10 Incredibly Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend on Anniversary + Tips on How to Shop for Her & Make Her Feel Special (2018)

10 Incredibly Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend on Anniversary + Tips on How to Shop for Her & Make Her Feel Special (2018)

Anniversaries are an important time for a couple and girls in particular look for meaning and assurance in the anniversary gifts you give them. Figuring out what your girl wants as an anniversary gift can be nerve wracking, hence BP Guide decided to give you a helping hand with some great ideas for anniversary gift for girlfriend, how to shop for her, and make her feel the center of your universe. Read on and learn how to be your charming best.

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Tips on Finding the Most Romantic & Adorable Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Choose Thoughtfully and Make Your Gift an Expression of Love

There is an endless variety of things you can buy as a gift for your lady, but it would be important for her only if you get it with thoughtful consideration and love. There are quite a few ways you can get help in selecting a present that she would like – if she’s active on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you’d look for groups, videos or links that she’s been actively saving or liking to get an idea of her interests. Go for trendy gift items that double up as funny or unique. Men usually shy away from expressing their heartfelt. If you are one of them, your choice of a gift for her can be a lovely gesture to sweep her off her feet and make her feel special.

Select a Gift that is Useful and Emotionally Significant to Her

Gifts are one’s way of showering special affection or implying a feeling of delight, pride, kindness, generosity and many other emotions on others. Whether you choose something very simple like flowers or something as elaborate as jewelry, the meaning of your effort makes it significant or dull in a moment! Buying flowers may really not burn a hole in your pocket but the colors you select, the fragrance they spread or one your girl prefers, the assortment of flower types will be any day more valuable and precious to her in comparison to you spending thousands of rupees to impress her with a diamond on her finger or a precious gemstone necklace.

Pocket Conscious vs. Quality Compromise

When you have the time and the money, go ahead and buy a personal, expensive and thoughtful gift. But when you are out of moolah, and pressed for time, having something for a last minute surprise or celebration could be a real boon! Buying gifts for someone really close to you is really very different from buying for an acquaintance or a relative. You really need to be careful of your beloved’s mood, her choices and her dislikes even when getting her a budgeted gift, there should not be any compromise in terms of the thoughtfulness and effort you’re putting in it.

Some romantic yet simple on the pockets to choose for those ‘surprising’ moments can be – scented candles wrapped in beautiful ribbons or paper, spa items like handmade soap, bath bombs, essential oils or desktop plants, succulents or flowers for indoor display. Chocolates and flowers are all time favorites. You’d stock up or buy them at the last minute, what matters is your involvement from start to finish.

10 Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

Personalised Messages in Bottles

Create personalised love note for your girlfriend and gift it to her in a set of 7 bottles, printed, roller and placed inside, wrapped beautifully. The glass bottles with cork lids come with different colored hearts pasted on them, encased in a wooden box. The bottle dimensions are 1.5 x 3.8 cm each, while the box is 5 x 12.3 inches. You can write 7 different messages for her at the time of placing order, up to 50 characters for just Rs.499. However, if you’d like to include more than 7 messages then you’d always have them hand-written or printed personally and add more messages in the bottles and present it to her in your special way! Order this Personalised Message in Bottle Gift from giftcart.com.

Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Roller

Source www.amazon.in

Himalayan rock salt has been an ancient ingredient used for a variety of spiritual and utility reasons. From a healing perspective it is very useful for reducing muscle and joint pains. The salt gets absorbed by the body when heated & rubbed on sore areas and/or is mixed with warm water. When used during bath or foot soaking sessions, they can be immersed in warm water for 3-5 minutes, making it a relaxing, rejuvenating and moisturizing experience for the body and mind. The 2 Himalayan salt massage stone roller sticks vary between a whitish pink or peach shade, all of 700 gm (approx.) with no odor. They can double up as natural deodorizers when applied to a warm body after a bath, making it germs and bacteria resistant and acting as protective shield from airborne diseases. The All Naturals Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Roller Sticks - Set Of Two are priced at Rs. 299 on Amazon.

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Key Ring

Source engrave.in

With this custom key ring that comes a jigsaw puzzle you will not only gift her something that is visually appealing by virtue of its expression of love but also by the thoughtfulness that it will relay to your beloved, saying how you both are made for each other and complement one another! This handcrafted puzzle key ring comes with 6 engraved messages from you that you can choose to personalise yourself. Each key ring is 60 mm x 45 mm, 4 mm thick, made of steamed beech timber. Whether she uses the rings individually or together, she will always have your heartfelt token of love with her and a smile on her lips. The puzzle key ring is priced at Rs.1,200 on Engrave.

LED Powered Light Box

Source www.amazon.in

Express your thoughts now in a typical movie style, vintage style with a personalized message LED powered light box. Measuring 30 x 22 x 5.5 cm in size, with 85 changeable letters and symbol tiles that can be used to create lovely marquee acrylic signs on the LED light box, all you need to do is slide the letters in to the slots on the box and create your own message. Turn it on and light up her soul! The LED powered light box comes in a compact size and is appropriate for both home or office décor, it can be placed on a desk, a shelf or even mounted on the wall. A unique gift that can be customised to her liking. The box is priced at Rs.799 on amazon.in.

The Enchanted Mirror

A card with a touch of magic to it! Elegantly wrapped and carefully packaged, this mirror brings a sense of enchantment for your girlfriend. With a beautiful patterned design on the outside with a special message “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?’ when she opens the card, inside there will be a mirror in which she will see her reflection and her face will instantly light up! The size of the card is 7 inches X 10 inches and you can further hand write or hand pain the card on the inside with messages, pictures, phrases, etc of your choice to make her gift even more special. The enchanted mirror is priced at Rs.499 on oyehappy.com.

Plaque Showpiece

Source www.amazon.in

Lyrics from John Legend’s song “all of me loves all of you’ encompasses a complete emotion and a relationship in its entirety. Crafted from teakwood, this plaque will be the perfect gift to tell her how much she means to you and how wonderful your relationship is! The plaque measures 27.94 cm x 27.94 cm x 1.27 cm (L x B x H) in dimension with a flat pack stand-10 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm in dimension. The stand is made of engineered wood for a table top display or can also be wall mounted with a metal hook at the back. The color of the plaque is brown and text is white. It is priced at Rs.1,500 on Amazon.

Willow Tree Promise Figurine

This beautiful home décor item was crafted by artist Susan Lordi in a way that it could be viewed and understood differently, depending on which side it’s been looked from. The expressions of her art pieces are revealed by gestures like placement of hand, tilt of the head and the turning of bodies. When viewed from the side, this particular show piece depicts a couple with their arms around each other seemingly kissing. But when viewed in a way that one can see their faces and hands clasped, it would seem as if they are dancing. This beautiful expression of love portrays unspoken promises and a deep connection. You can buy it for your lady love for Rs.3,348 from ubuy.co.in.

Handcrafted Wind Chime

Wind chimes are usually considered harbingers of good luck, positive vibrations and happiness. They are usually placed in the east direction of a space to maximize the flow of good energies. It is said that a metal wind chime can be hung in the west, northwest or north direction, while a bamboo or wooden chime should be placed in the east, southeast or south direction. This handcrafted multi-colored chime in terracotta comes with beautiful bells and beads strung together with shells in different colors, and can bring some lovely energies to your love and her living space. For attracting harmonious sounds it is best to hang it in the balcony or a place which is more breezy. The wind chime can be purchased for Rs.921 from Myntra.

Ayurveda Facial Gift Set

For all the pollution, stress and toxins our bodies, mind and spirit get affected by, this Ayurvedic Facial Gift Box can be a wonderful source of reviving her dull energy and exhausted facial muscles. A set of 3 face care products from Kama, the set includes a non-drying cleanser which gently exfoliates her face to bring in a fresh, healthy and radiant glow; a purse rosewater facial toner which will balance and restore her skin’s PH level; and a lavender plant mask that leaves the skin smooth, refreshed and evening the texture. The gift set has a 40 gm mridul, 200 ml pure rosewater and a 25 gm lavender plant mask in a designed box. It is priced at Rs.1,995; buy it from here.

Butterfly Puddler

This beautiful stone and recycled glass puddler is handcrafted and is designed to hold onto natural minerals. This sand-water puddler is a shallow well of recycled glass which can hold sand or rock salt with a teaspoon of water. When the water evaporates which is usually less than a day, butterflies get attracted to the natural minerals left behind and as they get used to it, they keep coming back to this eye-catching puddler. Gift it your lady and she can place it in a lovely nook outdoors or in her balcony making it an enchanting space! The item is priced at Rs.2,890 on Uncommon Goods.

Bonus Tip: Be Vocal About Your Love for Her

It is a well-known fact that men always fall short in verbalizing their emotions or feelings to people they are close to or in love with. You really don’t need much to let your love know that you adore her. Whether you make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant or cook a simple meal for her at home, if you just make an additional effort of penning down a few romantic words for her, write her a love note or perhaps even poetry or maybe copy some lovely quotes or an endearing thought and present it on a special handmade paper rolled like a scroll or in an embellished cover, you will have won her heart all over again!

You could come up random post-its placed all over the house or the space you plan your evening with her, which could say small, sweet and romantic things.

Romantic quotes for girlfriend:

  • The first thing I imagined when I saw the word love is you.
  • Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.
  • When you’re with me, you make me perfect. I love you.

In addition to being verbal about your feelings, be a good listener, understand her silence, her needs, take out time to be together minus external interruptions or use of technology, be kind and considerate and share the simple joys of life together with her.

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Save the funny and quirky gifts for another day

Your girlfriend may love your sense of humour, but on your anniversary she wants to be told how much you love her. Make her laugh but give her a present that appeases her romantic side. She may be the most confident and self assured woman you know but she'd like her loved ones to make her feel special so as her boyfriend tell her what she means to you. That is your key to the best ever anniversary gift for your girlfriend.