names that will make the gift all that much more special.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or extravagant, a simple gift with a message from the heart is all you need. By all means, go extravagant and complicated if you want or can afford to, but it isn’t necessary. It is the message that is contained within the gift that counts. That will be what makes the difference. So focus your efforts on making her feel special on her birthday, on making sure that your message to her reaches her heart and soul. But most importantly, brings a smile to her face.

A Message with Love

Remember, you are buying/writing a love birthday message for your girlfriend. The girl of your dreams, your true love, so you have to make sure your message conveys that feeling to her. A simple happy birthday won’t cut it, it need to be more. Fill your message with passion and how you feel towards her. This way it will be a clear and meaningful text that she will be reading on her special day and she will know just how you feel about her.

This day is about her, and whilst you are trying to make sure she has the best day she possibly can, she wants to know and feel how much you love her. So a birthday message that is thoughtful, personal and full of your character is the best way to do that. These ideas will inspire you to buy the right gift and the quotes can be used to show your true feelings.

12 Gifts, Ideas and More for Your Girl on Her Birthday

A Musician on Call

What better way to show your girlfriend how much she means to you than by having a musician turn up to wherever you may be, and surprise her with a song? I don’t think there is. The song choice is mostly Indian songs, with a few English exceptions, but no guarantees are made and price vary depending on the location of your surprise. But who cares? You are getting your girlfriend her own private and personal concert! That must be worth its weight in gold. Be sure to book with plenty of time to ensure a musician turns up to wherever you ask at the time you ask and starts playing sweet music to your loved one. This sweet gesture will cost you Rs.3,590 when ordered from Check the website to see if the service is offered in your city.

Star Map with a Message


A star map is a beautiful thing to look at and to have hanging on the wall, but what if it is personalised? What if you can gift your girlfriend a map of how the stars looked on your first date, with an amazing message too? That just makes it sound perfect, doesn’t it? Well, for $39.86 or roughly Rs. 2,790, plus local taxes, you can have a 16 x 20 inches poster personalised with your message for your loved one, delivered to your door for free from Etsy.

When buying you need to include these key bits of information in the “note to buyer” box, and they are: Name or event, time and date, location (city, etc.), colour and font (both can be seen in the images before adding to cart). You can also add a quote, poem or a special message at the bottom. What a perfect way to tell your girlfriend that you love her on her birthday!

Personalised Magazine Cover


Does your girlfriend like to read fashion magazines and fantasies of wearing those elegant gowns, or making the front page some day? Well, today, on her birthday, she can make the front page! You can make her the star of the show with her own personalised magazine cover. Does she have a favourite magazine? Then make sure you get that cover! If she likes a variety of magazines, Elle, Vogue, Film Fare or Times person of the year are good options to choose from. From, you can grab a personalised En Vogue front cover for just Rs.450, so it will make a great little addition to any birthday gift, and it can be completely personalised, photo, titles, subtitles, etc. So get a win with her this year.

Lamp with Text and Image

Light up her life with this stylish bottle shaped lamp, personalised with a photo of your choice and a beautiful text of your choice. You can get all of this delivered to your door for Rs.799.00. It will make a elegant addition to her bedroom, or any room in the house. It will remind her of you every time she turns it on or off, meaning you will be the last person she thinks about before going to sleep, and the first when she wakes up. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Available on Floweraura, the LED light means it will be long lasting, and it comes with a wooden base for extra style points. A guaranteed win for her birthday

Mug with Quote

We all love a beautiful quote that shows our love. And if you can accompany that magical quote with an image it adds even more to a gift. The quote on this well-crafted coffee mug is “Your arms are my favourite place in this world”. That is a quote full of love! And it will make your girlfriend smile with every sip of her favourite hot beverage. Add a photo that shows you to hugging to emphasise the quote and let the magic begin. The price of Rs.399.00 makes it a brilliant cheap gift that will warm her heart with more than just coffee. You can get this gift from Floweraura.

An Adorable Book


An adorable book can be anything from a little cute story she will enjoy, or a sweet memory you wrote for her in the form of a poem. Literature always gets to the heart of those who love to read. However, this is another alternative! Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie is a do-together book. It lets you and your girlfriend skip through the pages jotting down the suggestions on the headers, for example if you were to make your own public holiday, or your most cherished memories of each other. And as you complete the book you are building a time capsule full of memories you two have created together. That is really adorable! The paperback is available on for Rs.448.00 and it is a very cute and adorable gift idea for her birthday.

Photobook of Emails, Text and Messages

Like the book mentioned before, this is a great way to collect memories with your girl. It shows how much you care and value her through keeping emails, texts and any other kind of messages. Maybe you even have old school notes you used to pass to each other. The best way to do this amazing gift is DIY, by printing emails, screenshots of texts, collecting the old notes and pasting them in a scrapbook, adding your own messages and doodles to give it extra flair. The effort you put into such an amazing gift won’t go unnoticed. It is also relatively cheap and easy to do, but it will be a gift she will love for as long as she loves you.

Say it with a Card!

A card is a great way to give a personalised birthday message for your girlfriend. With so many online shops, your card can be as personal as you are, with photos, messages and best wishes. So explore what the internet has to offer! But before you do, below are more great birthday gift ideas.

Card, Mug and Chocolates

They say that whatever it is, say it with chocolates, and a birthday is no exception! And when these chocolates are handmade specially for her, with a mug and a card that show how much you love her, well, you have said it even better! Get this great combo package from Floweraura for just Rs.899.00 that shows how much you love your girl. Watch her smile grow as she sips from the awesome mug and tastes one of the handmade chocolates. Her smile, will make you smile.

Card and Cake

Cake, everyone loves cake! If you can bake one and buy the card separately, that will be even better, but if not, here is the answer. A ½ kilo blackforest cake & greeting card for just Rs.699.00 (1kg option available too) delivered to your, or her, door. Perfect, that is birthday cake and card all sorted in one! It really doesn’t get much better than that. Then you can both sit back and enjoy a slice of delicious cake and think about the amazing day you have spent together celebrating her birthday. This gift is available on

Wine with a Card

A bottle of wine is a classic gift to give for any occasion, and a birthday is no different. It would round off a homemade meal together perfectly, or one to show off at a celebratory dinner party. Add a card to the mix and the combination becomes even more special. You can send her your best thoughts and wishes, with a great tasting glass of wine. And with this amazing hamper combo from giftsnflowers, you get cake and roses too! For Rs.2449.00 you can treat your girlfriend to a tasty glass of red wine and a succulent slice of chocolate cake while she admires the roses in a vase and reads your beautiful message, handwritten in the card.

Flowers with a Card

Girls love receiving flowers, they love getting them just because! So, getting them for her birthday is a good way to ensure you got it right. Order them online and get next day delivery too. They are still bright and beautiful when you gift them to your loved one. This is a service you can get for Rs.1596.20 and it includes a box of Ferrero Rocher and a birthday card to celebrate the occasion. A spending and beautiful way of showing how much she means to you. This gift is a bouquet of 15 stem assorted roses, which will be full of colour and vibrant shades and it is available on Cityflowers. A beautiful gift for your beautiful girl.

Some Quotes to Add to Any Gift!

If you are stuck for inspiration on your magical quote, then here are some amazing ideas to help you out. Pick one and use it, or pick out the best bits from a couple to make your own. Use your creativity to find the perfect message for your girlfriend.

Some lovely birthday messages for your girlfriend:

  • Since you came into my life, all colors have become clearer. You brought light and colors in my dark life. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Falling in love should last forever. Forget all the bad and the things that made you sad. All best wishes from someone who loves you immensely. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life. Happy birthday, love and I wish you all the best. Love you!
  • Sweetheart, age is just a number, for me you are a year younger today and will always be for the rest of your birthdays. You will never grow old in my eyes and in my heart. Happy Birthday.
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Deep and Lovely Messages to Gift Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

A la Mode accessories are not the only gifts you can give to your girlfriend. From proverbs and wise sayings, there is definitely a love quote that will charm and engross her. Let the message be heartfelt and make it clear how you feel about her. It is not about the price, but about making her feel special and loved on her birthday. Make a difference by giving love quotes and messages on her birthday.