Find A Sweet Gift for Your Husband for First Anniversary: Our List Has 8 Awesome Gift Ideas, And 4 Fun Ways To Make The Day Unforgettable

Find A Sweet Gift for Your Husband for First Anniversary: Our List Has 8 Awesome Gift Ideas, And 4 Fun Ways To Make The Day Unforgettable

So you have been married for a year? Time to sit back and enjoy the milestone. A cute and thoughtful gift on this day will be sure to warm your hubby's heart. Check out our exhaustive guide with fantastic gifts, tips and suggestions to make the day one you both will look back with fondness!

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The Best Gifts to Surprise Your Husband on Your First Anniversary

The first of everything is very special and it becomes even more special when celebrating it with someone. A wedding anniversary is an instance where you celebrate your bond and love with your husband. First anniversaries are always very special as they remind you that a year ago you gave your special bond of love a name and promised to be there for each other in good times and bad. The reminder refreshes and rejuvenates the bond you share year after year and the first anniversary is the beginning of it all.

Tips to Choose the Best Gift

Know His Needs

Time and again we suggest presenting gifts that a person actually needs and can use immediately. Not only it makes the present more special but also helps you earn the title of an attentive and super caring wife. Presenting your man with a gift that he has been stalling to purchase for a long time will help bring a sense of happiness and satisfaction as no other random gift can. Furthermore, if the gift pertains to a long forgotten passion of his, you will also be encouraging him to spread his wings once again and pursue his passion aggressively once again but this time with the right equipment. Both these factors will ensure the gift comes to immediate aid and does not end up becoming a mantelpiece.

Pick Something Romantic

Although this goes without saying we still could not help ourselves from stressing on the idea of picking up something romantic as a gift for your husband. You have gone through a year as man and wife and the topsy-turvy life may have had an impact on the time you spend together. It is highly probable that due to increased responsibilities you might have not gotten enough quality time together. A romantic gift can rekindle and rejuvenate that part of your life and could help you relive those moments of the past. Furthermore, the gift will be another great addition to the relics of love that you might have collected till date.

Personalize Your Gift

A gift is just another piece of material that can be found in abundance out there in the market. However, a personalized card or message portraying the idea and love behind the gift increases its value manifold making it an invaluable treasure for your loved one. We would suggest you pour your heart out on a greeting card and keep it as real as possible. Another suggestion from our side would be to steer clear of the clichéd and cheesy lines. The clichéd lines may create an instant impact but a heartfelt message would highlight the personal bond you share with him and leave an everlasting impact on your husband.

Top 8 gifts to Make Your First Anniversary Memorable

Buy a Pair of Matching Clothes with Quotes


One of the best and most innovative gifts of the decade is a pair of t-shirts with quirky couple quotes that are sure to make heads turn. There are an array of choices to pick from. From simple quotes such as king queen to hilarious and cheeky quotes like “the boss” and “the real boss”, you can buy it all online. The t-shirts will instantly get you an entry into the “couples goals” list and make you an instant topic of discussion wherever you go.

The Mr. and Mrs. T-shirt pair from Bonorganik is one of the classiest and best pair of t-shirts available online. Marked at ₹1399 the t-shirts will be delivered with your names written across them under the Mr. and Mrs. tag. Another top pick would be the pair of t-shirts with soul and mate written across them. Available on Amazon the pair will cost you ₹649. This simple yet thoughtful gift is sure to win your husband’s heart and also get you a new t-shirt to twin with your best friend and life partner.

A Bottle Of Fine Wine

Another classy and elegant gift is a bottle of wine. The tradition of gifting wine can be dated back to ancient Greece and Egypt when people used to think that wine is an offering from God. Furthermore, there are a lot of varieties available in the market that you can choose from. The wine bottle will also make a perfect gift to begin your anniversary celebrations with.

The Grover-Zampa Chene is one of the best wines available in India. The red wine imparts a rich chocolate-coffee-toasty taste. The wine will approximately cost you ₹1850. KRSMA is another top pick for the fruity wine lovers. This bubbly red wine is a great party starter. Unfortunately, the online wine market in India is pretty nascent and you will have to take a trip to a premium wine store nearby to order these wines.

A Top Notch Laptop


If your husband is a movie buff, a coder, or even a gaming geek then a laptop would make for a perfect gift. Not only will the laptop serve as a source of entertainment, but it will also help your husband learn new things and manage work efficiently. There are a lot of options available in the market and you can make your choice based on the features you are looking for and your budget. Lenovo Ideapad 330 is one of the most economic models available in the market today. Marked at ₹33990 the laptop is powered with an Intel i3 processor and can store up to 1TB of data. The laptop can be bought from Amazon.

Sports Jersey Of Favourite Team


Most of the guys out there are huge sports fanatics and love jerseys of their favorite players or clubs. The jerseys also encourage them to play the particular sport rather than just following it. If your husband is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan then you can buy him Ronaldo’s latest Juventus jersey available on Amazon. The jersey will cost you ₹1299. In case he is a hardcore Lionel Messi fan instead, you can buy a Barcelona jersey from Amazon at the same price. If he is more of a cricket fan, you can buy him an Indian cricket jersey from Amazon which will cost you ₹849.

Men's Grooming Kit


In these modern times, men have started to take care of their skin just like women do. Furthermore, beards and stubbles have come back in fashion and require quite the grooming. So if your husband is the one of those men who love to take care of his skin and other grooming needs then a grooming kit would be a perfect gift for him. The Beardo Celeb Gift set would be the perfect grooming kit for him. Marked at ₹875, the package includes the Godfather beard growth oil, charcoal face wash, and the Beardo Strong hold hair gel. All the components of the package are enough to take care of his basic grooming needs.

Pair of Snazzy Shoes


Shoes are the evergreen gifts you can present your man with on any occasion. The array of choices available in the market offer you an opportunity to choose from varying styles that your husband might be looking for. You can buy him the classy brown oxford shoes that go well with any business outfit. You can buy a pair of San Frissco Oxford shoes on Ajio for ₹1153. Another great option is a pair of loafers which go well with both casual and professional looks. A pair of black-colored loafers is the most suitable option to gift your husband. You can buy the shoes on Ajio for ₹675.

Subscription To An Online Streaming Service


In the age of online streaming services, television has almost come to an end. Online streaming services have become the go-to source of entertainment these days and binge-watching has replaced the weekly episodes of a daily soap. So if your husband loves to binge watch on some of the best shows around the world then buying him an online streaming service subscription could be a great gift. A year of Netflix subscription for your husband and yourself will cost you ₹7800. You can also opt for Amazon Prime subscription for ₹999 a year. There are multiple other streaming services specially meant for Indian viewers like Voot and Zee5. You can choose the most relevant platform based on your husband’s preferences.

Smart Speaker


One of the most popular products out in the market right now are smart speakers. These Artificial Intelligence-powered speakers are the first step towards home automation. If your husband is a technology freak and stays updated with the recent trends in the tech world then smart speakers can be the perfect gift for him. Even if he is unaware about the existence of any such equipment, the AI-powered speakers are sure to take him by surprise. These speakers not only play songs but can also be used to control smart home devices like smart lights, smart television, and much more.

The two best smart speakers available in the market are the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Both the products are pioneers of the nascent technology and provide an array of functionality apart from the superior audio quality. The Amazon Echo will cost you ₹6999 and the Google Home speaker will cost you ₹7499.

Bonus Tips: 3 Ways To Give A Gift With A Personal Touch

Here are certain tips that you can use along with the gift to make the day extra special for your husband:

Create a Personal Video Dedicated to Him

You can shoot and produce a video dedicated to your husband. You can collaborate with friends, family and narrate how you fell in love with him in the first place. We would suggest you request your friends and family to send short clips of what they love in your husband and bring it all together to form a lovely video. You can take help of a professional editor or use your skills to create the video.

A Collage of Your Best Photos

We will take a wild guess and say you would have clicked many photos as a couple. You can use those photos to make a collage and gift it to him. You can either get the collage framed or if you have a knack for art, you can create a hand-made frame to make it an extra special gift for your husband.

Organise a Surprise Party for Him

Surprise parties are always fun for people who plan and organize it and for the people they are organized for. We would suggest you plan the party in utmost secrecy and act like you have no clue of the what big day is coming up. If you play your cards right, you will actually end up gifting him the best surprise party of his life.

Add Ons: Plan a Fun Filled Day

To make it special, plan out the anniversary day in advance. Have the gift ready and packed to be presented. If you are ordering the gift online, ensure you get it a day before your anniversary or you are likely to mess up the presentation in haste. Looking for other ways to make the day special? Read on!

Plan a Date Night

Book a table to your favorite restaurant and plan a romantic date night just like you did in the good old days. Make sure you let the restaurant know that it’s you and your husband’s first anniversary so that they can arrange the perfect wine and cake for the occasion.

Book a Relaxing Day at A Spa

The hectic and monotonous day-to-day routine surely takes a toll on a person’s body and mind. A relaxing day at the spa is just what you and your husband need to unclutter your mind and vent that stress out. Book an extravagant couples package at a spa and enjoy a relaxing day with your hubby.

Book a Hotel Room and Make Him Feel Special

You can also plan to spend the night at a grand hotel suite. Book a suite in any five-star hotel and get the room decorated for a romantic evening with your gift at the center of the decoration.
We hope all these tips and suggestions help you bring a huge smile on your husband’s face and make your first anniversary a memorable day in your lives for ages to come.

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