Epic Gift Ideas for 18th Birthday: Help Them Step into Adulthood with the Best Gifts & Have a Blast on This Landmark Day (2018)

Epic Gift Ideas for 18th Birthday: Help Them Step into Adulthood with the Best Gifts & Have a Blast on This Landmark Day (2018)

You or someone you may hold dear have probably reached the age of majority. At this time one is free to do what they wish as long as it is legal. One can follow the lestest trends, pick out a style for themselves, share memorable times with friends and even learn interesting arts and skills. Featured are some gifts that will welcome the young adult to adulthood by improving their skills or helping them learn new ones, among other activities so as to enjoy themselves.

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Three Fitting Ways to Celebrate Their Entry into Adulthood

Throw a Grand Party

Stepping into adulthood is an exhilarating experience for all. So if you know someone who is turning 18 this year then it’s time for celebration! At 18 it may not be legal to drink alcohol but there are a whole lot of other activities that one can do. Now that they are an adult, their parents may allow them to go out with friends and maybe stay out a little late or you can throw a grand party to commemorate their entry into adulthood. The 18th birthday party should be a fun affair involving friends and close members of the family. A great idea would be to throw a theme party. You could pick a movie theme or maybe a retro night. Make sure that there are plenty of snacks and non alcoholic drinks to put everyone into a great mood. The music is another important factor in making a party successful. You could hire a DJ to keep things flowing.

Take Them to a Concert

Now that the birthday boy or girl is old enough to vote, they are ready to open up to other experiences as well. We are talking about going to grand rock concert. Get them concert tickets for their birthday. While a lot of parents get nervous about their children attending musical shows, it’s not as bad as it’s penned out to be. Most concerts are very strict about drugs being allowed into the venue and the alcohol is served only to people who are over 21. Attending a concert is a once in a lifetime experience and getting to see their favourite artist live is something that a teenager dreams of all their life. So trust your 18 year old a little and get them those coveted tickets.

Have a Movie Marathon

There are certain movies which are not deemed suitable for a young audience. They may contain violence, sexual references or just be too scary. But now that your girl or boy is officially an adult, it would be unfair to not let them watch certain movies which have adult ratings but have great plots or are cinematic masterpieces. So pick out a few classics that your 18 year old would enjoy and have a movie marathon. You could invite their friends and turn it into a big pajama party. So get those corns popping, open up some snacks, and don’t forget the soda.

10 Great Gifts for Someone Who is Turning 18

A Stylish Leather Jacket

An 18 year old is usually very aware of current trends and there are few things as stylish as a leather jacket. It’s one of those pieces which have managed to stay in fashion forever and are loved by people of all ages. But to an 18 year old a leather jacket means a lot more than an item of clothing, it’s more of an attitude. This lightweight faux leather jacket features a stand collar with a buckle closure, an interior chest pocket, a zip-front closure, chest zip pockets, slanted front welt pockets, quilted shoulder detailing, and long sleeves. Buy this stylish jacket for ₹2799 from Forever 21.

For girls you can buy this faux patent black leather jacket. This one is also priced at ₹2799; buy it here.

Birthstone Jewellery

The 18th birthday is a milestone and therefore the gift should be equally special. Precious jewellery is always a good idea. Birthstones are said to have positive effects on the mind and body of the individual who wears them. So get the birthday boy or girl some gold or silver jewellery set with their birthstone. Get the Crown Chakra Pendant from Bluestone.com. This 18 carat gold pendant is shaped like a star and set with the amethyst stone. You even have the option to customise your pendant. You get to choose between white and yellow gold and can also customise the carat. Buy it for ₹5638.

Cool Sunglasses

An 18 year old is always on the lookout for something to make them look cool. So give them something to achieve that purpose. Sunglasses are considered quintessentially cool accessories. Gift a cool pair of shades to your 18 year old for their birthday. These classic pair of Flat-Top Aviator Sunglasses from are just perfect for a teenage girl. These are oversized aviator-style sunglasses featuring a tinted oversized lens, a flat-top brow bar design, and plastic temple tips. Buy them for ₹799 here.

For boys you can get this tinted pair of round sunglasses featuring gradient lenses, metal frames, plastic earpieces, and clear nose pads. It’s priced at ₹399, also at forever21.com.

Stylish Handbag or Backpack

A stylish ‘it’ bag is another accessory that makes a teenager feel grown-up and stylish. This Faux Leather Flap-Top Backpack from Forever 21 is the perfect day to day accessory which is functional and stylish at the same time. This faux leather backpack features a flap top with a magnetic and drawstring closure, a top handle, adjustable shoulder straps, a zipper interior pocket and two interior slip pockets. Buy it for ₹1799. If you want something a bit more edgy then go for this Spiked Faux Leather Crossbody with spiked studs, a foldover top with magnetic closures, contrast lining, an interior pocket, six credit card slots, and a chain shoulder strap. This one is priced at ₹1499. This one is perfect for a party or a night out with friends.

Instant Camera

18 is an age when you have fun, make friends and most importantly create memories. Taking photos is the only way to create lasting memories and even in the age of mobile cameras, polaroids still carry their own charm. Buy an instant camera for your birthday baby so that they can take pictures with their friends which will last theme a lifetime. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is the perfect gift for an 18 year old. This camera has a selfie mirror a manual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter) real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot constant firing flash. These are available in bright candy colours like lime green and flamingo pink. Buy it from Amazon.com for ₹3890.

Funky Canvas Sneakers

Vans Men Multi-colored Rainbow-Authentic Ombre Dyed Sneakers

Vans Men Grey Printed Chima Ferguson Pro Skate Shoes

Canvas sneakers are like the uniform for the younger generation and would also make great gifts for a 18 year old. But instead of going for traditional blue or solid coloured sneakers go for a pair with a fun print or one which is multicolored. Buy this colourful pair of Vans Men Multi-colored Rainbow-Authentic Ombre Dyed Sneakers. These rainbow hued shoes are comfortable and will also help anyone who wears them make a subtle statement. For maximum effect these shoes should be paired with a monochrome outfit. These are priced at ₹4999. You could also pick this grey printed pair which has a design of toadstools on them. Buy them for ₹3899.

Get the Vans Men Multi-colored Rainbow-Authentic Ombre Dyed Sneakers from Myntra and the Toadstools designed pair here.

Moonlight Cushion

A teenager’s room is their sanctuary. 18 year olds like to decorate their room in a way that it reflects their personality. Therefore getting them something cool for their room is a sure shot way to win them over. The Moonlight cushion is one accessory which we are sure any teenager would love to have in their room. This unique cushion goes through a range of different colours with the help of low energy LEDs. The colour changing light effects are achieved with the help of batteries placed in an internal zip up compartment which is tucked away inside the Moonlight Cushion's casing. This plush cushion Ultra-soft plush man-made furry outer layer, cycling colours and requires 3 AA batteries. The cushion measures 33.00cm x 33.00cm x 11.00cm. Buy it for ₹1922 from Prezzybox.com.

Cinema Light Box

The Cinema Light Box is a gift that is becoming very popular in the recent years. It’s a box designed like old Hollywood theater signs which can be customized by rearranging the letters to spell a new message everyday. Use it to write down motivational messages or anything at all! It’s the perfect bedside or desk accessory. The Lightbox is powered by 6 AA batteries so there so no need to worry about messy wires or cables. It’s made from ABS plastic and LED lights. You can mount this on the wall or keep it on the desktop. The box comes with 85 characters. Buy it for ₹1922 from Prezzybox.com.

Nutella Cookbook

Teenagers and their love for junk food is legendary. Something that has found favour with the new generation is Nutella, the creamy chocolaty hazelnut spread that you can put on anything from bread to waffles. Using Nutella to cook is a great way to encourage teenagers to learn how to cook. So get them the Nutella Cookbook from Prezzybox.com. This book describes how Nutella can be used in cheesecakes, macaroons, cakes and even cookies like an expert with this great little book of recipes. This book which is shaped like a jar of Nutella, contains recipes from irresistible macaroons to tasty cheesecakes. You can now discover new ways of using, cooking and enjoying Nutella. This book contains 30 mouthwatering recipes each accompanied by a full-page photograph. Some of the recipes included are Nutella and white chocolate rice cakes, Caramel cream Nutella lollies, Nutella Charlotte cake, Mango and Nutella spring rolls, Coconut and Nutella palmiers, Nutella truffles and Banana Nutella tartlets. Buy this book for ₹961.

All About You Framed Art

It’s hard knowing what an 18 year old really wants. But this All About You artwork is something that we are pretty sure they will like. This framed art is like a map to someone’s personality and contains unique details about them. All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about them, share their pictures and let the Oyehappy team handle the rest. Share the details in the form after completing payment. Questions may include details such as their nick name, hobbies, favourite food, birthplace, most used dialogue, etc. It’s the perfect thing to hang on the bedroom wall. The frame is sized A4 and the material used is a 1 inch black wooden frame without glass. Buy it for ₹1390.

Now That You are an Adult You Can...

There are lot of things that a 18 year old can do now that they are an adult. Some of them are obvious like being able to vote and being able to watch an adult rated movies. But what we are talking about here is a bit more serious. As an adult there are certain social responsibilities that a person take over. These might not be fun or glamorous but are a quintessential part of growing up and metamorphosing into an adult.

Open a Savings Bank Account

One thing which can actually make someone feel like an adult is having their own bank account. Now that you are 18 it’s time to open a savings account and start monitoring your expenses. You could set aside a portion of your allowance money. A better thing to do would be to get a part time job that pays enough for you to maintain your account. Talk to your parents; seek their advice and start saving up money. It’s a practice that will help you build better habits that will help you later in life. If you save up enough, then maybe you can make some investments later that will help you increase the money that you already have.

Donate Blood

Now that you are an adult it’s good to take up certain social responsibilities. One of them is to donate blood. There are numerous people in your vicinity who need regular blood transfusions because of certain diseases or because of an emergency situation like an accident. So go down to a blood collection center and sign up for donation. There are blood drives too from time to time, and now you can even register as a blood donor on Facebook. Some people are scared as they lack knowledge about the process of blood donation. But its good to educate yourself before you make a commitment. When you register for donating blood, the first thing that they do is check you for any signs of weakness or medical issues. So you need not be worried about any after-effect that you may face. All reputed clinics use fresh disposable needles, so there is no fear of contracting anything.

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Ushering 18-Year Olds to Adulthood

Picking up new traits such as learning basic culinary skills, photography or being in the loop of what is trending is what the young adult is all about. Thus, when welcoming them to this age, it is good to give gifts that go in line with such notions. That's not all, they can also get into other responsible and conscious activities such as donating blood or even doing some voluntary work. Showing them responsibility by open a savings bank account is another very good and terrific idea. BP-Guide has in this feature provided you with enough knowledge on the matter, to know how to usher them into adulthood.