Looking for Fun, Exciting Yet Useful Gifts for the Most Important Man of Your Life? These Unusual Gifts for Men are Sure to Give Him a Surprise! (2020)

Looking for Fun, Exciting Yet Useful Gifts for the Most Important Man of Your Life? These Unusual Gifts for Men are Sure to Give Him a Surprise! (2020)

Sending an unusual gift can allow you to be creative and make the receiver feel special. But deciding on the unique gift usually takes up a lot of time, especially if it for someone who holds a very important spot in your life. We have pulled together some of the unusual gifts for men, be it your husband, father-in-law, brother, or anyone else. You can order these online right away!

Gifting isn't just About Presenting an Item, It's About Making the Other Person Happy!

Handing out gifts is special. Is it not exciting to see your loved one’s face light up with joy and happiness? While we usually provide gifts on birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, how often do we gift someone unless it is some occasion? We can always surprise the people we love at any given time and make their days filled with happiness.

Whatever be the occasion, men usually receive the same kinds of gifts, things like socks, cufflinks, and ties. However, if chosen the right gift, they can have a penchant for unusual gifts as well. Based on your relationship with the person, you need to send a gift that could rekindle some amount of fun with the person. You need to provide a funny spin to their favourite hobbies. Or, it could be something they may not have seen before. It need not be costly, but the idea is to give something that stays with them for long.

The Most Unusual Gifts for Men You can Buy Online

Black Butterfly Wooden Printed Mini Whiskey Bar

Source amazon.in

If the person loves his liquor and has always repented that he did not have a movable bar, then why not gift him one instead. A stylish drinks case from Black Butterfly will be an ideal gift for a picnic or a party-loving man. It will help him to spend quality time with his friends when they plan an outing.

The item is presented in a decorative wooden black box with a creative lock. The mini bar consists of a hip flask, a tong, three glasses, and a peg measurer. Coming at Rs. 1,995, this mini whiskey bar will also fit into a moderate budget. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Wondershelf - Floating Bookshelf

Source amazon.in

Most of us love books and find it irritating when they are strewn all over the house. A floating bookshelf from Artori Design would be helpful. It will be doubly joyful for lovers of Wonderwoman. A unique gift for superhero lovers, the bookshelf gives a feeling that a silhouette of Wonderwoman is holding the books mid-air. It is, however, suggested that you do not overload this magic shelf.

The floating bookshelf is a global bestseller coming from the Artori Design stable. It is available on Amazon and is priced at Rs. 4,362. If you think the recipient wouldn't fancy Wonder Woman, there are various other designs available too from which you can choose.

Drink Dispenser Fire Extinguisher

Source flipkart.com

Another gift option for the liquor lovers is this unique drink dispenser that has been fashioned after a fire extinguisher. It also doubles up as a cocktail maker and could be an excellent reason for the recipient to turn into a bartender and create some fantastic fusions. You can mix the ingredients in its reservoir and shake it. The guests can help themselves and will be quite impressed with it.

Perennially in demand, this drink dispenser quickly goes off the shelf across all major platforms. You may get hold of one if in stock at Flipkart. Known to be among the luxury gifts for men; it is a bit pricey at Rs. 3,399.

Socks Subscription Box

Source getbojo.com

Can socks be a gift item? Yes, why not, if they are designer socks! We rarely purchase partywear socks. The Socks Subscription Box definitely belongs to this list of unusual gifts. You may opt for a six month or annual subscription of a socks box. The designer socks from The MojaClub are ideal for partywear. You may also customise the socks box by requesting to pack some pairs of formal socks also. The seller also assures that you will not get the same pair twice.

The subscription is available in various slabs of a single month, three months, six months, and the annual subscription. We suggest you go for the six month or yearly subscription. The six-month subscription comes at Rs. 2,394, and you get a pair free. The annual subscription will cost you Rs. 4,788, and you get two pairs free. The subscription is available for purchase at getbojo.com.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Source Amazon

It becomes a problem to regulate the temperature of the beverages while commuting. The travel mug is ideal for convenience when you are on the move. The Autoseal technology of the travel mug makes it spill-proof. The Thermalock allows drinks to stay hot for five hours and cold for a long twelve hours. The user can drink their favourite beverages through the click of a button. It also fits into most of the car cup containers.

It is available in multiple colours, and various sizes - 16 oz., 20 oz. and 24 oz. bottles. The 16 oz. bottle costs Rs. 2,889 and is available on Amazon.

5-in-1 Tool Pen

A streamlined object is an ideal tool when you need to do some specialised housework; or when there is a need to work with touchscreens! This versatile item has several things all in one place. It comes with five items, viz. a screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus for smart devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and pen with clip. All suitable for household work. You can also carry it with you as it is very compact. Made from silicone and aluminium, it costs Rs. 1,785, and is available on uncommongoods.com.

Collapsible Silicone Travel Bottles

Source Amazon

Carrying your water bottle on a hiking or trekking trip is cumbersome as it takes up too much space. While plastics are harmful to the environment, metallic containers would be too heavy. The foldable travel bottles could be a welcome item as these made of medical-grade silicone, hence are biodegradable and are also very lightweight. They occupy lesser space once the water is finished and can easily fit into your pocket. This Flexy Collapsible Silicone Bottle costs Rs. 1,299 on Amazon.

Travel Essentials Box

Source bigsmall.in

Does the man for whom you’re looking a gift globetrot? Does he rue to have all travel essentials together in a box? If yes, then this travel essentials box is suitable for him. And he will also be blown away by the efficiency. The travel box has numerous items that are necessary during travel. The box includes these items: a foldable backpack, a foldable bottle, a foldable sunglass, a luggage tag, a travel journal, a shoe packet, and a multi-tool.

Perfect for camping or trekking, the backpack can assume standard length and carry your clothing and other essentials. The foldable bottle is made of biodegradable material, and you can be assured not to pollute the environment. Willing to sip some beer; look no further. The multi-tool has an opener for you. You can also utilise it for other functions, including as a screwdriver, box opener, mobile stand, etc. Available on bigsmall.in for Rs. 3,450.

Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

Source desertcart.in

We need to be alert lest the high tech thieves steal our credit and debit cards. The aluminium wallet is best suited for us these days. The RFID Blocking Money Clip keeps the personal information contained within the credit cards safe. So, apart from being a utility gift, it also prevents theft of critical private data. So, it will always be a prized possession for the person who receives it. It can be an excellent gift for a loved one, as well as for a colleague. Made from industry-standard aluminium, the wallet is imported from the USA and is available on desertcart.in for Rs. 2,669.

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

Source amazon.in

As the name suggests, the smart notebook does not use paper to write on. When written with a special Pilot FriXion ink, it can be directly uploaded onto the Cloud to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote or Slack. While we have used pen and paper to take notes, the digital way to do so is taking the world by storm. It allows us to organise the notes better and ensures better retention than typing. And what more, the pages do not end! Just rub with a damp cloth, and you can write again. Priced at Rs. 3,849 on Amazon.

Personalised Canvas Print

Source engrave.in

Apart from rekindling old thoughts, photos also double up as great gifts! And, it isn’t your regular photo from any photo studio; This is a personalised canvas printing from the experts! Get hold of a picture of the person, ideally a recent one. What you need to do is to take a fresh print of an earlier snap. It could be to a place you had visited, or from a special occasion. The picture could also be the outcome of a hobby of the person. The use of abstract watercolour will add a distinctive tinge to the print that will linger with the recipient for a long time. You can get this personalised canvas print done from engrave.in for Rs. 1,200.

Points to Check When You’re Selecting a Gift for a Loved One

  • Convey Your Message Right: Even before you search for unusual gifts for men, you will need to identify the message that you want to tell him. It will help you to bring down the gift options and make it easier for you to select any particular gift. You wish to convey the message that the person is the funniest person around, then you may have to choose a similar gift for them.

  • Identify the Tastes of the Person: You need to know what excites the person. What are the items that he had always longed to have? You also need to be able to procure the gift item quickly rather than have difficulty in purchasing it. If you have sent a gift to the person in the past, you may recollect the factors that made you select that gift. Also, what were the reactions of the person when he received the gift? If it is for a special occasion, you need to anticipate the responses from the person also.

  • Understand the Needs of the Receiver: You should ask yourself whether the person had informed you about any item that they required. If they were recently back from a trip, did they complain about missing any travel kit? If they are a health freak, did they talk about losing a sleek bottle to be carried to the gym and back?

    You should put yourself in the person's shoes and try to understand their goals and motivations. Would not it be best if you can provide a gift that would help them in their daily life too? One can always go with food gifts, but how long do they last? So we suggest you buy a gift that lasts for a considerable amount of time!
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