If You're Wondering What Might Be on a Unique Gifts for Boyfriend List, Check Our Gift Recommendations for the Sheer Volume of Creative Options(2019).

If You're Wondering What Might Be on a Unique Gifts for Boyfriend List, Check Our Gift Recommendations for the Sheer Volume of Creative Options(2019).

It has been some time now and you have been vying for that undivided attention from your busy beau. While you know the guy loves you, you still seek more from the relationship in terms of love and intimacy. Sometimes it gets so complex to get his attention that you just feel hopeless to the point of no return. When it comes to how to make your boyfriend love you more, try gifting to make your boyfriend love you more n’ more. We've got gifts for boyfriends that your guy will go crazy over.

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Simplify Your Gift Buying Process

Get Him What He Needs

Buying a gift for a lover or boyfriend is always a bit of an elaborate process. Because the person is so dear to us, we overthink and obsess over getting them the perfect gift. But things don’t have to be so complicated when it comes to buying presents for the special man in your life. Just get him something that he needs. It’s as simple as that! Guys are simple creatures. They don’t much like trinkets and bobbles. But give them something useful and you have got their heart. Buy your guy something that he can use on a daily basis. You know him best; therefore you will know what he needs most. If he is a frequent traveller, get him a roomy backpack. If he is a runner, gym shoes would be a great gift. Some essential things which all men would appreciate would be a good bottle of cologne, shaving kit, solid colour t-shirts, sunglasses, beard trimmer or shaver, cool sneakers and headphones.

Get Him Things Based on His Current Obsession

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Your boyfriend must have specific interests and hobbies. If you want to get him a gift that he will adore, get him something related to something that he is currently obsessed about. It may be some new video game that is releasing or a cool new gadget. If he plays some sports or is passionate enough to follow a team regularly then get him his favourite team’s jersey, or sporting equipment. If he is currently obsessing about an upcoming match or maybe a world tournament, then get him the official merchandise. You can also get him the merchandise related to his favourite movie, graphic novel or superhero character. If he is a reader find out the author that he is into right now, and get him his latest work. If he is into festivals, concerts and live shows then get him tickets to an event that you know he would love to go to. Knowing that you care about his passions and interests is a sure shot way to get closer to him.

Stick to Your Spending Capabilities

We often get carried away while shopping for loved ones and when that special person happens to be the love of your life, it’s easy to completely let go of your purse strings. We are not telling you to be tight-fisted, but it would be wise to stick to stick to a budget that you can afford while buying a gift. Getting your boyfriend something that is extravagantly expensive is a one-way ticket to debt town. Your boyfriend knows you and respects you for who you are. So don’t get carried away trying to impress him. It’s the ingenuity and sincerity of the gesture that will impress him. Not the price tag on the gift. For example, a pair of expensive gold cufflinks or ridiculously expensive designer cologne would fall under frivolous purchases. These are things that your boyfriend can do without. So don’t buy unnecessary expensive gifts unless you are loaded with money.

10 Gifts to Make Every Boyfriend Happy

For the Fast Food Lover

You should always have a little fun while buying a gift for your boyfriend. Boring gifts can take away the excitement from a relationship and you definitely don’t want that. The first gift is for the boyfriend who loves take-out and cannot imagine life without fast food. Therefore to commemorate all those Netflix and Chill dates, get him this Take-Out Box embroidered cap from Forever 21. This cap is made from 100% cotton, a wide brim and an adjustable back. It has the embroidered motif of a Chinese take-out container with crossed chopsticks on the front. If your boyfriend loves cool and fun accessories, he will surely love this. It’s minimalistic and yet will make him stand out in a crowd. Buy it for Rs. 669.

For the Ultimate Player

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Does your boyfriend own a play station and does he spend most of his free time playing video games? Well, if your answer to both of these questions is yes then we have the perfect gift for him. Get him the Blu-ray of the hottest new video games on the market. Our pick is an extremely popular game Resident Evil. The second edition of this classic game has everything that a video game addict loves; mind-blowing action, puzzles, exploration and of course the ultimate thrill factor for a video game lover…zombies! This game has crisp photorealistic visuals, the edge of the seat anticipation and mind-bending puzzles. This game is available for PC-Standard edition, PS4-Steelbook edition, PS4-Standard edition, Xbox One-Standard edition, Xbox One-Steelbook edition. You can buy this at Rs. 4,499.

For the Artistic Type

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If your boyfriend happens to be an artist then we are sure that he appreciates iconic art pieces. A sketchpad or painting supplies are great as gifts. But these are things he already owns. You need to give him something that is a little out of the ordinary, a little quirky. These tube socks from Sjadp06X are printed with famous art like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s starry night, Edvard Munch’s Scream and other iconic art. These socks are made of soft breathable cotton. They are anti-odour, wear resistant and absorbs sweat, which makes them perfect for daily use. You can buy him one pair or get him as many as he wants because he is sure to love them. Buy them from Amazon for Rs. 255 a pair.

For the Techie

A techie boyfriend is an asset in many ways. He can set up your Wi-Fi, fix your computer when it crashes, and basically make your life a whole lot easier. To thank him for his presence in your life get him something that he will find really useful. This Tech Pouch from Peak Design will ensure that all his electronics, cables, flash drives etc. stay organised. The exterior of the pouch is made from weatherproof 200D nylon. The interior is made of nylon and polyester pc and TPU coated fabrics, woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, and Hypalon. The pouch has origami style pockets and compartments which lets you organise everything neatly and find them easily. Elastic accessory loops keep items like pens, knives, SD cards, and batteries always within reach. Exterior handles and a clamshell-style opening makes this pouch easy to hold and access. The external zippered compartment has an opening for charging cables. Buy it for 60$ which is around Rs.4,287 from Amazon.

For the Movie And TV Addict

If you and your boyfriend’s favourite weekend activity includes staying in and catching up on the latest TV shows and movies, then we have got the perfect gift idea for you. A Netflix subscription is a great gift that you both can enjoy. Netflix has a wide database of the latest national and international series, documentary, movies and sitcoms. These shows are not only entertaining but often enlightening and informative as well. Whatever genre your boyfriend likes, whether it’s a drama, thriller, horror, comedy, action, documentary or even animated; Netflix has something for everyone. There are three different subscription plans. The basic plan lets you watch on a single screen, the standard plan on two screens and the Premium plan on four screens. They cost Rs. 500, Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 respectively.

For the Guitar Player

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Showing interest in his music is the best gift that you can give to your guitar wielding musician boyfriend. But if you are looking for a more material gift then giving him something that he can use to play his music would be a good idea. An amplifier is a piece of very basic equipment that almost every musician uses. It is used in recording music and also to check the sound quality. Get him the guitar amplifier with gain from Palco. This amplifier can be used with a microphone, keyboard or a guitar. It can also be used to play music from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. It gives again effect with volume, bass and treble controls. It has a running capacity of around 15 watts. Buy this super useful piece of Musical Equipment for Rs. 2,200.

For the Life of the Party

If your boyfriend is of those guys without whom the party is just no fun then get him something to appreciate his amazing social skills. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Great Drinkers Shot Glasses set is perfect for the partygoer who likes to discuss philosophical ideas when he is tipsy. These glasses measuring 6 x 3 x 6 inches, can hold 2oz of liquid. Legend says that shot glasses derive their name from the cowboys of the wild west who would walk into saloons and trade bullets for small glasses or ‘shots’ of whiskey. Therefore one of these glasses even features a realistic looking bullet hole to honour that legend. All the glasses are imprinted with drawings of great philosophers or thinkers. These glasses are also available with pictures of famous gangsters, so take your pick according to your boyfriend’s taste. Buy them for $16.95 from Amazon which is around Rs. 1,212.

For the Gourmet Aficionado

If your boyfriend is a liver of great gourmet or is a chef himself, then you obviously are a lucky girl. A foodie always appreciates great edibles more than anything; therefore getting him a basket full of delicious goodies is a great way to appreciate his awesomeness. Get him the luxury indulgence hamper from The Gourmet Box. This box will let him indulge himself in the finest way possible as it contains the best-handpicked gourmet goodies sourced from around the world. The package contains a tin of South African Rooibos Tea, a pack of Flavoured Creamed Honey, a jar of Black Truffle Table Salt, a pack of flavoured cheese crackers, a bottle of bourbon vanilla extract, a jar of stuffed olives, a jar of truffle pate, a bottle of black truffle oil, two mini jars of chocolate fudge, a bar of flavoured organic chocolate, a bar of flavoured dark chocolate and a scented candle tin. All these come packed into a lovely box with floral patterns. You can add your own message as well which will be written down on a beautifully designed gift tag. Buy it for Rs. 9,750.

For the Fashion Enthusiast

For the boyfriend who is always dapper, always the best dressed in the room and with an amazing sense of fashion. Get him something that will perfectly complement his personal style. Our pick for the cool and stylish man is this beautiful black faux suede moto jacket from Forever 21. This is a completely vegan product and therefore you can rest assured about the fact that no animals were harmed to create this fashionable product. This jacket has an asymmetrical zippered front, notched lapels with high-polish snap buttons, front slanted pockets, long sleeves with ribbed panels and zippered cuffs. It’s available in sizes XS to XL. This stylish piece is perfect for both daily use and parties. Get it for Rs. 2,599.

For the Fitness Freak

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Staying fit and healthy not only ensures that you look great but also keeps you from getting sick or developing health issues. If your boyfriend is the reason behind your great body and glowing health record then you need to thank him for dragging you to the gym every morning. We are sure that your fitness freak boyfriend likes to maintain a healthy diet as well. Filling up on smoothies, fresh fruit juices etc. is the best way to stay healthy and also lose weight. Get your boyfriend the TYARA Plastic Portable USB Electric Blender Juice Cup. With a built-in stainless steel blade and one key operation, it’s the perfect thing to have in your gym bag when you have to head straight to work after working out. It has an electromagnetic induction safety switch, therefore when the body is separated from the base, the power turns off automatically. Buy this useful gadget from Amazon for Rs. 799.

Experiences Are Always Great Gifts

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Experiences are always better as gifts and therefore we will always keep on recommending them. Take your boyfriend for a trip, a music concert, an art show or something else altogether. It all depends on his area of interest. A dinner date at the newly opened swanky restaurant or tickets to his favourite sports match would also qualify as great experience gifts. A surprise romantic weekend getaway for two is the perfect gift that we can think of for a romantic partner.

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Show That You Care

Make subtle yet unmistakable gestures of care and concern frequently. There might be times when he would be feeling conspicuously low. Cheer him up by starting some naughty banter. Hold his hand and assure him that for you he will always be the best and you will always stand by his side no matter what the situation. Whether you want to lighten the mood or just want to draw him closer to you, flirting always works. Hug him when he least expects it; hold his hands and put them up tight on your waist, and then see the glitter in his eyes and colour of his cheeks. Flirting with him will leave him so tantalised that all that will play on his mind are the amazing moments he spent with you. Try that and you have just sealed a long-lasting relationship with that guy.