Surprise Him with the Most Innovative Gift for Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary: 10 Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Man

Surprise Him with the Most Innovative Gift for Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary: 10 Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Man

Each marriage is unique and only those in it know what makes it so special. So if you're not merely looking for the most popular products for men and need ideas to celebrate your uniqueness, we have just the solution for you. Our gift buying guidelines help you figure out for yourself what your husband would love, and if you're still short on ideas, we also have a list of suggestions you can fall back on.

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How to Choose Anniversary Gifts for Him

Pick Gifts Based on the Year

The most common and the most popular way to choose anniversary gifts is by the year. There is a symbol and a gemstone associated with each year of marriage. The first year is paper, the second year is cotton, the third year is leather and so on and so forth. Therefore picking out gifts made from these materials is considered appropriate.

You can also pick your gifts based on metal or stones. The first anniversary is gold or peridot and for the second it’s garnet. It’s considered traditional and also somewhat romantic to gift jewellery containing these stones. Of course you don’t need to follow these rules strictly. But it’s not a bad idea to incorporate these elements into your gifts. It will give you a starting point and you will not be lost in the sea of options. Now there are a lot of gifts on the market which puts a fun spin on the age old traditions.

Make a Romanctic Gesture

There is one thing which is always preferable in an anniversary gift and that is the element of romance. We are sure that your husband will also be expecting something a little romantic on your anniversary. By romantic gifts we don’t just mean heart shaped pillows and teddy bears. Every person’s idea of romance is different. So always focus on buying gifts which spells out romance your way. Your idea of romance may be snuggling in bed or sharing a cup of coffee. Figure out what your thing is and pick your gifts based on that.

For example, if your thing is relaxing together with a bottle of wine then you could gift him a set of personalised wine glasses. If your idea of romance is binge watching popular TV shows together then get him a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. Your gift always doesn’t have to be an object; it can be an experience too. A picnic in the park or a weekend getaway for two are romantic gifts which your husband will definitely enjoy.

Find a Way to Surprise Him

Most of us love getting surprises as long as they are pleasant ones. A surprise gift is the best anniversary gift all. One way to do it would be to pretend that you have forgotten your anniversary and surprise him by getting a big bouquet of flowers or a gift basket delivered to his workplace. You could also plan a surprise anniversary dinner at a restaurant or at home. There are many ways to surprise your husband. You could bring him breakfast in bed, dedicate a song on the radio, take him on a romantic treasure hunt with you as the prize, pop into the shower with him or just put a love note into the pocket of his pants.

10 Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Husband


Sometimes the best thing to do is the obvious one. Therefore the best way to kick off your anniversary celebrations is to gift your man with a bunch of his favourite flowers. Surprise him with a bouquet at breakfast or have one sent to him at office. Websites like Ferns and Petals and Floweraura deliver flowers all across India.

As you may already know, red roses are one of those classic gifts which spell romance. Order the Pretty Secrets Bouquet from Flower Aura. It contains 10 exquisite red roses, wrapped up beautifully and tied with a ribbon. It’s priced at ₹449.

If your man is not that fond of roses then get him the Colourful Smile bouquet which contains a bunch of mixed colour carnations. Buy it for ₹499.

Handwritten Love Letter

Some gifts can’t be judged on the basis of their monetary value but rather their sentimental one. A handwritten love letter is one such gift. Nowadays with easy means of communication like social media, texting and video calling, letter writing has almost become a forgotten art. But there is something special about a handwritten letter that no amount of technology can replace. You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to pen down a heartfelt declaration of your innermost feelings. Don’t use unnecessary idioms or metaphors. Keep it simple and sweet. You can mention all his little quirks that you love so much or mention his favourite physical features which you find attractive. Use good stationary and if you are comfortable with it, then an old fashioned ink pen. Seal the letter in a pretty envelope and put it on his nightstand. It should be the first thing that he wakes up to on the anniversary morning.

Chocolate Hamper

The tradition of gifting chocolates to lovers is an old one. One of the main reasons that we gift chocolates on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day is because it’s an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are food or beverages which are believed to increase libido because of their ability to stimulate the production of certain hormones which create sexual and romantic desires.

Get your husband the Chocolate Haven Hamper from Gourmet Box. This box contains a jar of all natural expresso and dark chocolate demerera sugar, a box of chocolate chip oat cookies, a bag of dark chocolate and sea salt waffle chips, a jar of chocolate hazelnut spread, a jar of dark chocolate flavored popcorn, some flavored artisan chocolate bars and a box of mini fudge jar gift set. It’s priced at ₹2,800. Sharing this box with your husband will add a sweeter edge to your relationship.

Personlised Movie Marquee Photoprint

Your love story deserves it’s very own movie. Get your husband the most unique and dramatic present that is out there. Get him the Personalised Framed Movie Marquee Photo Print from Uncommon Goods. This unique poster designed like a movie theater marquee will feature your names as co-stars and a special date.

You can include your own title or pick one of three inspired by popular romantic films. You can choose from full color, film noir-inspired black and white or classic sepia. It’s made from plexi-glass, epson enhanced matte paper, and bonanza wood eco composite. This product which pays a tribute to the love story of your life is the perfect gift for commemorating your anniversary.

It measures 17" H x 21" W framed and 16" H x 20" W unframed. Buy the framed version for $125 which is around ₹8,934 and the unframed one for $85 which is around ₹,6075.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Can you think of a better way to spend your anniversary than floating around in the clouds and looking down at the beautiful scenery down below? Because we sure can’t! If you are wondering what we are talking about then let us inform you about a wonderful new experience that you can gift your husband-a hot air balloon ride!

To book your hot air balloon ride, all you have to do is visit and fill in the online form with your name, address, email, phone number, city, state, country, date and place of flight. You also have to select your flight time and the number of people taking the ride. You can also mention any extra requirements that you might need. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your husband. Make sure that you make the most of it.

Personalised Apron

This anniversary, skip the dinner at a fancy restaurant or the party and do something cosy and intimate instead. Cooking together is a great way to bond and its more romantic than you think. So spend your anniversary cooking up a storm in the kitchen with your husband. Try your hand at some new dishes, try out a brand new cuisine or make a fancy new dessert.

The best gift that you can get your husband to make him feel like a master chef is a monogrammed apron and chef’s hat set! Get this baby blue Pizza Chef Apron and Hat. This cute little set can be customized with your husband’s name. You can also pick the text case and the font type from 8 different styles. It’s made of pure cotton fabric and is machine washable. Buy it for ₹1,749 from

DIY 'Favourite Things' Hamper

If you want a feel good and yet romantic gift for your husband then get him a basket full of his favourite things. Because nothing spells love better than looking after the happiness and comfort of your love one. So get a basket or a big gift box and fill it with everything that makes your husband’s heart melt and brings a big smile to his face.

It could be food products like his favourite packaged snacks, something that he enjoys doing like a his favourite video game, a few bottles of his favourite beer, candies, condiments and sauces, cozy socks, maybe his favourite graphic novel and comfortable slippers. You could also follow a theme. For example if your husband loves a particular sport, then fill the hamper with his favourite team’s jersey, sports memorabilia and snacks that he munches on while enjoying his favorite game on TV.

Crushed Ice Tray

This one is for a man who enjoys his cocktails. If your husband is someone who likes to be in charge of the bar at every house party, brunch or dinner and loves whipping up frozen margaritas, tiki cocktails, and mint juleps then make his work easier with this gift - a Set of 2 Crushed Ice Trays.

These trays made from food grade silicone can make little shards of ice without the need to whip out the blender. The ice on these trays freeze quickly and unlike ice crushing machines, takes up very little space. They are flexible and easy to use; just fill, freeze, and squeeze. The combination lid or funnel slides the broken pieces of ice neatly into a glass. Buy it for ₹1,721 from


Lingerie is one of the sexiest and most universal gifts that a man can gift to his wife. Well, it’s the age of gender equality so you can gift him underwear as well. These solid red briefs from Calvin Klein are not only visually pleasing, but also super comfortable to wear. These briefs are made using nylon spandex that makes them super stretchable and lightweight. Cleaning these briefs is super simple. Just pop them in the washing machine, do not add bleach, and do not tumble dry. These are available in sizes small to extra large.

You can buy them on for ₹1,609.

If red his not his colour then get him this black pair also from Calvin Klein. This seamless black brief is made of nylon fabric which assures a snug fit. Buy it for ₹1699 here.

Scented Massage Oil


A sensuous way to spend your anniversary is by giving each other fragrant massages. A massage will leave you both feeling refreshed and ready for some great time in the bedroom. What you need for a massage is some good massage oil. Get the The Body Shop Spa Of The World Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil for your husband.

This herbal oil is infused with Thai Lemongrass which has been cherished in traditional Thai massage for its revitalising effect on body and mind. It has a reviving scent which will boost your vitality and awaken the senses. Use this invigorating massage oil as part of your restorative ritual when you want your body and mind to feel instantly refreshed. A 170 ml bottle of oil costs ₹1,695. Buy it from Nykaa.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

If you have been married for a while and have built a family then it’s easy to forget what it was like being a young couple and madly in love. While your love may be intact, life and responsibilities may have come in the way of your romantic interests. A great way to revisit the golden days is by having a little ceremony and renewing your wedding vows.

Have an intimate ceremony with only close friends and family. You can dress up in your original wedding clothes and jewellery. A religious ceremony is not necessary but you can have one if you want to. Think of this as a chance to have a day entirely to yourselves. If you can we would suggest that you go for a second honeymoon as well. Find the time to reconnect and revisit old memories.

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