10 Shudh Desi Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary with a Slight Modern Twist

10 Shudh Desi Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary with a Slight Modern Twist

Having trouble finding awesome anniversary gifts for your husband that capture the quirky desi sense of humor and innate Indian references? We hear you. As nice as the beautiful anniversary posters, lucky penny keychains and personalised gifts on the internet are, they don't really convey what you really want to say do they? Find here loads of 'hatke' Indian gifts to give your husband on your first anniversary along with some fun ways to celebrate this day.

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What Should a Desi Style First Wedding Anniversary Celebration Include?

Pure Indian Food

It’s your first anniversary and you want to do something special for your husband? Wonderful! We’ve got some great celebration ideas and amazing gift ideas lined up just for you.

We all know the love that Indian men have towards their food, be it Indian food, Italian cuisine or even their mom’s food. If you want to make your first anniversary special cook your husband all his favourite food. As the saying goes the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, so cook up a feast and impress him with your culinary expertise and good intentions, and he’ll be definitely floored by all the love.

Blessings from the Elders

No Indian even is complete without getting the blessings of your elders. Blessings are nothing but positive vibes which is passed on from your elders to you. So start your first anniversary celebrations by getting the blessings of his parents and yours. The elders in your family will naturally bless genuinely from their heart. It also has a psychological benefit, this act confers humility and cultivates a sense of respect enjoining people in the right path.

Do Puja at Home

Perform a puja on the morning of your anniversary, wishing for a prosperous and happy life with your husband. Doing a puja will benefit your life and fulfill your desires. The act of worshipping purifies the heart, generates harmonious vibrations. Moreover, when you wish for good health and prosperity, your wishes will come true.

Modern and Cosmopolitan Ways to Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary

Plan a Quick Getaway

Now that you’ve got the blessing from your elders and performed puja for the long life of your husband, it’s time to get to the fun part of it. It’s your first anniversary and you need to celebrate it in style. First anniversaries comes only once, so for your first anniversary plan a quick getaway with your partner over the weekend. If time permits, plan a long vacation, however if both of you are held up with other commitments, a quick vacation or staycation is perfect too. There are wonderful resorts that you can choose from for a romantic getaway. Plan everything ahead and surprise your husband!

How About a Surprise Party?

Here’s another idea – a surprise anniversary party. If you’ve already decided that you want to throw a lavish party to celebrate your first anniversary, do it with a twist. Organise a surprise party, don’t let your husband in on all the plans, keep it under wraps and until the last minute. Act nonchalant about organising anything, and be rest assured he’ll think you’re not interested in planning anything.

Go On a Second Honeymoon

Does your first anniversary remind you of the day you got married, your honeymoon and other beautiful memories related to your wedding day? Then, pack your bags and go on another honeymoon. No one said you should go only one honeymoon after you get married. You could even return to the same destination of the first one and relive those romantic moments all over again. Plan ahead and make all the reservations necessary and surprise your husband with the tickets.

Do Some Social Work

If you or your husband is interested in giving back to the society and doing social work, it’s a perfect idea. On an auspicious day as your first anniversary, you and your husband can perform some noble deeds for the society and thereby add some humble moments to your memories. You can arrange for lunch or dinner at an orphanage or elders home. Or you could distribute food for the homeless and the needy. Make your anniversary more meaningful by doing something for the society.

The Perfectly Balanced List of Desi and Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

Bhojpuri Beer Mug

We’re sure you already know that everything sounds cool when you say it Bhojpuri. This mug says “You look sexy after drinking beer” in Bhojpuri. Moreover, if your husband is a beer lover, he’ll definitely love this gift for his first anniversary. It’s colourful, desi-themed and will be a great addition to his beer mug collection. You can buy this on happilyunmarried for Rs.450.

Mooch Shot Glass

Does your husband sport a mustache? Then we’ve got the perfect thing as your first anniversary gift – Mooch Shot glass. This pair of shot glass has the words: “Too mooch at stake” on the glass. If he loves his mush and takes care of it, then he’ll love the shot glasses too. You can get these on Happily Unmarried for Rs.299.

Legendary Jeeps of India Coasters

Did you know that India has a huge history and love of jeeps, starting from the world wars. Yes, it’s true. Jeeps have always been around and men have always loved it. This is replicated on to beautiful coasters, and this set of 4 coasters bring you the best of the classics. Made out of polyurethane, these coasters measure 3.5" in diameter. You can buy this on happilyunmarried.com for Rs.899.

Filmy T-Shirt

Your husband will look stylish in a ‘Filmy’desi-themed t-shirt. This Filmy T-Shirt is a merchandise which is in collaboration with Phantom Films, a company formed by directors of Gangs of Wasseypur, Queen, Lootera, Ghajini and Bombay Velvet. What’s more, you can wear this t-shirt too; it comes in small, medium, large, x-large and double x-large. You can get this in happilyunmarried.com for Rs.799.

I Love You Cufflings

With the I Love You Cufflinks, your husband will wear his heart on his sleeves quite literally. It’ll make an amazing first anniversary gift. And if your husband doesn’t mind declaring his love for you, then he will do it proudly. He can wear to office, a party or even dinner date; and with your hand draped around his arm, people will definitely know who his lady love is. You can get these cute cufflinks on Archies for Rs.749.

Bird Shaped Pen

Be different, be unique and be quirky. If this sounds like your husband, we have a unique gift idea lined up just for him – Wooden Toucan Bird Shaped Stylish Pen. This pen has a tinge of uniqueness suffixed by a trail of creativity attached to it. The pen is disguised within a body of Toucan bird carved out of wood. You can purchase this on Boontoon for Rs.310.

Marble Ash Tray

A Traditional Marble Ash Tray is simple, elegant and artistic. It’s not only functional, but it can also be used as a decorative piece to enhance the look of your house. The octagon shaped ash tray, sitting on the table, will make even the most reclusive smokers to light one up. The artistic minakari and beadwork that decorates this mesmerizing ash tray makes people fall in love with this well sculpted marble piece almost instantly and forever. You can buy this for your husband for Rs.1,120 on Boontoon.

Peacock Key Stand

Peacock is a sign of integrity and royalness, and the Soulful Peacock Key Stand is all that and more. This key stand is made out of wood and is decorated with Meenakari designs making it look all the more elegant and beautiful. It’s designed in such a way that the peacock is shown standing with its head turned around towards its beautiful train. This will not only be a good gift for your husband, but it’s also a gift for yourself, since it makes your house look more beautiful. You can buy this Peacock Key Stand on Boontoon for Rs.175.

Super Mario Brothers Plush Slippers

If your husband is a gamer get him merchandise from his favourite games, but if you really want to strike a chord, give him gifts related to his favourite gaming memories, and for this you may have to dig into his growing up years. Was he a super big fan of Super Mario? If the answer is yes get him these comfortable plush slippers (because he's secretly loved your plush slippers and wanted a pair for himself!) featuring Super Mario and Luigi. The sole measures 10" and these are available in a free size that fits UK sizes 3 through 7. Did we mention they are also super comfortable? Buy them for Rs.1,499 on bigsmall.com.

Nivea Gillette Hamper

Treat your husband to a bit of tender, loving, care – a grooming care package that pampers him. The Nivea Gillette Hamper will help him look his very best whenever he steps out of the house. The gift hamper has everything he’ll need to look chic and sophisticated, it includes Gillete shaving gel, Old Spice after shave, Nivea Mens face wash, Nivea body wash, and Loofah. Moreover, it’s beautifully packed and delivered in a pretty basket. You can purchase this set on Tiny Surprise for Rs.1,399.

Find a Good Balance Between Traditional and Modern

Find a balance between traditional desi and contemporary modern-day. For each anniversary there are certain types of gifts to give, for example everybody knows that for 25th anniversary it’s silver and for the 50th anniversary it’s gold. Likewise every year, be it the first anniversary of the 30th there’s a gift associated with it. For the first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper, but a modern take on it is clocks. If you want to the theme, then you could get a gift made out of paper or a watch. What’s important is that you spend quality time with one and other and love each other more if possible.

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Anniversary gifts should be symbolic

What are the things that hold special meaning for you as a couple? It could a long running inside joke, something that reminds you of your wedding or honeymoon, a special song or place. Even if you are getting regular anniversary gifts such as a watch, wallet or a bottle of perfume, find a way to link it to your own married life. It's a good way of transforming a regular gift into a meaningful one, exactly what you want in your anniversary gift.