10 Romantic and Unconventional Wedding Gifts for New Wife from Husband + Tips for Wedding Night (2020)

10 Romantic and Unconventional Wedding Gifts for New Wife from Husband + Tips for Wedding Night (2020)

Your newly wed wife is likely to get a lot of gifts on the night of the wedding mostly gifts of gold or some jewellery. Impress her with a gift that's a tad more romantic! Here are 10 romantic and slightly unusual gifts that can accompany the traditional gift. Read on for cool gifting ideas to surprise her and also learn how to be the thoughtful, considerate and caring man she hopes she married.

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The Art of Planning a Special Wedding Night for Your Wife

The first night after marriage is always very special for couples. It’s the night of new beginnings and new hopes. The significance of the wedding night is very auspicious for both the bride and the groom. However, for a bride, it is extra emotional because she is leaving her family and childhood to be with new people. So, it’s a duty of the groom to make the wedding night more special and relaxing for his newly wedded wife. Well, if by any chance, you are nervous and confused about how to plan your wedding night then don’t worry for we have shortlisted a few tips that will help you out in planning the perfect wedding night.

  • Wrap Things Up at a Reasonable Time
    Guys, the first and the most important tip for the wedding night includes making your wife comfortable. Your wife is extremely tired if not outright exhausted because of all the rituals, and her heavy wedding sari or lehenga and makeup aren't helping her at all. An Indian bride spends an average of 3 to 4 hours getting ready, and sitting for hours while her makeup is applied, and it is physically tiring. So, if your guests want to party all night, then let them enjoy, but it doesn’t mean that you and your wife can’t leave the celebration early to relax. So be a considerate husband and when you feel your wife is getting tired, then you two should leave the wedding and start your wedding night a bit early.

  • Curb the Alcohol Intake
    We know guys, your wedding is thee ultimate party. But, it is recommended that on the wedding night you keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. Because too much alcohol will make you drowsy and instead of making your wedding night romantic, you will be snoring like a dog. So, don’t get wasted on your wedding night as this is the most important time of your life and you won’t have to miss it out in the haze alcohol. So, instead of alcohol enjoy each other’s company and focus on your bright future.

  • Get Away from the Wedding and Everyone in it
    This tip may perhaps be the most important of all. Indian weddings are a giant festival of friends and family, which is a good thing to an extent. But it’s also your first wedding night and you deserve some alone time with your new wife. As your wife is also looking for some quality time with you and after days of being surrounded by relatives, having to smile and look pretty, being mindful of the elders and bear the teasing of the younger family members, she just wants to unwind and relax for a while. So, book a room in the hotel where none of your family members is staying so that you can enjoy the full solitude. Because you and your wife deserve some alone time after the long wedding rituals and functions.

  • Stay Somewhere Sumptuous
    It’s your wedding night which is going to come once in your lifetime. Do something extravagant and larger than life for your new wife. It’s not the time to be a cheapskate, you need to be a little open-hearted and should spend generously on making your wedding night special. You should book a luxurious honeymoon suite and set the mood with expensive wine and chocolates; anything else she finds romantic should also be considered. Moreover, buy remarkable romantic gifts for her, like jewellery or something else precious to make the occasion more romantic.

  • Have a Late-Night Snack
    Weddings are big feasts where loads of money is spent on scrumptious food. But, unfortunately, for the bride and the groom, there is often nothing to eat. Because between attending to guests, clicking pictures and performing hundreds of different rituals, they won’t have time to eat. So, here is your next tip for the wedding night: your wife will be famished but she might hesitate to ask for food. That’s why think ahead and ask the hotel staff to put a little snack basket in your honeymoon suit before you arrive there so that you two can munch on snacks and talk to each other.

  • Exchange Gifts
    The last tip for the wedding night would be buying romantic gifts for your wife and give it to her on the night of your wedding. Traditionally, the groom has to give something memorable and meaningful to his wife as a wedding gift to her. The wedding gifts for wife are sort of considered as the token of love or affection from her husband. The gift for the wedding has to be precious or must hold any memory that can be cherished years after the marriage as well. New husbands, you have numerous options available online to pick the perfect wedding gifts for wife. Guys, just follow your heart and buy something romantic for your new wife to present her on the wedding night.

10 Romantic Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Lovely New Wife

Are you confused between endless gifting options and can’t make up your mind on what to give your new wife? We get you. Under the pressure of making your wedding gifts for wife special and romantic, you can’t pick just any old thing. So guys, we would recommend you to take a deep breath and think about your spouse. This exercise will give you a clear outlook on the likes and dislikes of your soon-to-be-wife. You can easily make up the idea about which romantic gifts for the wife would be perfect. However, if you are having an arranged married by your parents and haven’t got a chance to know her well prior to the wedding, then pick out any of the following wedding gifts for her.

Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box by Kama Ayurveda

If you are looking for a relaxing and pampering wedding gift for your wife, then this Ayurvedic wellness kit is the ideal pick. After the long day at work and setting up the new home, you might not get time to attend the spa frequently. So, with this Ayurvedic combo, your wife can cleanse, soothe, calm and purify herself from head to toe in the comfort of the home. In this head to toe Ayurvedic gift for new wife, you will get a Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, 100 ml, 1 Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment, 100 ml, a Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser, 40 gm and a Navaa Retexturising Soap, 75 gm. This healing and protecting set of Ayurvedic treatments is available on kamaayuveda.com for Rs 2,050.

Love Explosion Box

To spice up your wedding night with the help of romantic gifts you can surprise your lovely wife with the Love Explosion Box. You can collect all the pictures of you and your wife, mainly of your dating period and convert them into the love explosion box. This love explosion box can be ordered from bondingifts.in. You just have to send the images to them and they will craft the love explosion box in red or black with one cute teddy bear. Your wife will definitely get blown away by this romantic gesture which will cost you Rs 1,499.

Tiny Trinkets

For a wedding gift for wife, you can pick a magical charms bracelet for your wife. You can confess your emotions by adding charms to the bracelet. This gift holds the promise of tomorrow, you can promise your wife on the wedding night to add charm to the bracelet on the significant moments of your life’s. The beautiful thought behind the charm bracelet will melt your new wife’s heart and she will always treasure this gift wholehearted. Order this bracelet adorned with the 6 charms such as heels, an Eiffel tower, aeroplane, globe, moon and stars, musical note and an eternity rose for Rs. 890 from Oye Happy.

Eternity Roses

A rose for your rose. Okay, this gift for new wife sounds a bit cheesy and common but it’s hard to find romantic gifts that can beat the charm of roses. So infuse your emotions with a colorful bouquet of roses. You can order a unique and beautiful assortment of roses to present your wife on the wedding night. You will see multiple options of roses ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 on interflora.in. You can select a bouquet of fresh roses according to your budget and they will be delivered to you at the right time.

A Satin Pajama Set

Source m.shein.in

You can buy gifts for the new wife which show your consideration and love towards her. Your wife will be seeking some comfort after wearing a heavy wedding dress and makeup all day. So, to make her feel comfortable and help her relax you can order an embroidered lace trim satin pajama set for her. She will really feel relaxed wearing these soft and comfy clothes after the heavy wedding dress. Your this sweet caring gesture won’t get unnoticed by your wife. A wide range of satin pajamas are available in different sizes on shein.in. This champagne coloured set will cost you Rs 1,411..

Rose-Scented Candles

Source www.popxo.com

An ideal gift for a new wife is this Aroma Candle. Be it a romantic evening or luxurious bath, these scented candles have a soothing and calming effect on everyone. With the help of these scented candles, you can create the romantic night for your wife. The aroma of these rose scented candles is the perfect way to set the romantic environment to relax. You can mix and match and pick different fragrances or buy a couple of these candles to set the mood. The price of one Arvedikas Premium Rose Fragrance Glass Jar Soy Wax Aroma Candle is Rs 230 on popxo.com.

Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Source www.amazon.in

To memorise the special moment, you can order wedding gifts for the wife which can show your emotions in the right light. Something like this sweet hand-embroidered handkerchief can be an ideal gift to your wife on the first night. This gift seems small, but it is the small gifts that hold bigger meaning. So, whenever your wife will use these handkerchiefs, she will immediately remember your sweetness and caring nature. These KuPu Personalised Female Initial Embroidered Handkerchiefs come as a pack of 3 and can be easily ordered from Amazon for Rs. 399 only.

Gift Items for the Honeymoon

Well, you can help your wife to pack for the honeymoon by gifting her essential items for your honeymoon and this will considered as the most romantic gifts for wife. As you have taken packing trouble away from her. So, to buy the perfect honeymoon essential kit for your new wife don’t forget to include following things in her luggage.

  • A special outfit to wear to dinner the first night.
  • Special lingerie to surprise your new spouse with the first night.
  • Bath gel and the perfume that you wore for your wedding.
  • A music playlist of your favorite tunes as a couple and you are all set to go.

Personalised Jewellry

Source blinglane.com

Wedding gifts for the wife have to be unique and one of its own kind. So, this classy looking personalised bracelet is ideal for your wedding night gift. Chic and classy it definitely makes a style statement. It can be paired with kurtis, sarees, Indo-western as well as casual wear. This beautiful bracelet can be ordered for Rs 995. from blinglane.com.

Couple's T-Shirts

Source bonorganik.in

When all you want is to end the day lying next to her and wake up the morning to see her again, then it’s time to show everyone that you’re in love and already taken by this gorgeous woman standing next to you. This adorable and cute wifey and hubby t-shirts are the best wedding gifts for your new wife. You both can wear these couple t-shirts on your honeymoon or for a casual day out after the marriage. These Hubby/Wifey Tees are available on bonorganik.in for Rs 2.708.

Gift Something Sweet and Romantic to Your Wife

Guys, ladies have this soft corner for the romantic and personalized gifts. Girls love the thought that behind the gift rather than the actual gift. So, don’t buy anything super expensive or extravagant gifts for a new wife. Buy something romantic which holds deeper meaning and depth behind it. Your wife will become happy with the chocolates if they are laced with your purified declaration of love. Just be clear with your attention and attentive to the needs of your new wife. And, that would be the best wedding gift for your new wife.

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A little traditional, a little romantic

There's always room for both, so do not hesitate to put a romantic spin on an otherwise traditional exchange. If your family insists, or custom dictates that you do certain things or give your wife a specific kind of gift on the wedding, by all means go ahead. But it is your wedding and you're allowed to romance your wife! She will be delighted with a little something extra that shows her what kind of man she married. Kindness, generosity, romance or being considerate, whatever are your finest qualities, do not be afraid to show them to her through gifts and gestures. She will be your wife soon, and sweeping her off her feet will only spell wonderful things for your marriage.