What is the Best Kind of Gift for Wife? Romantic Of Course! 10 Gorgeous Gifts for the Wife on Her Birthday or Just to Keep the Passion Alive (2019)

What is the Best Kind of Gift for Wife? Romantic Of Course! 10 Gorgeous Gifts for the Wife on Her Birthday or Just to Keep the Passion Alive (2019)

Having been together for a couple of months or years through thick and thin, it is absolutely necessary to mark her birthday in a spectacular manner. Not only with gifts, but also with sweet befitting gestures. This article presents the best gift ideas. Read on!

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Keeping the Romance in Marriage Alive Needs Effort

Romance in a marriage sadly isn’t something that happens automatically. From work deadlines to paying bills, daily stressors are just so many that the intimacy and passion of the early years of marriage start fading which can lead to a drop in the closeness between partners.

To have a marriage that’s strong on romance, efforts are required by both partners. You are on the right path if you are looking at a gift for your wife as it is a tangible way to show her how important she is to you.

How to Keep the Romance Alive In Your Marriage

While a romantic gift is a great idea to surprise your wife with, it takes more than that to keep the romance alive. With the daily grind sucking up much of your energy, you often forget to be a couple. Small things done for each other on a regular basis helps you both reconnect, but these require commitment and conscious effort. Here’s a list of things that put the focus back on your partner – pick the ones that best suit your marriage and her personal preferences.

Remember To Flirt

Flirty banter, sexy touching, winks, love notes, secret smiles - these are a staple while courting but become scarce after marriage. Don't do that - sneak in romantic gestures whenever you can so your wife feels loved. Give her a loving caress as she walks past, send her cute emojis while at work or tell her that you can’t wait to see her anytime you are away. These will go a long way in keeping the spark alive between you.

Find Out What Your Wife Considers Romantic

The meaning of romance differs from person to person. For some, it could mean a candlelight dinner, for another it could be a relaxing back massage. For others, it may be you doing some chores. We are sure you know your wife well enough to understand what makes her feel special. If not, take the time to do so!

Dedicated Couple Time

Pencil in some alone time with your wife at least a few times in a month. This is truly a bit hard when you have small kids as you typically have no time to even sit and talk! Many couples set aside one night a week to do something together as a couple - it could be a movie, a dinner or simply a walk. Having quality one-on-one time can be a wonderful way to reconnect as individuals and not as parents or spouses.

Spice It Up In The Bedroom

Keep the passion alive between the sheets. Make sure to set aside time regularly to have fun in the bedroom. Try new things and explore ways to make it more fun for her. Look for ways to create an environment that's conducive to romance – clean up your bedroom and set it up with candles, send her suggestive messages, give her a sensuous massage – use your imagination!

Communicate And Appreciate Each Other

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Open and non-judgemental communication is the lifeline of a good marriage. Communication covers good and bad stuff. Whenever you feel something needs to change, express your feelings to your wife as soon as possible without anger or irritation. This will give her a chance to understand your point of view. Similarly, be sure to explicitly express your appreciation for all that she does. Even small gestures like picking up her favourite snack tells her you think of her.

Fall In Love All Over Again: 10 Romantic Gifts For Your Wife

I Love You Diamond Pendant

This elegant 'I Love You' pendant studded with 16 diamonds state your love loud and clear! Beautifully crafted in a heart shape, the delicate pendant is made from 18K white gold and weighs 2.20 gms. Sold by the popular jewellers Kalyan Jewellers, this pendant is certified so you can be sure of the quality. Order it on candere.com for Rs. 20,557 - this price includes free engraving, so you can add a special message for your wife.

642 Things about You (That I Love)

Source www.amazon.in

The 642 Things about You is a charming gift idea for someone who likes the idea of written affirmations of love. This small book contains several prompts or questions that help you creatively capture sweet, interesting, quirky details about your wife. A personalised and meaningful gift, it will show your wife just how well you know her! Buy the book at least a few weeks in advance as you will need time to think and reflect and make your answers well-thought out, plus there are 642 answers to write! Buy it on Amazon.in for Rs. 615.

Coach Exclusive Gold Glitter Parker 18 Shoulder Bag

This exclusive shoulder bag from the well-known American brand, Coach, is a gift she will be really thrilled to receive, particularly if she loves bling. Made from pure leather, the bag has a metallic finish and features a glitter flap and a golden-chain strap. Sleek and stylish, the bag is perfect to flaunt on an outing with friends or a dinner date with you. Available on luxury.tatacliq.com for Rs. 31500

A Bouquet of Roses

Source www.fnp.com

The gold standard for romantic gifts -a bouquet of red roses. What better way to romance your wife than with beautiful roses. This rose arrangement contains 10 Red Rose set inside a glass vase as well as a heart-shaped tag in red that reads ‘I Love You’. Give it as a surprise 'just-because' present, or add it to your gift for a sweeping romantic gesture. Want to add your personal touch to the gift? Include a handwritten love note that talks of the ways in which your wife makes your life better and what she means to you. You can order this arrangement for Rs. 949 on fnp.com.

Customised Slim Wooden Phone Case

Get your wife a unique wooden phone case that's been customised just for her. While the case is made of strong polycarbonate, the back is elegantly crafted using bamboo. You can personalize the phone case with either a custom message or an image which gets laser engraved onto the case. Truly one-of-a-kind, these cases come in three natural wood shades; however, they are currently available only for iPhones. Prices start at Rs. 1,499.00 and cases can be ordered on woodgeekstore.com.

Body Shop Gift Voucher

Almost every woman will love the idea of being able to splurge on high-quality skin care. If your wife is one of them, then why not get her a gift voucher from Body Shop? These vouchers allow her to shop to her heart’s content on amazing skin care products from the celebrated brand. You can order the vouchers online, but they can be used only on Body Shop’s offline stores. Vouchers can be purchased in varying denominations ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 2000, and are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Summer Eau de Toilette

Perfumes are an ever-popular gifting option for women and for good reason that is. A classy bottle of perfume adds a lovely touch to her wardrobe. If your wife is someone who likes light, subtle, yet sweet fragrance, then the L'eau D'issey Summer Eau de Toilette would be a perfect choice. A recent introduction by the popular perfume house, Issey Miyake, it has a floral-fruity base that contains notes of tropical juices of lychee and citrus with the deeper notes being of vanilla, resulting in a truly aromatic experience. Get it for Rs. 4200 on shoppersstop.com.

Is she someone who likes something more heavy, then the Versace Women’s Bright Crystal Absolute Eau De Parfum Spray is a better choice. The perfume offers an eclectic mix of notes, including raspberry and magnolia, along with heart notes of yuzu and peony set in a lotus base. Available on the same site for Rs. 3750

Spin the Bottle 3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box

An explosion box is the ultimate romantic gift! A truly personalised gift, it captures your relationship via adorable messages and your favourite photos. Explosion boxes can be either handmade or purchased readymade. This beautifully decorated explosion box from crackofdawncrafts.in features 3 layers. Cute quotes adorn the corners and inside there is space to add 20 of your photos and messages. The top layer consists of an exciting couples game 'Spin the Bottle' that you can play with your wife. Spin the bottle and you'll need to do the task it stops at. Take turns for an intimate session of rollicking fun. Order the box from the site for Rs. 699

Personalised Charcoal Sketch

Capture the essence of your beautiful wife in a charcoal sketch made by talented artists. The site smilemiddle.com acts as a platform connecting artists with people looking for artistic gifts. Send across a few of your wife's favourite photographs and the site's artist will pick out one and recreate it as a charcoal sketch portrait. Isn’t it a wonderful way to celebrate her charm and innate beauty? Order it on the site for Rs.1,749.00

A Book Box Subscription

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Does your wife love books and spend hours reading? Then we have the perfect gift idea for you. Get her a book subscription so she is guaranteed hours of reading pleasure every month. There are several websites that offer subscription boxes. Different services have different concepts, so you can look around and find something that best suits her interest. For example, Story Trunk offers books on different themes every month, so variety is guaranteed. Prefer a safe option? Then the service from thebigbookbox.com is best as it offers a wide ranging collection. Its subscription boxes start at Rs. 999 a month - your wife will not only get books, but also several fun goodies as a part of the subscription.

Bonus Ideas: 4 Romantic Things You Should Do For Your Wife

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Ever so often, surprise your wife by doing something for her. When you put in the effort, it clearly communicates that you are prioritising her. Your gestures will also prompt her to do the same for you making it a more loving relationship!

Cook Her Something Nice

If you leave your wife to handle all the cooking responsibilities, then give her a break by cooking her a special meal at least once a month. No time to make a full meal, just whip up her favourite snack or maker her tea in the morning. Not a fan of cooking? Then take her out for a romantic dinner!

Record a Video for Her

This idea is a wonderful gift for your wife, particularly on any special occasion like her birthday or anniversary. Record a video that celebrates the person she is - you could record yourself, your kids, other family members or even her friends using your smartphone. Ask them to talk about what is special about your wife, what they love about her, favourite memories etc. She will be touched and cherish the video forever. Want to do something simpler? Write her a love letter - after all who doesn’t love receiving love notes. In the letter you can express your appreciation of having her in your life, your feelings for her and why you love her.

Surprise Her with an Exciting Vacation

The daily grind can wear out the best of us. Your wife will surely welcome the idea of a vacation where she can relax and forget all of her worries and responsibilities just for some time. Plan a vacation that takes into account her interest. For example, if she loves relaxing amid mountains, then book a holiday at a hill resort. If she is more of the adventurous kind, look up camping or trekking tours. Take the initiative to chalk out every detail of the vacation from the location, to the hotel and the itinerary, so all she needs to do is pack and have fun.

Take Over Some of Her Chores

There is no escaping chores! But give your wife some relief by picking up some of her chores, especially when she is having a rough time at work or feeling down for some reason. This shows thoughtfulness on your part and can give her an opportunity to relax and enjoy some "me time" which will help her recoup.

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Do what she would appreciate most

As our personalities and interests differs, so also the meaning of romance differs from one person to another. As mentioned earlier, for some, it could mean a candlelight dinner, for another it could be a relaxing back massage. For others, it may be you doing some chores. Certainly, you know that particular thing your wife appreciates most. So, go ahead and make your better half feel special with this particular act of love and ensure she has the best birthday celebration ever.