Looking for a Gift for a Teenage Girl? 10 Best Gift Ideas for Teen Girls that They She Will Love (2018)

Looking for a Gift for a Teenage Girl? 10 Best Gift Ideas for Teen Girls that They She Will Love (2018)

What are the best gifts for teenage girls? The answer to that question changes like the weather because if you really want to impress her, you need to keep up with the latest trends. We figured you could do with a little help so here is a handy list of the best gift for girls, along with shopping advice and other useful tips. Don't miss the section on little add-ons that will make your gift truly special.

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What Makes for the Perfect Gift for Teenage Girls?

Finding a gift for a teenage girl is a really difficult task because you need to understand what she thinks and she would appreciate. Also, if there is an age difference then things become more difficult because what is cool for you is probably ‘boring’ for her. Hence, you might find that you need a lot of info to select the perfect gift for her. Also, you can check out some tips listed below which will help you understand what could be the perfect gift for her.

#1 Look for Quirky Things

Quirky is the new black, especially, for the teenage crowd. If you are looking for something to gift to a teenage girl then getting her something quirky and cool would be your safest bet. It doesn’t even matter what the thing is actually as long as it is something cool and has an eccentric touch to it. There are a lot of such things that you can find which also makes it easier for you to find something to suit her taste; from stationery to tea mugs to even jewellery, there are a lot of quirky things to see.

#2 Look for Trendy Things

In the age of social media where almost every teenage girl is influenced by whatever they see online, or in other words, whatever is ‘trending online’, it would be lovely for you to get her something of the same type. You can find a lot of trendy things like t-shirts with indie prints or handbags and other accessories with animal prints. There are also certain trendy kitchen and dining items that teenage girls would love getting their hands on, for example, attractive dinnerware or pretty coffee mugs.

#3 Personalise it, if Possible

This is literally the key to getting anybody a gift that they would certainly love. Just personalise it in some way or the other so that it is special for the person and always a beautiful memory. To personalise something you can either add their name to it, like getting her name printed on a diary, or you can also put a quote or something that she likes on the gift, for example, you can add her favourite quote on a t-shirt. You can also add something cool along with the gift to make it special.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

If you need some cool, trendy and quirky ideas for the perfect gift for a teenage girl then the below list would be very useful. We have found the top best gift ideas for teenage girls that she would surely love. These are gifts that she would find useful and would also mean a lot to her. The top 10 best gift for girls include the following:

#1 Memories in Spotlight

One of the best things to gift anyone is the gift of memories. You can get this amazing frame with 12 pictures of the two of you (or of moments that mean a lot to her) clipped in an aesthetic-style with wooden clips and a LED strip of light from OyeHappy at Rs.2,150 only. It will surely be a gift that she will cherish for the years to come. The best thing is that the pictures can also be easily replaced whenever needed so that she can put newer memories on the board.

#2 Froggy Eye Mask

Is she a fan of anything and everything that checks of the quirky and cool boxes on the list? Then she would love this amazing froggy eye mask which is available on Big Small for just Rs.399. It is made of soft, plush material which makes it soft on the eyes and is great aid in catching up on sleep during travel or commute (or just for a power nap anytime in the day). It also has space for a gel pad which makes it really useful. The whole design, in frog-style green, is very unique and playful with the frog having 3D eyes. It is the perfect gift for a sleepyhead!

#3 Ice Cream Bar Coffee Mug

Is she a regular coffee or tea drinker? Or does she love collecting unique mugs? If yes, then she would like to add this ice-cream bar coffee mug to her collection as soon as possible. Made of high quality, durable ceramic material it comes with a unique-twist as the handle of the mug is in the shape of an ice-cream bar. Very colourful and vibrant, it is an instant hit among young, teenage girls and would make their morning coffee times really fun. You can get this gift-packed from Archies. It is worth Rs.499.

#4 Personalised Memories Combo

Source www.fnp.com

Gifting someone a thing that has memories associated with it or something that is personalised in a way that it speaks to the person is probably the best gift ever. You can also get something similar by considering this personalised memories combo from Ferns and Petals for just Rs.699. It is basically a combo of a black, personalised cushion and a black, personalised coffee mug. It can be personalised with the name (or names) of people and also a date that means a lot to the person (or persons). This is a nice gift if you wish to commemorate a particular day!

#5 LED Balloons Set of 5 (Assorted)

If you do not want to really gift something but just make a small gesture for the day then you can consider getting her a set of quirky yet really cool LED balloons that would not just light up her room but literally light up her day! For just Rs.299 only, you can get a set of 5 of these LED balloon, all in different colours, from PropShop24. You can probably put them in her room and then watch the look of surprise and glee take over her features when she walks in and spots them!

#6 Elegant Diamond Pendant Set

If the teenage girl that you are getting a gift for is a fan of jewellery and stuff then you can consider getting her this elegant diamond pendant set from Archies. For just Rs.799 you can get this beautiful set of a pendant (with a chain) along with a pair of matching earrings. The design is simple yet elegant and best suited for young, teenage girls. With a small bow and diamonds put together in the shape of a flower, the design of this set will steal her heart away. Also, the set comes in a nice, little red velvet box which gives it a royal touch of its own. It is one of the best gift for girls. Buy it here.

#7 Wooden Doggo Phone Stand

Another one of the quirky and cool gift ideas for girls on this gifting list, a phone stand in the shape of a cute, little puppy is something that will steal her heart away. Available on Big Small for just Rs.799, it is a really nice gifting idea for people looking to give something different. It is made out of solid wood and the doggo figurine is placed on a wooden stand which makes it more durable and sturdy. There are also variations in designs and you can choose which doggo you want. Options range from pugs to husky to even a bulldog.

#8 Shoppers Stop Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

Teenage girls, if not all then at least most of them, live and thrive on shopping. Especially when new and trendy designs keep coming out in the market every now and then, they surely crave to get their hands on some of the top designs out there; and, if you don’t know what to gift her or there are sizing issues, then you can consider gifting her a gift card from Shoppers Stop.

You can get one from Amazon India for Rs.1,900 only which is valid for a long time and across all stores in the country and even on their website and app. She can simply use the card and buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants!

#9 Unicorn Pendrive 32 GB

Nowadays trendy and quirky things are on an all-time high. Gifting her the quirkiest pendrive on the block is certainly something that should be on your gifting list. You can get a beautifully designed unicorn-shaped pendrive from PropShop24 with a capacity of 32 GB for just Rs.800. Designed in white, pink, blue and a little bit of other colours, this is surely a great gift for the funky, cool teenage girl. Made of high quality material, the unicorn-shaped pendrive will not get chipped-off easily and is very durable. She would surely like this quirky gift!

#10 Crossword Gift Vouchers

Source www.amazon.in

If she a fan of reading books? The ultimate book-worm that you have ever seen? If yes, then why not gift her the choice of getting her own favourite books from Crossword, a premium book store? You can find gift vouchers on the official website of the bookstore starting from just Rs.100. It is valid across all their stores and even on shopping books through their website or app. Purchases can be made anytime during a period of 1 year. It is certainly a gift that she would love as it also gives her the power to choose whatever she wants. Buy the voucher here.

3 Things that Can Make the Gift Special

If you want to go a step ahead and add something extra to the gift to make it more special for the person then the below listed points could help you a lot. They are things that are specially selected keeping in mind that you are looking for a gift for a teenage girl. So, the top three things that can be a great addition to the best gift for girls, are:

#1 Chocolates and Candies

Kids love chocolates and candies, even adults for that matter. You can add a packet of sweet-sour candies or a box of her favourite chocolates along with the gift to make it special. If you are on a budget then you can even find a kind of hamper that suits her taste and preferences because most hampers come with gifts and chocolates put together in different combinations. You can even many types of hampers online and you also have the option of selecting the chocolate flavours and other stuff.

#2 Greeting Cards

Lot of people love preserving the greeting cards they get over the years. If the person that you are buying the gift for is similar to this then you could add a greeting card along with the gift to make it extra special for them. There are a lot of greeting card options available nowadays. You can find a card that strikes an emotional chord or one that makes her laugh out loud. Select what suits the occasion and her taste.

#3 Roses (or Any Flowers)

Flowers are something that almost every other person loves. If she likes flowers too then you could add a bunch of her favourite flowers along with the gift to make it look more nice and also it would mean more to her. If you are confused about what kind of flowers she would like then settling for a bunch of roses is your safest choice. You can also find different colours of roses nowadays, from red to yellow to even pink. If you do not want to overdo with the flowers then you can and a single rose with a long stem and leaf in a bouquet style design.

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No matter how cute or quirky a present is, if it's not something she can find use for it will be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. There are loads of things an average needs for school, hobbies, assignments and her social life and a gift which helps in some way will not only be used but highly appreciated. And no matter what the latest trends, you must customise your present to the girl, and that means taking an active interest in the things she is keen on.