Let Your Man Know How Much of a Priority He is in Your Life with the Top 10 Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend in 2019

Let Your Man Know How Much of a Priority He is in Your Life with the Top 10 Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend in 2019

Everyone likes receiving unexpected presents and untimely small gifts, be it young lovers or middle-aged spouses. Generally, women are mostly seen to be at the receiving end but the following article excitingly illustrates some unique and amazing ideas of surprising your boyfriends with gifts. After going through the article you'll end up choosing BP Guide India for your gifting needs and spreading happiness.

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Celebrate Special Occasions with Gifts

A special event always holds prominence in our hearts - this is the occasion during which we get to spend wonderful moments with our loved ones. Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, promotions and marriages are events that are worth celebrating in style. For this, you need to plan ahead. You can plan a surprise for your boyfriend by giving him an unforgettable experience by pampering him to make him feel at home, loved and cherished.

You can make the event more special by giving him gifts to mark the occasion. The art of giving gifts to our loved ones is undoubtedly special as we invest much time in choosing a gift. Gifts chosen for loved ones should be given with care and attention to the minutest of details to make that once-in-a-lifetime celebration unforgettable.

Choose a Unique Gift

It is always a tricky task when it comes to choosing a gift for your boyfriend to surprise him on his special day. Special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are important occasions when we want to make our loved ones feel special. While choosing a gift, it is always crucial to keep in mind the uniqueness of the gift rather than its price. You can surprise your boyfriend by choosing a unique gift for his birthday and also a gift that is appropriate for the level of your relationship.

If you are a couple who are newly dating, then it is advisable not to go overboard as compared to a couple with many years of togetherness. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a unique gift for your boyfriend is to get a gift that is out of the ordinary but matches his needs. Another crucial aspect when it comes to choosing a unique gift is to get a gift that complements or resonates with their personality.

Customise Your Gift to Add a Special Touch

Presenting gifts during special occasions makes the event memorable. Adding a touch of customization such as adding his picture, name or initials makes the gift much more special. Giving personalized gifts is a wonderful way to let your boyfriend know that you have put some additional time and thought in choosing the gift. Moreover, even an ordinary gift tends to become more special if you customize it by engraving his name, initials, favourite quotes or dates.

Customised gifts such as personalised keychains, jewellery, coffee mugs, accessories or DIYs specially crafted for your boyfriend might just be the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for him and would make all the difference in his world.

Avoid Common Gifts and Plan Ahead

The task of choosing a gift for a boyfriend is a tedious one since you want him to like your gift. As a girlfriend, you have to keep in mind a few things to avoid choosing the wrong gift. Avoid choosing gifts such as socks, show pieces, stuffed toys or things that are easily available off the shelf as they hold no significant meaning. Also, avoid choosing gifts that he already has since they might not be of much use to him. Keep in mind his likes and dislikes; choose your gift accordingly to avoid disappointments. Remember to put in some time and effort while choosing a gift for your boyfriend. Plan in advance if you are planning to order the gift online to avoid any last minute delays. In this article, we have curated a list of unique gifts that you can present your boyfriend with in 2018.

10 Amazing Gifts for Boyfriend in 2019

Framed Sand Art

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Gift your boyfriend an exotic moving sand art in a framed format which doubles up as a unique gift. This sand art is a perfect gift for a boyfriend who has everything and the moving sand serves as a great stress buster. The framed desktop sand art has been voted as the best gift and can be used in both home and office. The relaxing motion of the sand combined with its soothing noise provides a relaxation routine and every time the frame is tilted, amusing new patterns are produced.

The frames are handcrafted with utmost care and replicate the pattern of a waterfall as new art is formed each time the frame is moved. This unique handmade sand art frame is a wonderful gift that can be given to your boyfriend to commemorate a special event in his life. This desktop-mounted framed sand art can be purchased at Amazon for Rs.1,839.

Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

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For a boyfriend who loves to solve puzzles and teasers, a wooden mechanical 3D puzzle brainteaser is the perfect gift to get him excited. The 3D wooden puzzle is the best tool to fuel his imagination and to explore his creativity. The puzzle activates cognitive thinking skills and is a classic one apart from other puzzles. The 3D puzzle is made of high quality eco-friendly wood and is free from chemical agents and synthetic dyes. Furthermore, the wooden 3D puzzle comprises of a safety vault to store your valuables and can be accessed by solving the puzzle.

You can hide a precious gift or a romantic note inside the puzzle and ask your boyfriend to solve the puzzle to access it. These unique puzzles serve as an exciting addition for a game of hide and seek. This quirky 3D puzzle can be purchased for Rs.4,609 from Amazon.

Urban Map Glass

Does your boyfriend love to travel frequently and collect memorabilia of the wonderful places that he has visited? Surprise your boyfriend by gifting him a designer glass with the etching of his favourite metropolis or his favourite city with exceptional detailing. The etched glass is exclusively crafted by designer Brian Johnson and features intricate details of the city along the curves of the glass complete with minute details of the cities and their respective streets.

This designer glass will be a prized possession for a boyfriend who loves to chill out with his friends over a drink and is sure to occupy the centerfold of any party. You can purchase this designer glass for Rs.1,119 from Uncommon Goods and is available for a variety of cities such as Philadelphia, Minneapolis, New York etc.

Mini Picnic Bar

Does your boyfriend likes to carry his drinks when going out for short trips with friends? Gift your boyfriend this classy picnic bar set to facilitate him to carry his drinks everywhere. This classy mini bar set comes with genuine tan leather casing and suede fabric lining. The mini bar kit is also water resistant against any spills and comprises of antique brass metal hardware.

This classy kit is specifically designed to hold two full sized bottles of your favourite drinks, four glasses, platters for holding drinks, insulated brass hardware to hold the ice and a pair of tongs. The sturdy case is easy to carry around and is the ideal gift for picnics at the park, beach or any gatherings. This mini picnic bar kit is available for Rs.14,500 at the World Art Community.

Multipurpose Laptop Bag

To make sure that your boyfriend keeps his belongings safe during transit; you can gift him an anti-theft multipurpose college/laptop bag. The stylish grey backpack comes with anti-theft technology and an inbuilt USB port point. The backpack is made of sturdy nylon and is durable against wear and tear. The versatile backpack comprises of many small compartments and a cushioned sleeve for storing your laptop. Your boyfriend will surely love this stylish backpack and will use on a daily basis. Moreover, the bag comes with a 12 month warranty against defects. The versatile grey backpack can be purchased for Rs.1,099 from One Stop Fashion.

Antique Magnifying Glass

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Is your boyfriend fond of history and loves collecting ancient artefacts? Make him go speechless by gifting him a Shalin India Antique Inspired Brass Magnifying Glass that is a replica of the real optical device made in 1941 by the renowned shop of Henry Hughes & Sons from London, England.

The magnifying glass has been expertly crafted to capture the design of the real product and the distressed brass metal gives it a genuine antique effect. The magnifying glass can be used to read fine print letters, used for repairing minute things or can be used as a collectible. The brass magnifying glass comes with a leather case secured by a strap and embossed with the Henry Hughes & Sons limited London inscription to keep it clean and safe from scratches. This stylish antique inspired brass magnifying glass can be purchased from Amazon for Rs.1,228.

Stone Drink Dispenser

Make any party fun and quirky by giving your boyfriend a unique stone drink dispenser. Your boyfriend can store his favourite party drinks in this stone drink dispenser crafted from rough-hewn, cobbled granite complete with a stainless steel tap. This quirky stone drink dispenser designed by Jeff Henderson serves as a popular bar fixture with a natural twist. Moreover, the natural tumbled design of the beach stone handle adds a sophisticated touch to the product. The drinks can be easily dispensed by inserting the bottle into the dispenser and removing the plug by gently pulling off the cork.

The base of the dispenser is made of stainless steel and granite for providing elevation. The quirky stone dispenser has been handcrafted in Maine with stones sourced from New England. Surprise your boyfriend by gifting him this quirky drink dispenser and watch him showing it off to his friends. The stone dispenser can be purchased for Rs.3,148 onwards from Uncommon Goods.

Personalised Travel Map

Source www.amazon.in

Are you at wit’s end to select an apt and a thoughtful gift for a boyfriend who loves travelling and exploring new places? If yes, then get him this deluxe quality personalised travel map with a scratch off for cities visited. Your boyfriend can scratch off the countries that he may have visited and the countries that have been scratched off shine with colours.

The XXL poster map is quite big and includes immense detailing of the various countries and other essential information. It can be mounted on walls and comes with a holder. This quirky poster map is the perfect gift for a boyfriend who loves travelling and to help him keep track of all places that he has visited. This perfect gift is available in Amazon for Rs.4,255/- and is eligible for free delivery.

Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

For a boyfriend who is forgetful when it comes to keeping track of his belongings, Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker is the ultimate solution. The Tile Sport, a Bluetooth connected tracking device helps him keep track of his belongings such as wallets, keys, headphones, and bags etc., or it can also be attached to any item that is frequently misplaced.

The rugged and waterproof long range Bluetooth device keeps track and helps in locating the misplaced times by emitting a loud sound due to an inbuilt alarm. The Bluetooth tracker is made of a thread like the textured design and rounded edges with thick rings for extended durability. It can be easily clipped on to any objects and is capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions. The device can be easily paired with your mobile phone via the Tile app. This versatile Bluetooth tracker can be purchased for Rs.3,000 at Think Gizmo.

Audio Technica Stereo Turntable

Surprise your musically inclined boyfriend by gifting him a fully automatic belt driven Audio Technica Turntable. Your boyfriend can revive his classic records with this affordable turntable that comes with an inbuilt switchable phono preamp. The fully automatic turntable can be connected directly to your computer, home stereo, speakers and other components.

The turntable comes with an integral Audio-Technica Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge with a replaceable stylus. The turntable is capable of handling two operation speeds – 33-1/3 and 45 RPM. Moreover, the turntable platter is made of aluminium, engineered to provide clarity and favourable signal-to-noise ratio. This is a perfect gift for beginners due to its user friendly design and minimum setup time. The turntable can be purchased at Ubuy for an attractive special price of Rs.8,603.

Bonus Idea: Make Him a Scrapbook of Memories

When it comes to gifting, nothing can beat the thoughtfulness of a DIY gift. Show your love and care for your boyfriend by designing him a scrapbook to store, organize pictures and memories of the important milestones in your life. Moreover, men find it romantic when a woman takes the time and effort to create a scrapbook to highlight the important milestones in their relationship and time spent together.

You can design a scrapbook for your boyfriend by including memorabilias of tickets to concerts, movies, and amusement parks. Include pictures taken during your first date, vacation, special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and don’t forget to include a few silly pictures as well. Create a list of reasons to specify why you love him and do insert his favourite songs to make him feel nostalgic. Furthermore, you can include cute and heartfelt love letters to let him know your love and appreciation for him. Let your creativity run wild and design a scrapbook to make your boyfriend feel cherished on his special day.

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