10 Amazing Jewellery Sets to go with Your Lehengas, Plus Accessorizing Tips and Recommendations!

10 Amazing Jewellery Sets to go with Your Lehengas, Plus Accessorizing Tips and Recommendations!

Finding the perfect lehenga jewellery for your lehenga is essential to nailing your look. Our buying guide has 10 different sets that you can consider plus find tips on matching them with your lehenga. Read on and find out the best kind sof lehenga jewellery options available in the market!

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How to Pick the Right Kind of Lehenga Jewellery?

Always Pick Matching Jewellery for the Lehenga

Picking out that perfect lehenga jewellery is no child’s play, as it plays an important role in making or breaking your entire look. You must always pick the jewellery which matches well with your lehenga. Colours have an important part to play in this matter for sure.

For example, many brides are opting for wedding jewellery with green pearls despite having a lehenga in red colour. This type of contrast doesn’t go well with all sorts of lehengas, especially the ones with no trace of green hues in them. So, you must make a sound decision before selecting the jewellery.

Buy the Jewellery According to the Type of Lehenga

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Not only the colour but the type of jewellery is also an important factor in selection. It highly depends upon the work of your lehenga which leads you to have a better understanding of the right kind of jewellery for it. For example, lehenga with mirror or sequins work would look amazing with the Kundan jewelry, while a lehenga with heavy embroidery would look amazing with meenakari jewellery sets.

For Bridal Lehenga, Pick a Set Offering All Types of Ornaments in It

You should definitely be extra cautious while picking your wedding lehenga jewellery. Most of the times, these bridal jewellery sets are hired on rent and you might make some mistakes while selecting one for yourself.

You must opt for such a set which is consisted of all the important and essential ornaments pieces. For example, a bridal set must have a necklace, matching earrings, tikka, nath, matching hathful, etc. with it. For the bridal set, the more there is, the better it is.

10 Amazing Lehenga Jewellery Sets for All Type of Occasions

Gold Toned Traditional Kundan and Pearl Studded Jewellery Set

Do you want something really traditional as your lehenga jewellery? In that case, you will love the Gold Toned Traditional Jewellery Set that we have mentioned here. Such kind of jewellery sets are perfect for the lehengas having golden and silver embroidery on them. Moreover, you can also wear these sets on such lehengas whose exact matching jewellery you couldn’t find because of the unique colours they have.

The set contains a beautiful necklace with matching earrings and a Maang Tikka. This gorgeous set is a Kundan jewellery set and has very intricate pearl detailing in it. The drop earrings are simply mesmerising. You can even rock this jewellery set at your own engagement. This jewellery would work amazing on a red lehenga as a contrast jewellery set. You can buy this stunning set on Myntra for Rs.1,089.

Stone Studded Bridal Jewellery Set

Are you looking for some stunning artificial bridal jewellery sets? You would be glad to lay your eyes on this one here. It is a stone-studded bridal set comprising of a lot of ornaments together. This is an alloy based bridal set with a golden finish which is further enhanced with stones and beads. So, if your lehenga has golden embroidery with the hues of red and green, then you cannot find a better choice than this set.

It is comprised of a choker necklace, a long layered necklace, matching earrings, maang tikka (matha patti style), hathphool, nath and two matching bangles. If you are buying this set, then you surely need not to buy any other ornaments separately for your bridal lehenga. The necklace and hathphools are adjustable while the bangles are openable. Grab this bridal lehenga jewelry set on utsavfashion.in for Rs.4,140.

Multicolour Kundan Stone Studded Choker Necklace Set

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Do you want some Indie and edgy jewelry sets? Ajio is here to help you out with this. If you are tired of wearing the same type of traditional jewellery sets, then this Kundan stud stone choker set will surely interest you because of unique colours and unusual design too. The stunning set has different colours of stones in it like blue, green, red, etc. which are striking and elegant. The middle piece of this set is a beautiful Kundan piece which looks really attractive.

Such type of jewellery sets are best worn with Indo-western type of lehengas and would look really suitable for them. It comes with matching earrings with blue and green stones. Make sure to keep the jewellery away from water and organic chemicals for longevity. You can buy this set on Ajio for Rs.1,788.

Pearls and Diamonds Jewelry Set

More and more women are interested in buying simple jewellery for their lehenga online. So, we heard your requests and we have a beautiful pearls and diamonds jewellery set as a recommendation. It is a sleek set made of alloy metal. Contrary to all the other golden sets that we have mentioned till now, it is more in white colour with a bit of golden touch and looks quite elegant too.

You are going to love the finishing and detailing that the set has and not to mention the gorgeous pearls dangling on the edge of the necklace, which looks quite beautiful. You can spot the same on the matching earrings too which truly completes the set. They have used high quality Mother of Pearls in this set, hence the finishing is quite justified. You can buy this set on Flipkart for Rs.4,999.

Gold Plated Choker Necklace Set

Source sukkhi.com

Sukkhi is one of the most loved brands for traditional jewellery that you can spot on every other shopping portal in India. So, we picked one of their really popular gold plated choker necklaces for you. This set is simply gorgeous beyond words and comes with matching earrings too. This choker set fits perfectly on your neck and has stunning dangling detailing with pearls on the edge. It is made of alloy and belongs to the Padmavati collection of theirs which is quite royal to be true.

This is such a traditional set which looks kind of antique with all the stonework on it. You can spot green and red stonework on it along with Kundan work too. The detailing of the set is simply breathtaking and it will make you look like a showstopper without a doubt. Grab this set right away on Sukkhi for Rs.449.

Rajputi Jewelry Set

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Rajputi jewellery is quite in trend right now and if you are wearing a Rajputi lehenga (poshak) then you cannot find a better choice than this stunning and grand Rajputi set. Made out of brass, this Rajputi set has light green stones in it. So it would look perfect for a green colour outfit. Moreover, the golden intricate work makes it suitable for all other types of Rajputi lehengas too. This is an Arr set which is quite like a choker and has many danglers hanging from it. This necklace comes with matching earrings too.

The set is more suitable for occasions like one’s wedding as it is quite elaborate and has many layers of danglers on it. You will also love the small pearl detailing in the set as well as earrings which makes the set look even prettier. Grab this piece on Amazon for Rs.2,899.

Gold Plated Antique Temple Jewelry Set

If you know a thing or two about current lehenga jewelry trend then you would be known to the fact that temple jewellery is currently the most loved by women. So, we picked a temple jewelry set for you which looks every bit of traditional as well as regal. It has this South Indian essence in it which makes it look even more stunning. This one here is made out of brass and have gold plating on it.

Moreover, it is so elaborated and grand that you can even wear it to your own wedding. The necklace comes with two beautiful jhumka type earrings too. To add some versatility, they have used American Diamonds on the set which enhances its beauty even more. One can definitely call it a fusion set which can be bought from Snapdeal for Rs.614.

Gorgeous Shimmer Jewelry Set

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Are you into shimmering diamond necklaces? You should definitely see the collection available on Bling Vine then. They have some of the best American Diamond studded necklaces, so we decided to pick one from them too. This one mentioned is a beautiful shimmer necklace set which is gorgeous beyond words. This classic set has a unique design and scintillating crystal work on it. They have crafted it with top quality American Diamonds which are available in a marquise shape.

The set is finished with German Rhodium polish to ensure that the quality of the diamonds remains the same over the time. This necklace comes with matching earrings with large diamonds in the middle of the crystals in them. This set is simply perfect for cocktail parties for that elegant look. You can buy it in Blingvine for Rs.4,800.

Combo of Necklace and Earrings Set

Here is another set which is perfect for the traditional type of lehengas. If you want some really exquisite and unique type of earrings for lehenga then you can get them with this set here. This Polki-inspired set is made out of alloy metal and has gold polish on it. It looks quite stylish and perfect for all sorts of occasions. The jewellery set is comprised of one necklace with adjustable string and a pair of matching earrings.

You will also love the simple drop earrings which you can even wear without the set as they are quite stylish and eye-catching. You can select the size of the bangle accordingly and do not forget to grab this set on Voyolla for Rs.7,399

Trendy White Layered Necklace Set

Layered necklaces are super in right now. And if you want the one that Deepika Padukone wore to her Mehendi in Italy, then we have got the perfect recommendation for you. This white layered necklace here is the exact copy of that one and looks quite regal. The gorgeous necklace comes with matching earrings too with stone and pearls detailing on them. They have used Kundan and imitation pearls for this necklace which looks quite breathtaking.

If you want something grand for your wedding jewelry then this layered necklace would look perfect with a choker neckpiece. The alloy necklace and earrings have a glossy finish which makes them look even more appealing. You can buy this set on Mirraw for Rs.2,199.

Tips for Buying Lehenga Jewellery Online and Offline

While buying the lehenga jewellery online or direct from the store, some of these tips will come handy for you. These are the tips which are super important especially when you are buying your bridal jewellery. These ideas will help you in curating better jewellery for your lehenga to shine bright for the event.

Consider Renting over Buying

Whether it is your wedding or someone else’s you should always try renting the jewellery rather than buying it. Renting jewellery is way more reliable and affordable rather than buying it. Such heavy jewellery sets are used only a few times and it is not worth buying such expensive jewellery for no reason at all. You can rather rent out matching jewellery sets and you will always have a new set for every other wedding.

Always Check the Reviews

It becomes even trickier when you buy your lehenga jewellery online. You do not have any way to check the quality and shine of such jewellery sets and buying a disastrous product won’t be a nice idea too. So, you should rather check the reviews of these jewelry sets before buying them online. Despite good reviews, if you find any issues with your jewellery set, then you always have the option to return them within a certain period of time.

When Buying Offline, Check Whether It Suits You or Not

The best thing about buying jewellery directly from the store is that you can check for the quality and authenticity of the product. If you are buying from a store then you should always check whether the set is looking good on you or not. Many times, the set might look amazing, but it may not suit you because of complexion or face cut. You would not want to regret later in such cases.

Buy Such Jewellery Which Doesn't Tarnish Over Time

There are thousands of pieces available for designer jewellery online, but not all of them pass the test of the time. Many of such jewellery sets turn black over time which is quite disheartening. Always keep your jewellery sets wrapped under cotton and in safe boxes to make sure that they do not turn black over time.

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A jewellery set is a good idea to go for, compared to getting different ornaments from different places as it completes the look in one go and might compliment your outfit really well if you choose it carefully. Choose a jewellery set that matches your outfit in the best way and we would recommend you to go for renting the set as it is more affordable and a better option if you don't plan on wearing the same set any time soon.