Stunning Saree Deals That You Shouldn't Miss: 9 Gorgeous Saree Combos To Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Stunning Saree Deals That You Shouldn't Miss: 9 Gorgeous Saree Combos To Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Finding good deals while saree buying is an obsession for many Indian women. Even more exciting? The idea of buying multiple saree combinations at a bargain price! Online websites put on attractive saree combos regularly but the choice can be bewildering. BP Guide India has gathered some of the best deals of saree combos, so check out to before you make your next purchase.

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Online Saree Shopping: The Many Joys Of It

Saree is the most popular traditional culture attire of Indian women. Saree is worn as daily wear in most parts of India, and they are draped in various styles. Sarees come in wide range originated from different states of India, and they are made according to necessity and lifestyle.

Saree is available in a wide range at the physical stores, and people so far are comfortable buying them from their favourite stores. Recently buying sarees online has gained very much popularity due to some fundamental advantages. If you buy online, you don't need to go to the store and wait for your chance to browse or ask the shopkeeper to show you the saree. Also, you get rid of the traffic and parking problem. It also saves money as well as valuable time. Another option from buying online is getting beneficial offers like ‘combo saree deals’ from different websites. Almost all the leading sites of garments sell sarees in India. Combo sarees can save your money, and you can get two or three sarees in a great deal, together and at your doorstep.

Benefits of Buying Saree Combos

We all have to agree that e-commerce has changed our lives and taken care of many more things. Our closet life is grateful to the new technology and the online shopping hub. We buy many things online, but when it comes to buying sarees, we get a little confused as without grabbing the fabric it is difficult to judge a saree. It takes longer to buy a saree rather than buying jeans. However, it makes sense to purchase saree from online stores in many ways.

Online stores are opened for 24 x 7, and also you can get it just by clicking on your mobile app. Even, the hottest trends come online first, the latest saree designs, the brilliant sales on sarees, or buy one and get a lot more offer on two, three or four sarees. Yes, combo sarees come with exciting deals and best prices online. Not only they save much money when you buy two or more sarees together, but you can also see a wide array of variations of sarees in one window. You also don't need to hop on every saree store to find out different sarees which you like, as you can get as many as you want in just one page. Moreover, you don't have to carry them to your home, as they will get delivered right at your doorstep.

9 Saree Combos That Are A Great Deal Online

Kanjivaram Cotton Silk Saree Combo

Can you even imagine to get a deal of two sarees which are cotton silk kanjivaram materials in just less than a thousand rupees? These deal of solid woven Kanjivaram sarees, a pack of two comes with great stuff and beautiful colour combo. They come in a variety of twenty saree combos which are of crazy colours and chic look. The beautiful solid colours with golden zari border look so traditional and ideal for festive seasons. They come in various combinations of blue-green-firozi black, blue green-red black, green pink-mustard purple, green pink-pink blue and many more. The saree comes in a pack of two; they are best for the casual, wedding party and festive wear. They are solid fabric with no hand embroidery or embellishments. The length of each share is 5.5 m, and the blouse pieces are 0.8 m, each. The weight is 0.49 kg. The price for these combo sarees are INR 695 at

Polycotton Saree Combo

When a saree becomes casual wear as well as a party dress, it is a must-have thing for a lady’s wardrobe. This saree is a fashionable polycotton attire that comes in the pack of two with two different shades. The charming combination of sky and brown-gold in one and grey and brown-gold in another makes the package an exclusive deal for you. Polycotton sarees are easy to wear and s this piece has no hand embroidery or embellishments, you can wear beautiful heavy jewellery with it to give it a gorgeous party look. Two sarees are priced at INR 813 at

Multi Coloured Silk Saree Combo 

Silk is such a fabric which looks great in any body shape and frame. Silk as the material is wearable at any season and it seems gorgeous as casual wear or elegant as party wear. The combo silk saree from Ishin is a perfect collection for your wardrobe because it comes with two brilliant shades and styles. The sets contain blouse piece with them. The length of the saree is 6 metres (5.30 meters saree and 0.70 meters of blouse piece each). The colour of one of the two sarees is orange with golden prints on it. Orange and gold are an excellent combination for any festive day, and it suits any complexion too. The other saree is a hot pink shade which has sky blue and golden motif design that looks elegant and chic. The price for this combo pack is INR 905 at

Plain Faux Georgette Saree Combo

Sometimes you crave for a saree which looks simple and elegant to wear at any time of the day. A georgette takes care of that ‘no show-off’ part of your choice and brings out the ultimate ‘you’. The combo of faux georgette saree with the graceful blue and orange shade of each will not take much space of your closet but yet it will be a chic and simple collection. Each saree contains blouse piece with them, and they don't have any border or ornamentation. Pair a stylish sandal and a glamorous purse with a chandelier earring with them to look outstanding. The solid shades look beautiful itself, and they can be used in any season. The price for the combo georgette is INR 999 at

Multicoloured Silk Blends Combo

When you see three beautiful sarees at a time with vibrant colours and graceful design, you think to get them, but the prices can make it difficult.

If you want to purchase 3 saree in one combo set, then this is a great deal for you. These multi-coloured silk blended sarees comes at INR 1094 by, and they are gorgeous than ever. This Multicoloured Silk Blends Combo Silk saree set contains 3 poly silk sarees that are perfect for casual wear and festive wear

These saree combos in different colours will make your festive days and parties colourful. The combo has a magenta with floral prints a mustard yellow with grey prints and a Rama green saree with deep pink floral and printed motifs. The side of the saree has cute designs which changes the look of the saree and make if different. This ethnic collection is sure to keep in your wardrobe.The length of each saree is 6 metres (5.30 meters saree), and with width is 1.07 meters. Each saree comes with attached louse piece(0.70 meters). The price for this combo pack is INR 1099 at

Multi Coloured Cotton Silk Saree Combo

If you want to buy five different sarees at one time under a low budget, you can surely grab on these combo pack of five sarees. The fabric is cotton silk with blouse piece, the saree length is 5.3 meters, and the blouse piece length is 1 meter for each. The design of the blouse work is simple, and the saree is printed. These sarees can be machine washed at home easily. The combination of pink, purple, red, coral and sky blue coloured sarees are available to force the price of INR 1285 at

Triveni Taffeta Silk Sarees Combo

Silk sarees are comfortable to wear, and this taffeta silk fabric is a lightweight saree which you can wear at daytime easily. The base colour is a light shade, and both the sarees have the same designs with a different colour combination which are red and green. The saree is 5.5 meter, and it has running blouse piece. The price for both the sarees as a combo pack is INR 499. It is a buy one get one free offer. So grab this offer as soon as possible.

Cotton Saree With Blouse Piece Combo


The cotton silk sarees are comfortable for grab and go, as they don’t need extra care. The fabric is 70% cotton and 30% silk with blouse piece. The saree length is 5.50 meter, and the blouse length is 0.80 meter respectively. It can be washed by hand at home. This combo sarees come in various shades like sky blue and orange, red green and orange, green khamba and pink, green orange and blue etc. It is a great evening wear for parties and casual wear. The fabric is comfortable, and there are many options to choose from different shades of casual faux cotton sarees. The price for this combo pack is INR 739 with free delivery at your doorstep.

Silk Saree Combo


The pack of two sarees are gorgeous and traditional. The multi-coloured cotton silk sarees are faux georgette fabric with brilliant prints. The beauty of these sarees is that they are made of Bhagalpuri silk which is easy to drape and wash. It is a lightweight material and dries fast after washing. The length for the sarees are 5.5 meters, and the blouse is 0.75 meters. The pack of two sarees consists of black and red combination with golden motifs and another red and pink blend with golden flower motifs. Give them a corporate look a collar neck blouse style. The price of this saree is INR 594 with free delivery.

Tips For Buying Combo Sarees Online

  • Your style matters: Your draping style for sarees gives the reflection of your method of carrying the saree. It determines your body shape and comfort level. Make sure to select a draping style that suits you before you hunt for a saree. Buy a saree that will make you comfortable and confident. Consider the current style and trend: Fabric like cotton, georgette, chiffon, crepe, or silk gets trendy alternatively. The latest trend is handloom, and there are a variety of options for handloom sarees online. Prints also matter as floral, bold or big copies or something traditional changes time to time. Borders of the saree also play a vital role in the trendy and stylish sarees. Colours even matter along with zari, embroidery or massive stone works. It would help if you looked for fashionable sarees which will look best on you.

  • Choose reliable online stores: A reliable store for saree is essential as there are many fraud websites who intend to sell low-quality products at a higher price. Always check the customer’s review before choosing a site. View the website’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and be sure of the authenticity. As along with the design the material of the saree is the most important thing to consider, so check with the right and reputed website for the transaction.

  • Compare the price before buying: There are many websites who sell sarees at different rates. To get the best deal, you should compare the products and look at the price tags. Some sites gives more discount on the same product at the same time, so if you buy with that discount, you can save even more at the same saree.

  • Be aware of the duplicate sarees: If you buy a particular brand product from the outside store, which is of good quality, you would love it to buy from online websites as most of the time they give discounts, and it comes at a lower price there. Non-reputed sites sell duplicate products, and it is risky to buy from them. So to avoid this situation, choose a website by reading the customers review, you can also check with your friends’ suggestion who use that website.

  • Check the payment method, shipping charge and return policy before you buy: Check with the discounts and offers, payment methods such as if credit cards, debit cards, master cards, cash on delivery and net banking. You can try the cash on delivery option first with a new website to check the product first and then pay the bill. Check with the website’s return, refund and cancellation policies before you click the buy option. It is essential to study the policies and be sure because if after delivery you see the colour is different or the saree is not delivered as ordered by you, then you can exchange or return with full or partial payback amount. Any reputed website will offer customer care facility with a hassle-free delivery and free cancellation, return and refund procedures. This factor is highly relevant to check before you buy one or more sarees as a combo pack.
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Be Wary Of Too Good A Deal!

The convenience and the fun of buying different sarees for one reasonable price tag is the biggest attraction of saree combos. But be careful of too good a deal. Read carefully through the description to understand what the combo contains, the saree material and dimensions. Verify carefully after you receive the package that what you've got matches what you paid for. In case of any issues, reach out immediately to customer care to get the answers you need.