A Milestone This Important Calls for Classy Gift Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary: 11 Fantastic Gifts to Celebrate Your Long and Happy Marriage!

A Milestone This Important Calls for Classy Gift Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary: 11 Fantastic Gifts to Celebrate Your Long and Happy Marriage!

A 25th wedding anniversary is a major milestone — and for good reason! It marks a quarter of a century spent with the person you love.It also means you’ve purchased 25-anniversary gifts over the years. Starting to run out of gift ideas? Fear not: there are plenty of traditional and modern anniversary gifts you can buy in a range of styles and at various price points to suit your honey's tastes and your budget. Check out the top picks for celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary.

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Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage in Grand Style

A lot can happen in 25 years, the fact that you are still together and still counting is worth a grand celebration. Mark this special occasion in the most sophisticated and remarkable way ever. Anniversaries are special, especially if you both are living happily for twenty-five long years; it definitely calls for a special celebration with the children, grandchildren, extended family members, friends, and colleagues. This completion, this achievement, needs to be celebrated in such a way, that it becomes the most-remembered milestone.

It's been 25 great years of sharing everything together, nothing compares to the joy of having and celebrating that one special person who has stuck with you through thick and thin. This is one day to let them know you appreciate every single second, minute, day, month and year, they have spent beside you and the best moment to let them know you are ready and prepared to make the next 25 years more beautiful than the ones you have already spent.

Plan a Party, Make This Big Day Exceptionally Special

You have spent a quarter of the century with this person and there is no doubt that there must have been ups and downs but this is not the time to dwell on the sad and low times, this a moment to appreciate the good times. Completing so many years of marriage is nothing less than a great achievement for both of you. You can choose to plan a surprise party with the children and grandchildren, without your partner knowing, keep them in the dark until they walk into the venue of the party in your arms to see the most incredible party ever. Watch their facial expression as you welcome them in with a smile that says, "Yes we planned this surprise just for you". Your partner will never stop talking about that day.

How About Doing Something Romantic Just for the Both of You?

While a birthday marks another year for an individual, an anniversary signifies the beginning of another year for two people who have become one. So this 25th anniversary is strictly about you and your partner; you do not necessarily have to involve a crowd. Make it a time to rekindle the flame of your love. You can have a silent candlelight dinner, and talk about the past years and the years ahead. Spend time going through old photographs and videos, laugh and cry if you have to. Reminisce and be grateful for how the past 25 years has been. Or you could spend the entire day alone, cook for each other, watch your favourite movies, play a game together, spend time in the pool together or take an evening stroll. On this day, it is mandatory you forget about everything else, and just have the day to yourselves. So switch off your cell phones and let all focus be on your partner.

No Dull Moments, Make Those Trips You've Planning Since Forever

You know how busy life can be, with the children, work, family and social events, and so many other things vying for your attention; you hardly have enough time for yourself, let alone your spouse. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to go on that trip you've always wanted to, but never had time to. Plan ahead and start putting things in order a few days before. One of you can go a step further and surprise the other, by taking your partner to their favourite destination. You can be sure that your partner won't forget this for years. Word of caution; no laptops, Ipads or anything that would distract or make your mind wander away from your partner. Make it a romantic and adventurous trip, something your partner loves and has been longing for.

11 Gift Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary That Your Partner Deserves

A Diamond Set

Source www.macys.com

Your wife has been the most important part of your life for the last 25 years, and on this day, you should tell her so in every way you can tell her in a way she will understand and in a way she loves. Diamonds are indeed a woman's best friend; there is no doubt that she will appreciate a diamond necklace of a special day like your anniversary; in fact, she will treasure this gift always.

No matter her style, this diamond necklace will fit into her wardrobe. This is one gift your partner will be thrilled to receive. There is no better feeling than when her eyes glow brighter than the diamond jewelry within the beautifully wrapped package you presented to her. This polished pendant necklace from Sirena flaunts round-cut diamonds in 14k gold. The exhilarating luster of diamonds lying deep under the mines has somehow fascinated mankind from the time immemorial. This Beautifully created diamond jewelry from this will indeed be a trendsetter and will effortlessly suit all occasions and all attires. Get this jewelry for Rs. 75,225 on malabargoldanddiamonds.com.

A Romantic Stay at Sandhouse Hotel Donegal, Ireland

Treat yourselves to The Sandhouse Hotel; the perfect gate away location for your spouse and you. Away from the noise, the blaring of horns and the noise of the city to allow you the needed privacy you and your partner needs on such an august occasion as this. Overlooking miles of secluded sandy beach is the Sandhouse Hotel & Marine Spa. Transformed from a mid-century fishing lodge, this superb Manor House Hotel enjoys one of Ireland's most picturesque locations with breathtaking views across Donegai Bay. Take a step further and get pampered at the marine Spa and enjoy excellent award-winning cuisine in the Sandhouse Hotel's elegant Seashell & Glass room Restaurants. Quickly make your bookings at giftsdirect.com for a price of Rs. 45,238.

Anniversary Photo on Wood

Anniversaries are great milestones for every couple so obviously, your anniversary gift has to be just as special. A picture says a thousand words but a picture of two lovers says more than just a thousand words. Get a picture of your partner and yourself engraved on a special wood. The best kind of gifts are the ones that touch a special chord in your heart and this wood wall art decor engraved with a couple photo can do just that. This gift signifies the strength, stability, and durability of your relationship. This picture should be hung where it can be seen by all. To get this engraved photo on wood, make your order on woodgeekstore.com for just Rs. 1,499.

Personalised Silver Wedding Anniversary Clock

Spending a quarter of a century with the person you love successfully and fruitfully is one heck of a good excuse to celebrate! If you’re looking for a gift to congratulate your loved ones on this gigantic achievement, this custom-built Glass Clock is an understated, but deeply personal and extremely beautiful silver wedding anniversary gift. It is stylish, classy and definitely worth your money. Get your family name and the date you got married engraved on the clock. This gift will be completely unique to them, which makes this a very special little clock indeed. Find this gift at findmeagift.co.uk at Rs. 2,713.

Personalised Couple Cushion and Mug Combo

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A soft cushion reflects the flexibility and strength of your relationship over the past 25 years. This personalised cushion will delight their hearts expressing your love for them in the most romantic manner. The personalised sketch cushion and mug combo is something that will touch their soul and create a sense of connection between your partner and yourself. Get the perfect picture of you and your partner and let it be printed on this combo to make your beloved feel special every day.

You can’t begin to imagine the face of your spouse whenever they set their eyes on This Personalised Couple Cushion and Mug Combo. Their hearts will always contend whenever they get to rest against the cushion. Let their hearts be warm as they get to see the amazing gift you got for them as you celebrate your 25th anniversary. This Personalised Couple Cushion and Mug Combo are sold for Rs. 349 on fnp.com.

Galway Crystal Claddagh Friendship Pillar Hurricane Lamp

The timeless hurricane lamp gets the Irish treatment from the inimitable Galway Crystal. The elegant Galway Crystal Claddagh lights up your decor with a warm Irish touch, etched with the Claddagh, a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, this gorgeous piece is a perfect gift for someone special. Created in the Claddagh village and used as marriage ring in days of old, the Claddagh ring has become a token of love. This would make an ideal new home gift for a special couple, in hope that they can continue with the same traits that this lamp portrays. Get this wonderful gift which signifies your token of love for a price tag of Rs. 6,408 on belleek.com.

Vintage Wooden Heart

These vintage-inspired wooden hearts would make a unique wedding anniversary gift to give your partner. When two people share their dreams to create their lives together life become so much greater. These adorable and beautifully crafted vintage wooden hearts can be personalised with special words for your partner. Ensure you write something really outstanding that will melt your partner’s heart when he/she see and read it. The vintage-inspired wooden hearts are of diverse sizes and shape to find out more, visit personalcreations.com to select the one that stands out for you at a price of Rs. 2,042.

Timeless Treasure Watch Box

The Personalized Timeless Treasure Leather Watch Box is a wonderful gift for a loved one. It has 10 compartments with suede lining to keep valuables safe. It is secured with a key lock closure behind a glass lid, which elegantly displays the precious items. This black watch box also comes in brown. It can be customised by adding a message consisting of four lines, each up to 20 characters long. This Personalised Timeless Treasure Watch Box sends a timeless message of love that will help in adding colour to your anniversary celebration. For a price of Rs. 3,993, you can get the Personalised Timeless Treasure Leather Watch Box on personalcreations.com.

Soulmates Canvas

Let your partner know you intend to be Soulmates forever by giving them this beautiful work of art. This large dark wood textured rustic “Soulmates” print is perfect for your bedroom’s decor. Each letter is represented by a different black-and-white photograph. The rustic sign is printed on a high-quality cotton canvas material. The print is then stretched onto a wooden frame to make a ready and perfect to hang Soulmates sign. Choose the sign and colour you need and get it customised with your endearing words. An emphasis is placed on craftsmanship for every order you make. To make an order, visit personalcreations.com and get this beautifully crafted handmade item for Rs. 2,815.

Personalised Wine Duo & Chocolates

Make your anniversary more personal and memorable by getting this best selling personalised champagne and chocolate gift box for your partner. The champagne comes from the award-winning house of Bernard Remy and the bottle can be personalised with the message of your choice to create a keepsake to be cherished forever. Alongside the champagne are these tempting chocolates from the renowned Butlers. The Personalised Wine Duo & Chocolates is packaged beautifully in a stylish leatherette gift box with a touch of excellence. This is a perfect gift for the romantic evening between you two. Get the Personalised Wine Duo & Chocolates on giftsdirect.com for a price of Rs. 69.99

Married Since Matching Shirts

Let everyone know how long you and your significant other have been together! This is a great wedding or anniversary gift that will say more than you can; not just to your spouse alone but to everyone who sees you both in the shirts. Get both shirts and go further by customising the wording however you'd like but ensure you write something very captivating. Place an order for the Married Since Matching Shirts on amazon.com at a price of Rs.2,460.

Design a Family Plague with Photos That Highlight Some of Your Happiest Moments Together

Make this occasion truly special by offering a family plaque to your partner. Choose photos that highlight some of your happiest moments as individuals, partners, and friends, and as a family. Get pictures of places you have visited together, pictures of when you got married, pictures of past anniversaries and pictures of when you were dating. Ensure the plague captures important moments and places that capture the story of your lives together. They can decide to display the plaque at home or at work. Your partner will feel like really special when he looks at this anniversary gift that captures at one glance the memories you’ve created over the years.

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Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a big deal—congratulations! To mark such a strong, successful and beautiful marriage (aka your silver jubilee) you’ll want to get your husband, wife or the couple an anniversary gift that’s as special and radiant as they are. Some people mark this celebratory time not just with gifts but a full-blown party and renewal of vows. You’ll want to be highly creative with your choice of gifts.By selecting a gift that helps you reflect on the past and show excitement for the future, you’ll hit all of the right celebratory notes. Gift should provide a heartfelt way for you to express your everlasting love and commitment to your spouse.