Celebrate Your Love for Your Wife by Giving Her the Gift of Jewellery:10 Gold Gifts for Your Wife on Anniversary That Will Show How Much You Value Her (2020)

Celebrate Your Love for Your Wife by Giving Her the Gift of Jewellery:10 Gold Gifts for Your Wife on Anniversary That Will Show How Much You Value Her (2020)

The best gift that a person will provide his spouse is that the gift of affection and commitment, jewelry could be a shut second. Jewelry is always a welcome present, and finding the perfect earrings or necklace for your wife on anniversary can make her feel special. If you're looking for a little shopping inspiration, check out our top eight jewelry gift ideas for wives.

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Why is Gold the Best Gift?

Because It's Forever

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“Gold is the Only Love” – is a popular quote which you would find being spoken by many women around the globe. Gifts in the form of Gold are not a new thing; even ancient history has substantial proofs of gold being one of the most common forms of gifts that were exchanged in ancient civilization. Gold symbolizes love, affection, luxury, value and hence to date it is considered as one of the best gifts which people can exchange within themselves.

Gold as a gift signifies the love and affection you have for others. It is probably one of the best ways that you can express your feelings for your loved ones. Honestly when it comes to valuable and memorable gifts, hardly there is any competition for gold. The significance gold possesses as mentioned earlier has been there for ages. Be it in a pure or impure form, gold is an attractive gift. It is considered a precious and worthy gift across all times and cultures. It is also considered as a special gift during special occasions like birthday, wedding and other important festivals. Gold is primarily presented as jewelry and everybody is aware that it is tough to resist gold ornaments when it comes to women. You would be surprised to know that in some cultures, gold is considered as a good luck element. In Chinese culture, it is considered to bring prosperity and success in life. So in a way, if you want to convey your best wishes to your loved ones, the best way to do that is through gifting gold.

Especially crafted Gold gifts are made to be made memorable for your love. The gifts make a statement of your love with regard to how you care and feel about him or her. Gold gifts have different design patterns that signify your feelings about protection, fame, general wellbeing, love, etc. To give a small example of gold being a memorable gift – think about the engagement ring which marks the ever long beautiful bond. It would forever remind you of your loved ones and you would take special care of the item forever.

The Variety is Vast

One has to agree that there is a wide array of options when it comes to Gold gifts. Gold jewelry is top of the line but there is plenty of other home décor, memorabilia, etc. options that you can choose from. One more interesting aspect – nowadays a lot of electronic brands are there which produces gold plated or engraved options of its common products which can be considered as a luxury gifting option. You would also be surprised to know that there are multiple gold-infused drinks which are considered as a collector’s item and has great value. Gold infused Vodka is a great drink that can be gifted to your loved ones.

It's an Asset

This is not a new thing as even in the history books there are ample examples where the wealth of a kingdom was known in accordance with the gold reserve it had. Even now owing to the luxury tag and the scarcity of the metal – Gold is still considered to be an asset that can be easily liquidated for money. There are formal legal institutions in various countries where Gold trading is still carried. You also have legal money lending institutions that accept gold as security. You will also be surprised to know that apart from the Jewelry market the electronic goods market is one of the largest buyers of gold. The metallic property of gold is suited to be used in the integrated circuits of the devices and hence the widespread requirement. There are also multiple collectors who love collecting old gold coins and the collectors market has more than a billion-dollar worth in the global market.

Hence if you are looking for something to invest in then Gold can be one of the options which you can see.

10 Best Gold Gifts to Give to Wife on Anniversary

The Guarded Love Pendant

Undoubtedly one of the best options that you can choose for your loved ones. This Guarded love pendant comes from the house of Blue Stone. The pendant is made from 22K gold and depicts a bigger heart, protecting a smaller one just like how you protect your loved one. This is a great pendant that she can wear every day at work or even during leisure. The dimensions of the pendant are around 20.52 mm in height and 12.81 mm in width. It has great glistening properties and because of that, it is sure to draw attention. The total weight of the guarded love pendant is around 1.5 gm and it is priced at Rs. 8,064.

The Friendship Ring

A gold ring is another jewelry product that is liked by everyone and this ring is specially designed to be given to your best-est friend. Made from 18 karat gold, the design of the ring is simple but comes engraved with a beautiful quote – “My Love My Life My Friend” which enhances the gracefulness of the ring. The weight of the ring is around 3.8 grams and the width is approximately 2.12 mm. You also will get an option to select between 18 karats and 22 karats as well. This awesome friendship ring from Blue Stone is priced at Rs. 15,706.

The Blessed Love Ring

Another terrific ring from Bluestone and this is called the Blessed love ring. Design-wise, it is quite similar to the friendship ring but the engraved quote is what the differential factor is. Hope, Blessed, and Love are the three words that are beautifully engraved and are sure to woo your partner when you gift it to her. The ring comes in 18 karat gold only and the width and weight are 2.12 mm and 3.8 gm respectively. You can select this ring to gift your loved one on any kind of occasion and she can also wear this at special events or as daily wear. The Blessed love ring from Blue Stone is priced at Rs. 15,706 and you will get free shipping also.

Precia Gemstone Necklace

Now, this is one gift that is sure to turn multiple heads around. The Precia gemstone necklace from the house of Malabar Gold and Diamonds is simply beautiful. Made from 22 karats pure gold, it provides a beautiful platform to hold the emeralds and the rubies elegantly. Weighing at around 100 gm, the necklace is light and would be apt party wear which would go with both traditional and party wear. The necklace is BIS Hallmarked thus you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the material used. The Precia gemstone necklace from the house of Malabar Gold and Diamonds is priced at Rs. 4,58,086.

Moondrop Pearl Earrings

An exquisite earring from Caratlane which has a beautiful combination of gold, diamond, and pearl. It comes in both Yellow and white gold and has a combined weight of 1.57 grams. The diamond is 0.02 ct and has a brilliant sparkle. The skilled craftsmanship of the earrings is clearly visible through the design. Your loved one is sure to love the earrings as the style that the earring exuberates is hard to find in other products. The Moondrop Pearl Earrings are priced at Rs. 14,857 You can also use the feature of Try at Home with Caratlane to be sure of the product before you buy it.

Kin Ethno Bangle

Gold bangles look fantastic with Indian traditional wear and make for a perfect gift. This beautiful 22 karats gold bangle from Caratlane is sure to appease your partner when you present it to her. The design of the gold bangle is dazzling and would primarily go well with all kinds of traditional wear like sarees, kurtas, etc. The width of the bangle is around 13 mm while the height is approximately 17 mm. The weight is around 77 gms and is embedded with Onyx. This awesome Kin Ethno Bangle comes for Rs. 4,04,609 and will surely be adored by your loved one for years.

Dristi Gold Jhumka

Jhumkas are fond favourites of every woman in India. Poems and songs have been penned for this brilliant piece of jewelry so needless to say, they do make for a great gifting option. This particular pair of Jhumkas are brilliantly designed. The combined weight of the Jhumkas are around 11 gm, the height is around 35mm and the width is around 16 mm. Made from 22 karats yellow gold, the Jhumkas have got a superb gleam and the intrinsic design on it is very beautiful. Rs. 55,103 is the amount that you have to pay to get this awesome Dristi Gold Jhumka from the house of Kalyan Jewellers for the lady love of your life.

Curved Filigree Earcuff Earrings

This rose gold filigree ear cuff earrings from Caratlane is something that is absolutely new in the market. Your loved one would be surprised to see the new design and the aspect of 18 karats rose gold has its own charm. The intricate metalwork would absolutely woo your partner and surely would enhance her grace. The weight of the earrings is around 2.78 grams and the width and height would be 8mm and 20 mm respectively. An ideal gifting item on any occasion. The Curved Filigree Ear Cuff Earring from Caratlane is priced at Rs. 12,064.

The Yurania Gold Pendant Set Ships Faster

PC Jewelers are one of the most respected manufacturers of jewelry in India and this Yurania Gold Pendant set proves why it is one of the best. Made from 22 karat gold, this gold pendant set weighs around 20 gms and comes with matching earrings. The entire set comes with BIS Hallmark certification and thus you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the set. The Yurania Gold Pendant Set is priced at Rs. 86,516 and you would get free shipping too. The set can be worn with both traditional as well as western attire and the design is sure to attract attention.

Devasree Gold Necklace

A beautiful gold necklace from the house of Kalyan Jewelers. Made from 22 karat gold and weighing around 19 grams – the Devasree Gold Necklace is a beautiful example of skilled craftsmanship and would be a great gift for your loved one. The height of the necklace is around 16 inches and would be a piece of great jewelry to complement any traditional attire. Your loved one can wear it at any event. The necklace is priced at Rs. 96,823 but there are various discounts available if you buy it online.

Jewellery Gift Cards are a Great Gift

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In recent times, there is a great concept that has come up and also makes a great gifting idea - Jewelry gift cards. Often you would come across scenarios wherein you have tried to impress your loved ones by surprising her with jewelry of your choice but the same was not liked by her. Not every time you would have the option of exchanging the items which you have bought and hence the situation won’t be a favourable one. With Jewelry gift cards all you need to do is add in the desired amount in the card and simply gift it to your wife so that she can buy the best item as per her choice. There are jewelry gift cards which you can get from specific jewelry shop but again that is required to be used at those specific stores and again there are certain jewelry gift cards which can be used at multiple stores. Hence you have to decide which one would suit your requirements.

Another advantage of using the jewelry gift card is you can use a certain portion of the amount and can utilize the rest of the amount some other time. Also on a lighter note, it takes way less time to simply buy a jewelry card and gift it to your loved ones rather than spending some decent time in selecting and buying.

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Study Her Style

Every woman has her own style choices, and they’re not typically as subtle as you might fear. Focus on the type of jewelry she wears during any specific occasion. What style of jewelry does she wear during formal events? Does she wear anything daily? If so, how do those pieces complement her clothing? Does she prefer gold over silver? Yellow gold or rose gold? Does she prefer to wear larger accent pieces to complement her outfits, or are her tastes more subtle and modest?

Even if you know this person very well (which, considering you’re gifting her jewelry, you probably do), it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of this detective work a few weeks or months leading up to purchasing your gift. Seeing what she owns and what she likes is crucial in deciding what you should get for her.