Unable to Decide What to Gift Your Wife on Your Anniversary? Here are 9 Handpicked Gifts to Make Your Wife Feel Extra Special (2019)

Unable to Decide What to Gift Your Wife on Your Anniversary? Here are 9 Handpicked Gifts to Make Your Wife Feel Extra Special (2019)

You cherish your relationship every day, but one day out of the year you get to celebrate a little more. This article is for and those who are hitting the big milestone anniversary — will show your wife just how special she is. Your wife, your better half, deserves to be pampered and loved every single day of the year. Husbands are really a disaster at picking up gifts for wife. But that’s completely natural, don’t be stressed out about it because here you will find the right gift for your wife.

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Why Should Celebrating Your Marriage Anniversary Be So Close to Your Heart?

To Celebrate Your Wife's Irreplaceable Presence in Your Life

Marriage is a blissful journey where two souls embark on a decision to face all good and bad, ups and downs; that life has to offer while holding each other’s hands tightly. With time we let our partner truly absorb in our life while carving a special place for them in our hearts. Without us noticing, they become an integral part of our day to day life and become irreplaceable to us. That is why it becomes extremely important for you to celebrate your marriage anniversary in a way that makes your wife feel, how essential she is to you. From the little nothings that she says to make your days, to the way she cares for your health and well being; take this anniversary as an opportunity to show her how all these small gestures, melt your heart big time! Just saying ‘happy anniversary!’ will not be it. Plan a surprise for her comprising of some thoughtful gifts, take her out for beautiful dinner night, or just somehow make her feel utterly special.

Creating a Bridge of Memories to Look Upon to, in Your Elderly Years

Memories are nothing but the moments you created while doing something out of the box enough, to make your heart flutter with joy, happiness or sheer emotional brim. This anniversary celebration can add up to being one of the best nights you’ve spent together, or can be the night full of opportunities of discovering each other on another level. Maybe you’ll open up about your fears or let her tell you the things she never openly shared with you. With your efforts and pure love for her, you can make this night a lovely memory, which would be cherished by the two of you, as you grow older. This will be the fuel of your endearing romance for a long time, as women take great notice of their man’s efforts.

Re-Building the Faded Warmth in Your Relationship

A lot of times, relationships, especially marriages start losing the very spark which used to ignite the budding romance between the couple. It might be due to lack of attention, communication or plainly due to a hectic schedule followed be either of the spouses. In such a case, life starts to get gloomy day by day without you even understanding the real problem.

Events like marriage anniversaries and birthdays thus, give you a day to rectify and uplift your relationship from the ground. The efforts you put into making this day special for your wife might pay you off by helping in the rekindling of your lost romance and fire. The warmth in your relationship can be brought back if you decide to show how much you love and care for your wife because after all, a matchstick can burn down the whole of a forest!

This can be the day when you can catch her offbeat, without any household chores to look after, or friends and family dividing her attention, or any other thing creating a transparent curtain between the two of you.

9 Awesome Gift Ideas to Woo Your Wife, Again!

A Set of a Beautiful Necklace and Earrings to Accentuate Her Beauty

Source www.fnp.com

It is rightly said that there’s no such thing as too many ornaments for a woman, and when it is the most special woman in your life, gifting a piece of jewellery can be the best decision. Ornaments not only feel them make precious and appreciated, but they also make a good memory to be remembered by both of you for your lifetimes. Picking up an elegant, and perfectly suitable ornament for your wife on this anniversary will reassure her of how you will always stand by your promise of making her feel like a reigning queen that she is.

The ‘Truly feminine’ jewellery set consisting of a beautifully carved necklace and small cute earrings. It is readily available on the website of fnp.com where they present this set of ornaments as accessories embodying the spirit of aspiration and confidence of women. The jewellery which is offered at just Rs. 849 is versatile enough to be worn with both ethnic and modern outfits.

A Gold Rose for Your Golden Lady

Remember the old 90s classic romantic movies where the proposal of love consisted of the hero getting down on one of his knees to present the love of his life with a beautiful red rose and make her heart skip a beat? This is something that all women want their man to do someday, for them as well. It is like living the fairy tale dream where these slightly cheesy gestures actually make the couple come further close to each other. After marriage, you might have gifted a few of those ordinary red roses to your wife on various occasions, but take the liberty move a step ahead and gift her a rose, which is actually gold plated!

It not only represents the fluttering romance that you two have but, the gold plating also immortalizes the moment by the way it can be kept and cherished forever. This handcrafted beauty is created using a real rose which is preserved by using lacquer and is then plated with 24k gold. This one of a kind gift retails for Rs. 499 on the website of excitinglives.com.

A Quirky Wallet for Your Home's Finance Minister

When a marriage progresses, a lot of times couples tend to take up different sets of responsibilities to achieve a smooth functioning of the house. Women being the smart handler of money and its distribution, take up the important task of managing finances. If your house has adjusted to a similar kind of set up where your wife holds the final word in all money matters then, gifting your personal finance minister a gorgeous looking purse will be apt.

A quirky, fashionable and brightly coloured purse with trendy geometrical patterns, making it versatile enough to be carried with either traditional dresses or modern ones, can be bought from the website of floweraura.com. The Green Wome's Wrangler Clutch is available for a steal worthy price of Rs. 999 and can be used to surprise your wife by ordering for a home delivery!

A Colourful Mosaic Art to Freeze Her Precious Smile

Happiness and sorrows are a part and parcel of all relationships. The best part about them is that we get to share our emotions and feelings with people we dearly love and want to spend our life with. Their smiles become our accomplishment and goal. To freeze such a beautiful and precious smile for a lifetime, get your wife a colourful and personalized mosaic art portraying one of her best, joyful photo. The mosaic is formed by creating 1 main portrait image with the help of 25 supporting images, which are put together to form the former. The 12 inches x 12 Inches frame covered with a chic transparent acrylic glass retails for a price of Rs. 1,590 on the website of oyehappy.com.

An Assorted Collection to Please the Coffee Lover in Her

A lot of relationships start with just a cup of coffee. From college lovebirds to by chance acquaintances, cafes have been the starting point for a lot of lifelong bonds. If you met your now wife in such a space then, gifting her the ‘ coffee and conversations’ set will definitely melt her heart and push her into reminiscence of those days. This package is perfection crafted by hands if your wife is a diehard coffee over as it has all the things a coffee lover can just dream of! This wooden hamper consists of a coffee mug with a cute cookie holder, a personalized coffee times newspaper with a handpicked picture and an article on your loved one’s pure admiration for a cup of hot coffee, two coasters, strong and light coffee powders, a jute bag with coffee beans, and 4 stencils to make your coffee look instagram worthy. The newspaper article will have a picture of your loved one and their name, which will be filled by you at the time of order placement. The hamper retails for a price of Rs. 2,220 on the website of oyehappy.com.

An Adventure Book Telling Your Story Along Side Some Personalised Surprises!

The one thing that girls love the most is customized and thoughtful gifts. There is nothing better than a gift which tells your story as a couple and has all the beautiful cherished memories that are unique to your marriage and relationship.

The “Our Book of Adventures” offered on the website of oyehappy.com is an extraordinary book consisting of an entirely customised story made just for you two. You just have to input the answers of a few of the questions, needed to create the sparkly story of your adventures. After the last page, a personalised gift has been kept just for your spouse (you can choose between a ring and a pocket watch). Wondering whether the story will be worth it or not? Well, once you submit all the details, within the next 48 hours, the story will be mailed to you for your approval. Ideally, it will take up about 12 pages with one line taking up each page. The 4.75 inches X 2.75 inches book is then wrapped nicely and is shipped to the address that you provide. This complete package retails for a price of Rs. 1,940 and is readily available on the website of oyehappy.com.

A Planned Series of Wishes from Strangers to Make Her Day Absolutely Blissful

If you are someone who has had these gifting streaks for a while and can’t find a totally out of the way kind of present to surprise your wife this anniversary then this one is for you. How would your wife feel if she gets calls from a bunch of friendly strangers who would wish her hilarious things one after the other? Like a Biryani lover will receive calls with people telling him that the entire city of Hyderabad will be eating Biryani in his honour today!

All you need to do is to share some fun and quirky facts about your spouse and sit back and enjoy. The last call will inform them of who was the mastermind behind this whole phone call saga. To add to the good vibes, a part of the money you spend on making this happen will go towards a social cause every month. The total number of calls to be received will be 10 with a mix of both women and men. Inculcating a specific message from your side is also encouraged. You can buy this fun service from oyehappy.com at the price of Rs. 1,299 only.

A Fragrance Symbolizing the Freshness of Your Love

Source www.igp.com

Fragrances are something unique and essential to relationships. It may be a simple gift but will remind her of you and your love, every time she sprays even a little bit of the perfume. The Remy Marquis perfume is a luxury perfume that is sure to be liked by your wife and leave people enchanted as she walks across the room. It is long lasting, and comes in a beautiful red box ready to be presented to your love. A bottle of 100 ml of this fragrance retails for a price of Rs. 1,800 and is available on the website of igp.com.

A Chocolate Hamper for the Sweetener of Your Life

Source www.igp.com

If your significant other is the biggest chocolate fanatic on this planet according to you then, this sumptuous chocolate hamper is the perfect gift for her! This hamper consists of all the mouth watering goodies which will make your partner melt like the soft mousse. The hamper will have a bottle of nutella hazelnut spread with cocoa, white chocolate bar topped with a layer of choco chips, bournville chocolate in the flavour cranberry, and a delicious chocolate plum cake. This delicious pack retails for Rs 1,726 and can be purchased from the website of igp.com.

Bonus Tip: How to Make the Day Extra Special for Her?

When you’re done with buying all the gifts that you think will impress your wife, don’t forget to plan holistically about the D day itself! Just creating a heap of gifts will not create a heartwarming memory in her heart. Instead, plan a date like a teenager. Book a table for a romantic candlelight dinner, or plan to watch her favourite movie that night, or possibly, book a weekend trip to take her away from the day to day worries for a while. Your aim should be to make her feel special and loved like no one else.

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Give Your Wife Meaningful Gifts

To show your wife that you really care, one of the most perfect gifts comes from the heart. Take some time to think about what your wife would love and what is special about your relationship. Think: what sets you apart as a couple? She’d love to get something personal and meaningful to cherish for years to come. Give your sweetheart an anniversary gift that she’ll love (almost) as much as she loves you – just take the initiative and plan some time to show her how much you love her.