15 Best Gift Ideas for Husband's 50th Birthday: Make it an Unforgettable Birthday for Him (Updated 2021)

15 Best Gift Ideas for Husband's 50th Birthday: Make it an Unforgettable Birthday for Him (Updated 2021)

Your husband has hit the big 50! Mark this milestone with a truly special 50th birthday gift that he will never forget. From the world's most powerful wallet to jumbo beer mugs and nostalgic arcade games, hot air balloon rides and ideas to treat him like a king, our remarkable list of 50th birthday gifts will ensure the celebration of a lifetime.

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Ideas to Turn Husband's 50th Birthday into a Landmark Celebration

Make Him King for a Day

The 50th birthday is an important milestone and ought to be celebrated as best as you can. Reaching this landmark is an achievement and surely your man deserves to be treated like a king, even if just for a day. Each birthday is an important one and over the years you must have made a lot of effort to make it a wonderful day for your husband, but on his 50th it's time to pull out all the stops.

Here are some ways to pamper your man on his 50th birthday, try one or many!

  • Start the day by serving him breakfast in bed. This one is a classic and will make anyone feel pampered and loved. It need not be elaborate, his usual breakfast will do, with perhaps an extra treat.
  • Leave small birthday gifts and cards in the car for him to find on his way to work. Some can be emotional, some funny, and a few sexy notes as well.
  • Have one of the kids bring him lunch at work. He eats the packed lunch or canteen food everyday, for his birthday he deserves a freshly made lunch from home or his favourite restaurant.
  • Decorate the house with streamers, banners, balloons, flowers, whatever he likes best. Use some or all the elements to make the house look festive and welcoming when he returns from work.
  • Give him an experience to remember, be it a massive party with friends he hasn't seen in years, a helicopter ride, take him up in a hot air balloon, or whisk him away for a holiday to his dream destination.

Draw on Your Personal Knowledge of Him

Years of living with your husand is bound to have given you a very good understanding of what he likes, things is drawn to, places he'd like to go to or things he would like to experience. Now is the time to draw from that deep pool of knowledge and use it to get the maximum results. Over the years so many gifts have been exchanged for birthdays, anniversaries and what have you - a person's reaction to gifts says a lot about what they feel towards it. Take all these reactions into account to make a list of presents your husband would truly enjoy.

You may have also given him things you wanted him to try or thought would suit him. As nice as these intentions are, the gift should be centered around the receivers tastes, not yours. Does your husband enjoy the arts, fine drinks, or is he a sporty outdoorsman? The best way to go about this is write down all the things he likes and then start narrowing in on what he likes best.

Fix Your Budget and Start Saving Up

Splurge on expensive gifts but do it wisely and save in advance. Birthdays as important as the 50th warrant a grand celebration and even lavish gifts. There can be smaller, intimate, handmade gifts but when you take into account the celebration for the day as a whole, it can quickly add up to a larger amount than you anticipated.

At 50, your husband is inching closer to retirement and you would not be far behind, you hardly want to blow up your savings on a birthday. So budget wisely and practically. Take into account everything you want to do for this day and start saving up in advance. That way you can buy your husband a nice, expensive gift and give him a birthday to remember without having to stay up late into the night worrying about finances.

Personalise Things for Him

A short quote etched into a ring, a monogrammed scarf or a cake customised with his favourite flavour combination takes the gift to the next level. Receiving presents puts most people in a happy place but being given presents that have been made specially for them makes it so much more memorable. Gifts can be personalised with a message, a quote, a date or your husband’s name; the other way to customise it is by altering its features, such as choosing his favourite colour or combining some things he likes to make a one of a kind gift.

Personalising gifts requires thought and care, which makes it dearer to the recipient. It also creates a memory around the gift and the day, and your husband is bound to attach deep sentiment to such things. No other gift will be the same as something you personalise for him, be it store bought or handmade.

In many ways a marriage is to enable us to share our lives with someone, have them witness our triumphs and tribulations; a gift which shows your man just how well you know him will be the most fitting tribute to him on his 50th birthday.

15 Unique Gift Ideas for Husband's 50th Birthday

Personalised Beer Mug or Whiskey Glasses

Source dezains.com

One of the simple pleasures that your hubby enjoys is to nurse a cold beer while watching his favourite shows over the weekend. Though you sometimes nag him about a growing beer belly, it is the one small luxury he finds difficult to deny himself. At 50 he is hardly going to start changing his ways so you may as well embrace your man, chinks and all and give him your blessings to enjoy his drink.

There couldn't be a better way to do it than the Personalized Beer Mug from Dezains. Not only does the glass mug have an interesting inlay design, it can be personalised with your husband's name and birthday. Order it for Rs.761 on igp.com and let you man enjoy his drink in style.

Story of a Lifetime

Source www.gifts.com

It’s around this age that men start pondering over serious questions, look back at their lives to see what they have accomplished, the mistakes they made and how they came out stronger. They also start looking at the larger picture to see what kind of legacy are they building and what they will leave behind. At 50 years they are wiser and more productive than they have ever been, and there is still a lot more left for them to accomplish.

A gift that helps him look back, mull over and organise these thoughts will be a great blessing. The Story of a Lifetime is a beautiful leather bound volume with linen lining and gold tipped pages with prompts to help him record his story thus far. There are nearly 500 thought provoking questions inside, from ‘What period of your life did you enjoy the most?’ to ‘What did you feel your greatest contribution to life has been?’ The 384 page journal can be a way to pass on the wisdom he has acquired and become a family heirloom; if you are looking for a gift that can capture the essence of your husband’s 50 years, this is the thing to give him. Buy it for Rs.5,243 on gifts.com.

Here's another option, that does the same thing a little differently

Source www.amazon.in

An amazing method that encourages self-reflection. this guided journal is a great way for anyone to uncover hidden thoughts, feelings and desires. This book comes with thought provoking questions that will ease your husband's journey of self-discovery. All About Me is available on Amazon for Rs. 492.

Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage t-shirts indicating the year of his birth can be a very nice way to commemorate your man’s landmark birthday. Turning 50 years is no small feat and if it happens to be something he is proud of, let him flaunt it for all the world to see.

People often dread ageing and the turn of a decade is especially hard on many, but by 50 most men have realised the boon it actually is. Financial stability, a comfortable family life, good friends that have stood by him for years, and the confidence that only experience can bring are just some of the perks of adding on the years.

So the 50th Birthday Vintage 1968 Tee Shirt is something he will actually be happy to wear. Made of pure ring spun, combed cotton, the shirt features a seamless, double needle collar, taped neck and shoulders to give it durability as well as comfort. The year can be customised if you happen to bookmark this tee for your husband’s 50th birthday next year. Order it for about Rs.599 on Etsy.

A Subscription Box

A subcription box is a gift that is designed to give joy over a longer period of time. With a subscription box, your husband will be delivered a box at regular intervals(chosen by you) with a curated collection of items related to the theme. So you can gift your husband a subscription box of books, grooming products, clothes, socks, underwear, snacks and much more. Just explore the available options and choose something that fits your husband's interest. We have chosen a book box subscription from thebigbookbox which offers a range of plans from one month to yearly with different concepts.

Designer Cufflinks

Every man needs to have a few statement cuff links in his wardrobe, more so when he is turning 50 and needs to do power dressing a lot more often. Although cufflinks are often viewed as formal dressing, they can very well be worn with casual ensembles as well, and your husband would very be able to pull them off with any kind of dressing. They are made from all sorts of material like different metals, enamel, carbon fiber even and even moves into the realm of jewellery when made using precious and semi precious stones. There are also many different types of cufflinks such as whale back with a flat head, stud or button style, chain link, knot cufflinks and many more. We suggest MONTBLANC Sartorial Cufflinks priced at Rs.25,400 on Tata Cliq. This will be cufflinks he will love to flaunt!

Or Gift a Personalised Pair!

If you want to make your gift even more special, then gift your husband custom design cufflinks. Check out this option from AuGrav where you can engrave your own message onto the cufflinks. You can choose the cufflinks to be in gold, platinum or silver, with a starting price of Rs. 6,999.

A Box of Fine Cigars

If you husband does smoke, let him have the good stuff. Now if you don’t know much about cigars, buying them can seem overwhelming. Not many retailers near you would have them either since good cigars are somewhat rare and expensive. Even if they did, you would not know what to look for.

The next best option is to order them online after doing a thorough search of what are the good brands and then buy them from a well known vendor to ensure you get your money’s worth. If your husband happens to be an aficionado then all your problems are solved, as you can order a case of his favourite but if it’s intended as a novelty, then stick to a buying a small box or just a few of mild strength cigars. The full bodied versions can be too intense for a beginner and may even turn him off. The idea of smoking a cigar may turn out to be more appealing than the actual stuff, so buy a few to amuse him and pair it with another gift.

A single stick of Cuba Libre Chairman costs Rs.950 on cigarsindia.in. This is one of the cheapest options for Cuban cigars and has a mild bodied but full flavour that is suited for beginners. It has flavours of mild coffee, leather and creamy chocolate, and a nutty aftertaste that the birthday boy may enjoy. Buy a few sticks and gift wrap it in a nice box, if he takes to it he can always try the more premium varieties.

Smart Wallet

Does your husband literally carry his world with him in his tiny wallet? Women are inseparable from their precious handbags and often marvel at how a man can fit all his essentials into one small wallet. But the loss of both is felt the same - a man will be as distraught to have his wallet nicked as a woman who’s had her bag snatched by thieves on a bike.

How about gifting your man a smart wallet with additional safety features like RFID protection. Or you could give him what’s being touted as the world’s most powerful wallet - Volterman. The wallet was an innovative product built with crowdfunding. Shipments have started and you too can lay your hand on one of these exclusive and cutting edge wallets.

What makes this wallet so brilliant? Well, it has a built-in powerbank for starters, ranging from 2000 to 5000 mAh, which enables wireless charging for your mobile phone, it has a distance alarm which alerts the user if they happen to leave behind the wallet or their phone, it has a global GPS tracking as well as worldwide WiFi hotspot, and is fitted with a cool thief detection camera that gets activated once you lose the wallet and captures an image of anybody who opens the wallet and sends the images to a live feed. Did we mention it also has a 64 GB embedded SD card? All that while also serving as any slick, lightweight wallet with plenty of room for bills and cards. Now it doesn’t come cheap. There is a whole range of wallets available but the bifold comes at about Rs.11,800, with an additional Rs.1,270 to have his initials engraved into it. Order it on indiegogo.com where you can check the other products and see more details.

Personalised Whiskey Barrel

There are many good reasons why whiskey is aged in oak barrels, and even a bottled whiskey can be further tweaked by putting it back in a barrel. Which is why the Personalised Whiskey Barrel is a perfect gift for a man who carefully selects and buys only the finest bottles. Made of oak wood, these miniature barrels cam age spirit in the same way their full sized versions do in distilleries, but owing to their size, the process speeds up to 10 times faster. Oak wood adds flavours of vanilla, marzipan, and buttery, coconutty and spicy flavours, which is exactly what this barrel will do. Before use it must be cured for up to 5 days and it comes with an instruction manual on use and storage. Buy the 2 liter barrel for USD 32 or Rs.2500 on .barrelsonline.com.

Desktop Arcade Machine

Invoke nostalgia in your old man with this mini Desktop Arcade Machine that offers an impressive 240 games. Retro games have become popular over the last few years, but in an age of slick modern video games that are larger than life, this arcade gaming machine will take him back to a different time when people went to arcade centers to play games.

The desktop version may be a tiny replica of the gaming machines of yore but it boasts of a fully functional 8 way control joystick and two function buttons. It has a 2.5 inch full colour screen, built-in speakers and has games like Tetris, Pacman and Pinwall Wizard among many more. Buy it for Rs.2,196 on Prezzybox and watch him transform to the days of his youth.

Gift an Exciting Experience

If your husband has always wanted to do something, whether that's riding on a hot air balloon or fly a glider or go skydiving, then his 50th birthday is a great time to make it happen. You can gift him a voucher or booking as per his interests and give it to him so he can redeem it when he wants. For instance you can gift him a hot air balloon experience by buying a voucher at hotairballooninginindia.com.

Pocket Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Long before people began wearing watches on their wrist, there were pocket watches. No doubt wrist watches were the norm even in your husband’s time as a boy, but giving him a pocket watch or other vintage gifts will remind him of a bygone era. This is in no way intended to make him feel old, only remind him how far things have come, and how much he has grown as a person.

If he has started looking back and is becoming fond of collecting the classics, then the Artshai Antique Look Pocket Watch with Box will surely strike the right note with him. Packaged in a quaint sheesham wood box with brass inlay, the retro style watch is a hand wound mechanical timepiece that does not need batteries. Once wound, the stored energy in its springs can keep it running for up to 24 hours. Buy it for Rs.799 on Snapdeal.

Alternatively, a Luxury Watch

If your husband is more likely to enjoy a practical gift, then a luxury watch is just the thing for this milestone birthday. Pick out a watch from one of the top brands which though a little expensive is a thing he will cherish. Classic, sports, chronograph - with so many options to choose from, be sure to look for the right style for your husband. We have here a classic option from Seiko, available on Ethos Watches for Rs. 17,500.

Luxurious Sneakers

Sneakers are without doubt one of the best things that ever happened to your feet - well designed sneakers are supremely comfortable, they are currently all the rage, and they go so darn well with just about every kind of outfit. And when you’re getting on in age you tend to veer toward comfort a lot more than fashion. But what if you could have both?

Get your man the sexiest pair of luxury sneakers you can get your hands on. Sure he has a whole bunch of them, some slightly motley but he insists he will wear them on his morning walks. But that’s not the kind we’re talking about, no. We are nudging you more towards the likes of Gucci Contrast Sneaker that cost roughly Rs.48,000 on reebonz.com. Before you balk and throw the idea out the window, take a second look at it’s embossed leather panels and signature web design. The lace-up style shoes have a removable insole, a textile lining and rubber sole, and are available in a choice in black . Sure they come from the well known Italian luxury and lifestyle brand and are expected to be a bit pricey but this pair has been one of the most touted fashion and comfort accessories of the year. Go on, give your 50 year old man the treat he deserves.

Engraved Luxury Pen

On his milestone birthday, why not gift him something he will love to use every day? Gift him a luxury pen and personalise it by engraving his name or initials on it. There are several options available at a variety of price points - you can choose from high-end brands like MontBlanc, Cross, Lamy, Sheaffer and more. We have chosen a stylish limited edition Cross Pen with a Ferrari clip. You can go through this option and many more on WilliamPenn. This particular option is available for Rs. 8050 on the site.

Luxurious Recliner Chair

Those plush recliner chairs with leather or fabric upholstery and comfortable leg rest are so fantastic aren’t they? No wonder your husband always wants to book those expensive recliner seats at the cinema to watch movies. He may have thought about buying one of those chairs more than once but for some reason never got around to it. On his birthday you can bring home the cozy comfort of a luxurious recliner - it will be one of the best gifts ever. And the plus side is you get to use it too!

The Griffin Recliner has a roomy seat, plush cushioning and is available with the option of fabric and artificial leather upholstery. It measures 1031 x 760 x 719 mm. It can lean to nearly 180 degrees and has an unfolding leg rest. Buy it for Rs.31,499 on Urban Ladder. Be prepared to have daily minor scuffles over who gets to use the chair next, or you could buy twin seats to maintain peace and harmony at home.

Handmade Watercolour Portrait

Source engrave.in

Portraits were often commission in olden times by royalty/nobility and prominent personages and displayed in their homes. Sure, we may not be high-ranking nobles but gifting a portrait surely makes the person feel special and celebrated. It is a perfect gift for a landmark birthday and one designed to put the spotlight on him, rightfully so! Order this custom painting on engrave.in for Rs. 2,819. Talented artists work off a photo provided by you and create a completely unique painting. The painting is done on an ivory drawing sheet (210 gsm) and can be either of A2 or A3 size. You will receive the painting unframed so you will need to arrange for it to be framed before handing it over.

Bonus Advice: Encourage Him to Revive an Old Passion

As they age men can often become very involved with a new interest or hobby, often losing touch with pursuits they were once very passionate about. As long as your husband has something he can devote time and energy to and which gives him satisfaction you don’t have anything to worry about. But if he happens to have little time left for fulfilling pastimes, it may be time to intervene.

Being immersed in your work and having a successful career is good only till a certain point, after that he must have engaging hobbies that will not only help him relax and unwind but find deeper fulfillment in life. Encourage him to take up something he was once very fond of, or cultivate a new interest into a passion. If he is out of ideas or has doubts, hear him out and help him brainstorm. Remind him of all the reason he used to enjoy doing certain things or why he should go ahead with a lifelong dream.

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Rely on Your Instincts

Nervous about making his 50th birthday as grand an event as possible? He is not letting it out openly but you know he is secretly pleased and excited to see what his family has in store for the big day. And that's exactly it. You already know what will turn that hunk of a man into a delighted 10 year old! After all this time together you have the ability to communicate without words, can hear his thoughts over a long distant phone call, and can predict his next move minutes or even hours before he makes it. So take a deep breath and let instinct guide you to the most fantastic 50th birthday celebration ever.