1st Anniversary Gift for Husband: Celebrate 1 Year of Togetherness with Unique Paper Anniversary Gifts that Will Leave Your Husband Looking Forward to Another Great Year!

1st Anniversary Gift for Husband: Celebrate 1 Year of Togetherness with Unique Paper Anniversary Gifts that Will Leave Your Husband Looking Forward to Another Great Year!

The first year of marriage is something that should be savoured and celebrated. No doubt there’s still the rush of excitement each and every time you look at each other and an abundance of laughter and love. There’s no greater way to celebrate a paper anniversary than showing your partner how much they really mean to you. These 10 first anniversary gift ideas offer plenty of playful and romantic ideas for those who are willing to think creatively.

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How to Pick First Anniversary Gifts

Think Traditional

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So you have been married for one whole year and successfully reached your first anniversary. That, of course, is the cause for celebration. The traditional gift for the first anniversary of marriage is paper and we would suggest that you stick with the traditions. If you think that going with paper gifts will leave you with very limited options then you are wrong. Just because your theme is paper doesn’t mean that you have to stick to greetings cards and notebooks.

There are plenty of other gifts which will let you play around with your options while sticking to the paper theme. Think artifacts and accessories made of recycled paper, paper mache, cardboard, etc. You can of course gift other things, but it would be nice to add something made of paper to keep with the theme.

Rely on Romance

A marriage is successful due to various factors and romance is one of them. Romance is the key to have a successful relationship, both physical and mental. By romance, we don’t just mean the stuff that is sold to us through various media. Satin lingerie and rose petals can mean romance to someone, for others romance can be something else altogether. What you need to do is find the things that spell romance for you and your hubby.

It could be snuggling under a woolen blanket while watching a horror movie or sharing a huge plate of pasta, taking a long walk together in the rain while sharing an umbrella or just sleeping in each other’s arms. Therefore the element of romance plays a key role in the choosing of gifts as well. Pick a gift that defines romance for you. It may be a photo gift or a piece of art, but let it mean something in your relationship.

Be Creative with the Gift Wrapping

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As the theme of the anniversary is paper, we would suggest that you pay special attention to the gift packaging. In fact, if you choose to go with a gift which does not adhere to the theme, then you could incorporate papercraft in the packaging as a nod to the tradition. There are plenty of things that you can do to make your packaging interesting. You could learn to make paper cutout designs and stick them onto the wrappings. You could use the art of origami which is Japanese paper folding to make interesting shapes and use that for decorating your gift.

Another artistic way is the use of the decoupage technique. Decoupage is pretty easy to do; you just need to have a sense of colours and shapes. All you need to do is cut out images and shapes from old magazines and books and paste them onto a surface to decorate it. Decorating a gift package using paper flowers and cut out shapes from the coloured paper is a simple way to dress up a gift.

10 Unique 1st Anniversary Gifts for Him

Paper Rose

Flowers spell out romance but if you want to get a little creative and stick to the paper then we have the perfect flower gift for you. This Potted Paper Rose from Just Paper Roses is a romantic and unique gift, created especially for the first wedding anniversary. This rose is crafted entirely from paper and attached to a stem. The whole arrangement is anchored in pebbles inside a terra cotta pot. It’s 7" tall and comes with cute little details like a happy anniversary tag and a ladybug toy. Buy this cute gift for $23.64 which is around Rs.1,724 from amazon.com.

If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option and have some time on your hands then why not craft a paper rose by yourself? Follow this easy DIY tutorial on YouTube to make a paper rose. You could even go ahead and create a whole bouquet of paper roses. We are sure that your husband will be amused and extremely pleased by your creativity and ingenuity.

Love Journal

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Not everyone is a writer, but your love story sure deserves to be documented. Gift your husband a love journal to write down everything that’s in his heart. The Why I Love You-a Journal of Us is the perfect anniversary gift to your husband who we are assuming is also your soul mate. This journal contains prompts and questions, and places for photos and notes. This journal will help you express on paper the journey of love that you and your partner are on.

This journal has been designed to be filled out by one partner and given to the other, or to be discovered together as a couple. This guided journal lets you explore the various facets of your relationship and have fun doing it! This pretty red journal contains 96 lined pages, raised embossing, glossy heart design highlights, and gold foil accents. Buy it for Rs.1,328.

Photo Book

The first year of marriage is pretty eventful and we are sure that you have captured each perfect moment. These precious memories in the form of photos will serve you well in the future. Therefore these memories need to be preserved well. The best way to preserve your photographs is by turning them into a photo book. Go to vistaprint.com to turn your precious moments into a beautiful book, which you can gift to your husband as the first-anniversary present. This website will spoil you with choices and options.

You can pick from various sizes starting at small which is around 13 x 10 cm and goes up to an extra large measuring around 30 x 30 cm. You can choose your cover as well from a variety of options. There is linen textured paper, leather textured and also the option to use a photo as the cover. You can choose between gloss and matte finish paper. The prices vary according to size, the smallest being priced Rs.400 and the largest at Rs.1,875.

Paper Mache Lamp

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Paper gifts don’t need to be limited to books and cards. We have found beautiful objects made of paper which look glamorous and very distinctive. Next on our list of paper gifts is this beautiful paper mache lamp. This exquisite lamp doesn’t look like it’s made of paper at first or even the second glance. This multi-coloured lamp with a floral pattern is made by artisans from the state of Kashmir using recycled waste paper. The paper is treated to make it tough and resilient. It’s then hand painted with beautiful colours.

This one is perfect for the living room or can be placed on your bedside table. It can be used to brighten up your husband’s desk at home or in the office as well. It comes without a shade, which you can add separately. This beautiful piece of home décor is priced at Rs.2,599. Buy it from amazon.in.

Book of Romantic or Erotic Poetry

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When talking about paper gifts, one of the first things that come to mind is books. But if you are thinking about gifting your hubby a book as his anniversary present the make sure that book is a special one. We would suggest gifting your husband a book of romantic or erotic poetry. Twenty Love Poems And a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda fall into both categories.

The enigmatic verses by the widely celebrated Spanish poet are capable of stirring a person soul. These poems originally written in Spanish have been translated into English and are devoured by ardent admirers all over the planet. His poems are romantic, sensual and heart touching. You can buy a paperback copy of the collection for around Rs.105.

Adult Card Game

While searching for a romantic and exciting anniversary gift for your husband, don’t hesitate to be creative and explore all facets of the relationship. One of the most important factors that make up a successful relationship is a couple’s sexual compatibility. Being adventurous in the bedroom is a great way to spice up a relationship.

No, we are not telling you to bring out the handcuffs or the leather just yet. But a little fun and game in the bedroom just enhance the fun quotient in a relationship. This kinky little adult card game from adultproductsindia.com will let you do just that. This gift in keeping with the paper theme is the perfect way to loosen up and indulge in some seductive foreplay before you get down to the actual stuff. Each card has a romantic or erotic task on it which each player must perform to get to the final ‘prize’. There are no losers in this game, but it sure is rewarding for both parties. Buy it for Rs.1,110.

Cosy Bedroom Slippers

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Love is not just about passion and romance. It’s also about looking after the comfort of your loved one. The feet are one of the most used and abused body parts. Therefore they need some comfort at the end of the day. Gift your husband a cozy pair of house slippers that will put him in the mood for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Gift him the R&M Unisex Home Rubber Flip-Flops.

These soft well-cushioned slippers have an anti-skid sole for the slippery surfaces which means your husband can wear them to the bathroom as well. These slippers are made of ultra soft anti-sweat fabric making them perfect for lounging around throughout the year. These slippers are available in three different colours and sizes. Buy the pair for Rs.299 from amazon.in.

Grooming Kit

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Most men are pretty careless when it comes to taking care of themselves. In such cases, it’s the wife or the partner who has to take up the responsibility. All he needs is a little push in the right direction to get him on the right track. That encouragement comes in the form of a box or rather a kit, of useful men’s products that he can use on a daily basis to keep himself looking spick and span.

The Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit comes with a razor, blades, imitation badger hair shaving brush, face scrub, shaving cream, and aftershave balm. All of these products come packed in a beautiful blue gift box. Buy this useful set for your husband for Rs.2,636 from amazon.in.

Photomug with Honeymoon Photo Collage

A new and fun way to use your honeymoon photos is by making a super sweet gift out of them. Use the photos to make a photo collage mug. Go to vistaprint.com and upload the photos that you want. They offer various layouts and colours. Pick your mug and you’re done! The mugs are made of microwave and dishwasher safe ceramic They are priced at Rs.225.

Personlised Wine Glasses

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A delicious glass of wine makes a romantic anniversary dinner even better, and what would make that wine taste even better is if you serve it in a customised wine glass. This customised long-stemmed wine glass is imprinted with the words ‘love makes the world go round’, will cost you around Rs.1,299 on dezazins.com. Each glass is engraved for a stylish and lasting look. They have a height of 6.3 inches and a diameter of 2.3 inches.

Skip the Party and Do These Things Instead

Go for a Romantic Dinner

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A Romantic dinner is the ultimate indulgence and you deserve to indulge yourselves on your anniversary! Pick a restaurant and make the booking in advance. Good restaurants often get crowded, especially on the weekends. You can have a talk with the manager and have a special anniversary cake and some good wine or champagne brought to the table. Give your husband a surprise and he will remember the night forever. You could pick a rooftop restaurant or some place with a classic romantic vibe.

Book a Romantic Weekend Getaway

A getaway is another romantic way to spend your first anniversary. Pick a seaside destination or a cottage in the hillside. If you both are adventure junkies then you could also go for a short camping trip. If getting leaves from work is an issue, then do it on the weekend. A long romantic drive to somewhere a bit outside the hustle and bustle of the city will not only refresh you but also breathe new life into your relationship. Make the bookings beforehand to avoid any last minute problem. There are plenty of websites which offer great deals on hotel and flight bookings like Expedia and MakeMyTrip.

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Celebrate the first of many years to come with paper gifts

Congratulations on making it to the milestone of one year of marriage! The first-anniversary gift is traditionally something made of paper. If you want to follow tradition, you’ll be on the hunt for a paper gift for your spouse to mark the occasion. It’s always great to have an anniversary card as the starting point but from here it’s totally up to you. We’ve carefully curated a selection of gifts that your partner is sure to love. No matter what you choose, you will be able to put your own personal touch on the gift to make it extra special.