Saree - The Symbol of India's Longstanding Culture: 10 Iconic Sarees for Women, Both Modern and Traditional for Your Pleasure! And 3 Tips to Choose the Right Saree.

Saree - The Symbol of India's Longstanding Culture: 10 Iconic Sarees for Women, Both Modern and Traditional for Your Pleasure! And 3 Tips to Choose the Right Saree.

If there's one attire that fits perfectly in a wedding as in a party or a casual dinner or even to the temple, it is the saree. Saree is available in different fabrics and styles suitable to fit every occasion. Our fashion experts have curated a list of saree in both traditional fabrics and new-age fabrics. Keep reading, you are sure to get inspired by our selection.

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Saree : Growing Popular World Over

Long only considered as a traditional Indian wear the saree has grabbed the attention of designers and celebrities worldwide from Pamela Anderson to Paris Hilton all slaying in style with saree. With the popularity of saree increasing, trends have also been changing constantly and you will see all sorts of designs and draping styles now. From belts to the dhoti style saree, the fashion trend in saree has come a long way. However, it is not just the draping style that changed but also designs, fabrics and patterns underwent massive variations over the decades. Let us look at some of the timeless fabrics and the new inventions such as organic sarees. However, before that here is are our quick tips to ease out your saree selection process a bit.

How to Choose a Saree for You

Consider Comfort Level in Draping

Rather than sticking to the traditional draping, there are today many ways you can experiment. You can look up online resources to find new styles. Alternatively, You can buy readymade styled sarees that should be worn just like any other apparel. It is a quick way of experimenting with different styles rather than spending hours in learning different type of draping styles.

Your Complexion and Body Type

Well, let us be crystal clear that complexion and body type should not be a deterrent to adopt any style or wear any dress. You can wear absolutely according to your liking. Having said that there will be few shades that might look better on you compared to other shades. For example, jewel colours suit dark complexions better. Similarly, the design pattern and fabric of saree might also play a significant role in defining your body shape.

Fabric of the Saree

Types of fabric have swelled in saree for women over many years. There was a time when we hardly heard about organic sarees. Moreover, the era of handmade fabric faded with beautiful machine-printed sarees taking the centerstage. However, the traditional fabrics did make a comeback in a big way. You should decide the fabric depending on the occasion, place and your own comfort. For instance, everyday cotton and chiffon sarees are a perfect choice for the office. However, at a party, you would want to pick that shimmery lycra fabric saree from your wardrobe.

Trendiest Saree Collections for Your Wardrobe

Bright Colored Woven Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is that one fabric in saree for women that remained timeless and equally popular with the young and old generation. Lightweight fabric that can exhibit the brightest tone of the colours with beautiful designs, chiffon has been favourite of Bollywood from long now. Delicate and vibrant define this fabric perfectly and by all means, this should be in your wardrobe. Our choice for the season is this Lime Plain Chiffon Saree with blouse piece available for Rs. 674 at The beautiful peach shade of the saree goes perfectly with the contrast blouse making you the center of attraction. Grab the compliments with this easy to maintain and gorgeous looking chiffon saree for women’s day and any other occasion.

Resham Embroidery Thread Saree


Resham Embroidery has become more versatile recently, rather than just sticking to floral patterns. The intricate resham embroidered sarees are all-season apparel that looks very beautiful and distinct. Resham threads are woven into complex and dreamy patterns from floral to a paisley pattern. You can either buy the saree with single resham thread embroidery or go for multi-color and contrasting threads. If you have already made up your mind to go for resham embroidery this season then have a look at this Black Net Resham Embroidered Designer saree with cutwork border. With a combination of pearl stone and resham thread, this saree is everything stylish and enhances your magnetic personality. You can buy this saree on for Rs. 5,040. Do look for the handling and washing instructions to maintain the saree for longer.

Regal Paithani Sarees


It would not be wrong to say that paithani sarees have been the first choice of the royal folks and rich have a special love for this fabric. It takes a sharp skill and experienced hands to weave a colour thread widthwise and finally achieve the kaleidoscopic effect. You would be able to identify a lot of Buddhist patterns and themes in a lot of these paithani sarees. Available in some of the brightest and warm colours, paithani saree will sure give you that desired royal look and feel. The Yellow Paithani Saree available on Zee Meri is one such piece that you should have in your wardrobe. Clubbed with contrast blouse this saree is available only for Rs. 1,499 after almost 50% discount on the website. Set the trend with this royal paithani saree whatever the occasion is.

Patola Silk Saree

Named after their origin in Patan, Gujarat these sarees were once reserved only for the royalty. Since handweaving the complex patterns was both time-taking and complex, these sarees used to be expensive. With time, however, different versions of patola sarees came into being and have become quite popular. You will find exquisite colour variations in patola silk saree and very fine art even in the simplest design. Don’t believe us – buy this Blue Art Silk Woven Patola Silk Saree and see for yourself. The vibrant colour with a woven design border is everything that you need to look like a royal. You get the attached blouse piece with the saree when buying on Myntra for just Rs. 2,744 after a 40% discount.

Stunning Bandhej Print Sarees

From the heart of Rajasthan, bandhej is one of the most beautiful and popular prints in India. Hardly, you will see a design that is equally popular with women and men. The art itself originated from Jamnagar, especially if the colour is one of the red shades. It is the water of this small place that is known to render some of the most beautiful red shades. On the other hand, if you are looking for the finest bandhani in the country then there is no match of Bikaner. We liked the modern touch given to this Bhandej saree from Label Kanupriya. The pastel blue and yellow saree, with bandhani, all over is chic, traditional and gorgeous. Combined with the lacework blouse, the saree is mesmerizing like fresh morning dew. You can buy this saree from the aforementioned website for just Rs. 2,820.

Lycra Partwear Sarees

Apart from the traditional style, over time there have been various new patterns and fabrics in saree for women. If you are looking to buy shimmer sarees for parties and other occasions then Lycra is one of the most popular fabrics. While been in the fashion circuit for quite long, shimmer sarees were not as affordable by most of the people as are now. We liked the fashionable silver saree on Manyavar website. Available for Rs. 6,999, this saree fits any occasion and festival and perfect for those who want ethnic wear with a twist. Pair the saree with delicate silver earrings and you are ready to rock any party.

Georgette Designer Sarees

Georgette is one of the most preferred fabrics for its lively colours, texture, and strength. This fabric is popular across the fashion industry for its versatility. Georgette comes in different varieties and that’s why you see sarees, gowns, and other dresses made of georgette. This is one of the most popular fabrics amongst women for its texture, variety, and comfort. In looking for trending sarees for women we came across this beautiful pink and blue georgette saree with lacework. You can wear it for any occasion and look and in any season since pink and blue is both vibrant and warm. The saree comes with a blue colour embroidered silk blouse which is unstitched. Overall, you can buy this dreamy pair of saree and blouse for just Rs. 1,599 on Ethnic Roop.

Hand Woven Organic Cotton Sarees

Depicting the rich heritage and culture of India, handwoven organic sarees are environment friendly too. Not only the fabric is super comfy but also you would see some of the brightest patterns and designs over this fabric. Since right from sourcing the fabric to handweaving the design takes time and high skills, the price would also be more compared to other fabrics such as chiffon or georgette. Further, the maintenance of these sarees also demands more time and care compared to various other fabrics. A bit of research into organic cotton sarees got us to Ethicus where you can find a host of beautiful sarees with magical prints and patterns. In particular, Ballod of Blossoms Saree stole our heart taking inspiration from the English Flower garden. The traditional weaving of Pollachi and the compressing of scriptures written on a Tamil temple has gone into making this masterpiece. At the price of Rs. 12,220 we bet you would take home a classy blend of tradition, modern and artistic excellence.

Made to Measure Sarees

For very long the concept of made to measure in sarees was not popularized. Most of us thought that saree for women always comes in free size. However, that concept has changed a lot because now you can get made to measure sarees which means that sarees can be customized according to the customer. Just like made to order bridal lehengas, sarees can also be made to order.

Among other options, this Pink and Gold-Toned Cotton Blend Printed Saree on Myntra caught our attention. The saree has a solid border and stitched cherry red blouse with small floral prints. While saree fabric is a cotton blend, the blouse is carved out of viscose rayon. Typically, these sarees are priced higher but on Myntra you get this beautiful piece for just Rs. 2,805. In order to ensure the best care and retaining the original colour, it is best to get the saree dry-cleaned rather than hand or machine wash.

Tie & Dye Sequined Sarees

Lately, saw Bollywood divas donning tie-dye sequined saree in style – well that is the latest trend you should go after. More importantly, these sarees are one of the best examples of blending modern and traditional patterns. Our favourite for the season is this Pink Sequin Saree with a blouse with tie-dye pattern all over on the white material. While white and pink has been an infallible combination for decades now, the sequencing just adds the chic look. Made from Georgette fabric this saree is available on Indianq for just Rs. 1,199. You can wear this saree for casual occasions as well as parties.

Rock 2020 in Style

So, our list of saree for women with price ends and we bet you would pick up at least one from our diligently curated list. Taking an idea of what is trending is always the right thing to do before stepping out to buy a saree. However, we also believe that buying saree for women’s day or any other occasion demands a few more things that you should take care of.

Traditional Fabric with Modern Work

This season, do not be shy of experiments and one of the best ways is to go for traditional sarees with the trending work. You can pick one from our list or select the style which suits you. For instance, you can select half sarees for women, belt up the saree, or pick any other style.

Pastel Colours are in This Season

We all have our reservations when it comes to picking up the pastel colors in saree. One of the reasons being that pastel colors entered the scene quite late when it comes to traditional Indian clothes for women. However, it would not be wrong to say that these pastel shades took the fashion industry by storm extending the choices even more. It is the perfect time to ditch those reds and yellows in saree to go for contemporary shades and hues.

Experiment Different Styles with Your Old Sarees


You would be amazed to discover the magic you can create from your old sarees. All you need to find is a good boutique or a designer who can add the touch of modernity to your traditionally beautiful saree making you stand out from the rest of the crowd

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Store it Safely!

Saree is one of the iconic apparel ever. It can be worn in many different ways; much more than the usual floating and pleated pallu style. But these sarees also need to be stored carefully. Each saree has to be stored differently; For example, Kanchipuram sarees have to be stored in a cloth bag and should be aired out occasionally. Designer sarees with work, on the other hand, should be hanged in your closet. Next time, you buy a saree look at the storing instructions before throwing away the packing. Or enquire with the shop keeper.