Find the Right Gift for Your Boyfriend on Christmas! From Useful Gadgets to Quirky Paperweights, Get Inspired By Our 10 Cool Recommendations (2019)

Find the Right Gift for Your Boyfriend on Christmas! From Useful Gadgets to Quirky Paperweights, Get Inspired By Our 10 Cool Recommendations (2019)

Christmas - the time to spread the love and share happy moments with loved ones. Friends and family alike, it's time to charm them with gifts for being there for you all year round. And fo your boyfriend? Of course, he deserves the best doesn't he? Enthrall him with something unique and special on this festive day. BP Guide India has a list that covers a whole range of gifts so you can find something that'll fit his needs.

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As He Celebrates, Consider These Before Picking Out A Gift For Your Boyfriend on Christmas.

We all love gifts and we appreciate them, especially when they come from the people we love, such as family, relatives and our fiancées. However, we don’t really understand the pressure they go through to get us that perfect gift. When buying a perfect gift for your boyfriend on Christmas, consider what they like talking about most. Also, understand their hobbies and finally connect the gift to what you think they like. Here are some excellent gifts for boyfriend on Christmas. From clothes to accessories to even booze, here are some of the best gifts for your boyfriend on Christmas.

Want to Get it Right this Time Around? Keep These In Mind Before Buying a Gift

It is a Gift for a Holiday, so Choose An Indulgent Gift Over Work-Related.

Christmas being a holiday, it would be advisable to consider things that don’t remind your boyfriend about his job. After all, it is time to relax, and we all know that the thought of a job is not one of the ways of achieving that. That is why you should avoid gifts that would remind him of the same. Instead, buy him a luxurious gift that will get him in the Christmas mood right away.

Consider Buying a Sentimental Gift.

This narrows down to how you feel about the relationship as well as where it is heading to. Equally important, the way he has treated you in the past will also be a determinant. If you are comfortable that you are the woman in his life, go for a sentimental gift. It is also a wise idea if he is committed as well. For instance, if he has already proposed. It can also be something to consider if he has also given you a sentimental gift in the past. That would include a personalized photo of you two on a canvas. However, don’t rush if you are not yet there. Time for a sentimental present will come eventually.

Something He Doesn't Know He Needs

The fact that men buy something as soon as they realize that they need it is indisputable. For that reason, it may be hard to really find something that a man needs and doesn’t have. However, if you give it some thought, you might find something that he doesn’t have yet needs it.

10 Fantastic Gifts For Your Boyfriend on Christmas

Engraved Collar Stays Set


Since its humble launch in 2008 in India, Headrush, the trusted brand for adventure products has since been the most trusted brand in India. To date, the company is the most trusted brand for adventure parks, events as well as projects that are conducted throughout India. The brand branched out in 2015 into the world of e-commerce business, and currently, it is one of the top players in the e-commerce business across India and the world at large.

Among the products that this brand sells is the Personalized Stainless Steel Collar Stays Engraved Free. This is an excellent gift for your boyfriend during Christmas. It makes your boyfriend’s collar to look smart and professional at all times. They are fairly decent and excellent for a dress shirt. Whether your boyfriend is a student or an office worker, these Personalized Stainless Steel Collars are sure to have his collar professional and neat for everyday life. These Personalized Stainless Steel Collars are now available on for only Rs.2,735.

Under Armour Compression Leggings

The Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour Compression Leggings are thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend. Inspired by Under Armour Company, this remains to be what your boyfriend needs for everyday life. This brand was founded in 1961 by Kevin Plank who is a former football player from the University of Maryland. The brand is the originator of performance gear. The performance gear is notable for keeping an athlete cool, light and dry throughout the game or workout.

These spotting apparel are made of 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane. They are made by quality material that is imported. This heated gear is made using fabric that has all the benefits of UA compression. It is comfortable and can be worn all day long. Rated UPF 30+ meaning it can protect you against the harmful rays of the sun. Also, the material wreaks sweat and lets you dry fast when working out. It is made with the anti-odor technology which prevents odor microbes from forming. The gear is suitable for men and is now available in for a cost of from Rs.1,080 to 8,085.

Smart Control

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple All In One Remote – Black makes the best Christmas gift for your boyfriend. Logitech inspires it. Logitech is a US brand that has its way into people’s lives every day. They are the infamous manufacturers of keyboards, remotes, speakers and even computer mice. You can’t go wrong when buying this as a gift for your boyfriend. He will use his smartphone app or the remote to control his entertainment devices. It can also be used to access the internet, etc. The remote comes with an app for swipe and tap control. For just one tap, one can control the volume, playback and much more. It works with Android 4.0 or later or iPhone 6.0 or later.

The Harmony control works with more than 270,000 devices such as cable TV, Apple TV, Sonos, Roku, Amazon Fire TV PS3, Xbox One, and much more. Also, it comes with a removable battery. It is now available in e-commerce shop, from as cheap as $49.99 or Rs.3,590.

Smartphone Film Scanner


Get your boyfriend the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner from Lomography Company this Christmas. Lomography is a company that is known for creative photography. It offers a wide variety of photography equipment ranging from cameras to this Smartphone film scanner. This scanner will scan all his 35mm film photos with ease using his Smartphone. It will scan the film for him with ease; by just the press of a button. The scanned film then appears on the phones screen ready to be photographed.

This scanner has a base that contains the light panel, batteries, wheel, and film slit, three stackers as well as the top part. The top of the scanner has a clamp for fastening the phone and an opening for the camera lens. This scanner is compatible with Android phones and iPhones too. This is what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, and is currently available in for Rs.7,360.

NFL Helmet Speaker

For years now Nima Athletics have been in the business of giving audio die-hards an ultimate portable audio experience. Now they bring to you this all in one patented Bluetooth Speaker, Authentic Helmet Design, Built In Microphone Technology, Bottom Sub Woofer, Extended Battery Life, Built-in USB Charging Port to Charge your Devices. Their Bluetooth speakers are no respecter of gender and are ultra portable to any outing, party or tailgate. The 6 inches models come fitted with a USB charger port to connect other devices. It produces 360 degrees sound thanks to its dedicated down-firing subwoofer. It is made of durable material to ensure that it lasts long giving you quality sound.

These speakers have a rechargeable battery with extended life. It is sure to make a perfect gift for your teenage or older boyfriend, this Christmas. The Bluetooth speakers can be shopped online in notable e-commerce sites such as for as little as Rs.8,190.

Shaving Razor

It does not matter what size of gift you present your loved one with, but what matters most is how you present it. Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend don’t have to break your pockets. This Gillette Mach 3 Manual Razor, for example, can make the best gift for your boyfriend on Christmas. Gillette is a notable brand for both men and women safety razors. It is also known for notable personal care products like the shaving supplies. This brand is owned by Procter and Gamble Company, i.e., P&G and was founded in 1901.

The Gillette Mach 3 Manual Razor is ideal for shaving beard making him neat and presentable all day long. Your boyfriend will now start appreciating you, even more, thanks to this well thought out gift. It is now available on and this razor sells at Rs.237, up from Rs.250. These cartridge razors are ideal for men and come in sets of one, with pivoting razor head.

Beeropoly Game

The Beeropoly is not only a perfect gift for your boyfriend but a good bead for playing monopoly anytime. The drinking board game was created by Jacky McLane and Micah Renner(a husband and wife), in Nebraska, and to date, it ranks among the thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend and anyone who loves gaming while drinking. It is a perfect gift for anyone from the age of 21. Therefore teenage boyfriends miss out on this. The Beeropoly measures 17" L x 11.25" W x 1" H and can be played by six people. Extras can also join in using their bottle caps as pieces.

Upon purchasing this Beerpoly you get the game board the dices, and up to 6 colored bottle cap pieces.
You can shop for this Beerpoly online at notable sites such as and more. Also, it is available on Uncommongoods for Rs.2,515 an equivalent of only $35.

Flannel Shirt

This Columbian maroon shirt is sure to keep your boyfriends casual look on point. It features plaid checks and has chest pockets. It offers a regular fit for your boyfriend or fiancée. It is lightweight and made of polyester assuring him of comfort all day long. Ask your boyfriend to match it with beige cargo long trousers and an accompanying pair of shoes. This imported shirt for men is from Vietnam and has spread collar design. Other features include chest flap pockets, full button placket, plaid checks, and mitered cuffs.

Your boyfriend should not shy from machine washing it cold but should wash this shirt separately. He should not use fabric softeners or dry clean it. It should be ironed low and remove promptly. The shirt can be worn any time of day or used as casual wear or office wear. It is now available in India thanks to where you can buy it online at Rs.2,498 down from Rs.3,499.

Cereal Bowl


You are right when you buy this Chumbak Floral Owl Steel Bowls Teal for your boyfriend on Christmas. Bring him this gift if he is a fan of cereals. They are also a great option for serving soups, side dishes, snacks, raita, and also vegetables.

They are microwave safe and are made using robust plastic. They are BPA free, 100% food grade and are freezer safe. However, they are not dishwasher safe. The bowls are sure to complement your style.
Today, you can purchase them online on at Rs.495. These are what to get your boyfriend for Christmas.

F Bomb Paperweight

For many years, Sugarpost Company has been famous for manufacturing stunning pieces for your yard. The company started back in 1971 in Gotham city, and since then, it has been serious business. This is why we suggest that you purchase the F Bomb Paperweight to spice up your boyfriend’s cubicle or counter during Christmas. It makes work go better with a little humor.

The great F-bomb paperweight are handmade using solid metal recycledmaterial by a famous metal artist in Utah. They bring nice art to every desk and are sturdy and durable. This gift measures 2.5 by 5 by 2.5 inches and weighs only a pound. They also make an excellent gift for your co-worker as is a symbol of smartness. They prevent wind from blowing away papers making your office space or house neat. The F-bomb is now available on at $44.99, an equivalent of Rs.3,240.

Bonus: Wrap the Gift Nicely


Wrapping a gift is one of the best ways of creating suspense. And we all know the role that a surprise plays when it comes to the gifting world. Therefore, ensure wrapping them. You can browse online for ideas but if you want to learn the basic and some useful tips in a more systematic manner, we suggest you get Gift Wrapping Ideas: Step by Step Guide on How to Exquisitely Wrap Your Presents: 1 by Neelam Meetcha.

Available on, it is a good guide on how to achieve that. You can learn various techniques including ribbons, gift baskets, bottles, bows and round shapes among others. Expect great suggestions since Neelam is an expert when it comes to gift wrapping. The kiddle Edition goes for Rs.374 while for the paperback, you will cough about Rs.2,351 only.

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Gift Cards Are An Option If You Can't Find Something Right

Gift card are a great option if you can't find something thoughtful or even if your boyfriend is hard to buy a gift for. Reactions to gift cards can be mixed. Some like flexibility while others think it as a cop-out gift. However by choosing carefully you can make the gift card too thoughtful. Perhaps he loves gaming, so in which case you can buy him a gift card to buy games. Or perhaps he loves reads, in which case you can give him a gift card for a bookstore. So you can show your understanding of your boyfriend even there