Don't Gift Him a Shirt, Not Again! Check Out Our 12 Awesome Gifts for Husband on Birthday Instead (2019)

Don't Gift Him a Shirt, Not Again! Check Out Our 12 Awesome Gifts for Husband on Birthday Instead (2019)

Depending on how long you've been been with your husband, you'd either have some clue of what's going on in his mind, or be able to read him pretty well. How often is he delighted with the gifts you give him? If the answer is fewer times than you care to remember, this gift list is for you. There are gifts to make him squeal with delight, and there are things he will be pleasantly surprised to receive. None of it will disappoint, we guarantee.

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You Shop for Him All the Time, But How to Buy Him Birthday Gifts?

What are His Interests

What things are your husband into? It'll help to know his interests. If you've already gotten him everything possible in his last few birthdays, then talk to his friends, It's highly possible that they might remember an off-hand comment when you weren't around concerning something he'd love to have. He may look like he has everything but there's definitely something he is secretly coveting. It's normal for people to want things and if you want to give him a gift that he thinks is great, find out what he wants. Put those wife-skills to use.

How Old is He Turning?

How much older will your husband be this year? Certain gifts that he might have appreciated when he was 20 might not be as well received when he's 45. Keep his age in mind when you're shopping for him, regardless of whether or not he's still a child at heart.

Novelty or Utility

What kind of gift would your husband appreciate? Is he someone who likes to have a good laugh? Or would he rather appreciate a gift that is thoughtful and has some practical utility? Think carefully and pay attention to his mood. Everyone views birthdays differently; someone who normally loves the gifts and cake that comes with this day may suddenly turn moody and pensive as they approach a certain age. Your husband could need a gift to cheer him up, or build on the gravitas he suddenly feels.

Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Husband

Kindle Paperwhite


If your husband is an avid reader, you can never go wrong with a Kindle. With an extensive library, the Kindle e-reader is the best gift for someone who is incredibly passionate about books. Though there are many who believe that an e-reader can never substitute for the feel of paper, the functionalities afforded by a kindle are more than worth the trade-off.

Lighter than a paperback, the Kindle Paperwhite has a 300 ppi display that has no screen glare, even in bright sunlight. The Paperwhite comes with a built-in adjustable light and a full battery charge will last you weeks rather than hours. It also contains a wide selection of books from many different languages, including regional ones such as Marathi and Tamil.

The Paperwhite comes in two versions, the Wi-Fi version which costs Rs.10,999 and the 3G version priced at Rs.13,999. The latter comes with a free 3G connection that allows you to download e-books on the go. Both versions can be ordered from Amazon.

Fitbit Charge 2


If your husband is really into fitness, then this FitBit charge 2 would be a incredibly practical gift for him. This wristband helps you keep track of and plan your daily exercise regimen. Functionalities include a heart rate monitor, calorie counts as well as distance travelled. Syncing it with your smartphone also allows you to receive notifications about calls, texts and calendar events.

It can also help you improve your workouts with a personalised cardio score and also has other functionalities such as a silent vibrating alarm and a reminder for regular breathing exercises. The OLED display also keeps track of steps taken and floors climbed etc. If your husband is regular with his workouts, this would definitely be something that he appreciates.

Priced at Rs.14,999, the Fitbit Charge 2, is available for orders through Amazon.

PI Auto Store- Portable Tire Inflator


If your husband is the type to randomly decide to go on long drives then this would be a great gift for him. The P.I. Auto Store Portable Tire inflator is great for topping up your tire pressure before going on an impromptu ride. While it will not mend punctures, it can and will ensure that your tire is at optimum pressure.

Incredibly easy to use, all on has to do is to plug it in to a 12 V cigarette lighter socket and use the LED Display to set the required pressure. The microprocessor inside does the rest of the work for you. The inflator is able to take a mid-size tire from flat to 35 psi in about three and a half minutes. While the speed depends on the size of the tire, this gadget is still a handy thing to have for anybody who loves driving and can be easily stored in your trunk.

Priced at Rs 11353, the P.I. Auto Store portable tire inflator can be bought from Amazon.

Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband


The MagnoGrip Magnetic wristband would be a useful addition to any handyman's toolbox. If your husband owns his own toolset and likes to fix things by himself, this would be a welcome gift. The wristband is magnetic and is meant to be worn around your wrist while using tools such as a screwdriver.

Simply put the screws and nails you need to use onto the wristband and it'll stay stuck there until you pull them off. This'll help your husband from losing screws or nails while his putting something together or fixing something. If he keeps complaining about how he always loses one or two screws out of a set, he'll thank you endlessly for this gift.

Priced at Rs.3,999, the wristband comes in a variety of colours and can be purchased from Amazon.

Wallet Ninja Multi Tool


If you're husband is always complaining about not having his toolbox when he needs it the most, the Wallet Ninja Multitool is a gift that can hold him over for immediate repairs. Slim and made in the size of a credit card, this multi-tool can be slipped into you wallet and has 18 different tools including a screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench and can also be used as a phone holder with the help of a credit card. Made from 4X heat treated steel, the multi-tool is soft to the touch and can be carried onboard most aircrafts as well.

Priced at Rs.3,499, the Wallet Ninja Multi Tool can be ordered from Amazon.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth Headphones


If your husband is a fan of music or has been complaining about uncomfortable headphones, The Sennheiser HD 4.40 would be a good pick for him. Bluetooth and wired at the same time, you can use the battery for 25 hours on a single charge, or just use the 1.4 m wired jack that comes along with the headphones for wired use.

Comfortable to wear, the headphones also has controls on the ear mount that allows you to change songs and to make calls without having to pull out your phone every time. They're also noise cancelling headphones that sit around the ear rather than on them, thereby not becoming uncomfortable over longer use.

Priced at Rs.7,490, they are available for purchase online at Amazon.

Mr. Butler Italia Soda Maker

The Mr. Butler Italia Soda Maker is a great gift for people who like soft drinks. With the help of this machine you can make fizzy cocktails, sodas or just plain sparkling water in the ease of your kitchen. Simply fill up the reusable water bottle with water, attach it to the machine and press the button on the top. The soda maker works with replaceable Co2 canisters and therefore doesn't consume electricity or have batteries. Your husband and you will have plenty of hours of soda-drinking fun at home with this contraption.

Priced at Rs.3,950, the Mr. Butler Italia Soda Maker can be ordered through Amazon.

Zaap Cell Phone Car Mount


If your husband spends long hours in the car driving, then the Zaap Cell Phone Car Mount is a great way for him to use his phone safely while driving. Easy to install and use, the mount is adjustable for use, according to the size of you husband's mobile phone. It has a telescopic arm so that your husband can adjust it to it's best viewing angles. The mount stick to the dashboard with a reusable gel that can be used how many ever times, requiring only that you rinse it off before fixing it somewhere else.

However, it doesn't not stick to vinyl or leather dashboards, so please keep that in mind while ordering this. Other than that downside, this would be a wonderful gift any driver would appreciate. Priced at Rs.3,300, the Zaap Car Cellphone Mount can be ordered online through Amazon.

Wolf 290402 Heritage Valet Tray


The Wolf Heritage Valet Organiser is the perfect gift for the husband that seems to have too many cufflinks, watches and ties. A handy place where he can store all his different odds and ends. Incredibly classy looking and sophisticated, this would be the perfect gift for any gentleman who puts real effort into the way they look.

The organiser has five compartments and three ring rolls and closes with the help of a magnet. If your husbands always complaining about how he loses his watch, ring or cufflinks, this would be an incredibly thoughtful gift for him. Priced at Rs.4,302 including delivery, this is an imported item and may need to be ordered well in advance and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Superman Styled Beer Mug


If you're husband is a fan of beer AND comics, this would be a great gift for him. This beer mug can be personalised with his name and sports the superman symbol. Alternatively you can also personalise the entire mug to have a message and design of your liking. Priced at Rs.799, the mug is designed and sold by Dezains through their website

Ustraa Beard Grooming Kit


If your husband takes special care of his beard or is trying to grow one well and failing, this would be a great gift for him. The Ustraa Beard Grooming Kit comes with beard oil the promotes growth, a special beard wash, wax for both beard and moustache as well as a beard softener. All of this also comes with a handy travel bag to carry it around in. If you're husband is serious about growing his beard then he will see this as an incredibly thoughtful and welcome gift.

Priced at Rs.2,098, the Ustraa Beard Grooming kit can be ordered from Amazon.

Saco Gadget Organiser Bag


If your husband is always complaining about the number of wires he has to pack every time he travels, the Saco Gadget Organizer bag would be perfect for him. Meant to house his many different chargers and cables, this organizer bag would be welcome as a gift especially for a frequent traveller who always has to haul electronics, including USB cables, Chargers, Adapters etc. Priced quite cheaply at Rs.599, the Saco Gadget Organiser is guaranteed to make his life better and can be found on Amazon.

Good at Making Things? Try These DIY Gifts for His Birthday

It's not necessary to break your bank account if you want to do something nice for your husband. You can always knock something together at home that he will definitely appreciate.

Make a Collage

If your good with arts and crafts, track down pictures from friends and family detailing the important moments in his life, from his birth to your marriage, kids etc. Make a collage out of them and gift them to him, showing him each and every milestone in his life. Make sure you leave a space for the birthday you're gifting this to him for.

Bake a Cake

If you or one of your friends is good at baking, than you can always bake him his favourite type of cake. This would be a great gift to give regardless of whether or not you've gotten him other gifts. A cake always makes any birthday a hundred times better. No matter how old you get, you never outgrow cake.

Write Him a Poem

If you're good at writing, you can always write him a poem. You can also frame a printing of one you've written and give it to him as a gift. If you're not good at writing you can always just find a poem that you can relate to him and dedicate it to him. A poem has always been one of the most romantic gifts possible.

With this list, you hopefully have a better idea on what to gift your husband for his birthday. A good gift doesn't have to be expensive and you can always gift him something from our DIY section if you're on a tight budget. What matters most is the thought behind the gift, and as long as you make him feel loved on his birthday, it's alright if the gift isn't completely spectacular.

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It's not a crime to ask someone what they'd like

Be honest. Does your husband love your gifts, does he hate them, or worse, they don't really make much difference to him. Unless he is clearly over the moon at least every now and then, you are going wrong somewhere. No many would know your husband the way you do, and no one but him would know what he would really love to receive. All the gift guides in the world can only point you to what is popular and what is nice, but we can't help you with what he wants, so just ask him. Don't want to do that? Then creative as to how you're going to find out.